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Ripple Effects of Reiki Reiki, (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing art, meaning universal life force energy. Reiki balances energy flow to reduce negative energy and toxins and promotes positive energy flow.

by Melissa Carter, Reiki Practitioner s humans we are constantly going and moving through this thing called life. As technology increases, so does our need as people, to move, think, act and get results quicker. Our bodies, minds and spirits are moving at more fast-paced speeds. In this world today, and living highdemand lives; family, work, and all other responsibilities, it's important to stop for a moment, re-center within yourself, and allow your mind, body and spirit to rejuvenate.

called “chakras.” The practitioner will use light touch and/or hold their hands above the energy points. You may feel a warm sensation or tingling. Each person may have a different experience. Some may or may not feel a physical sensation. Some people experience emotional feelings as well. Essential oils, also correlate with chakras and Reiki and can be used in a session. Reiki touches on your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, all in a positive way. You will leave the session feeling relaxed and with a sense of tranquility.

This is how I discovered Reiki. I was working two jobs and going through a stressful personal time and I began to experience severe anxiety and panic attacks. I knew I had to make life changes, but I wanted to take a natural approach and this is when I discovered Reiki. I first began sessions, then became a practitioner.

Why is self-wellness so important? Everything begins with our own wellness. Whether it be our personal or professional lives, our wellness contributes to our daily outlook and our emotional and physical well-being. Reiki contributes to a more peaceful life and our wellness contributes to a happier, more productive life. Whether you incorporate Reiki, mediation or anything that gets you back to your center, as well as things that you love, this will contribute to your overall wellness.


Reiki, (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing art, meaning universal life force energy. Reiki balances energy flow to reduce negative energy and toxins and promotes positive energy flow. Reiki promotes healing, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces side effects of medication, improves sleep, focus and concentration and has a multitude of benefits. Reiki is unique to each person. In Reiki, it is believed that if our life energy is balanced or flowing well, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being will be in a better state. Reiki restores the balance of your energy flow which sometimes can be “blocked,” if we are going through physical or emotional stresses. Once the “blockages” and toxins are released, our energy can flow properly. Reiki energy travels to where it needs to go in the body. Reiki does not substitute for medical attention, however it can work in conjunction with medical services. Many hospitals now offer this service for patients going through treatments and to help relieve side effects, and it's sometimes offered, pre and post surgeries. People going through cancer and receiving radiation and chemotherapy, have found relief, from this practice. Even if you are not going through any type of physical or emotional stresses, it is a great technique to promote relaxation and keep your energy balanced for your overall well-being. During a session, the practitioner focuses on energy points, 14 Healing Springs I #90 February—March, 2017

In addition, to individuals seeking a relaxation session, Reiki can also be offered to new parents and babies, veterans/law enforcement and people suffering from trauma, individuals with mental health and/or addiction issues as well as corporate wellness programs.

In the Western world, Reiki is becoming more mainstream. Living in NY, many people believe this is a West Coast thing. It's an EVERYONE thing. It helped me through a stressful, anxious time, and that is why I have a passion to offer it to others. I look at this as routine maintenance. The more you receive Reiki, the more you will feel consistently balanced. The ripple effects of Reiki, are a great experience and contribute to a beautifully balanced life! Melissa Carter is owner of The Wholistic Package and lives in the Albany area. Melissa offers positive and empowering services to promote physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness as well as personal and professional wellness and growth. Services include Reiki (pronounced raykey); with offices in Colonie and Saratoga, writing, mentoring/motivational speaking and inspirational apparel. You can find more information, by visiting www.wholisticpackage.com, www.facebook.com/The-Wholistic-Package, and The Wholistic Package, via Instagram and Twitter.