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Your Best Life: Clear Visioning Followed by Small and Steady Doing by Wendy Ball y now most of us have either forgotten or given up on most of our New Year resolutions for 2015. It is a ritual we go through, knowing, even as we make that list, that we will succumb to the habitual behaviors we say we want to change. We know that something more is needed in order to make the changes we say we want to make in our lives though what it is continues to confound us.

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Healing Springs I #78 February—March, 2015

Many of us can also point to a time in our lives when we found the strength to commit to something we wanted very much and the ability to follow through. What does that teach us? Why are we able to to manifest what we want sometimes and not others. What is the secret? I believe that manifesting the things we want involves a combination of things: 1. clear vision or intent, 2. timing, 3. structure, and 4. one step at a time follow-through.

Clear Vision. The importance of vision is something most of us have been exposed to one way and another, whether it has been through the New Thought movement, New Age writing, coaching of various kinds... We have made vision boards, collages, journaled, dialogued, programmed crystals and our dreams. There is no disputing that clear vision is an essential ingredient of manifesting what we want. Elder care staff in England discovered that having residents create a clear vision of when and how they took their medication, seeing themselves stop whatever they are doing at a certain time of day, going to where their medication is kept, getting a glass of water, etc., walking themselves through the process and talking it out loud to someone, greatly increased their chances of remembering to take their medication. We need to ask the question: What do I want, or need? What is important to me? We need to use whatever means will help us arrive at a clear answer whether it is through writing or talking to someone, or whatever works to become clear. Fleshing out our vision can involve a process of questioning, research, reflection, dialogue, until we can write or state a clear intent or goal. Sometimes it comes out of an exploration of what is missing or what is wrong with ones current circumstances. Exploring what's wrong can be a valuable step in defining what it is we want or need.

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Healing Springs Journal Feb/Mar '15  

The Healing Springs Journal is Upstate New York's original wellness publication serving our community locally for 13 years.

Healing Springs Journal Feb/Mar '15  

The Healing Springs Journal is Upstate New York's original wellness publication serving our community locally for 13 years.