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Still Point is an interfaith retreat center located just minutes from downtown Saratoga. We offer space for reflection and personal time as well as programs for healing and enriching one’s spirit, mind and body. Mailing address: 20 Still Point Road, Mechanicville, NY 12118 Telephone: 518-587-4967 email: web: Take 24 hours from your busy schedule. Enjoy the stillness and power of nature on our partially wooded land. Re-connect to your deep self.

Pray! Be silent! Be!

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“The quieter you become, the more you hear.”

Navigating Transition Successfully by Wendy Ball ransition is the journey between one place and another. We know we are in that in between place when an event, like a death or divorce catapults us into the unknown. Or it may be that our unease with the status quo, be it a job or a relationship hits a point of no return and we realize that change must happen. It is never comfortable. Sometimes the moment of realization that we can no longer rest in the familiar can make us nauseous and fill us with dread.


The human mind needs to know, likes to anticipate. It is, by its nature, uncomfortable with the unknown. I am reminded of what it is like to travel by car to a new place. Good as my GPS is and much as it helps me to anticipate by providing the distance to the next turn, I am on edge until I reach my destination. Have you noticed that the way back always seems easier and seems to take less time? In a certain way we are always in transition, standing in the present, looking back at the past, looking forward into the future. There are commonly recognized times of transition such a midlife, job loss, recovering from a major illness or accident, moving on after loss of a spouse or a child.


Healing Springs I #88 October—November, 2016

My favorite way to consult tarot is a three card spread. The card on the left represents the recent past. It may be about a challenging time or a good time, about grief or happiness, about clarity or confusion. It is what has brought us to where we are now. The card in the middle speaks to what we are experiencing now. The flavor of the now experience is tempered and informed by our experience of the recent past. We may be experiencing the sunlight after the storm. We may be experiencing grief after loss. We may be experiencing time alone clarifying our boundaries after a family or relationship drama. The card on the right represents what we are moving into. Once again, a card in that position carries its own flavor and as a future card there is often an edge, that instinctive edge of uncertainty regarding the unknown. We often feel we have to brace ourselves, draw up our courage, become fit to take on a challenge. Or sometimes it evokes relief of indicating a good outcome. The relief itself is telling: oh - whew - we will be in clear waters; we can move ahead with confidence because it looks like we will succeed. For eons humans have been trying to divine the future as they deal with the challenges of the present and try to decide good timing for a change, or even whether to risk change or hunker down with

The Healing Springs Journal / Oct—Nov '16  

Upstate New York's original and independent wellness publication since 2002.

The Healing Springs Journal / Oct—Nov '16  

Upstate New York's original and independent wellness publication since 2002.