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The Magazine about Kilburn Park School Written by Kilburn Park Pupils For the Kilburn Park Community

Welcome to NewsHound 2012-13, the magazine about life at Kilburn Park School.

Newshound is part of our Gifted and Talented programme for literacy at Kilburn Park School. The NewsHound team is made up of children in Year 6 who excel at reading and writing.

This year’s NewsHound Team are: Lonit Talla Ijah Smith-Dockery Hicham Malagouen Hanan Dahir Cody Garcia Gerta Beqaj Abigail Adegbemiro Anisa Kar Greisi Halilaj

The fashion monster has struck again! Bringing boy’s fashion to an end the Monster of Fashion has took Mr Keel by surprise and made him wear a pink frock! Why has the fashion monster come to Mr Keel, why not St. Mary’s? Do you think Mr Keel wanted to do this or was he forced to put on the pretty pink dress what do you think?

Bill’s New Frock is about a boy who wakes up to find ‘’HE IS A GIRL!’’ Will Bill every get out of this never ending nightmare or is it a nightmare? Quickly his mum puts a pretty pink frock on him. As he was going to school he is whistled at by the school bullies. A classic novel by Anne Fine Mr Keel in a “pink frock”, what was he thinking? On Monday 12th of November Mr Keel was in a pink frock because of a book called Bill’s New Frock, come on. Do you think he embarrassed himself? Everyone laughed, it was hilarious because he came to assembly in Ms Sandhu’s pink dress! Early in the morning, at school, Mr Keel who was reading the book “Bill’s New Frock” came into assembly in a pink frock what a joke. I’m sure he wore it just to make us laugh, it did work, I wonder if he felt comfortable in it even though it was Ms Sandhu’s pink dress. Do you think he looked terrible?

In our school our head teacher Mr Keel chooses a book for the whole school to read, the school works on the book and presents in other languages. Some children get chosen to read half the story in their language and some don’t , the kids who get chosen to speak in their language have 2 weeks to prepare, on a Thursday Mr Keel records them talking in their language and takes pictures of them. By Friday everything is ready to be presented to the rest of the school.

During this term students from both year 5 & year 6 have been “working their socks off” to earn a important place in the mindboggling cross-country team approximately 25 students (from Year 5 & year6) rose to this stunning challenge. But only five boys had the power to go all the way. Those boys are: Ernest (Year 6) Nyeem (Year 6) Ijah

(Year 6)

Lonit (Year 6) Ovie

(Year 5)

These boys are doing KPS proud, well done boys!

KILBURN PARK SURPRISE BRENT CUP-HOLDERS IN MEMORABLE WIN Kilburn Park School Years 5 & 6 Football Team today secured a second round place in the Brent Cup 2012/13 by thrashing Cup holders Barham Primary School by 8 goals to nil. The match at The Pavilion in Stonebridge was a tightly fought game until the eighth minute when Ijah Smith-Dockery laid the ball into the path of Luis Mendes who struck the ball cleanly into the corner of the net to put Kilburn Park 1-0 up. Barham came back strongly but found the defence work of Jahmai hard to break through. Kilburn Park made many more chances in the first half with Lonit Talla going very close with a Ibrahimovic-like bicycle kick effort. The second half started with Kilburn Park 1-0 ahead, although the Cup holders must have fancied their chances of coming back. But the team in bright orange (Kilburn Park) had other ideas as Luis latched onto a great pass from Lonit and cracked home the second goal. KPS then dominated the cup-tie, leading to an avalanche of goals starting with Abdi scoring after skilful work from Ijah. Quickly after this, Lonit made it 4-0. Moments later with the Barham goalie suffering from shock, Nyeem Mackay took advantage by smashing in a long range effort. 5 -0. Nyeem's over the top goal celebrations must have concerned the referee but he escaped a booking! The same player then crossed a wonderful ball into the centre of the penalty area and reliable finisher Luis tucked it away for his hattrick—6-0! Coach Mr Canning then made a good tactical change by putting Ernest into the forward line and this immediately paid off as Ernest scored after a great pass from Jahiem. KPS Seven to the advantage. With one minute to go Ijah beat two players and found Nyeem who shot at goal - the goalie got a hand to it and the ball was heading in - Nyeem turned to celebrate his goal but Abdi tapped it in before it crossed the line. 8-0! Our Arsenal Goalie, Ovie was not really troubled at all during the match—maybe because he looked so confident! Kilburn Park will now meet the winners of Our Lady of Lourdes School and Oakington Manor School in the second round

We would like to welcome a new staff to the year 5 team. Welcome Miss Barry to the fascinating Kilburn Park School. We hope you enjoy Kilburn Park. We interviewed Miss Barry and asked her some questions and she replied: What was your job before Kilburn Park School? I trained to be a teacher at Anson primary school in Cricklewood and at Preston Park Primary school in Wembley. What did you want to become when you were younger? I wanted to become a dance teacher. What do you like most about Kilburn Park School? The thing I love about Kilburn Park is my pink class room and the wonderful, magnificent head teacher. What is your favourite subject? My favourite subject is PE. If you could describe the class with one word what would it be? Dramatic in a good way. If you could describe the staff with one word what would it be? Warm and friendly.

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