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Issue #106, Winter, 2019-20


HEALING S p r i n g s Journal Our Region’s Wellness Resource since 2002

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Staying Healthy in Winter •

Tr u s t e d

M E E T G R A C E I N N AT U R E U N L I M I T E D : Founded by longtime owner and “mother” of Yoga Mandali, Karen Score, Grace in Nature was birthed out of a love for culture, connection, and compassion. After serving the yoga community for 12+ years, Karen felt a call to be of service to the larger community by facilitating travel opportunities that share her love of various cultural connections and diversity. Her philosophy is that Yoga is so much more than just the practice of asana; it’s about the breath, and the time and space to allow the mind to become quiet. It’s fresh air, nature, being with like-minded people, enjoying good food, sharing laughter, and taking adventures…something everyone can do and experience! Hence, Grace in Nature was born, with a mission to offer consciously curated travel experiences all across the world with leaders who have a particular passion for a place, its culture, people, landscape and local cuisine.

“Grace is all powerful yet reveals herself in the sweetest and gentlest of forms.” — R A D H A N AT H SWA M I


2020 21-28, BALI A L A S KI A March | JUNE 29-J ULY 7

T U S C A N Y | AUG U ST 3 1 -SEP T EM BER 8 LESVOS, GREECE I with Adam Bauer August 1-9, 2020 CO STA R I CA | NOVEMBER 8-16, 2019 add on week in Athens & Nafplio July 26-August 1, 2020 Visit us at GRACEINNATURELLC.COM for local retreat weekends and soon to be announced trips to 2020 6-14, I November RICA COSTA ICELAND, INDIA, THAILAND, BALI, AND GREECE!

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Soothing the Bah-Humbug Blues by Sarah LoBisco




Hypnosis to Lose Weight by George Guarino

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Publisher’s Corner The greatest gift you can offer is a healthy, whole you. As I write, the year and decade are nearing their end. This is always a prompt to consider what we want more of in the future and what we want less of. Goal-setting is not a strength of mine. I’d like to think this is because of living so much in the now that it’s hard to look forward. There may be some truth in that, yet it’s more likely because I have a deep-seated FOMO. Committing to one goal may mean missing out on something else that also sparks my interest. This is a “problem” because I do have tons of passions. I recently came across an elementary school project entitled “My Ego Booklet” by Trina Talmage (my childhood name.) I’m assuming it was from a class called MYO, which was an acronym for Myself and Others. In today’s world it may have fit in the Social and Emotional Learning category. In this booklet there is a page with the words “What I’m doing to reach my goals for the future” at the top. There is no mention of what these goals are, but I was “taking care of animals, riding horses and taking pictures.” 40 or so years later and I am now proficient at all these activities and do them on the daily. Additionally, in the Ego Booklet, there is a page titled “What I like to do, to eat, to wear:” My answers for ‘doing’ were horseback riding, taking care of animals, taking pictures. For ‘wearing’ it was sweaters, shirts and jeans. My choices for eating were clam chowder, pizza, tacos, ice cream, baked potatoes with sour cream, steak, hamburgers, jello and cookies. An interesting list of foods, some of which I still eat. Seems I continue to enjoy wearing the same clothes—what other options are there, really? All the activities I liked doing happen to coincide with the list of things I was doing to reach my future goals. Again, I have now achieved the unnamed goals by reaching proficiency in all activities. While I don’t think this booklet carried much weight after I handed it in, today it has impact by reminding me of what I’ve always loved doing. Additionally, it helps me feel accomplished for having completed said goals, regardless of not remembering setting them. Perhaps, it also teaches a good way to decide on future goals. How’s that? First by recognizing what we are doing that we most enjoy. Then ask what goals could be made from doing those things? Or, by questioning what we enjoyed as a child and how would those activities be made into a goal today? For an example, let me write through the process of coming up with new goals around the activities listed in my Ego Booklet. I take countless photos every single day, I can’t seem to not. I’ve had my photos up at Uncommon Grounds, as well as Four Seasons and on the cover of The Healing Springs Journal. There are also 15 hanging in an office in Albany. So, what is a goal I could reach for that builds on my love for photography, horses and all animals? What about giving the photos purpose, such as showing animal human relationships in new ways. That thought leads me to remember that a few years ago during a dinner party, we were each answering the question of what we’d do if money and skill were of no importance. Part of my answer was live with wild horses to photograph and video them while learning for myself about their ways of being. I said I’d use those photos to educate the public about the plight wild horses face today. At this moment, as I’m writing these thoughts to you, my logical mind is saying that’s an impossible dream don’t say it out loud. Perhaps it is unlikely, yet what if our ideal dreams are actually messages telling us how we would best contribute to the world? The fact that I don’t see how I could go live with wild horses should not deter me from dreaming about it. What is a small step I could take? How about photographing local horses and how they have maintained their wild nature through domestication. Or I could story the bonds horses share as a way to show the inhumanity of separating wild herds in order to make room for cattle ranching. I could start locallly and see what happens with the wild ones. While I’m dreaming, it wouldn’t stop with horses. I’d also document lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Let’s talk about you. What would you do if money and skill were of no consequence? What dreams did you have as a child that you have since ‘thought’ yourself out of? What small steps are you taking towards large goals? Have you any big dreams that could start small and local? If you start with doing what you love, the goals will most likely take care of themselves.


Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

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Unwind... let healing begin.

Lynn Allison, DC 268-9542 Craniosacral Therapy, Chiropractic Ballston Spa, NY

Cate LaBarre Life Coach & Workshop Leader

Community Rising Strong Series Registration Early registration deadline March 15 for Rising Strong™ series beginning April 2! This is an an experiential program based on Dr. Brené Brown’s research on vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. Need to miss a class? Materials provided to stay current. Saratoga Springs location. Facilitated by Cate LaBarre, certified to offer this curriculum to individuals and groups. Reach Cate through email at catelabarre@gmail.com, her website at catelabarre.com or by text / call at 607-287-0658

Certified Daring Way FacilitatorTM (Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown) https://thedaringway.org http://CateLaBarre.com catelabarre@gmail.com 518-882-6202 & mobile 607-287-0658

Ancient Arts Veterinary Acupuncture

Holistic veterinary health, dental and end-of-life care for all domestic species. Kristina Dallas, DVM • Saratoga Springs (518) 727-2940 drkris@veterinar yancientar ts.com www.veterinar yancientar ts.com 6

Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

Local Naturopathic Doctor Opens Virtual Doors Again to New Clients This month, local naturopathic and functional medicine practitioner, Sarah LoBisco, ND, IFMCP (drlobisco.com) announced that she is re-opening her practice to new clients in New York State. After several years of traveling for research, various projects, and teaching, Dr. LoBisco was not able to take on more clients. She is now pleased to be settled back in the local area to offer her unique combination of naturopathic and functional medicine to the community. This form of wellness care addresses many chronic conditions in a holistic way. According to “Dr. Sarah,” as her clients affectionately call her: • The Naturopathic Medicine principles hold importance to addressing the whole person, not just organ parts. It aims to get to the underlying cause of the health issue. • Functional Medicine is a system-based approach that views all body systems as connected. It also provides insight into specific biochemical imbalances to offer precise supplement guidance. • These two medical paradigms are rooted in an understanding of conventional medicine and how it interacts


Four Seasons Natural Foods !

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with integrative therapies. This results in safe and effective wellness outcomes. Dr. LoBisco incorporates her training in naturopathic and functional medicine to help empower individuals to achieve their current health goals. She uses a combination of mind-body medicine, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, nutraceuticals, essential oils, and medical foods as her main therapeutic modalities. “Perhaps the most important aspect to this form of healing work is my relationship with my clients. Once they are in my care, they are people whom I cherish and respect.” said Dr. Sarah. Currently, Dr. Sarah’s private wellness consultation practice is mostly through telephone. “This means you can have your wellness consultations while you are cozy at home and can relax after without worrying about rushing home in traffic. That being said, I also understand the value of face-to-face interactions. For this reason, I’m hoping to open a space that offers in-person office hours in the upcoming year.” She states. Dr. Sarah says that her passion is assisting those with psychiatric disorders by supporting emotional and mental health, though she also specializes in hormonal balance and digestive issues. “I work with the person, not a disease label, so really I see a diverse population of wellness clients,” Dr. Sarah states. Dr. Sarah hopes to offer community workshops on using essential oils for emotional and digestive health in the upcoming months. For more information on Dr. Sarah’s practice, visit her website at dr-lobisco.com.

Mind Body Soul Expo Seeking Practitioners In search of Health, Wellness, and Holistic professionals who would love to join an AMAZING opportunity to showcase their products and services at the Mind Body Soul Expo on Saturday, April 11, 2020 at the Saratoga Springs City Center. Contact Gem Rhodes at mindbodysoulexpony@gmail.com with the products/ services you are interested in showcasing and for application information

Folk Music “Lessons and Carols” If you love Christmas carols but are tired of Muzak, the “Festival of Lessons and Carols” in Ballston Spa might be just the thing. Carols drawn from Celtic, African American, and Early American traditions are the trademark of the concert at Christ Church, Ballston Spa, on Sunday, December 8 at 4:00 P.M. and Monday, December 9 at 7:30 P.M. The concert is anchored by folk music legends John Kirk and Trish Miller of Greenfield Center with Field Horne and Theresa LaGattutaBruno of Saratoga Springs and Kristin McCabe of Charlton. This year’s special guests will include Dan Berggren of Ballston Spa and Joel Rosenberger of Saratoga Springs. The concert is free and takes place by candlelight at Christ Church, on the corner of Route 50 (Church Avenue) and Route 67 (West High Street) in Ballston Spa. The public is invited for festive refreshments afterward. Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20


A Naturopathic Doctor’s Top Essential Oils for

Soothing the Bah-Humbug Blues by Sarah LoBisco, ND Post is adapted from dr-lobisco.com


s a licensed naturopathic doctor, essential oils have become one of my favorite integrative and functional medicine modalities to support my clients’ physical body and brain health. Throughout the past fifteen years, I have found them indispensable as a gentle way to alleviate stress and soothe the mind. Furthermore, essential oils also promote healthy hearts, hormonal balance, and human connection due to their multifaceted actions. With the holidays upon us, it is my desire to make more people aware of how these therapeutic scents will support them in having a more serene season. In this article, I will focus on two of my favorites for the wintery months, frankincense oil and cedarwood oil.

The Essential Oil that “Reins” Supreme for All Seasons One of my favorite essential oils for mind-body balance, frankincense, is appropriately deemed the “King of Essential Oils.”

This is due to its powerful effects and multiple uses. There are various species and distinct chemotypes of frankincense oils. Although their benefits are similar, each one has distinct characteristics. It is easy for one to get lost in the biochemical soup of different compounds when deciding which frankincense oil to choose. I discussed this topic in detail in an article series on my website that aimed to help clarify this form of “Boswellia Bewilderment.” A commonality among the most well-known frankincense oil species is that they are all loaded with health and mood promoting properties. I always say, “a good quality frankincense oil is better than no frankincense oil at all.” That being said, you may want to try different species and find what works best with your individual biochemistry. Suggested Uses for Frankincense Oil Rub one to two drops of frankincense oil, diluted in a carrier oil, on the bottom of the feet or apply it to wrists and the back of my neck. I also like to inhale it directly from the bottle. It is also wonderful to diffuse with orange and cinnamon (2:5:2 drop ratio) for a sweet, spicy, immune supportive and uplifting blend.

YwO G A ith Jen Tuesdays • 6-7:15pm in North Creek (Adirondack Community Outreach Center)

Thursdays • 6-7:15pm in Chestertown (Dynamite Hill, Route 8)

Hatha yoga, open to everyone. You choose what to pay, weekly or monthly. 25% of the total collected will be donated to a different cause each month.

Contact Jennifer Monroe for more information at 956-2818 or just drop in.


Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

The Solace of Cedarwood Oil Cedarwood oil is my favorite sleeper oil for chilly nights, literally. It is often overlooked by the “King of Oils,” but it is a fir oil, that is also grounding, stress-relieving, and my go-to for shut-eye, along with lavender. It contains one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes. This compound has been shown to optimize nervous system and brain function, have anti-inflammatory properties, and may support cardiovascular health. A small, preliminary study with children with ADHD demonstrated that inhaling cedarwood oil positively changed the brain patterns of these little ones. This makes it a wonderful oil to have on hand for youngsters who have a hard time focusing on schoolwork. How to Use Cedarwood Oil This is my go-to diffuser blend for feeling comforted and finding more solace on chilly fall nights. I mix it with lavender in a 4:4 ratio at bedtime. After an especially stressful day, it is wonderful to diffuse with bergamot at a 3:4 ratio to assist with winding-down. Sometimes I also dab a drop diluted in carrier oil on the bottom of my feet for enhanced effects and extra soothing. I hope you have found benefit in my top two choices. For more information on how I support my clients with essential oils and other holistic modalities, my practice, and on naturopathic and functional medicine, please visit my website at dr-lobisco.com. My practice will be opening again for new clients in the new year. Contact the author for references used in article or visit her website; dr-lobisco.com. Sarah LoBisco, ND, IFCMP, is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM). She is licensed in Vermont as a naturopathic doctor and has received her certification in functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). She holds a Bachelor of Psychology from State University of New York at Geneseo and is also certified in Applied Kinesiology. Dr. LoBisco currently incorporates her training in holistic and conventional medicine through writing, researching, and through her independent consulting work with individuals and for companies regarding supplements, nutraceuticals, essential oils, and medical foods. Dr. LoBisco speaks professionally on integrative medical topics and has several journal publications. “Dr. Sarah” also enjoys continuing to educate and empower her readers and clients through her blogs and social media. Her main blog can be found at dr-lobisco.com.

got anxiety?

There are spiritual tools that can help you heal.

518-584-0680 KerryBrownConley.com

Greater Life Health Get Relief from Autoimmune Symptoms, IBS/Digestive Issues, Stress, Unwanted Weight, Habits and More? Kevin Daugherty, The Holistic Health Hypnotist Can Help YOU! Call 518-879-1078 NOW to find out how to Achieve your Best Life Ever.

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Functional Nutrition seeks the underlying cause of ill health for each unique individual.

The body is designed to heal itself, when given the right tools. 550 Maple Ave Suite 202 Saratoga Springs, NY 518-306-9257 lisaobrien.nutrition@gmailcom

Gift Giving by Linda McCann s you go about your business in relation to the upcoming holidays, (keeping in mind the disgraceful state of the economy), it may not be a bad idea to take a deep breath and consider what exactly is it that you are celebrating? What are your priorities? My number one priority this year is spending time with my family and friends. Are you purchasing those gifts because you want to or feel obligated?


Christmas has become the largest commercialized holiday in the history of the world! I watched in amazement as decorations, trees and ornaments were put up in September in some of the local stores. Halloween or Thanksgiving hadn’t been celebrated yet and here were reminders for the upcoming extravaganza. For extravaganza it has become driven by the gluttonous need


Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

to consume that most Americans seem to be born with. Statistics show that we gobble up a whopping 30% of world goods! Researching American holiday shopping habits certainly opened my eyes. We spend upwards of 300 Billion dollars on this holiday! Less than 15 Billion would take care of WORLD HUNGER!!!! It is certainly a sobering thought especially when you look around your home and see how much junk/clutter there may be. Can you even remember what you got last year? Do you really need all this stuff? Ideally, thoughtfulness should be the order of the day. We are

supposed to be celebrating a Christian holiday (and even if you are not a Christian) it should be a day to join with family in celebration and appreciation for the gifts that we already have! We do have many. Stop and count your blessings. Am I saying don’t buy gifts? I would suggest that you should really gift from the heart. One special gift that really means something is better than a bunch of junk that will get tossed in a closet or re gifted or enjoyed for a few days never to be looked at again. It doesn’t have to be a purchased gift. Making something yourself, giving some time to help someone or donating in someone’s name may come to mean a lot more as a gift and show that you really care about that person and thoughtfully considered what they would most appreciate Most of this spending is youth driven. Unfortunately, keeping up with the “Joneses” is a way of life now. I know growing up rather poor I couldn’t wait to be able to buy “things”. We all want to give our children a better start than we had. Are we doing them any favors by never letting them “want” anything or work for something? I don’t think so. I see a lot of children who have a sense of entitlement and do not appreciate anything they are given. They don’t take care of what they have and their feeling is that it will be replaced if they break or lose it. That is very sad commentary on the character of our country as a whole. My new focus this year will include downsizing and getting rid of junk/clutter and quality versus quantity. If I don’t absolutely LOVE it – it is going! Recently, I had a Feng Shui consult and consequently, removing unnecessary items really opens up the energies and lets the new flow in. We have been donating, giving things to younger people who are newly setting up house etc. and it feels good to know that you are helping others and helping yourself have less to dust or cramming up the closets not mention so much more space to enjoy! You can really see your home and enjoy those things you do decide to keep.

Cabin Fever? Try Bach Flowers www.NiniGridley.com fullspectrumhealing@gmail.com / 518-573-0571

Sue Coughtry,


Specializing in Pain and Stress Relief CranioSacral Therapy Low Level Light Therapy for Pain Relief Clinical Medical Massage Delmar, NY • 518-755-8843 www.suecoughtryLMT.com email: suecoughtrylmt@gmail.com

How is STRESS affecting your life? Anger, Broken Relationships, Weight Gain, Illness, Missed Opportunities, Pain, Lack of Motivation and Self Confidence?

YOU CAN TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Call Barbara Stevens - - 518-755-5053 Certified Stress Management Consultant/Hypnotist 20% off 1st time evaluation special

Gifting with thoughtfulness will allow the recipients to really feel that they have received a cherished and generous present from your heart. Nourish Your Spirit wishes to extend the blessings of the season to all our readers and our appreciation for your continuing support of us and this magazine! Linda McCann is a local Indie International Book Award Author and she has just released the sequel to her first book “The Alchemy of Reiki” which is entitled “The Transcendence of Reiki”. These books take you through many facets of energy work which complement Reiki. Her next class will be held Jan. 18 & 19 and March 14 & 15. Contact: spiritedlinda@alchemyofreiki.com for costs and information. All materials will be included along with a signed copy of her book. Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20


Hypnosis to

Lose Dr. Michael Wayne

Weight by George Guarino,CH,CI

• Integrative Medicine • Acupuncture • Nutrition • Chinese Medicine • Lifestyle Counseling • Quantum Thinking

Sick of being overweight?


t’s wonderful that more and more people have found the benefits of hypnosis to help manage weight and lose pounds at a steady healthful rate.

When compared to many diet regimens the results of using hypnosis alone has been found to help keep clients steadily moving toward their goals without the burden of will-power or denying themselves foods they feel they want to continue eating. Eating less and enjoying it more is a key concept in hypnosis for weight loss. When we deny ourselves what we use to consider pleasure a form of resistance builds up and resentment can sabotage the good results that have been achieved over time.

Saratoga Springs & Clifton Park

518-210-1557 www.drmichaelwayne.com mwayne2@mac.com 12

Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

With hypnosis you can feel satisfied with less, or even none, of the old foods you use to connect with satisfying boredom, stress eating, or that feeling of ‘I deserve this.’ Yes, foods taste good and we have our favorites but what happens when you realize that the taste of the food isn’t satisfying our feelings? Emotional eating, not nourishing our bodies, is what puts on pounds. With this insight gained at a deeper level the conscious-self can find itself stopping old behaviors because they no longer feel correct. In fact ‘stopping’ isn’t really the correct wording because you find yourself doing something differently and enjoying that more than the old eating solution. The reason being is that, it’s not the foods we want, it’s satisfying feelings we want satisfied. You can think of it as our deeper mind has been running on old strategies and programs to address these feelings. When you work with a reputable certified hypnotist who helps you gain the insight into this, the old strategy is like an old program running on a modern computer, slowing it down and even crashing the system when it’s over taxed because the code in the background needs to be updated. Accepting the suggestions that you and your hypnotist agree upon is simply like having a new start and rebooting.

�Ultimately the unconscious mind wants what’s best for you and is capable of moving you in that direction if it does not perceive it’s protecting you from something else. It is always keeping you alive, moving you away from pain and toward pleasure. With the help of your hypnotist you can instruct it to make changes on a deep level that can cause you to move toward what you really want; in this case, acting differently, releasing weight from your body and moving you toward a healthier happier you.� Within the hypnosis profession there are various protocols for helping the client get on their new track and relationship with food. One size does not fit all. Audios and reinforcement repeating instructions given over headphones from prerecorded tapes, called compounding, can be a tool but there are many more modern methods to unlock the doors and really make changes.

before using hypnosis to make the changes that can get you what you want. Hypnosis is powerful and you need to align yourself with a professional that has your best interests at heart. There are different approaches. It does not take endless sessions. You do not have to ‘believe in it’ just be willing to participate.

Ultimately the unconscious mind wants what’s best for you and is capable of moving you in that direction if it does not perceive it’s protecting you from something else. It is always keeping you alive, moving you away from pain and toward pleasure. With the help of your hypnotist you can instruct it to make changes on a deep level that can cause you to move toward what you really want; in this case, acting differently, releasing weight from your body and moving you toward a healthier happier you.

We all need to eat. Notice yourself eating the correct foods, at the correct amounts and times to find excess weight leaving your body. George Guarino,CH,CI – Helping people with hypnosis since 2005 with offices in Clifton Park, Albany and Delmar. 518-256-6549 Online at HypnosisWorksWell.com He is sffiliated with Pinnacle Behavioral Health and A Peaceful Place 1745 Rte.9.

It's important that you consult your medical doctor to be sure that you have no medical issues that need addressing


Magic Moon your local source for all things metaphysical

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over 25 Years in Business Offering an expanded collection of crystal specimens, books, tarot cards, incense, sage, herbs, oils, Wiccan supplies and meditation CDs!

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Psychic Readings on Saturdays! Life is confusing, so come in and get some clarity with a Tarot and Numerology reading from Joan Scannell. Rates are $20 for 15 minutes and $40 for a half hour. Visit: www.joanscannell.com for more information about Joan. Readings are also available in the store on Thursday—Sunday with other readers. *call store to schedule

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G RO U N D I N G I N C H AOT I C T I M E S by Kate Kellman, DMQ


ave you noticed the need to move more slowly? To zone out, be still, catch your breath? In these times of ever-changing cosmic influences -- super moons, multiple planetary retrogrades, increased solar activity -- it's getting harder and harder to stay grounded. Time is speeding up or, so it seems. What can we do to navigate tumultuous lives where chaos erupts in rapid-fire waves? How do we ground when the world goes belly up? This could manifest as something simple like feelings of unrest, anxiety, trouble sleeping. Or, it might show itself in more extreme ways -- major illness, job loss, arguments, divorce, freak accidents. How do we get through these crazy times? A very simple method is to ground. Go for a walk or, better yet, hug a tree. Yes, hug a tree. When we place our feet flat on the earth, palms pressed tightly against the bark, heart and forehead in contact with the mighty tree's trunk, we are instantly grounded. How does this work? According to Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), we all have various portals where energy moves in and out of the body. Four of these portals are the bottoms of your feet (kidney meridian) and the palms of your hands (Lao Gong). Placing your chest (or middle dan tien) against the trunk activates the heart meridian, while touching your forehead (Yin Tang or Third Eye) to the tree initiates the

upper dan tien. The simple act of hugging a tree roots us to the vibrationally meditative pulse of the earth, bring our whole body into balance. In CCM, the three dan tiens represent the "three treasures" or Jing/Qi/Shen (Body/Mind/Spirit). Jing is our physical body, that which is solid and of form. Shen is our spirit or essence, and Qi is the communication device between the two. Qi is often thought of as energy, but it is much more than that. This invisible force is how we communicate with our spirit while in the physical body. When these three forces are in balance, perfect health can be achieved. Other methods of grounding are walking in nature, preferably barefoot or with socks or moccasins (rubber soles create a barrier), lying on the earth, swimming or wading in a lake, stream or ocean, hiking, biking, eating, or anything else that puts us in touch with Earth or the elements. What many don't know, however, is that grounding can happen anywhere, even in an airplane. Grounding is done through visualization and intention. If you're cruising at 35,000 feet and get antsy from turbulence or just because you hate to fly, breathe deeply, put your feet flat on the floor and pretend you are growing tree roots from the bottom of your feet to the earth below. Imagine yourself sitting on a sandy beach with your feet buried in the soft white stuff or squishing your toes in some oozy mud. Then push your energy downward from your head to your feet and out into the mud or sand. You'll be surprised at how calm you suddenly feel!

There are many methods of grounding, as well as guided meditations that I often do with clients in my Medical Qigong Therapy practice. For some people, especially those who’ve experienced childhood trauma, grounding can be a challenge. If it doesn't feel right or starts bringing up memories that are hard to deal with, don't worry. Just do whatever feels right for you. Working through the issues energetically with a trained professional can help. If you are willing, start with the tree hugging as this can be very soothing and beneficial, calming both mind and spirit, and don't forget to show gratitude to the tree for its selfless act of love and support. Gratitude is always a win/win. Kate Kellman, DMQ, is a Doctor of Medical Qigong and has a private practice in Saratoga Springs and Burnt Hills. Trained in CCM, she assists clients by re-balancing the energy channels in the body and teaching tools and methods to empower individuals to manage their own energy and lives. Medical Qigong Therapy is very effective in treating most medical and psychological issues. Kate specializes in treating the after-effects of cancers and enjoys encouraging those she works with to have hope, no matter their circumstances. For more information, please visit her website at: www.deep-connections.com.


Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20


Inspiration & Imagination in Art with

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Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20


don’t consider myself to have any special ability in the supernatural sense of the word. I think I’m more of a storyteller,” says Jon when asked about his work. Stories have a beginning, middle and an end. Everyone is more comfortable with one or the other. But which one is the most difficult? Overcoming obstacles is an art in itself. He doesn’t know what the stories are about as he begins a piece of work. The unfolding happens through the remainder of the process. As it often is on the path of life. Things happen as they unfold, we meet them face to face, and we make a decision as to what we will do or not do. Each choice determines our movement. Jon describes his process as scattered, organic and formless until formed, sometimes even years later. In sketches and doddles he constructs a vision for his paintings. Perhaps reminded as time passes to finish or even begin a painting, he says often through that time he learned how to do it and now he’s ready. Seeing the vision of his paintings even if in small glimpses along the way, he waits patiently for the beginning to present itself and he’s ready to act when it does. How is inspiration different from imagination? All art is inspiration. Jon says he looks at something and imagines how it would look in a certain format. His imagination is most active when he’s close to finishing a painting because he has already begun to imagine the next one. An unfolding of ideas and concepts ready to share their story, he is the conduit as the painter.

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getting acupuncture in another state for about 10 years before moving to this area. So I was a little nervous about seeing someone new. The facility and staff is very welcoming and calm — like a spa — and Alyx seems really on top of her game. I experienced results right away and am looking forward to my next couple of appts with her."

“It is easy to love the romantic idea of the art studio, it’s mysterious and the smell of oil paint and lavender oil. But the actual painting process is work.” When asked about love in his work and process Jon says it’s a love/hate relationship. One that casts deep shadows into dimensional places, and sheds light on fantastical creatures, concepts and creations. “It is easy to love the romantic idea of the art studio, it’s mysterious and the smell of oil paint and lavender oil. But the actual painting process is work.” His realistic approach is balanced with his abilities to invoke the fantasy in his paintings. Like manifestation it requires visualization and the intent has to be clear. Jon is unsure of a painting until he is almost 80% done with it. True to his word about being in the flow of his own inspiration and imagination, he recognizes the struggle steps over it and continues on while trusting the process. Jon’s work is inspired by children’s illustration books, renaissance art and the magic realism movement. He prefers the word ‘ideas’ in place of inspiration. As he waits for his next idea to bubble up to the surface of his mind so he can paint it alive. He encourages others to make up your own stories. He hopes when people observe his work they step into a story and continue it onward with their own imagination. Jon was recently the juror the Upstate Artists Exhibition at The Laffer Gallery in Schuylerville on display December 7th through January 13th. There will be an opening reception on December 7th 5-8pm for an opportunity to meet the artists. Hillary Raimo is the President of the Bethlehem Art Association in Delmar. For membership inquires visit BethlehemArtAssociation.com

Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20


This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Ahhhhh... A Reiki energy healing session is the perfect gift to give yourself or someone you love. Experience the joy of deep, long lasting relaxation. What are some of the benefits of Reiki? Deep relaxation & stress relief Relief from minor & chronic aches and pains Energizes & reduces fatigue Improves sleep Helps release emotional blockages Releases negative energy & restores balance Stimulates healing before & after surgery Boosts the body's immune system

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Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

Recovery one of life’s most powerful teachers

Wendy Ball M.Ed.

Shamanic Healing, Hakomi Coaching, Mentoring

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by, Wendy Ball


ecently, I had both my hips replaced, on two consecutive days. I have literally been faced with re-learning how to walk. And I don’t mean walking as I walked before surgery, but walking as I walked before years of thinking, feeling, behavior and movement patterns profoundly impacted my way of moving. At the time of writing this I am beginning my 8th week of recovery and would like to share some of what I’m learning with you. First of all, I am convinced that any significant life challenge can result in deep learning. Bringing curiosity, compassion and heart centerdness softens and re-focuses an experience that is otherwise all about horrible discomfort and fear. Taking full responsibility for a necessary intervention allows you to plan and prepare for the best possible outcome; also to soften what can feel like an assault on the body and emotions. If an inner victim lives in your shadowlands beware that it feeds on pain and fear and will make hell out of an already challenging experience. As humans we are having our life experience here on Earth as physically embodied creatures and are part of the natural order. Physically challenging experiences bring us back into intimate connection with our bodies with a jolt that can be electrifying. Many of us, and I was one of those, have spent much of our lives distancing from our bodies and living in our heads. But ultimately our ability to deal in a creative and empowered way with life on earth requires we form a respectful and collaborative relationship with our bodies. The beauty of physical challenges is that if nothing else they bring us back to our bodies. Another set of learnings for me comes out of experiencing a healing process or recovery that is months long. Physical recovery is most often about movement, increments, sometimes tiny ones, in our ability to do the things we need to function in our lives. Recovery tests our patience, courage and dedication to daily if not hourly practices that support it. It can bring out the best or the worst in us. Why not choose the best? Recovery from a major physical challenge becomes a context for learning about how to cope and even thrive with any life challenge. Recovery is a daily test of our willingness to take one small step after another, over and over again. The essence of recovery is movement and the essence of movement is taking the step before our brains have time to convince us otherwise with memory of discomfort, with anxiety, with all the ways our

minds try to save us by convincing us not to do, not to move, not to take the anticipated painful step. I’ve recently read about “The 5-Second Rule” a way of succeeding at pretty much anything, devised by Mel Robbins. Simply it is this: Allow yourself to identify what you want, e.g. I want to be able to put on my sock; or, I want to share what I’ve learned about something with others. Then follow each thought about whatever that is with an action within 5 seconds of having the thought. Recovery from surgery is teaching me how the smallest step counts. Exposure to Mel’s work is teaching me that the smallest step, without delay, is helping me create the changes I want quickly and with manageable effort. A final reminder: the daily practice of gratitude is the most powerful nourishment you can bring into your life. I am grateful for my experience of surgery that has brought me such rich learning and inspiration to appreciate and care for my precious body. (You can find the work of Mel Robbins on Amazon and Ted and youtube.) Wendy Ball, M.Ed offers shamanic healing, life transition coaching and spiritual mentoring by phone and video conferencing. If you would like to explore her work further or engage her support in your own process, contact her by phone: 518-813-8524, or email: wendy.ball@yahoo.com. Her website is www.wendyballshamaniclight.com

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Katrina Clay’s mission is to show that animals, nature and music are guides to living an authentic and symbolic life.

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Redefining Your Downward Dog

by Dr. Sarah Avery, DPT, PYTI


ecently, I finished my certification to become a Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) specialist. MTY is a method that licensed health care professionals use such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, and athletic trainers. We incorporate the science and evidence base of lifestyle medicine and rehabilitation. MTY can be used with any patient population to impact pain and improve function. During this training, and to my surprise, I discovered that I have been doing most poses in a way that I was not using my strength to its full capacity. Repeatedly doing these poses without using certain muscle groups can lead to injury and instability over time. The most important pose that was putting me at risk was Downward Dog. Over ten years of doing this same movement pattern compensa-


Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

tions I developed pain in my shoulder. I notice that many of my patients at Goodemote Physical Therapy and FysioFit Yoga present with these same movement patterns when performing everyday tasks that involve reaching overhead and pushing/pulling. Now that I am more aware of these patterns in myself, and how to correct them I want to share this knowledge as much as possible. Even for my patients that do not do yoga, I have incorporated Downward Dog into many of my treatments using adaptations with props and positions to accommodate the needs of the individual. It is an incredibly beneficial pose as it can mobilize tissues through the backside of the body from head to heel, it can stabilize the shoulder girdle to improve posture when performed with good mechanics and this pose is considered an

inversion which has many therapeutic implications for spinal health and breathing patterns. Sometimes we aren’t taught the basic foundation for the pose including breathing pattern, foot and hand placement, and how the neck and shoulders should feel supported. Not all of the standard cues will work for everyone and you may not even know you have more potential in this pose. There are differences in anatomy and tension lines in your fascia that may require differences in positioning of hands, elbows, and shoulders. This can get pretty complicated to assess without a trained eye which is why I have begun to offer one on one evaluations and treatments for MTY. However, we can all agree that the shoulders should be positioned away from the ears during downward dog so the head can relax with the neck free of tension, and this begins with improving shoulder blade stability. I have included photos of the standard pose and a bent knee version. I also used props like a chair for the hands or a blanket under the heels. For me, it's about helping my patients/clients find the pose that works most comfortably for the individual and building the strength in that position.

Downward dog is technically an inversion pose meaning the head is toward the floor. You have to fight the forces of gravity pulling the shoulder blades down to the floor as you are bearing weight through the hands. These counter forces can lead to impingement of the soft tissue, such as muscles, tendons, and neurovascular structures between bones. This can cause numb-

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ness and tingling or tendon pain, otherwise known as impingement syndrome. To counter this you can activate the muscles to draw the shoulder blades back and down. I like to say “slide your shoulder blades into your back pockets”. This cues the shoulder blades to retract and depress, and allows the shoulders to externally rotate. However, there are a number of prerequisites you need to learn before successfully getting into the full Downward Dog. When you stabilize your shoulder blades in this way you give your body an opportunity to gain strength and to create space in the upper shoulder region so these structures can stay healthy and happy. This translates beautifully off the yoga mat with everyday activities like reaching overhead, and with posture during sitting and standing during activities like cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. When the muscles of your shoulder blades are strong, your posture improves, and neck and back pain can begin to subside all from this simple but powerful pose! If you have any questions about how to set yourself up for this pose, and other helpful poses stop in so we can check your downward dog and get you feeling confident that you are able to do this pose to maximize its therapeutic benefits. Contact us at 518-306-6894 or schedule online with Sarah Avery at FysioFitPT.com.

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Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20


The Importance of Doing What You LOVE


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Healing Springs Journal 22

Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

by Sarah van Rijsewijk or many years I have been coaching and guiding my clients to move in the direction of their passions. This is what a “good” Life Coach will do; help you reach your goals, hold space while you move in the direction of your dreams, encourage you and help you reach the place you want to be - and beyond.


We teach best what we need to learn. Appropriately so, I am in the middle of the very lesson I work with so many others. For the past few months I have committed myself full time to establishing my work firmly as a Life Coach, Tarot Advisor and Writer. I have had options for part time work laid out in front of me… options that will maybe help pay the bills, but that are draining to my time and energy when I contemplate doing them. I have graciously thanked the folks who have offered these opportunities to me, but I stand here in the lesson of doing what I love. Right now, writing this article, I’m doing what I love. I have realized what I strong desire I have to communicate, to write, to sit at the keyboard and type out the contents of my heart and my mind in poetry and essays. This is a piece of me that is demanding to be refined and expressed openly. This is a very important piece of me. Communication takes so many forms… and as much as my writing is growing and expanding, so is my reading. Reading of cards. I love Tarot cards. I have been working with Tarot for several years and it absolutely fascinates me. By listening to my own inner guidance, I have recently begun the process of illustrating my own unique Tarot Deck. This process has helped me become even more understanding with the messages and practicality of Tarot. I believe in the uniqueness of every Tarot reader; and that when one signs up for a card reading, they are really signing up for a conversation with the person on the other side of the table. Again, communication is key. I love every minute of a Tarot session. I love the misunderstood “scary” cards, the tough cards, the up in your head cards, and the “good” cards. (I don’t believe in “bad” tarot cards… I believe they all have a purpose and serve as a platform to learn, grow and move forward). I love not knowing what someone is experiencing in their life, but seeing their face change as the accuracy of my words comes out of the cards that have been laid out. I love seeing the validation and helping them move on in a positive direction. During the summer months, I spent many hours deep in the late Linda Goodman’s book, Star Signs - The Secret Codes of the Universe. This book served as my guide for many weeks as I began to discover deep layers of myself and the new age move-

The Alchemy of Reiki the award-winning book available on amazon and B&N online.

Learn More at: AlchemyofReiki.com ment that is beginning to get louder and louder. Linda wrote the book deliberately placing the first chapter about ‘Labors of Love’ first. This opening chapter places the concept of doing what you love right out in the open. Why is this so important? Because when you do what you love, when you feel that incredible joy from doing something that fills your heart, you radiate that energetic vibration out to the Universe. When you allow yourself to feel love to that degree, you allow everything that matches that love to flood into your life. It’s a paradox to what society has taught us. We have been drilled to suck it up, to suffer and do what we must in order to make ends meet. We are taught that there is no gain without pain. Then we wonder if we’ll ever step off the cyclical treadmill existence of little happiness, little fulfillment, mediocre life experiences. We forget who we are. When asked, many people have not the slightest idea what it is that they love to do. They have lost their way. They don’t know because they haven’t been in that place in so long, it seems foreign to them. Last week I asked my husband to take some photos of me in a dress that I upcycled to resemble one of my favorite Tarot Card archetypes. I love the 3rd card in the Tarot deck, The High Priestess. This woman is a woman who is wise, graceful, elegant and magical. She knows things beyond what she can explain. She knows who she is, her worth, her gifts, and she honors them. For Halloween this year, I dressed as that woman. I was drawn to her because she is who I want to embody at my core. I want to be this wise woman, I want to know my value, I want to help others and spread magic to the world. I put the lovely dress on, covered in moons and stars and lots of glitter. I sat in our living room and read cards for my husband and I while he snapped some photos of me. I felt beautiful and wise, and the reading that came out was incredible, accurate and insightful. The pictures depicted what I feel, what I love, and they showed me in my element. They showed my ease, my relaxation, my playfulness in what I do. They showed a woman who is honoring the importance of what she loves to do. Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

Why can’t you do what you love? Why can’t we put on the dress and read the cards? Why shouldn’t we write poetry and pose for pictures in the living room? Because there are bills to pay and laundry piles building up? It doesn’t matter. Take it from me… I have a family with 2 small children, animals and a partner who all need my help daily. I have obligations, I have deadlines, I have responsibilities. But I find the time to sit and write. I find the time to do readings for Facebook. I find my heart opening when I sit in quiet in the morning and meditate. I find it because these things that I do bring me immense joy. When I’m in that place I bring my joy with me. I have real life responsibilities, absolutely. But when I show up to my real life duties remembering my glittery pleasures, honoring my inner High Priestess, knowing that there is time for it all, I am laboring out of love. I bring that love to my life and everything becomes a bit more magical. I leave you with the wise words of the late mystic, Linda Goodman from her book… Star Signs “Don’t discard your daydreams as impotent wishful thinking. Listen to them with your inner ear. See them with your Third Eye of wisdom. ‘Let those who have ears, hear; let those who have eyes; see.’ Follow your ‘daydreams’ energetically, intensely, fiercely—courageously, even when it means temporarily sacrificing financial security. Your daydreams are your blueprint for success and happiness. Believe in them. Believe in yourself.” If I can do it, so can you. Sarah van Rijsewijk is a Certified Life Coach, Tarot Advisor and freelance writer. She has a unique way of communicating with her clients, family and friends. She is practical but knows that there is always a bigger picture. She works with clients 1-on-1 to help them create a beautiful life. She offers intimate Tarot guidance and is even available for parties and corporate events. She can be reached by calling 518.928.8682 or by visiting website; www.naturalpeaceliving.com.


Your Next Staying Best Friend Healthy Howdy, name is Bueller and I am 2 year old, SharPei/Mix. Please give me a forever home and I will be your Best Friend.

Check Website for updated list of available animal

My name is Archer. I am only 2 months old. Please come visit me. I would like to go home.

About Our Shelter The Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society (MHRHS) of Menands, New York has been saving the lives of abused and unwanted animals since 1887. MHRHS is a non-profit organization that receives no ongoing funding from federal, state or local governments or any other animal welfare organization. We rely on your generous donations to support our vital services for the animals.

518-434-8128 www.mohawkhumanesociety.org



by Deb Dittner can’t remember the last time I had the flu or even a cold (knock on wood as I’m saying this – don’t want to jinx myself!!). People around me could be coughing, sneezing, or blowing their nose, and I seem to make it through with barely an issue. If I do start to feel a bit under the weather, I move into immediate action and am able to by step an illness.


What, you might say, do I do? I step into action by adding immune-boosting ingredients into my daily activities. Here’s what I do and I encourage you to add whatever sounds appropriate to you into your winter care regime. Beginning in mid-October, I start diffusing therapeutic grade Thieves oil into my main large room of my home on a daily basis. I continue this practice until @ mid- March or April depending on the illnesses that are out and about. Thieves oil is a combination of cinnamon bark, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils. I also clean my home with products made of Thieves oil. Smells so wonderful! Vitamin C is a potent immune booster and antioxidant. When making a smoothie, I make sure to include plenty of organic fruit. If you prefer to juice, make sure it’s fresh. Processed fruit juice may be high in Vitamin C but it also contains plenty of sugar and preservatives. A whole food source of Vitamin C you can use is camu camu and freshly squeezed lemon. Throat scratchy or sore? No worries. Grab a teaspoon of raw local honey to coat the throat relieving a cough and sore throat discomfort. Honey contains antioxidants, trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It’s also antibacterial and antiviral. For added protection, I’ll add a drop or two of Thieves oil to the spoonful of honey, swirl it around with a toothpick, and down the hatch it goes. Works every time! I love the smell of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil and incorporate it into my toolbox for its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal effects. In cool to cold weather months, coconut oil is hard so it won’t dissolve in water. It will melt when added to warm water or can be added to your morning cup of Joe. You can also add coconut oil to smoothies or in your oatmeal. Decrease the stress in your life as much as possible. Physical,


Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

How is STRESS affecting your life?

chemical, and emotional stress weakens your immune system. Some stressors include but are not limited to caffeine, sugar, medications, toxins in personal care and cleaning products, drugs, alcohol, inflammatory foods, antibiotics, and sleep deprivation. There are also ways to help deal with stress through meditation, massage, yoga, tai,chi and acupuncture. Wash your hands with pure soap and water. I do not recommend hand sanitizers or wipes as these typically contain chemicals. Carry a natural soap in your bag or brief case for use at work or out and about. Drink half your body weight in ounces of pure, filtered water on a daily basis for hydration. Try not to purchase bottled water in plastic bottles as it contains xenoestrogens which can increase the risk of certain cancers and contribute to numerous health issues. Glass jars such a Mason jars are a good option as are “covered” glass bottles or even bottle “cozies”. Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) has antibacterial properties that can aid in common cold symptoms. When purchasing GSE, look for a reputable company as additives are sometimes hidden inside. This powerhouse, oil of oregano, is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, and should be used on a short term basis only. This oil is very potent where long term use can cause irritation to the lining of the stomach. This oil is to be used with caution if you have high blood pressure. If any questions, consult your health care provider. If you do not tolerate oregano oil you can substitute with olive leaf. Herbal tinctures that include Echinacea, golden seal, astragalus, and elderberry boost the immune system individually but can be even better when combined. Again, consult your health care provider if you have questions. A very simple and feel good immune booster is dry brushing. Best time to do this is right before showering once to twice daily. Dry brushing helps to stimulate and cleanse toxins from the lymphatic system, removes dead skin layers, tones the mus-

Anger, Broken Relationships, Weight Gain, Illness, Missed Opportunities, Pain, Lack of Motivation and Self Confidence?

YOU CAN TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Call Barbara Stevens - - 518-755-5053 Certified Stress Management Consultant/Hypnotist 20% off 1st time evaluation special cles, helps digestion, removes cellulite, stimulates circulation, increases cell renewal, and promotes a healthy glow. Last but not least (and my favorite) consist of whole nutrient dense foods. Eating clean foods including dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, veggies, and whole unprocessed grains (quinoa, oats) will boost your immune system. Look for items with just one ingredient (ie: broccoli, spinach, apple, etc.). When you look at an ingredient list, make sure there is no more than 3 to 5 ingredients. Avoid processed foods (anything that comes in a box) as these are typically non-nutrients. Greet your winter months with layers of comfy, skin-so-soft clothes, health, and, most of all, a smile! Deb Dittner, a Family Nurse Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and Holistic Nutrition Counselor has been a longtime advocate and provider of integrative and holistic practices. She has experience in family health, sports medicine, holistic nutrition, pediatrics, women’s health, college health, and holistic counseling. Deb was the nutrition consultant for several players on the Adirondack Phantoms, now the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, professional AHL hockey team. Her work with them lead to the publishing of her book, “Body Balance Empowering Performance”, in which she explains nutrition in the simplest way using common sense so you can choose your foods wisely. Deb currently works with the ECHL Adirondack Thunder. Deb incorporates genetic testing with the team to personalize nutrition aimed at improved performance. This testing is not only great for athletes, as the results encourage you to eat according to your genes for life. Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20 25


Astrological FORECAST

Using Standard Time locate your Rising Sign or Ascendant. If your birth time is Daylight Savings Time, subtract one hour. Your actual Rising Sign or Ascendant may differ depending on certain time of birth and dates; however, not to confuse the non-astrologer use the sign indicated for your Forecast. This placement is similar to the transiting planet’s location in your Natal Chart, except for exact degrees, and will correctly indicate your Forecast. For example, if you are a Gemini born at 6:38 P.M., your Ascendant is Capricorn. IT SHOULD BE NOTED: In December, the Full Moon occurs on the 12th at 19:52 Gemini. On the 26th there is a Central Annular Solar Eclipse at 04:07 Capricorn. Uranus remains Retrograde all month. In January, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon occur on the 10th at 20:00 Cancer. Uranus also turns Direct on the 10th.

review your spending and saving habits and make any changes you feel necessary. Following the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, further studies may contribute to your search for truth and wisdom. JANUARY: Self-realization, prophetic dreams and universal mysteries are examined for this month. After the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon on the 10th, there will be phone calls to answer and paperwork that needs to be done. Uranus also goes Direct on the 10th and you will no longer accept any limitations that you have placed upon yourself as you begin to change to new ways.

GEMINI ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Professional help, forming relationships and a cooperative approach are considered for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules you personally and your appearance. You want to show yourself to others in a new way either through dress or habits. After the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, you may be dealing more with your joint finances and shared resources. JANUARY: Changing values, spiritual appreciation and a partner’s property are analyzed for this month. Following the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on the 10th, it can be the time when you rethink your own needs without ignoring those of others. Uranus also turns Direct on the 10th and you are able to handle and resolve old problems that you have chosen not to deal with in the past.

CANCER ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Attraction to pets, serving others and examining one’s diet are important for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules your spiritual and psychic beliefs. This can also be a time to correct any past mistakes and begin to move forward in your life. Following the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, you will want to strengthen your one-to-one partnerships and relationships. JANUARY: Legal contracts, formation of relationships and a cooperative approach are examined for this month. After the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon on the 10th, you want to show others who you are and not what you have done. Uranus also goes Direct on the 10th and you meet new friends who believe the what you do as you take part new groups to reach your objectives.



DECEMBER: Prophetic dreams, mental pursuits and philosophy on life are explored for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules your everyday environment and all communications. It is also possible that you will begin a new study or plan a weekend trip. After the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, you may change your goals if you have not accomplished what you had planned. JANUARY: Destiny’s promise, your career and setting top priorities are the focus for this month. Following the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon on the 10th, it is the time to give attention to your personal life, your family and your home. Uranus also turns Direct on the 10th and you will become more flexible in matters that deal with possible changes in your finances and possessions.

DECEMBER: Creative talents, expressing oneself and romantic courtship are favored for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules your hopes, wishes and friendships. You examine your recent achievements and may decide to set new goals or long-term directions for the future. After the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, a positive response would be to improve your diet and your work skills. JANUARY: Solving problems, attention to health and learning efficiency are favored for this month. Following the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon on the 10th, you may now have the ability to correct past mistakes and begin to move on. Uranus also turns Direct on the 10th and there can be changes in your career or you may be offered new opportunities to expand your professional life.

TAURUS ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Others’ assets, spiritual appreciation and farreaching changes are explored for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules your personal income and finances. You will


Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

VIRGO ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Home-front activity, family matters and base of security are examined for this month. The Full Moon on the

12th rules your career or the equivalent. You examine your aims in life to see if you are proceeding in the direction you want or whether to make a change. Following the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, there will be a need to express yourself creatively. JANUARY: Creative expression, giving love and mastering skills are considered for this month. After the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon on the 10th, you examine your recent achievements and may change a goal or direction. Uranus also goes Direct on the 10th and this is an interesting time if you are open to looking at life in a new way and also changing your viewpoint.

LIBRA ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Everyday environment, all communications and educational opportunities are reviewed for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules higher mind and knowledge. You may become interested in attending a formal class or a spiritual workshop. After the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, you work to make your home life more satisfying to you and your family. JANUARY: Family ties, domestic interests and inner guidance are reviewed for this month. Following the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon on the 10th, this can be a time for recognition in your career or the equivalent. Uranus also turns Direct on the 10th and there are possible changes in joint finances or posessions and you become interested in spiritual and mental pursuits.

SCORPIO ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Expanding resources, material rewards and use of assets are analyzed for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules partnership funds and possessions. There are changes in jointly held monies or it is also a time to pay off old debts or commitments. Following the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, you turn to reading, or intellectual activities to further your development. JANUARY: All communications, everyday activities and one’s neighborhood are examined for this month. After the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on the 10th, you will question your current beliefs and can becomes a time of new studies. Uranus also goes Direct on the 10th and it is a time when your close personal relationships are trying to teach you something. Learn what you can.

SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Approach to life, discovering oneself and inspiring others are explored for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules business and personal relationships. You will find that if you compromise in partnerships you gain a better understanding of others. After the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, you may look for ways to increase your income or expand your resources. JANUARY: Material acquisition, inner feelings and use of assets are researched for this month. Following the Lunar Eclipse /Full Moon on the 10th, it can be a good time to settle old debts or commitments to everyone’s satisfaction. Uranus also turns Direct on the 10th and you look for a new job as you seek efficiency in your work with learning new skills and care of your health.

CAPRICORN ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Spiritual rebirth, hidden emotions and serving the needy are observed for this month. The Full Moon on the

12th rules your employment and work skills. This is a time when you seek efficiency in both your work and also in your diet and exercise habits. Following the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, this is the time to acknowledge your strengths as well as your weaknesses. JANUARY: Importance of appearance, discovering oneself and approach to life are studied for this month. After the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon on the 10th, you want to improve your relationships through understanding and compromising. Uranus also goes Direct on the 10th and you are attracted to new experiences which may include any of your creative hobbies or hidden talents.

AQUARIUS ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Developing friendships, group activities and achieving goals are important for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules love affairs and children. You will find enjoyment helping your loved ones with their creative hobbies or projects. After the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, you look within to discover why your life is currently the way it is and to see if change is needed.. JANUARY: Understanding oneself, universal laws and hidden abilities are considered for this month. Following the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon on the 10th, you want efficiency in both your work and health through diet and exercise. Uranus also turns Direct on the 10th and you find your personal life is changing and upsets show where your life needs change and reform.

PISCES ASCENDANT DECEMBER: Setting priorities, public image and the career world are favored for this month. The Full Moon on the 12th rules your home and personal affairs. There may be changes in your home life and you can now settle existing family matters and conditions. Following the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, you look at your current hope and wishes and may set new directions. JANUARY: Developing friendships, group projects and philanthropic aid are the focus for this month. After the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon on the 10th, you may begin a creative project with a loved one because you just want to have fun. Uranus also goes Direct on the 10th and as your everyday habits change, you develop new interests and intellectual pursuits become interesting. Arlene is an Author, Astrologer and Para-Consultant and has studied and worked with astrology for more than forty years. She has also been a professional astrologer since 1980. Arlene has a Certificate of Merit from Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson (CA 1982) and a Certificate of Proficiency from the Mayo School of Astrology (London 1985). In addition, she holds certifications from the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (1982-2020) as both a Medium and Spiritual Healer (Lily Dale, NY). Arlene can be reached at Astrological Concepts, Telephone (518) 371-8097, adeangelus@aol.com or Visit My Web Site at: http://www.yourstarsite.com

Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20



ACUPUNCTURE Michael Wayne, Saratoga Springs & Clifton Park, 518-210-1557 Deborah Kozlowski, A New Leaf, Saratoga Springs, 518-587-7665 ANIMAL CARE Jill Stewart, Equine Sports Massage Therapist and Canine Massage Therapist, Certified Aromatherapist 518-339-4348, Jillstwrt@yahoo.com, www.Privatelabel-aromatherapy.com Susan Hamlin, The Saratoga Animal Whisperer Animal Communication, 518-245-8010, www.animal-whisper.com Kristina Dallas, DVM. Ancient Arts Veterinary Acupuncture. Saratoga Springs, NY. 727-2940. Holistic care for pets. AROMATHERAPY Jill Stewart, Cert. aromatherapist, full line of human and animal aromatherapy products, single essential oils and custom blends Gift baskets and party favors available 518-339-4348, Jillstwrt@yahoo.com, www.privatelabel-aromatherapy.com ASTROLOGY Arlene DeAngelus, 518-371-8097, ADeAngelus@aol.com, www.yourstarsite.com BACH FLOWER REMEDIES Nini Gridley, MS Ed, BFRP, Consultations by appointment, in person or over the phone. Next Level One BIEP Training September 2018, 518-573-0571 www.NiniGridley.com Diana Gribben, LMT, BFRP, at Healing Path Massage, 518-421-0645, www.creatorheals.com


CENTERS Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center, www.stillpointretreatcenter.com, 518-587-4967 CHELATION THERAPY Dr Andrew Garner, Glens Falls, 518798-9401, drandrewgarner@gmail.com, www.adirondackmedicalresearch.com CHIROPRACTORS Delmar Chiropractic, Delmar, 518-439-7644 Dr. Lynn Allison, Ballston Spa, 518-268-9542, knotdr@juno.com COACHES Cate LaBarre, Personal and group coaching by phone and teleconference. Workshops in Saratoga Region. 518-882-9880, catelabarre@gmail.com http://CateLaBarreCoach.com, Natural Peace Living - Sarah van Rijsewijk. 518-928-8682. naturalpeaceliving.com CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Margery Chessare, LMT, BCST, Sessions and classes in the Saratoga area, 518-232-2838, ChessareMargery@gmail.com Linda Thompson, BS, LMT, BCST 518-466-1075, Lthomps2@nycap.rr.com, www.holistichealingartssaratoga.com Dr. Lynn Allison, Schenectady, knotdr@juno.com

Ballston Spa & 518-268-9542,

Sue Coughtry, LMT, Delmar, www.suecoughtryLMT.com, 518-755-8843

ENERGY HEALING CARDS Sue and Aaron Singleton. Beyond Sacred Geometry: 5th dimensional healHealing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20

ing technology. Each unique BioMorphic Geometry design generates an energy field for a specific use, and changes DNA. 978-834-0341. www.BioMorphicGeometry.com ENERGY MEDICINE Ann Carey Tobin MD, Delmar, 518-506-6303, atobin.pih@gmail.com, www.partnersinhealing.info HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE Jerome Pindell, Clifton Park, 518-3745492, www.jeromepindell.com Claudia Ascione, MA, MS, CH, Niskayuna, Manhattan and Ardsley, NY. 518 372-7023. HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS Private Label Aromatherapy: Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, All Purpose Cleaner, Household Cleaner, Essential Oil Deodorizing Sprays, Essential Oil Blends for Laundry and Dryer, Hand Soaps and more. Custom products also available. Jill Stewart 518-339-4348, Jillstwrt@yahoo.com, www.PrivateLabel-Aromatherapy.com

HYPNOTISM Barbra Stevens, 518-755-5053 George Guarino, CH, Clifton Park, Delmar, Albany, 518-256-6549 Joan Reid, Glens Falls, 518-744-0647, jmreid@roadrunner.com

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Ann Carey Tobin MD, Delmar, 518-506-6303, atobin.pih@gmail.com, www.partnersinhealing.info INTUITIVE/PSYCHIC CONSULTANT: Barbara Allen, BA, PTC, I/PC; barbaraln12@aol.com; 518-409-5081 LIGHT THERAPY Dr. Lynn Allison, Ballston Spa & Schenectady, 518-268-9542, knotdr@juno.com Sue Coughtry, LMT, Delmar, www.suecoughtryLMT.com, 518-755-8843

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE Sue Coughtry, LMT, www.suecoughtryLMT.com, 518-755-8843

Network (SIPN), www.saratogaintegrativepractitioners.com



MASSAGE THERAPY Healing Path Massage, Schenectady, 518-374-8654, www.healingpathmassage.com Sue Coughtry, LMT, Delmar, 518-755-8843, www.suecoughtryLMT.com,

PSYCHOTHERAPY Wendy Ball LMHC, certified in EMDR and Hakomi therapies, specialize in trauma related disorders, couples counseling and life transition coaching. Albany. 518-8138524. www.wendyballcounseling.com

MEDICAL INTUITIVE Sue Singleton, over 28 years, 8,500+ readings. Identifies and heals Root Cause, eliminates pain/illness to regain health. 978-834-0341. TheWayToBalance.com/medical-intuitive-readings.

REIKI Joyce Willson RN, RMT, The Art of Reiki, Troy, 518-271-7802, www.theartofreiki.com

MEDICAL QIGONG THERAPY Kate Kellman, DMQ, Saratoga Springs & Burnt Hills. 518-775-7798. www.deep-connections.com. deepconnections24@gmail.com.

Katrina Clay, Saratoga, 518-332-6581, katrina@katrinaclay.com

Suzanne Golub, RMT, Saratoga Springs 518-301-0407, shaantienergy@gmail.com, www.shaantienergyhealing.com

Joan Reid, Glens Falls, 518-744-0647, jmreid@roadrunner.com

MELT METHOD® Carrie Whitelaw, LMT Saratoga Springs 518-222-9036 cwhitelaw42@gmail.com www.carriewhitelaw.com

REFLEXOLOGY Cathy Saladis LMT, Clifton Park and Albany, www.headtotoe123.com, 518-229-0741

NATURAL FOOD STORES Four Seasons Natural Foods Store & Cafe, Saratoga, 518-584-4670, wwwFourSeasonsNaturalFoods.com

RETAIL Magic Moon, Saratoga Springs, 518-583-2488

NATUROPATHY Sarah A. LoBisco, ND, Phone consults scheduled at www.dr-lobisco.com or by appointment at A Peaceful Place in Clifton Park, www.apeacefulplace.com

ROLF STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION Nick Pavoldi, 518.389.2200, BodyworkProfessionals@gmail.com

Joanne Halloran, ND, Saratoga Healing Arts, 518-369-7080, www.doctorjoanne.com NUTRITION Lisa O’Brien, Saratga Springs, 518-3069257, lisaobrien.nutrition@gmail.com

ISO Health, Wellness, and Holistic practitioners and professionals who would love to join this AMAZING opportunity to showcase your products/services at the Mind Body Soul Expo on Saturday, April 11, 2020 at the Saratoga Springs City Center. Please contact Gem Rhodes at mindbodysoulexpony@gmail.com with what products/ services you are interested in showcasing and for application information

PREGNANCY & CONCEPTION WELLNESS KindNest, Ballston Lake, www.Kind-Nest.com

naturalpeaceliving.com WELLNESS CENTERS Healing Path Massage, Schenectady, 518374-8654, www.healingpathmassage.com

YOGA Yoga with Jen, Warrensburg & Minerva, 518-956-2818 Namaste Yoga, Saratoga namasteyogasaratoga.com, 518-222-7470


Anna Witt, Set yourself in motion. Steer your life with purpose. Join the movement. Embodyoga with Anna Witt, 518-256-9628, at One Big Roof







TAI CHI Asian Arts Tai Chi Center, Albany, 518-489-1458, info@AsianArtsGrp.com, www.AsianArtsGrp.com




TAROT Joan Scannell, 518-428-8655, www.joanscannell.com

ORGANIZATIONS Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Sarah van Rijsewijk. 518-928-8682. Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20






Mondays and Wednesdays Gentle Kripalu Yoga Classes - 4:005:30PM. First class free! Join Nini Gridley for a compassionate blend of warm-ups, sequenced asanas, shavasana, pranayama, and meditation designed to pacify the “Vata” energy through a well rounded yoga practice that is relaxing yet energizing for all levels of practitioners. Beginners are welcome. It’s gentle for every body. www.yogamandali.com

Friday, January 24 New Moon today at 4:42 PM - EST The New Moon is the BEST time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Make your MoonWish! Contact Nini Gridley for details on the New Moon Meditation - 518 573-0571

3rd Tuesdays Healing Circle: 5:30-6:30 pm The Institute for Spiritual Development The Lotus Center, Oneonta, NY, (607) 2674963, www.isdoneonta.org 2nd Tuesdays Intuitive Development Circle, 5:306:30pm, The Institute for Spiritual Development The Lotus Center, Oneonta, NY, (607)267-4963, www.isdoneonta.org 1st and 3rd Sunday Church Services: every month, 10 am, The Institute for Spiritual Development The Lotus Center, Oneonta, NY, 607-267-4963, www.isdoneonta.org

January 18 - 19 Reiki I & II Contact: spiritedlinda@alchemyofreiki.com for costs and information. All materials will be included along with a signed copy of her book.

FEBRUARY Sunday, February 23 New Moon today at 10:32 AM - EST The New Moon is the BEST time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Make your MoonWish! Call Nini Gridley for details on this month’s very special New Moon Meditation - 518 573-0571.

March 14 & 15 Reiki I & II Contact: spiritedlinda@alchemyofreiki.com for costs and information. All materials will be included along with a signed copy of her book. MARCH Rising Strong™ series - Early registration deadline March 15 for Rising Strong™ series beginning April 2! This is an an experiential program based on Dr. Brené Brown’s research on vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. Need to miss a class? Materials provided to stay current. Saratoga Springs location. Facilitated by Cate LaBarre, certified to offer this curriculum to individuals and groups. Email: catelabarre@gmail.com Website: catelabarre.com text or call: 607-287-0658

Send us your calendar listings; katrina@ healingspringsjournalcom

Events free for the public are free to list. Others are .50/word

"For far too long we have been seduced into walking a path that did not lead us to ourselves. For far too long we have said yes when we wanted to say no. And for far too long we have said no when we desperately wanted to say yes… When we don’t listen to our intuition, we abandon our souls. And we abandon our souls because we are afraid if we don’t, others will abandon us." – Terry Tempest Williams 30

Healing Springs I #106 I Winter ‘19-’20





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The Healing Springs Journal Winter '19-'20  

Upstate New York's local wellness publication since 2002.

The Healing Springs Journal Winter '19-'20  

Upstate New York's local wellness publication since 2002.