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Executive Search & Selection

Recruitment The right person for the right position

(Selection). Often the methods are combined, and we always cross reference the searches with an internal search of our own job bank of well-qualified directors and leaders. Executive Search Executive Search is used when positions are confidential. For example, if the company does not wish to go public, and let others know that the selection process

Finding and recruiting the right personnel

has been initiated.

can be a complex process. It is essential to fully understand the position and its


challenges and limitations in order to

Selection can be used in two ways to

match the right candidate to the position.

complement an Executive Search pro-

Another prerequisite is knowing the

cess by placing an advertisement in the

company values and culture – both

appropriate media. Using this method,

inside and out. To quickly and effectively

we are not only advertising the job but

achieve this insight includes a review

informing the public and competitors

of the economy, strategic plans and

about growth within the organization.

interviews with representatives from the

In this way the advertisement has a dual

board of directors and, if possible, other

function as a job ad and also as a branding

executives of the company.

tool. However, if confidentiality is key, advertising can also be made anonymously,

At Lohff, we distinguish between recruiting

so that only the consultant name appears

executives through Executive Search

in the ad.

(Headhunting) or placement of ads

Recruitment Executive Search & Selection Analysis Occupation & requirements profile

Methodology Advertising Search

Advertising Open Closed Lohff website

Preliminary interview Customer orientation Candidate list

Executive Search Networks Research Director and leader job-bank Databases

Presentation / meeting customer and candidate Test and reference interview Selection and final negotiations Follow-up

Tests, management assessment

Recruiting abroad

and reference checks

Previously, we primarily used our network

Lohff has years of experience in evalua-

of international partners when recruiting.

ting candidates including upper-level

Today we do much of the process from

management, CEO and middle manage-

Denmark. We then cooperate with foreign

ment positions, as well as specialists and

job databases, and still maintain our elite

key employees.

network. In this way, we are flexible, and can cost effectively cover most countries

Selecting the right candidate for the job

outside the boarders of Denmark.

requires an in-depth evaluation process covering all aspects of a personal profile.

Discrete and professional contact

We possess a wide range of effective

When a resume in our database matches

tools for personnel assessment. Our

to an open position, we contact the candi-

many years of experience help us to ob-

date by telephone – always discreetly

tain a complete and thorough volume of

and professionally. The first contact will

information about potential candidates

typically be a telephone screening, to

before recruitment takes place. It is this

determine whether the candidate is

depth of reference material many com-

relevant for a meeting and an internal

panies would not be able to obtain on


their own.

Timeline / process cycles – sketch PHASE 1 (2 weeks)

Interviews key personnel Drafting the requirement profile Ad proposals

Authentication the requirement profile and ad

PHASE 2 (4 weeks)

Executive Search

Start of interviews

Interviews continue

Advert indent

Research continue

Meeting committee

Briefing appointment committee

Overall candidates presentation

PHASE 3 (2 weeks)

Presentation 2-3 candidates to the committee

Tests Referencetaking Presentation to the board of directors Finally selection and contract


Management Consultants A/S Who are we? Lohff is a privately owned company

supplier to the Danish business commu-

specializing in top-level management

nity, we were previously selected and

recruiting. We are a national consulting

approved as a supplier to the national

firm with many years of experience within

procurement service. In Danish this is

Executive Search & Selection. With offices

Statens- og Kommunernes Indkøbs-

located throughout Denmark, we are never

service (SKI). Additionally, the leading

far away. All of our consultants have held

Danish business magazine, Børsen, has

upper-level management positions in the

appointed Lohff as a Gazelle – which is

public or the private sectors. In addition

a company known for high growth in a

to being a long-standing

short timespan.

Contact us for

a meeting

Copenhagen · Vejle · Sønderborg · Tel. +45 7348 5161 · www.lohff.dk


- non-binding and confidential

Profile for Headquarters

Lohff Management Executive Search & Selection english  

Lohff Management Consultants Executive Search Selection, www.lohff.dk

Lohff Management Executive Search & Selection english  

Lohff Management Consultants Executive Search Selection, www.lohff.dk

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