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COSTA RICA Relax, Reconnect, Recharge AT S A M A S AT I N AT U R E R E T R E AT & R A I N F O R E ST S A N CT U A RY WITH KAREN SCORE & GINA BENSON NOVEMBER 8-16, 2019 Unplug in 250 acres of magical rainforest, swim in the Caribbean Sea, read a book in your hammock, fall asleep to nature’s serene soundscapes, enjoy locally sourced meals, participate in daily yoga, find time for quiet meditation, reiki or massage. Immerse yourself in the grace and balance of the natural world, while opening your heart to the company of new friends.

PARTICIPANTS WILL ENJOY: Daily Yoga & Ayurvedic Practices

Vegan, Caribbean-style Cooking Class

Fresh, healthy, organic buffet-style meals in a beautiful, open air restaurant

Chocolate Making Tour on a local Cacao Farm

Guided Nature Trek through Cahuita National Park Excursion to the Jaguar Animal Rescue Center

Seva Project at a local School for Girls (ages 6-11) Shuttle service to the lively Caribbean town of Puerto Viejo and its many beaches

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Are Your Breasts a Toxic Asset? by Patricia Luccardi

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Closure: harvetsting inner peace by Wendy Ball


14 Honoring the Child w/ Jayana Letitia

by Hillary Raimo

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The Role of the Modern Medium by Lorrie DeMarco Anxiety and Essential Oils by Dr. Sarah LoBisco

Katrina Clay

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Sleep Hypnosis by George Guarino


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Cancer and Massage by Deborah Romano


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Publisher’s Corner The greatest gift you can offer is a healthy, whole you. While sitting at my computer doing work, I received a phone call from a friend who is part of the North Country Wildcare team, an organization that rehabilitates wildlife in need. There was a Barred Owl that had been hit by a car and was on the side of the road still alive. Knowing I lived on that road, she asked if I could go check on it. North Country Wildcare was going to contact the vet they work with to see if she had time to look at the owl that day. If so, could I drive the bird over? If the vet didn’t have time, could I still bring the owl somewhere safe until a rehabber could get her. Saying yes because of my deep love of owls, I left my dog behind and got in the car (both of us sad to part ways that early in the morning) to search for the bird who was supposedly less than a mile away. I slowed way down while driving the area where they said she was and saw no owl. Turned around and did it again. And again. And again. I could not find an owl. Maybe she was well enough to fly off. Pulling to the side of the road, I called the woman who had first seen the bird. She gave me specific sites to look for and 3-4 feet into the woods was the beautiful owl shown in photo above. I kneeled next to her and as peacefully and kind as possible, introduced myself. As I looked into this gorgeous creature’s eyes, my gut said she wasn’t going to make it. With that, I questioned taking her out of the woods and her home, to bring her inside a car and a building. The intention was kind, but was the actuality of it the best for this particular bird? With questions about human intervention circling in head and heart, I decided to act on what I assured the people who asked for my help. If she did live and get released back into the wild, it would feel good to have been a part of that. I had brought thick fireproof gloves to protect against the talons and a box to contain her. Once seeing the bird, I wondered if an old horse blanket that was in my car would be a better way to pick her up. I was contemplating this by the side of the road and cars kept driving by. It kind of amazed me that not one person stopped to check in. After about 20 passed, a man pulled up and asked if I needed anything. I told him the plan and he got out to help. I appreciated having someone with me. He picked her up and put her in the box. I left the top off of the box so she would have air. As I began to pull out on to the road, the owl began an escape. I passed a neighbor walking his dog and wondered what it looked like from the outside as this bird’s huge wing span began bouncing in the back window of my Mini Cooper. I drove the bird to the vet who had agreed to see her. By the time I dropped off the owl, my heart was invested in hope regardless of my initial sense. The kind folks in the office told me the exam would take too long for me wait for the results. So, with concern muddling my body, I left her there. I drove home and went back to work, but my heart stayed inside the vet’s office hoping to give the owl some assurance that all the stress she was going through was founded in kindness. Only later in evening did I get word that the bird had broken both wings and rehabilitation would not be possible. She was euthanized and her life ended quickly and painlessly. I texted the person who originally found the Owl and gave her the news. We both were sad. She felt sorry to have left her when she did, believing maybe if she had stayed the outcome would have been different. I was feeling badly for having taken the bird out of the woods, into a car and then the unnatural lighting of an office where humans poked and checked her. Both of us feeling guilt over the same circumstance for different reasons. This story is to illustrate a couple ideas. One is that we do not always know what is for the best. All we can do is make decisions based on the information we have at the time. Additionally, it is ok to act in opposition of a gut response, yet it is wise to stay open to the idea that you may have to face the feelings that come up if your gut is correct. For me that meant coming to grips with the truth that even though my actions were contrary to my intuition, they were also based in hope and kindness. There was no sense feeling guilt over a choice that had those two energies as its foundation. Chances are good if I had left the owl in the woods because of my instincts, I’d still have felt guilt while wondering how she was faring. Ultimately, this story is to say do your best and let everything else go.


Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19

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Blossom! Try Bach Flowers / 518-573-0571

Unwind... let healing begin.

Lynn Allison, DC 268-9542 Craniosacral Therapy, Chiropractic Ballston Spa, NY

Dr. Michael Wayne • Integrative Medicine • Nutrition • Lifestyle Counseling

• Acupuncture • Chinese Medicine • Quantum Thinking

Community Saratoga’s Original Farm-to-Table Event Returns for its 14th Year Saratoga PLAN’s 14th annual Feast of the Fields will return to Saratoga National Golf Club on September 19. The event, likely to sell out to over 600 guests, features farmfresh produce, meats, dairy products and more highlighting crops produced by local farms. Top area chefs transform the produce and meats into delicious culinary treats. Feast of the Fields celebrates the bounty of agriculture in the Saratoga region, which remains strong partly due to Saratoga PLAN’s farmland conservation efforts. Proceeds from the event support PLAN’s ongoing efforts to conserve farmland and open space in Saratoga County in perpetuity. “At Feast of the Fields, guests have a chance to taste locally grown ingredients crafted by the best chefs, meet area farmers who produced the ingredients, learn about local farm businesses, and help raise funds so that Saratoga PLAN can continue helping farmland owners and municipalities permanently protect fertile soil resources and scenic views,” says Maria Trabka, Saratoga PLAN’s Executive Director. Saratoga PLAN has permanently conserved several of the farms providing fresh ingredients. A complete listing of farm suppliers is available at There is more to do at Feast than eat, too. Hot Club of Saratoga will be playing into the night. A silent auction will run throughout the evening, featuring eye-catching items and experiences. New this year, a paddle raise will garner support for ongoing conservation projects, and one lucky raffle winner will take home a “beer barrow,” that is, a wheelbarrow’s worth of craft beer. In an effort to reduce food waste and support another incredible local organization, PLAN is collaborating with Shelters of Saratoga to pick up remaining food items at the close of Feast.

Saratoga Springs & Clifton Park 518-210-1557 6

Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19

Purchase tickets online at, by calling 518-587-5554, or just stop by PLAN’s office in Saratoga Springs. A portion of the ticket price qualifies as a tax-deductible charitable contribution. Saratoga PLAN is a nonprofit land trust that preserves the rural character, natural habitats and scenic beauty of Saratoga County

SPACE FOR RENT within the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Glens Falls • The rental space is approximately 1,115 square feet. • Main room with entrance door from outside measures 14.5' x 33' (478 sq. ft) is ideal for classes, yoga or Tai Chi, or for office reception. • Three rooms have access from main room with doors and windows. • Two rooms are approx. 14' x 14' (196 sq. feet each) • End room is 14' x 17.5' (245 sq. ft.) • Each room is fully carpeted with newly painted off-white walls and are ideal for personal office space, counselling or healing work. • There is a covered walkway ramp from the parking lot, wheelchair accessible. • Bathrooms are accessible from main room.

For more information contact Bob Rockwell at 518-796-9879 or

For more information contact Bob Rockwell at 518-796-9879 or

so that these irreplaceable assets are accessible to all and survive for future generations. PLAN helps landowners conserve farmland, woodlands and natural habitats. PLAN connects people to nature through an extensive trail network, including 10 public nature preserves open for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and kayaking. Saratoga PLAN helps communities create plans that balance growth with conservation to sustain the Saratoga Region as a great place to live, work, visit, play and farm. PLAN facilitates community-based conservation by partnering with municipalities to help them accomplish their community’s conservation goals. For more information, call 518-587-5554, or visit

Latest Wellness Event coming to Saratoga, The Mindful Experience. The Answer to Highly Overwhelmed Modern Life: The Ultimate Weekend Wellness Retreat Packed with Unique Experiences Created as a catalyst for growth for those on their own wellness journey. The Mindful Experience stands out by bringing nine different local, highly respected experts, in unique and varied mindfulness practices together to present and educate on

deep self-awareness for personal development and fostering wellness. The impressive line-up includes; Art Journaling, Gemstone Meditation, Mindfulness Hikes at Saratoga State Park, Mindfulness in 10 sec., Intuitive Drawing, Outdoor Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Guided Evening Meditation, Sound Medicine, Jujutsu, Mindful Eating, Understanding Your Stress, Committing to Mindfulness and Modern Shamanic Journey. Held at the beautiful Anne’s Washington Inn right on Broadway in Saratoga Springs September 28th & 29th. Guests can register for the event for either one or both days and even choose to stay at the Inn for the ultimate wellness staycation that won’t break the bank. Further event details and link to register available via Facebook and Instagram, @themindfulexperiencesaratoga. Direct Event Link:

Rental Space Available in Glens Falls Rental space at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Glens Falls. The rental space is approximately 1,115 square feet. There is a main room with entrance door that is Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19


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ideal for classes, yoga, Tai Chi, or for office reception. Three rooms have access from main room with doors and windows. Two rooms are approx. 14' x 14' (196 sq. feet each) and the end room is 14' x 17.5' (245 sq. ft.) These rooms are ideal from personal office space, counselling or healing work. Each room is fully carpeted with newly painted cream/off-white walls. There is a covered walkway ramp from the parking lot, wheelchair accessible. The UUCGF building is located at 21 Weeks Road close to the Northway but surrounded by woods. UUCGF owns about 12 acres of woods around and to the north of the building.





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Established Retail Store For Sale 12 years young, popular and well-loved retail & wellness gift shop & healing space in downtown Schenectady, just across the way from the New soon-to-open Whistling Kettle! Owner is ready to retire & adventure and seeks likeminded individual(s) to carry on with Abundance! Transferrable Lease & Turn~Key Space. All Serious inquiries by email only to


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Wellness Walk at Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park


Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park holds bi-monthly Wellness Walks! This is a great opportunity to enjoy the trails during the last few weeks of summer. The Wellness Walk is geared towards gentle exercise and the enjoyment of nature and will be accessible for participants at basic fitness levels. The walk will depart from the Old Gick Trailhead located off of Route 50, north of King Road. Registration is appreciated as the program could be cancelled if there is bad weather. The Wellness Walks are a bi-monthly activity with walks scheduled on September 9 & 23 at the Neilmann Trailhead off of Ruggles Road.

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! 'A*T!*B0L*0I*!KL9V_JA`!!



For more information contact Bob Rockwell at 518-7969879 or





Healing Springs I #105 I Fall â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;19



For more information or to register for the program, please call the Preserve & Park office at 518-450-0321 or via email For up-to-date trail conditions or program information, please visit the Preserve & Parkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website at The Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park is a non-profit organization that conserves ecological systems and natural settings while providing opportunities for environmental education and outdoor recreation.

Latest Review “Great first experience! I’ve been

Michelle DanielleRoberts Kiser

Reiki Master, & Registered Nurse Nutritionist Reg. Dietician

Amanda Marie Porlier

Kat MacKenzie

Alyx Soesman

Massage Therapist

Acupuncturist & Herbalist


getting acupuncture in another state for about 10 years before moving to this area. So I was a little nervous about seeing someone new. The facility and staff is very welcoming and calm — like a spa — and Alyx seems really on top of her game. I experienced results right away and am looking forward to my next couple of appts with her."

451 Glen Street, Glens Falls • 518-409-6993 • !

Autumn Fest Celebrates 100 Years of Waldorf Education The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs is pleased to announce its annual Autumn Fest, this year to be held in conjunction with Pitney Meadows Community Farm in celebration of the 100th anniversary of worldwide Waldorf education.

Four Seasons Natural Foods !

Store Cafe Bakery Juice Bar !

On Saturday, October 19th, 2019 from 11 am- 3 pm at Pitney Farm, 223 West Avenue in Saratoga Springs, this event will offer the community a wide array of family activities and fun, including: Contra Dance, Bee Keeping and Honey, Goats, Pony Rides, Blacksmithing, Games, Wagon Rides, Wool Spinning, Corn Husk Dolls, Face Painting, Hayride, Drum Circle, Puppet Show, Story Telling, Alpaca & Sheep, Local Authors, Pumpkin Carving & Decorating, Felting, Hay Jump, Sheep Shearer, Jewelry Making, Jump Rope Making, Gems in the Hay, Wild Life Demo, Food Trucks, Music, Vendors and More! Admission is FREE, but some activities and food will have a cost. Many thanks to event sponsors including: “Saratoga Today”, Price Chopper, NBT Bank, Four Seasons Natural Foods, and The Adirondack Trust. Call 518-584-7643






Both Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs and Pitney Meadows Community Farm are registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations under Federal Law.

We want to know what you have going on. Send us your press releases.

Downtown Saratoga !

Balancing To Emotional Freedom 4 week Immersion Are you riding an emotional rollercoaster to no-where? Are you experiencing trouble making decisions? Want to understand why?

Susan Cuda Yoga Teacher & Brenda Stoeke expert Life Coach, co-create an intimate class to answer these questions & more.  We guide you further & show you how to practically Would you like a personal apply what you have learned practice that inspires to your life every day! you daily & brings you joy? Thursdays  9/ 10 - 10/3    7-9 pm

Visit: or call 518.222.7470 Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19


Prevention is the cure. Offering the highest standards in radiation-free Breast and full Body Medical Thermography. Detect changes at a cellular level years before a mammogram. Clearer results, fewer tests. Time for preventive measures.

Patricia Luccardi CTT, LMT, CNMT Delmar Wellness: 323 Delaware Ave. Delmar


Since 1984


A r e Yo u r B r e a s t s A To x i c A s s e t ? by Patricia Bowden-Luccardi CTT, CNMT


he future of an American woman’s prognosis for reducing her risks of breast cancer are dire. A recent American Cancer Society report estimates that breast cancer will increase 30% by 2030. There will be 26.4 million new cases of breast cancer annually worldwide, and 17 million people will die from this terrible disease. Criticisms of standard conventional medical practices in the nation’s “war on cancer” are valid. An overemphasis upon treatment has largely ignored the efficacy and value of prevention. Breast cancer is one of the major problems of modern oncology, and has certainly received the most attention. 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. The situation with breast cancer is deteriorating as it creeps into the lives of younger women. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in young women ages 15-40 and doctors with all their dangerous tests and treatments are making matters worse. The overbearing masculine paradigm of the western medical system targets women’s breasts with 3 choices, when cancer is found: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and add that with a heavy dose of fear.


Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19

Unfortunately, conventional medicine is stubbornly holding on to old ideas of cancer detection and treatment, no matter how ineffective it’s been proven to be. Breast cancer detection methods used by the mainstream medical community include mammography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), and PET scans. Education and awareness of better, less risky and more effective options for detecting breast cancer are woefully deficient, but as you will learn, they do exist.

Welcome to thermography. Thermography is a radiation-free state- of –the-art screening procedure that uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body. Most pathological processes demonstrate a form of increased heat, and some neurological processes show excessive cold, or hypothermia.

“A critical difference between thermography and mammography is the ability to detect problems early enough to use preventive measures, rather than detecting disease at a stage where treatment is imminently required.” Breast disease can be detected by looking at areas of excessive heat that may indicate areas of angiogenesis, or increase of blood vessels supplied by a growing tumor. Thermography has been used for breast cancer detection since 1954. It was cleared by the FDA in 1982 as an adjunctive procedure for breast cancer screening. There are over 800 published studies in peer-reviewed journals about thermography of the breast alone. Most of these articles show the success rate of breast thermography greater than 90%. A critical difference between thermography and mammography is the ability to detect problems early enough to use preventive measures, rather than detecting disease at a stage where treatment is imminently required.

Thermography can reduce the number of false positives and over treatment of breast cancer by demonstrating whether a tumor is metabolically active when combined with anatomical testing. Now, imagine being able to look inside yourself and be able to get as much as 10 years warning that something is about to develop. What would you do with that information? How would it change your life? We live in increasing toxic times and thermography can show a woman’s hormonal receptor sites on her breast and the toxic load they carry and show up as dark heat spots. What other system offers this? Be informed and proactive in your breast health! Book your thermographic imaging today. Mention this article a receive $50 off the scan of your choice. Patricia Bowen Luccardi CTT of Breast Thermography International practices out of Delmar Wellness Delmar, NY. She can be reached at 518 929-7579 or,

With the recent mainstream medical opinion finally talking about the adverse health consequences of mammography, this non-invasive method of detecting cancer and other pathogenic conditions is more important than ever. It is safe, environmentally green, radiation -free and safe for pregnant or nursing mothers, young dense breasts, fibrocystic breasts and implants.


Magic Moon your local source for all things metaphysical

15-17 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs, NY (518) 583-2488

over 25 Years in Business Offering an expanded collection of crystal specimens, books, tarot cards, incense, sage, herbs, oils, Wiccan supplies and meditation CDs!

✸ ✸ ✸

for updates

We also offer unique, fair-trade clothing, jewelry, tapestries, wind chimes, statuary and more!

Psychic Readings on Saturdays! Life is confusing, so come in and get some clarity with a Tarot and Numerology reading from Joan Scannell. Rates are $20 for 15 minutes and $40 for a half hour. Visit: for more information about Joan. Bring in this ad and receive 10% off full-price merchandise. Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19



this that you can bring yourself to practice wholeheartedly will bring you to a better place. It is not about perfection. It is about shifting something in your relationship with your experience.

harvesting inner are the parts, or peace & gratitude Here steps to this practice: from your Connect with your heart/soul essence. You can think of it as experience of life entering the spot between your vertical and horizontal axis. If


by Wendy Ball


ould you imagine enjoying a sense of inner peace most of the time? Could you imagine experiencing gratitude as a result of opening to the most difficult and painful experiences? Sounds unlikely if not totally incongruous. When faced with difficulty in relationships, disturbing memories or situations in life that bring us to our knees your emotional self wants to defend and protect, stand and fight, or make a fast retreat. I get it. I’d like to share with you a bit about a way of dealing with difficult people, memories and situations that always amazes me, and brings me into a totally unexpected place of peace and gratitude. I’ve been learning this from an Australian life coach George Kavassilas. It is a practice based on a few simple yet challenging choices and my own experience is that any part of

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Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19

you lean forward a little as you breathe in and then feel yourself gently settling in to your heart/soul essence as you lean back you may sense yourself passing through a little vortex into a deeply quiet space. From here you can experience soul connection.


It’s easier, perhaps necessary, to have taken a step back from the situation. From a relative calm place, see if you are willing to acknowledge the other and consider that at the level of soul you and the other have an agreement to experience or learn something. Most of us spend a lot of time within a dynamic of victim/rescuer/persecutor, moving from one position to another to another. When we attempt to rescue someone we are seeing them as a victim and often we find ourselves being treated badly or feeling unappreciated. It can be liberating to consider that when we are engaging with another within one of these roles that both have an opportunity to experience what that’s like with greater awareness and learn. Once we have explored what learning the other has made available for us we can then consider what we have made available to the other.


or 518.332.6581 to place an ad

How is STRESS affecting your life? Anger, Broken Relationships, Weight Gain, Illness, Missed Opportunities, Pain, Lack of Motivation and Self Confidence?

YOU CAN TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Call Barbara Stevens - - 518-755-5053 When truly open to explore and acknowledge we often will experience gratitude spontaneously arising, and with that other positive emotions: joy, humor, curiosity, compassion...

Certified Stress Management Consultant/Hypnotist 20% off 1st time evaluation special

This is such a rich way to engage with life.


When we have openly explored and acknowledged the potential for learning in the situation we are then able to embrace the pain and disturbance being held by ourselves, the other, within the situation, the memory, or whatever. We can visualize condensing it into a buble of energy small enough to bring right in to your heart/soul/essence and experience your heart work it’s healing alchemy.

4 5

Bring your awareness back to the aspect of you doing the practice and express your respect, love and gratitude to what you have been processing. It is good to say this to yourself, or to journal it, but to use words to express your love and appreciation. Release the other, or the situation. Let it go. It is good to deliberately do this because it provides feedback. If this is difficult it will guide you to some aspect of closure that is not complete and where you may focus your practice next. The essence of closure can be practiced in a few moments as one becomes aware of disturbance or provide structure for deep healing. It can guide the natural process of recapitulation that elders often find themselves engaged in. From my point of view it underlies the healing process humans need to engage in collectively if we are to remain free and sovereign in the times to come.

Cate LaBarre Life Coach & Workshop Leader Certified Daring Way FacilitatorTM (Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown) 518-882-6202 & mobile 607-287-0658

As humans we have the amazing capacity to choose to relate to life from within our heart/soul/essence. We have a built in connection to our divine Selves. From within this connection we have access to endless creativity and compassion and a deeply empowered perspective on what it is we are doing on planet Earth as embodied humans. Reference: “Our Journey Home” by George Kavassilas;

Wendy Ball, M.Ed., has worked for almost 40 years in therapeutic relationship with clients. She has retired from clinical work and currently facilitates closure along with coaching, mentoring and shamanic healing by phone and skype or facetime. For more information you may visit: www.wendyballshamaniclight. She welcomes you to phone her with your questions: 518-813-8524.

Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19


Wendy Ball M.Ed.

Honoring the Child


Jayana Letitia Espinoza LaFountaine

Shamanic Healing, Hakomi Coaching, Mentoring

with Artist

Sue Coughtry,

by Hillary Raimo

“Growth inspires me. I love seeing how much I can expand through my work. Learning is everything to me.” - Jayana


Specializing in Pain and Stress Relief CranioSacral Therapy Low Level Light Therapy for Pain Relief Clinical Medical Massage Delmar, NY • 518-755-8843 email:


ne of the most important tasks in our lifetime is to protect and honor the innocence of childhood. As we age and leave physical childhood, we find ourselves developing a relationship with an inner child. A landscape that reflects the health of our ability to play. Having space and time to give our inner child freedom to feel the vital characteristics of this stage of being is vital. Unfortunately all too often this state of being is corrupted by the abusive behavior of other people. Many people have wounded childhoods that affect them for the rest of their lives. The basics of childhood essence is filled with whim, imagination, trust, pure in-the-moment consciousness. Curiosity and adventure reign, and emotions come and go like clouds on a summer day. In-the-moment reality is a powerful place. A blank slate of experience, a pure constant state of focused learning. The moment of nothing has any meaning, to defining everything. The building of a new brain, a mind that doesn’t even know the definition of closed or open. Yet. It just is. A non-judgmental, non-biased, identifies with nothing yet, space. In this realm of pure undiluted combustable creative life force, Jayana Letitia Espinoza LaFountaine captures this phenomena on film.


Springs Journal 14

Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19

Welcome to the world little one! With Jayana your first creative capture of that moment will be filled with color, love, joy, happiness and maybe smashed cake. You will be styled to express the precious state of being you are in. Jayana’s art nurtures this place, her skillful eye sees when you are most present and captures that in film. She finds that child-

hood innocence and permanently marks it in time. As a reminder for us all to make time to honor our children, protect that innocence for as long as we can, and tend mindfully to the inner child we have within us. Make it a goal to make time for play, imagination and curiosity. Keep the spirit of that inner child healthy, happy and content. It is one of the keys to living a successful and happy life. If it is wounded by trauma seek to healing. Her work builds a library of childhood innocence. Remembering such a sacred and powerful moment can help since baby-stateof-being is eternal and knows no boundaries, anything is possible. Such an impressionable moment with high impact from those we are around. Birth, youth, innocent beauty, and clarity reigns.

“Children are raw and unfiltered. That is how I love my people. They don’t come with a list of flaws that they want edited. They come as they are and I really appreciate that.” - Jayana power. Her sense of humor, her ability to understand has all been strengthened by her work with children. This is reflected in her images and in the way she approaches her work. If you are interested in hiring Jayana to capture a special moment with your newborn, toddler or child you can contact her at Jayana Photos on Facebook. Hillary Raimo, President of the Bethlehem Art Association in Delmar, Artist, Author and Radio host on KCAA 106.5FM, 102.3FM and 1050AM in LA, streams live on Her work is on display at the Albany Irish Heritage Museum through the end of September.

Art is the ability to capture something meaningful. I believe Jayana has mastered capturing the meaning of childhood super-

ering Empow to People ree in F Live Pa 1993 Since

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Role of a

Modern Medium in Today’s Capricious World by Lorrie DeMarco


oday’s medium is honored to be of service through their profession. They are compassionate, non-judgmental delivery agents of spiritual wisdom. Mediums have let go of ego and judgment of anyone or anything. Their role, mission, and purpose is to inspire, empower, and assist people on their journey through life. People are more appreciative of mediums and look forward to guidance about life issues or loved ones that are in spirit. They understand that mediums are not fortune-tellers and what they do is positive and enlightening. Mediums may still be subject to scrutiny and conjure a negative connotation to people that don't comprehend a medium's value. Skepticism still exists but now to a lesser degree.


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Although we now have easy access to a medium through electronic communication, one size does not fit all mediums! There are many honorable mediums practicing in the U.S. and beyond. Ethical mediums are positive and treat their clients with respect and professionalism. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous mediums practicing without benefit of a genuine interest in helping clients. Mediums appreciate assisting clients. When a client conveys how their professional life and/or personal relationships have improved, that's a reward. It’s a reward when a client shares they are more positive, peaceful, less stressed, and have been able to move past adversity. A medium’s rewards and satisfaction are endless. A fit medium cares for their mind, body, and spirit and maintains a balance between them. They love their work but know when to take a break and nurture themselves. They maintain a positive outlook on life and help instill that in their clients. Mediums believe that life is continuous at another level—we do not die but rather transition to another place. They further believe that time is infinite—it goes on forever. Additionally, they believe that everyone is here to learn life’s lessons, including themselves, and that we would not learn if we were given all the answers. The majority of mediums evolve throughout life through education and experience. Some have intuitive ability from an early age that is enhanced over a lifetime. There is no evidence that intuitive ability is hereditary but there have been many families where grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and siblings

“A medium can bring peace to a person where chaos, fear, and doubt abound. They can help restore self-esteem, stimulate self-confidence, instill courage and strength, increase motivation, provide clarity where doubt is present, reduce fear of the unknown, lessen anxiety in the mourning process and increase hope for the future.”

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share similar intuitive ability. Many people who pursue spiritual education do become mediums but others appreciate the knowledge they have gained but choose not to practice as a professional medium. There are few pitfalls but there are some. A person may disrespect a medium by making an appointment, not keeping it, and not cancelling. They may not realize the value of a medium’s time. Sometimes no matter how clearly or positively information is conveyed to a client, it may not be well accepted. However, the majority of clients are respectful and quickly establish a positive rapport with their chosen medium. A person may have the desire to be a medium because they have genuine love for people and wish to help them. Likewise, a person would continue as a practicing medium for the same reasons. Helping another human being in any way gives the medium a purpose in life, as well as personal satisfaction for their service. Professional and aspiring mediums know whatever changes take place in their life as the result of their pursuit of the profession is in their best interest and for the good of others. It’s important for a medium to be available to others in this capricious world. A medium can bring peace to a person where chaos, fear, and doubt abound. They can help restore self-esteem, stimulate self-confidence, instill courage and strength, increase motivation, provide clarity where doubt is present, reduce fear of the unknown, lessen anxiety in the mourning process and increase hope for the future.

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A medium knows their chosen profession has significance and merit now and in the future. Lorrie DeMarco is an Educator, Medium, Energy Healer. Contact her;

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Anxiety &

YwO G A ith Jen



Tuesdays • 6-7:15pm in North Creek (Adirondack Community Outreach Center)

by Sarah LoBisco

Thursdays • 6-7:15pm in Chestertown (Dynamite Hill, Route 8)

Hatha yoga, open to everyone. You choose what to pay, weekly or monthly. 25% of the total collected will be donated to a different cause each month.

Contact Jennifer Monroe for more information at 956-2818 or just drop in.

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Veterinary Acupuncture

Holistic veterinary health, dental and end-of-life care for all domestic species. Kristina Dallas, DVM • Saratoga Springs (518) 727-2940 drkris@veterinar yancientar www.veterinar yancientar

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nxiety is the most prevalent mental disorder in the United States. It comes in many forms including generalized anxiety, specific phobias, PTSD, and some would say obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD). (OCD viewed as an anxiety disorder is controversial and was reclassified in a separate category in DSM-V.) Regardless of the name or classification, I am passionate about ending the stigma associated with psychiatric illnesses and the viewpoint that they are simply a matter of “weak willpower.” Those with psychological diseases have an array of underlying factors that contribute to validated brain alterations in cerebral blood flow and neurological differences that are distinct from those who don’t suffer from them. Asking someone to “snap out of it,” is like telling someone with a physical illness to all of sudden “be cured!” Furthermore, it’s shaming. One of my all-time favorite holistic modalities for mind-body integration is essential oils. With so many constituents in one drop, essential oils can do “so darn much!” Beyond their aromatic scent, they simultaneously balance the body systemically as they modulate biochemistry along various pathways. I recently concluded a series on essential oils for mental health where I discussed how they impact mood and calm our brains as well as have an effect on neurological signaling patterns. In this summary, I review the many ways essential oils can help to build courage and help manage stress and fearful thoughts, even in the midst of holiday and hormone havoc! This makes my upcoming talk about literally sniffing “emotions in a bottle” very exciting.

Essential Oils to Calm One of my all-time favorite essential oils for soothing is lavender essential oil. In fact, this summary article provides a great overview of this well-loved oil, including mechanisms, dosage, and human trials, on using it for anxiety. In a study which tested the anxiolytic effect of aromatherapy during the first stage of labor, the authors conclude: It is recommended that aromatherapy could be applied as a complementary therapy for reduc-

ing anxiety during the first stage of labor, but methodologically rigorous studies should be conducted in this area. (source) Although lavender is the most-well known essential oil for its use in anxiety, there are many others that aren’t in the spotlight but are also very calming. That being said, each person is unique with their own biochemical makeup; therefore, selecting an essential oil that is right for you may mean doing a little detective work with addressing the three main factors. Still, knowing the general actions of them is a great place to start, and maybe end! I am not claiming that simply inhaling an essential oil will “cure” anxiety I have always advocated that the mind-body connection is more than just implementing mindfulness, meditation, or aromatherapy to destress. There are many aspects to be considered in psychiatry when assisting symptom relief. One of the most common and overlooked epigenetic modulator, as well as the most powerful, is social connection. So, let’s stay connected and end mental health stigma and provide education together! *Safety reminder: Please be extra sure to check with your doctor if you have a seizure disorder. The Epilepsy Society of the UK lists certain essential oils implicated for their antiseizure effect as well as those that have stimulating properties. For additional safety and medical information, please be sure to visit my essential oils database. This includes a full category on how to use essential oils safely and potential drug interactions that can occur. If you and/or your physician are interested in consulting with me to assist with supporting the integration of essential oils safely into a therapeutic protocol, essential oils consultations are available. Sarah LoBisco, ND, IFCMP, is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM). She is licensed in Vermont as a naturopathic doctor and has received her certification in functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). She holds a Bachelor of Psychology from State University of New York at Geneseo and is also certified in Applied Kinesiology. Dr. LoBisco currently incorporates her training in holistic and conventional medicine through writing, researching, and through her independent consulting work with individuals and for companies regarding supplements, nutraceuticals, essential oils, and medical foods. Dr. LoBisco speaks professionally on integrative medical topics and has several journal publications. “Dr. Sarah” also enjoys continuing to educate and empower her readers and clients through her blogs and social media. Her main blog can be found at To learn more about naturopathic and functional medicine consultations and scheduling an appointment please visit: For references used in this article, please contact the author Sarah LoBisco.

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Sleep Hypnosis How Important is Sleep for you? by George Guarino


ow long has it been since you’ve had a good night’s sleep? If you answered; “last night,” then you needn’t read any further. If you suffer with sleep problems read on. So many people can’t say they sleep well. So many people have a hard time sleeping. Hypnosis, speaking to the subconscious mind, makes a lot of sense when you realize many times interrupted sleep is a subconscious problem.

You’re a smart person and I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know and experience. You know you want to sleep well and wake refreshed to enjoy the day but you haven’t been able to for a long time.

Negative sleep patterns range from not being able to fall asleep, to waking in the middle of the night, to being unable to fall back to sleep. Either way, when the sleep pattern is interrupted, it prohibits you from getting the natural benefits of a good night’s sleep. This can translate into poor attention at work, school or home. It can contribute to mood swings and even effect the immune system and healing.

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What are you doing about it? A sleep study can help determine if you’re breathing properly during sleep. Visiting your doctor can also uncover reasons you’re unable to sleep well so that they can prescribe a solution. Even then folks still suffer from sleepless nights. Worry, dread, self-fulfilling patterns of sleeplessness may still plague you. It can seem never-ending and taunting. On a conscious level you’ve done everything you know how to do to address this issue and give yourself peace and freedom. Something has to change. It has to be now. And you’ve got to do it. Hypnosis, speaking to the subconscious mind, makes a lot of sense because once medical conditions are eliminated, what’s left is the subconscious. Hypnosis has proven to be a very effective avenue to consider precisely because this is a subconscious problem. From a hypnosis perspective your subconscious mind has the answers to what’s been standing in your way. In hypnosis that can change and be cleared so that you can get the benefits of natural sleep easily. As you participate in the hypnosis process and allow yourself to let your deeper mind solve your problem and feel safe asleep and protected, you can find yourself deep in sleep and wake at the proper time refreshed. Combine clearing the problem with giving you, the client, tools to fall asleep and back to sleep has been demonstrated to allow consistent nights of sleep. Now I’m not saying hypnosis is for everyone or for every sleep issue but I am saying that sleep and hypnosis are natural. Once you’ve cleared away any reasons for not sleeping soundly, you can find yourself sleeping when you want to and even enjoying yourself going to sleep and staying there.

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Think about it. When you are ready, hypnosis works well. George Guarino, CH,CI has been practicing hypnosis with adults and children in the Capital Region since 2005. He has offices in Clifton Park, Delmar and Albany. He can be reached at 518-256-6549 or by visiting George also teaches hypnosis and is offering

a class Saturday—Sunday, October 19-20, 2019. Hypnosis Training - Learn to hypnotize people easily, any time, any place. This call will teach you the principles of hypnosis and we will practice 5 hypnosis inductions so you can become comfortable with the process. Tuition can be used toward Hypnosis Certification classes in the future. More on the training at Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19



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Befriending Animals as a Spiritual Practice

by Linda McCann hen your life changes and you unexpectedly lose a loved one, your entire perspective changes as to what is vitally important while we are here. I chose to pursue spirituality to find some answers when I lost several loved ones over a short period of time. Some of those answers were: learning, using, teaching and writing about Reiki. This journey has been amazing and I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people. My goal is to share and teach what I have learned. We all have our own path which we have chosen prior to being born. The people who come into our lives are there as supporting cast from our soul groups. You can have more than one soul mate but only one twin soul or twin flame as some call it. Each person has a lesson to teach us. Some of us seem to draw the same type of person and have the same lessons over and over. The hardest changes I find are those we do for ourselves. We cannot change another. Ponder how difficult it is to change your own behavior even when you know it’s the best thing for you.


Once you begin this path of learning, many things come into play. Spirit seems to direct the blessing of synchronicity. How many times have you wished for something only to have events fall into place that allow you to receive? I don’t necessarily mean material goods, think back; have you ever been in the right place at the right time? Met a person by chance who turns out to be an answer to your wish? Missed having an accident because something upset your timetable? These are just a few examples. Once we learn Reiki and become Attuned (which defined means: coming into alignment) to the energy; it seems that many changes may come to you. Reiki opens new synapses in your brain, it is placed in your Auric or Etheric body as a gift passed from the Reiki Master Teacher who in turn received it from their RMT and backwards which becomes your lineage in this work. I believe since Reiki has a consciousness of its’ own that it attracts the things you need. Every thing in our Universe is vibrating on some level. Once you have Reiki your vibrations change and draw those matching energetic changes. Many times I have had a new teacher of spiritual modality come into my life at the right time. Reiki helps us become ready for these changes. Synchronicity allows circumstances to fall into place that will enable you to move forward in manifesting your goals, whatever they may be. You don’t necessarily have to learn Reiki in order to have synchronicity happen in your life; however I firmly believe and know that having Reiki jumps up the odds of it happening.

On a Computer near you. 22

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Linda McCann is a local Indie International Book Award Author and she has just released the sequel to her first book “The Alchemy of Reiki” which is entitled “The Transcendence of Reiki”. These books take you through many facets of energy work which complement Reiki. Her next class will be held in Saratoga Springs NY on September 28 & 29. Contact: for costs and information.All materials will be included along with a signed copy of her book.

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Cancer and Massage • What is cancer? • How does cancer affect the body? • How does massage therapy affect cancer? by Deborah Romano, RN, BSN, LMT his article to enlighten people with cancer, for those who have friends and family diagnosed with cancer, and for the therapists who are interesting in providing massage for their clients with cancer. I am a registered nurse with my bachelor’s degree in nursing, and I am also a practicing licensed massage therapist.


Lucy asked the question in an article by Psychology Today1, “Why is it so difficult to get a massage when you have cancer?”. She found it frustrating when she was repeatedly turned away and told it was a contraindication to massage someone with cancer. Eventually she started hiding the fact she had cancer. This could be counterproductive for her recovery efforts. A therapist needs to know the health of the client in order to provide a tailor maid session with optimum benefits and to not do any harm. Certain precautions need to be taken for a person with cancer. A client’s prognosis, therapy, and current health condition must be taken into consideration when preparing for a treatment session. Close contact with the client’s oncology team is needed to develop a strategy. Legal forms must be obtained and consent from the providing doctor before therapy can begin. With these thoughts in mind I invite you to peruse the material I have compiled together on the relevant subject of cancer and what it is and how it affects the body? Likewise, what tests, treatments and complementary medicine are currently in use for treating cancer. Lastly, what

contraindications and cautions should be used when providing a massage to a client with cancer and what legal issues or concerns may come up when caring for a client with cancer.

What is Cancer? Cancer is the uncontrolled replication of mutated cells into tumors2. These tumors can invade surrounding tissues, spread throughout the body, and, are sometimes fatal. We all have precancerous cells within the body, but specific conditions need to exist for them to proliferate. We have 37.2 trillion cells within our body. The potential for abnormalities is present: sometimes cells go haywire and die off or some are killed by our immune system. One cell over the next 5-40 years may become a detectable mass of cancer. A normal cell must depend upon its host for food and blood supply2. A cancer cell, however, maintains an autonomous sustainability, providing itself with its own supply of blood and nutrients. Cancer cells thrive in an inflammatory environment. It is therefore necessary to learn what is causing our body to have an inflammatory response and avoid those triggers. Cancer is named for the area of the body it targets and invades, such as, lung cancer or prostate cancer. Cancer is a mutated gene and can be inherited from a parent or may be caused internally by a defective gene. Other times, people get cancer from external factors, such as chemical exposure in their environment. The leading cause of cancer remains tobacco smoke. Other harmful choices linked to cancer are dietary items, drugs, alcohol, and sex -such as, the human papillomavirus (HPV). Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19


Cancer’s Effect on the Body Symptoms of cancer can be remembered by using the word caution: Change in bowel or bladder routine, A sore that does not heal, Unusual bleeding or discharge, Thickening or mass in the tissue, Indigestion or difficulty swallowing, Obvious change in a wart or mole, Nagging cough or hoarseness2. Pain is another indicator of cancer. If you or a loved one has any of these symptoms, see your healthcare provider. Cancer affects the body both physically and psychologically. If left untreated cancer destroys and replaces healthy cells and can lead to an untimely death. Psychologically cancer and the treatments used can lead to a weakened immune system, general fatigue, pain, depression, loss of hair and/or loss of sexual desire. Depending on where the cancer is located it can lead to nerve pain, organ damage and failure, and a decline in brain function.

In other words, if we keep doing what is a known cancer promoting activity, we are more likely to suffer the consequences. We can ask ourselves the question, which will we feed, cancer or our natural killer cells “NK”? Metal-based make-up or a healthier alternative, mineralbased. Cleaning products with known carcinogens vs natural products. Bisphenol A (BPA) or BPA free cans and plastic products. At least half of all cancers can be prevented by making healthy changes in our lifestyles now. The most obvious way to decrease cancer occurrence is to change our diet. By reducing caloric intake and increasing our fiber. We need more whole foods and less processed foods. More fruits and vegetables as opposed to red meats. If we drink alcohol it has been recommended women have one drink daily and men two. Physical activity for thirty minutes a day, at least five days a week is recommended.

Types of Treatment Testing and Diagnosing Cancer Testing for cancer starts with a blood test looking for specific markers. An example could be breast, lung, and bowel tumors, shown as carcino-embryonic antigen (CEA). The prostate uses a chemical marker such as prostate specific antigen (PSA) or PAP. A positron emission tomography (PET) scan can pick up metastases. A cytology (biopsy) can test a tissue sample for analysis. There are alternative testing procedures, such as, anti-malignin antibody screen (AMAS) to detect cancer, only Oncolab does this blood test. See to learn more3. DR70 blood test, tests for 13 different cancers. This test is highly sensitive and has a low false-positive reading. Grading and staging expresses where the disease is and how proliferate it has become. When staging is used, it describes the size of the tumor and the degree to which the cancer has spread, it is done with numbers from 0-IV. TNM expresses, T for tumor, N for lymph node involvement, and M for metastasis. Usual grading is I-IV, with IV being the most advanced4. Leukemia and lymphoma are systemic diseases, they are throughout the whole body.

Causes of Cancer Causes of cancer are ionizing radiation, ultraviolet light, some viruses, and drugs that damage the nucleic acids. Tobacco is still the most wide-spread cause. Cancer and almost all other diseases can be linked to and affected by the foods we eat, stress, and our environment. Chronic high levels of inflammation in the body leads to full-blown malignant disease. There are several foods known to cause inflammation. Among them, refined and artificial sugar, processed foods, unhealthy fats, and many animal-based foods. The PET scan uses glucose (sugar) to detect cancer cells. The cancer cells absorb, ingest, and consume sugar and light up on the screen. In studying mice who ingested sugar, they found the chemotherapy sessions were less effective in fighting cancer. Many additives and preservatives in processed foods have been linked to cancer. There has been expert opinion on the additive effect of cancer.


Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19

Treatments for cancer are chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery. Learning to manage stress is a must in cancer care. Chronic stress can lead to PTSD symptoms6. A naturopathic doctor (ND), will use nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and lifestyle coaching to treat the body, mind, spirit, and emotional needs of the patient. Slowly increasing whole foods and dark green leafy vegetables helps our body increase its power to defend itself against cancer. I am not advising the use of herbs exclusively, and please see an herbalist before trying any of these herbs. Herbs to fight cancer include, turmeric and ginger which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, garlic protects cells from carcinogens, rosemary stops gene mutation, oregano promotes cell death in cancer cells, and parsley can neutralize carcinogens. Probiotics assist our digestion and support the immune system. We can get healthy probiotics from unsweetened organic yogurt, soy, coconut, and kefir. I am not a nutritionist, please seek a dietician or nutritionist before using any of these foods. Foods to add to your cancerfighting toolbox: nuts and seeds contain anti-oxidants to suppress cancer cells. Beans, lentils, and legumes provide fiber and protein and they prevent cancer cells from reproducing. Mushrooms, especially Shiitake, have powerful anti-tumor properties. Contraindications in massage for a person with cancer include; sites where surgery, radiation, IVs, or edema are present. If a person had a low platelet count, we would not use deep pressure. Gentle touch massage is needed to avoid easily bruising a client with low platelets. The risk of DVTs would cause us to avoid any massage done to the lower legs.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Massage has been proven to reduce pain, improve digestion, decrease stress, and provide comfort. Massage also improves immune function, sleep and circulation. Massage can help with anxiety, depression, constipation, and negative self-image4. Yoga is said to bridge the mind and body. Yoga activates a relaxation response and therefore can help to relieve anxiety and stress.

Exercise has been shown to reduce fatigue. An aerobic exercise program has been recommended by the cancer society at Aerobic exercise allows chemotherapy to be more effective in tumor destruction8. A study was done with thirty-three students who were physically active and found they were decreasing their likelihood of getting endometrial cancer by thirty percent compared to those less active.

Your Next Best Friend

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Rule of Sixâ&#x20AC;?, contains six beneficial and synergetic steps we can take to build up our defenses against cancer. 1. Building social and emotional support, 2. Managing stress, 3. Improving sleep, 4. Exercise, 5. Diet, and 6. Minimize exposure to environmental toxins8. Each of these steps need to be considered and practiced for the optimum benefits.

Howdy, name is Bueller and I am 2 year old, SharPei/Mix. Please give me a forever home and I will be your Best Friend.

Some people make the mistake of rushing to start a diet and exercise program as soon as they find out they have cancer. The problem is, if a roadblock comes up, these new changes fall by the wayside. A strong support group can help in building a healthy and enduring regimen in reaching an anticancer lifestyle. Research in the fight against cancer is an ongoing process. Stem cell therapy, gold nanoparticles, tumor treating fields, HIFUhigh-intensity focused ultrasound, and gene therapy, such as enzymes are being studied for cancer treatment.

Help for Clients with Cancer Care Pages ( and Caring Bridge ( you can set up posts giving updates to those you select to receive updates. Wigs and head wraps can be purchased with a note from your doctor it may be covered by your insurance,,, and Support groups:,, and all help you connect with someone who has had your specific type of cancer, or they are living near you, or a place to share your story with others. Also, can locate specific health and humane services you may benefit from. As a nurse working in both home care and hospital settings, Deborah has been caring for patients for more than a decade. Many cancer survivors need home care after having surgery. Medications are given to cancer patients and some are done intravenously. The visiting nurse usually starts treatments and educates the patient in self-care. Deb has cared for thousands of cancer patients through the years. Love, concern, compassion, and patience are needed for any patient dealing with a chronic illness. Adding to the nursing aspect of care, as a licensed massage therapist, Deb has provided massage therapy to her clients suffering with cancer. Assisting to fill out proper intake forms and contacting their primary care provider has enabled Deb to provide a safe and beneficial treatment session. References will be furnished upon request. Please ask the author. She can be reached at 518-291-7127 or Reach out to author for references used in this article.

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About Our Shelter The Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society (MHRHS) of Menands, New York has been saving the lives of abused and unwanted animals since 1887. MHRHS is a non-profit organization that receives no ongoing funding from federal, state or local governments or any other animal welfare organization. We rely on your generous donations to support our vital services for the animals.

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Astrological FORECAST

of the heart are examined for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules your hopes and wishes. You will look over your recent achievements and may decide to set a new goal. Saturn goes Direct on the 18th and this can be a good time to begin a formal course of study if you are interested in spiritual teachings. OCTOBER: Solving problems, serving others and learning efficiency are important for this month. Following the Full Moon on the 13th you may feel that you need some alone time to relax and think about the past. Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st through November 20th and you may want to explain any problems in a partnership but think before you speak.


Using Standard Time locate your Rising Sign or Ascendant. If your birth time is Daylight Savings Time, subtract one hour. Your actual Rising Sign or Ascendant may differ depending on certain time of birth and dates; however, not to confuse the non-astrologer use the sign indicated for your Forecast. This placement is similar to the transiting planet’s location in your Natal Chart, except for exact degrees, and will correctly indicate your Forecast. For example, if you are a Gemini born at 6:38 P.M., your Ascendant is Capricorn.

IT SHOULD BE NOTED: In September, the Full Moon occurs on the 14th at 21:05 Pisces. Saturn turns Direct on the 18th at the Critical Degree of 13:55 Capricorn. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto remain Retrograde all month. In October, Pluto goes Direct on the 3rd at 20:38 Capricorn. The Full Moon occurs on the 13th at 20:14 Aries. Mercury turns Retrograde on the 31st at 27:35 Scorpio. Uranus and Neptune remain Retrograde all month.

ARIES ASCENDANT SEPTEMBER: Serving others, learning efficiency and attention to health are important for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules your spiritual and psychic attunement and it can be a time to correct any past mistakes and begin to move forward. Saturn turns Direct on the 18th and you begin to reap the rewards for your commitment and hard work over the past few years. OCTOBER: New relationships, art of compromise and being with others are favored for this month. After the Full Moon on the 13th, you may want to go shopping for a couple of new outfits or a change of hairstyle or color. Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st through November 20th and suggests that you carefully negotiate important matters regarding shared assets.

TAURUS ASCENDANT SEPTEMBER: Expressing oneself, mastering skills and affairs


Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19

SEPTEMBER: Domestic interests, identifying with past and home-base activity are the focus for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules your career or the equivalent. There can be changes in your dealings with important people or aim in life. Saturn turns Direct on the 18th and it is a good time to examine your business affairs or joint finances but do not overspend. OCTOBER: Expressing oneself, creative projects and sharing love are the focus for this month. After the Full Moon on the 13th you examine your recent achievements and may set new goals or long-term directions. Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st through November 20th and is a time for both mental and physical efficiency which makes you want to improve your body’s care.

CANCER ASCENDANT SEPTEMBER: Routine activities, mental pursuits and one’s neighborhood are favored for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules your higher mind and wisdom. You become interested in mental pursuits and may attend a workshop or class. Saturn goes direct on the 18th and you examine your partnerships and relationships to see which need attention or strengthening. OCTOBER: Home environment, inner guidance and a family’s pattern are explored for this month. Following the Full Moon on the 13th there may be subtle changes in your career or the equivalent.vMercury turns retrograde on the 31st through November 20th and you want to express your thoughts to others but avoid being insensitive to others in your conversations.

LEO ASCENDANT SEPTEMBER: Expanding resources, use of assets and material rewards are explored for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules marital and partnership assets. This can be the time to settle old debts or commitments to everyone’s satisfaction. Saturn turns Direct on the 18th and this can be a time of work instead of pleasure but also to take care of your health and diet. OCTOBER: Everyday environment, educational pursuits and routine activities are examined for this month. After the Full Moon on the 13th you become interested in the law, philosophies or spiritual studies. Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st through November 20th making you want to give thought to your personal life to see if it meets all your needs or possible changes.



SEPTEMBER: Discovering oneself, personal matters and image projection are reviewed for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules business and personal relationships. There may be changes in these relationships through the art of compromise. Saturn goes Direct on the 18th and you are more creative and want to perfect whatever you are doing rather than just having fun. OCTOBER: Financial opportunities, sense of values and material rewards are reviewed for this month. Following the Full Moon on the 13th you may make plans to settle or pay off old debts and commitments. Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st through November 20th and it is a good time for all intellectual activities such as beginning a new study or attending a formal class.

SEPTEMBER: Exploring the mystical, philosophy on life and solving problems are the focus for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules your everyday environment and routine activities. There may be changes in your habits and communications. Saturn goes Direct on the 18th and you become critical of yourself, but you need to understand both your limitations and strengths. OCTOBER: Career events, setting priorities and achieving success are examined for this month. Following the Full Moon on the 13th it is a time when existing family matters can often be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st through November 20th you meet new friends who share your ideas and you join in their group activities.

AQUARIUS ASCENDANT LIBRA ASCENDANT SEPTEMBER: Spiritual rebirth, hidden abilities and seeking solitude are favored for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules your health and employment. You now seek efficiency in both your work through new skills and health with diet and exercise. Saturn turns Direct on the 18th and your home or family responsibilities increase or require that you give them more attention OCTOBER: Discovering oneself, personal potential and personal matters are the focus for this month. After the Full Moon on the 13th your relationship improves as you increase your understanding by compromising. Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st through November 20th and you may have to explain your values to someone so that they will know how you feel.

SEPTEMBER: Another’s assets, far-reaching changes and a mystic’s path are explored for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules your finances and how you earn them. There may be changes in your financial dealings and personal income. Saturn turns Direct on the 18th and your interest focuses on intuitive and spiritual studies making you feel connected and fulfilled. OCTOBER: Self-realization, mystical teachings and acquiring knowledge are reviewed for this month. After the Full Moon on the 13th you will take a renewed interest in projects in your neighborhood or community. Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st through November 20th and you make plans for your career or the equivalent and begin to learn a new work skill.

PISCES ASCENDANT SCORPIO ASCENDANT SEPTEMBER: Career earnings, group associations and sharing with friends are examined for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules romance and children. You will enjoy taking part in your loved one’s hobbies or projects. An old love may return. Saturn goes Direct on the 18th and you have the ability to focus and concentrate on new mental pursuits and formal studies. OCTOBER: Seeking solitude, universal laws and serving the needy are studied for this month. Following the Full Moon on the 13th you take a renewed interest in your health and begin either a new exercise program or diet. Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st through November 20th and your mind is more active making it possible to examine yourself without objectivity.

SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT SEPTEMBER: Setting priorities, the career world and personal power are researched for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules your home and personal affairs. There can be changes in your home life and old problems are often resolved. Saturn turns Direct on the 18th and you are more realistic when it comes to considering matters dealing with assets or finances. OCTOBER: Career earnings, sharing with friends and philanthropic aid are analyzed for this month. After the Full Moon on the 13th you enjoy helping your loved ones or children with their hobbies or projects. Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st through November 20th increasing your interest in spiritual matters as you look back over any past mistakes and move forward.

SEPTEMBER: Forming relationships, position of compromise and legal contracts are favored for this month. The Full Moon on the 14th rules changes in your appearance and personal habits. You may purchase new clothes, change your hairstyle or your habits. Saturn goes Direct on the 18th and you begin to form new friendships with the interesting people you are meeting. OCTOBER: A partner’s property, accepting changes and changing habits are considered for this month. Following the Full Moon on the 13th you examine spending and saving habits and may begin a new savings plan. Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st through November 20th and your interest begins to turn to such subjects as the law, philosophies or spirituality. Arlene is an Author, Astrologer and Para-Consultant and has studied and worked with astrology for more than forty years. She has also been a professional astrologer since 1980. Arlene has a Certificate of Merit from Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson (CA 1982) and a Certificate of Proficiency from the Mayo School of Astrology (London 1985). In addition, she holds certifications from the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (1982-2020) as both a Medium and Spiritual Healer (Lily Dale, NY). Arlene can be reached at Astrological Concepts, Telephone (518) 371-8097, or Visit My Web Site at: Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19



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many times do we lose an occasion for soul work by leaping ahead to final solutions without pausing to savor the undertones? We are a radically bottom-line society, eager to act and to end tension, and thus we lose opportunities to know ourselves for our motives and our secrets.” ― Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul Healing Springs I #105 I Fall ‘19



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OCTOBER Sunday, October 13 Full Moon Modern Shamanic Journey, with Katrina Clay 6:30-8. 518-332-6581 or Email or call for location. Saturday, October 19 The Waldorf School Annual Autumn Fest. 11-3 This year it is to be held in conjunction with Pitney Meadows Community Farm in celebration of the 100th anniversary of worldwide Waldorf education. Pitney Farm, 223 West Avenue in Saratoga Springs. This event will offer the community a wide array of family activities and fun. Admission is FREE, but some activities and food will have a cost. Call 518-584-7643 for more info or visit Sunday, October 27 New Moon late tonight - 11:38 PM, EDT The New Moon is the BEST time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Make your MoonWish! Call Nini Gridley for details on this month’s very special New Moon Meditation - 518 573-0571.

NOVEMBER Tuesday, November 12 Full Moon Modern Shamanic Journey, with Katrina Clay 6:30-8. 518-332-6581 or Email or call for location. Tuesday, November 26 New Moon today at 10:06 AM, EST The New Moon is the BEST time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Make your MoonWish! Call Nini Gridley for details on this month’s very special New Moon Meditation - 518 573-0571.

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The Healing Springs Journal Fall 2019  

Upstate New York's original wellness publication since 2002.

The Healing Springs Journal Fall 2019  

Upstate New York's original wellness publication since 2002.