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LEAN ENERGY CLUSTER – technologies and solutions for making energy consumption more efficient

Lean Energy Cluster Technologies and solutions for making energy consumption more efficient Our aim is to create the best conditions for developing energy-efficient technologies and solutions. To encourage innovation, create new markets and jobs, and foster economic development in this field, conditions for Danish companies must be even better than they are now. With this in mind, we have established the Cluster Initiative Lean Energy Cluster.

We believe that the future belongs to products and services which can enhance energy efficiency – not only in Denmark but worldwide. This is the future we want to encourage and we want Danish companies to be a part of this future. We have to utilize the predominant position of Danish know-how and technology in this field. Our solutions must show the world that using existing energy more efficiently benefits both environment and business.

At this moment in time, it is vital that we are able to create business based on our energy awareness and develop energy-efficient technologies and solutions to strengthen our competitiveness in the international market.

This short brochure gives you an insight into the Lean Energy Cluster and the technologies and solutions we work with.

Jørgen Mads Clausen Chairman of Lean Energy Cluster


Cleantech cluster initiative in the field of energy and climate technology The Cleantech initiative ‘Lean Energy Cluster’ is a national cluster organisation. We support Cleantech business development in the field of energy and climate technology. We work to promote energy efficiency, based on sustainability, across the value chain of the entire energy system. Our focus is therefore on developing technologies and solutions in the fields of energy efficiency and intelligent energy systems.


• Establishing innovation projects in selected product and technology fields.

Drinking water and wastewater

Intelligent energy systems

We bring together interested parties who see a business opportunity in the development, manufacturing and sale of products and services based on energy efficiency technologies. This involves the whole spectrum of activities, from energy generation to energy consumption. The aim is to enhance growth and employment for our members in the following areas:

Air and the environment

Promoting efficient energy consumption

National and international cluster activities Our vision is to build an energy technology base which provides a modern welfare society with all the comforts we enjoy today, using the least amount of energy possible. We want to implement cluster activities at both national and international levels.

Lean Energy Cluster focus

• Delivering a common platform for cluster formation, market understanding, project development, skills development and branding.

Green energy production Sustainable materials Waste and recycling


Lean Energy Cluster

Knowledge environment

Authorities and financing


Core competencies and positions of strength The Lean Energy Cluster initiative is based on members’ well-established competencies in the fields of mechatronics, energy systems, industrial production technology and business development.

As a starting point, we take a resource-based approach to realising tangible competition-related benefits.

Core competencies

Business development

• Market opportunities and framework conditions in the energy sector

Production technology

Energy systems

• Miniaturisation • Production planning • Technology transfer

Our aim is to develop our positions of strength within a number of product and technology fields related to energy efficiency and intelligent energy systems. Our market-oriented focus enables us to realise tangible competitive benefits within existing or new market positions.

• Energy systems • Mechanical energy systems • Thermal energy systems • Macro-energy systems and “smart grid”


• Mechanics • Power electronics • Low-power electronics • Sensor technology • Control and regulation technology • Software development

In this way, our members can convert knowledge, competencies and technologies into new energyefficient solutions - solutions which can be marketed internationally.

Positions of strength Product and technology fields Intelligent energy systems

• Intelligent buildings • Network integration and control • Energy storage


Energy efficiency

• District heating and cooling • Water heating • Cooling systems • Household appliances • Lighting • Heat pumps • Solar thermal room and water heating and cooling • Transport – electric vehicles

Green energy production

• Biomass and bioenergy • Wind • Sun • Wave and hydro power • Geothermal energy

Advantages of cluster membership We ensure business value for companies, public authorities and knowledge institutions on three different levels. Specifically, we work to ensure a cluster’s continued overall development, whilst providing and conducting various technology-specific conferences and networking opportunities. In parallel with this, we facilitate project development. This way members can deliver innovation and create new businesses.

Access to research findings We are establishing partnerships across businesses, public authorities and knowledge institutions. This gives member companies the opportunity to access the latest research findings within their field.

Increased visibility for your company and your products We ensure ongoing communication in relation to products, technologies and solutions developed by the parties in the cluster. This communication gives them the opportunity to achieve greater visibility in the market than they otherwise would have had. This can lead to completely new business opportunities and cooperation with other members. Better conditions for companies to create innovation and production We work to establish the best conditions for growth for our member companies. We achieve this by taking an active part in the political debates. We carry out an ongoing dialogue with politicians and officials to ensure companies have the conditions they need to improve innovation and production.

The Cluster

Access to new training and educational opportunities We are helping the workforce of the future acquire the skills required and the right level of training and education. Specifically, we achieve this by promoting the development of new training and educational opportunities.


Advantages of cluster membership Access to technology networks, collaboration resources and new cooperation opportunities We are establishing a number of specific technology networks which give member companies the opportunity to access specific problem-solving resources, meet like-minded people and establish new cooperation partners. These technology networks will be established in a large number of fields, including district heating and district cooling, intelligent buildings, cooling technology, energy renovation, e-mobility, energy storage and wastewater management.

Together we can improve cooling In the field of cooling we have an established technology network. This mature cluster, KVCA, the Cooling Cluster, works to develop energy-efficient solutions and technologies solely in the field of cooling. The cluster is part of the Lean Energy business and a sister initiative to the Lean Energy Cluster. We applied the Cooling Cluster’s experiences and skills to the establishment of the Lean Energy Cluster initiative. At the present time, the cluster boasts 26 members from across Denmark. The members have a high specialist activity level and are responsible themselves for deciding on the framework of their annual programme. This comprises a number of network meetings, workshops and specific specialist events.


Get the latest know-how from our conferences and workshops We keep our members up to date with information on new market opportunities and development trends within their specific field. We do this by organising major conferences and large-scale events, as well as smaller seminars and workshops. This way our members can be proactive and gain an international advantage. Access to test and demonstration facilities We facilitate development of test and demonstration facilities, so the members of the cluster have a platform on which to test new solutions.

Products and technologies

Advantages of cluster membership Become part of new innovation projects We work together to identify and bring to maturity new project opportunities, which can deliver business-related growth for the cluster’s members. We find the right partners for the projects and ensure that contractual frameworks are in place between the parties. At the same time we facilitate the entire development process, so that cluster members can focus on the innovative process.

Innovation projects

Project financing We scour the market for new opportunities to finance the projects. Finance must not be a barrier to innovation. Help with administration We perform a large number of practical services in connection with the administration of innovation projects. It is in our interest that the project partners should concentrate primarily on developing new technologies and solutions, and not on administrative processes.


Examples of projects we are working on


Electrically powered heavy duty vehicles The project’s partners are working to develop technologies and solutions which will in future make work tools on heavy vehicles electrically operated. The project will launch the first hybrid refuse collection vehicle in 2012.

Smart & Cool The partners in the project are working to develop a solution optimising the relationship between renewable energy production and electricity consumption in supermarkets. This involves exploiting the cooling capacity within the foodstuffs themselves and deferring or accelerating energy consumption when large volumes of wind power are available. The project is also trying to ensure food quality with minimal energy consumption.

New energy technologies and test centres for the greenhouse industry The project’s partners are working to develop new energy technologies and establish a test centre for horticulturalists, technology providers, greenhouse producers and consultants. The aim is to develop financially viable solutions which will enable the greenhouse industry to reduce energy consumption by 30%.

Solar Solution The project’s partners are working to develop a total system solution which makes it easy for installers and house-owners to renovate their houses in an energy efficient way. The solution combines tried and tested components, such as district heating stations, heat pumps, heat recovery units, solar panels, solar cells, windows and sunshades.

Becoming a member If you would like more information on the Lean Energy Cluster and on the opportunities for membership for your company or organisation, please contact us at

Membership fee Member category 1* Small/medium enterprises, per year

DKK 2.000

Member category 2 Knowledge institutions and public authorities, per year

DKK 5.000

Member category 3** Large enterprises, per year

DKK 20.000

* 1-249 employees, turnover <50 mio. € and balance < 43 mio. €. ** >249 employees, turnover >50 mio. € and balance >43 mio. €. The membership fee is excl. VAT.


Organisation Organisation Lean Energy Clusterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s aim is to encourage research, education and training in technologies and solutions which promote efficient energy consumption.


Lean Energy Cluster management board

Lean Energy Cluster secretariat

Secretariat service



Innovation projects

Technology network

Management for Lean Energy Cluster

Jørgen Mads Clausen

Claus Madsen

Brian Seeberg Larsen

Kim Christensen

Chairman of the board Danfoss A/S

Managing Director ABB A/S

Managing Director COWI A/S

Director Danfoss A/S

Anders Stouge

Henning Kristensen

Peter K. Nymand

Peter Rathje

Deputy Director Dansk Energi

Director Lodam Electronics A/S

Managing Director Maersk Container Industry A/S

Managing Director ProjectZero A/S

Per Michael Johansen

Søren Stjernqvist

Bjarne Korshøj

Hans Peter Slente

Dean, Professor of the Faculty of Engineering SDU

Managing Director Danish Institute of Technology

Vice President COWI A/S

Division Director DI Energi

Erik Jespersen

Thorbjørn Sørensen

Bjarke Pålsson

Ole Fruekilde Madsen

Techniques and Environmental Director Aarhus Kommune

Techniques and Environmental Director Middelfart Kommune

Managing Director Naturgas Fyn

Division Director SE A/S


Contact For more information on the Lean Energy Cluster, please contact us at You can also read more about the initiative on our website at

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