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Throughout their time at Kilburn Park School, our pupils will have a wealth of experiences that will help shape their future academic achievement, pave the way to achieve their aspirations and lay the foundation for their lives. Our goals for our pupils include the following: • To achieve and exceed expected standards in English, mathematics, science and ICT and acquire a deep understanding of the relevant knowledge and skills. • To crave knowledge and be true lifelong learners. • To experience a range of artistic and athletic activities regularly • To appreciate not only their own culture and heritage, but also to grow an appreciation for the cultural heritage of the many children living in the United Kingdom • To become independent learners, resourceful when they don’t know something or need help finding a solution • To aspire to improve themselves and understand the need to give back to the community they live in Above all else, our goal is for Kilburn Park pupils is to be excited to take on the challenges that lie ahead because they feel prepared and capable.


Our Policy is to fairly and openly consider every application to The Kilburn Park School Foundation regardless of ethnicity, gender, ability or religious belief. Applications for Junior Transfer to Kilburn Park School are made via the co-ordinated admissions process operated by Brent local authority. For all other year groups and in-year admissions, parents should contact the school office for further advice. If we are oversubscribed the following criteria will be applied, in the order set out, to decide which children to admit: 1. Children in Public Care 2. The siblings (brothers or sisters) of children currently attending the school; and will continue to do so on the date of admission 3. The children who transfer from Carlton Vale Infant School, which is on an adjacent site. 4. Children for whom it is essential to be admitted to a specific school because of special circumstances to do with significant medical needs, social needs or special educational needs. 5. The children whose homes are in closest walking distance to the school; If you are not offered a place and wish to appeal, you need to appeal in writing to the Chair of Governors within 10 school days of receipt of the letter. An Independent panel of three members will meet to hear the appeal within 30 school days of the receipt of the appeal.

A full copy of the school admissions statement can be obtained from the school office or from the school website


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