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What Is A Servolution? 1. A significant change in the course of history sparked by simple acts of kindness. 2. God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. 3. A church revolution through serving.

Fifteen Ideas To Help You Get Started A Servolution is not an event; it is a culture. Infusing this culture into the DNA of your church will change your view of the world and your perspective of the needs of those who live around you. This movement is rumbling throughout the Body of Christ - a revolutionary army of people ready to take up this mandate. We are actively pursuing the lost, the forgotten, and the poor to show them a God who is passionately in love with them. We stand ready with one heart, saying, “I will serve others and show them the hope they can have in Jesus.” In this booklet you’ll find several simple and inexpensive ideas that can help ignite a Servolution in your church. These ideas are not just outreaches or community service projects; they are culturecatalysts for your church. So take these ideas, put them into action and watch as God does something incredible in your community, your church, and also in you!

Give Away Bottled Water We have seen hundreds of people come to our church because one hot, Louisiana summer day they were handed an ice cold bottle of water in Jesus’ name. This may have been the first time they experienced “serving with no strings attached” and they were impacted for eternity. It’s a simple, practical way to let God’s love for others shine through you.

Adopt An Inner-City Block Organize a team from your local church and find an area in your community that is showing signs of neglect. You can pick up trash, mow the lawn and do general clean up. Taking responsibility for a run-down block gives the residents respect for their neighborhood and also lets them know there are people who care for them right where they are.

Start A Cooking Ministry Everyone loves to eat! Find people in your church who enjoy cooking and start a team who can prepare and serve meals for church and community activities. Cooking and serving a meal in the name of Jesus Christ meets a practical need and opens the door to relationships and evangelism.

Free Auto Maintenance Widows, single mothers, and military wives need help to bear the burden of vehicle maintenance. Take a day to work on their cars. It is such a blessing to the ladies of our church and community when we offer free, basic car care. For an added bonus, go the second mile and offer free refreshments and pampering (manicures, pedicures and massages) to the ladies while they wait.

Serve As The Clean-Up Crew After Community Events Stay up-to-date on community events in your area and offer to serve as the clean-up crew. You probably won’t be refused! You will gain favor in your community and it will help to make Jesus famous!

Serve & Care For Widows James 1:27(NLT) – “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” Take the time to visit a widow, bring her a meal, take over her yard work, or do odd jobs around her home. She is so precious to Him!

Be Active On Your Local University Campus University campuses are full of truth-seeking people who need the love of Jesus. When classes are set to begin, have a team offer to help new students find their way and get moved into their dorm rooms. There may also be international students who could use assistance getting accustomed to the area. It’s a great opportunity to connect with people who may be new to your community.

Serve Your Local Government Contact your local government officials and offer to serve them any way you can. Put aside any differences you may have and show them God’s impartial love. There are many ways that your church can assist the community leaders as they serve your area.

Serve The Homeless In Your Community Regardless of why someone is homeless, they still need to be reminded that God loves them, cares about them, and has a plan for their lives. One way to reach out to the homeless is to serve breakfast once a week for them right where they are. Offer to pray for them and if they’re ready, assist them in finding work and shelter.

Start A Free Food Pantry Let your church be a place that people in your community can come to receive groceries when they’re struggling financially. This opens up an amazing opportunity to build a relationship with families and give them a chance to meet Jesus, the Bread of Life.

Hospital Outreach If you’ve ever been to an emergency room waiting area, you know how slowly time seems to pass. What better time to show up with a free cup of good coffee? It’s not just for the waiting room, you can be a blessing to nurses and doctors as well. Energy drinks, good coffee, and power bars are all generally welcomed. This outreach is simply God’s people seeking out the hurting.

School Supply Give-Away You can be a huge blessing to underprivileged families as they prepare for the new school year by picking up a local school supply list and collecting backpacks and supplies such as: pens, pencils, and paper. It’s a great way to connect with families and show God’s love in a practical way.

Reach Out To Single Moms In Need Another simple act of kindness is assisting single moms. You can offer to help them move, mow their lawn, run errands or babysit. These precious ladies bear the weight and responsibility of the entire family and can always use extra support. Often times, single moms don’t want to ask for help, so look for ways to serve them.

Respond To Crisis And Tragedy In Your Community It doesn’t matter how big or small your community is, sooner or later someone will face tragedy. It comes in the form of a house fire, a car accident, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job or maybe a natural disaster. The Body of Christ should be first to respond to the needs of people who are hurt by tragedy. If you want to be where Jesus is, embrace those in pain.

Connect With Other Groups Who Are Already Serving Your Community

There are many reputable organizations that already work with cancer victims, cerebral palsy sufferers and those with other physical handicaps. There are so many ways that you can get involved and extend your reach to touch those who need God’s love. Leverage your resources by finding someone who is already serving and assist them with the load they’re carrying. When we come together to serve the common goal of helping people find hope in Jesus, we are much more effective than we could be on our own. And when all is said and done, showing people the love of Jesus is what it’s all about.



Dino and his wife DeLynn started Healing Place Church in 1993 with the single focus of being a healing place for a hurting world. Starting with just twelve, it has now grown to over 7,000 people gathering in 18 services every weekend in 11 locations from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Maputo, Mozambique. Dino is excited about the release of his newest book, “Servolution” Starting a Church Revolution Through Serving which will be released Spring 2009. The book chronicles HPC’s story of finding their purpose and mission. Dino’s desire is to challenge Christians’ and churches to discover God’s passion for people. Healing Place Church has been listed as one of America’s Top 25 Most Innovative Churches for two consecutive years. That innovative drive is expressed in a passion to serve the poor and hurting wherever they are. Every week hundreds of volunteers serve in many different outreaches: cooking hot breakfasts for the homeless, helping ex‑prisoners re-enter society, caring for AIDS orphans, giving roses to ladies working at local strip clubs, reaching the poor through free medical and dental clinics and many more. Dino also co-founded the Association of Related Churches, a group that on average plants one new church every 12 days. He is a strong believer in the irreplaceable value of the local church in the USA and across the globe. He knows that as believers we can do more when we are together, leveraging each other’s strengths to build the Kingdom. As a result, some of his greatest assets are deep relationships with others. And there are no relationships that matter more to him than those he has with his wife DeLynn and their three children.

15 Ideas for Servolution  

Helping you get started with Servolution

15 Ideas for Servolution  

Helping you get started with Servolution