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We hope you like our fun magazine giving you an insight into our traveller lifestyle. and yes we do like our weddings and we are mad fans of Justin Bieber! It was a joint project with Headliners and the London Gypsy and Traveller Unit. So enjoy!!


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I would like to....



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‘We were forced to move’ Justin Bieber Traveller Weddings Make Over Time Our Faith This Project Jessie Wallace diet Puzzle and Number Jig

L to R: Chloe and Winnie

Lady Gaga really expresses her feelings in her songs unless she is lying and just wants to be famous. Songs just like So Happy I Could Die, and so many more but in love songs like Paparazzi, she really expresses her love for someone and how she looks as well. 2


Travellers...We Were Forced To Move for the Olympics!




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ello my name is Ashley and I am 13 and I live in St Theresa’s Close, Hackney. I have lived here for three years now. There are seven families where I live. Before I moved I used to live in the Waterden Crescent site in Hackney. It was made up

“ When we heard about the Olympics and that we had to move we were distraught ”


By Ashley Maughan

of 20 families. Most of the families in the site lived there for up to 15 years, others for ten years, so it was home. Everybody in the site was family. So when


Interviewee wanted to be anonymous

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we heard about the Olympics and that we had to move from Waterden Crescent we were distraught. Traveller families tried to fight it but it was no good. We were going to move, and family and good friends would be split up. When the news spread to the site, there were mixed feelings. Some were unhappy and didn’t fully understand. When plans started to go ahead, it was clear we were going to move.

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^W=vÉëI=f=~ã=îÉêó=Ü~ééó ïáíÜ=íÜÉ=ÜçãÉë=ïÉ=Öçí=Äìí f=ïçìäÇ=éêÉÑÉê=áåëíÉ~Ç=çÑ íÜêÉÉ=ÇáÑÑÉêÉåí=ëáíÉëI=çåÉ ÄáÖ=ëáíÉ=íç=ÄÉ=ã~ÇÉI=Äìí ïáíÜ=íÜÉ=ÜçãÉë=ïÉ=ÖçíK 3


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Justin Bieber By Stacey Maughan Lesley Mongan Helene Mongan ustin Bieber was first discovered on You Tube by Scooter Braun, who later became his manager. Braun flew Bieber to Atlanta,Georgia, to consult with Usher and soon signed a record deal with Island Records where he began his professional career. Justin Bieber was born on March 14, 1994, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

The songs he released were “One Time”, “One Less Lonely Girl”, “Love Me” and “Favourite Girl.” They are on his My World album, which was released on November 17, 2009. Justin Bieber was named the hottest star of 2009 We think he is fantastic!




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Top Music Chart 1) Justin Bieber: One Time 2) Justin Bieber: First Dance 3) Jason Derulo: In My Head 4) Jay Sean: Do You Remember 5) Sean Kingston: Beautiful Girls 6) Jay Sean: Down 7) Whitney Houston: Wanna Dance 8) Tina Turner: Simply The Best 9) N-Dubz: Ouch 10) N-Dubz: Playing With Fire By Ashley Maughan






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L to R: Groom and Bride, Owen & Mary

By Jacqueline Maughan

rish Travellers usually get married at a young age, from sixteen and older. Most people don’t understand why we marry young but it’s just something we’ve been doing for generations and probably will still do for generations to come.

But not all Travellers marry young, some do marry at a more mature age like 20 and older. All Travellers have their own opinion on which


L to R: Laura and Jaqueline

age they think is more respectable and a mature age to marry at.

Travellers think of their wedding day as the biggest day of their life, so they make everything perfect so that noone can try and look better than them on their wedding day.

With some Travellers their wedding day is a perfect time to prove that you’re better than someone else or your wedding day will be or was better than somebody else’s.


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y etter ay




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Chantelle Dooley

With loads of girls they feel a lot of pressure on what dress to get or what colour to choose for their bridesmaids because Travellers are always comparing dresses to see which was nicer or which bridesmaid colour was nicer.

people making us feel so low that you don’t even want to show your face in public because you are so embarrassed over something that might not even have anything to do with you. But country people think it always has something to do with a Traveller or a Gypsy.

Then country people think that we are all the same and decide not to Some people think that it is weird or give us a chance because they think silly but it’s not to us because we are that we are all the same, but we are used to people judging us. It’s not not. only Travellers judging us it’s country





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The Girls Have a Make Over Day! BEFORE



Girls pictured: Winnie (centre pictures), Lesley, (above before and after) Bottom L to R: Helene, Chelsea and Chloe Special thanks to the make up artist Priscila Matano




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Our Faith

Travellers are very good with their religion. All Travellers are Christian and are churchgoers. Travellers have very good faith in God. The type of things Travellers do for God is go to holy places such as Medjugorge in Croatia, Lourdes in France, Fatima in Portugal and Knock in Ireland where there have been sightings of Our Lady, and where saints are known. Other things that Travellers do for God is prayer and fasting. Fasting can be done during the time of Lent. Lent is a tradition where you don’t eat the things you like for an amount of six to seven weeks. Also with Lent you try to do all sorts of good deeds for God and go to church every week.

Jacqueline at her confirmation

Travellers believe their homes should be full of holy things such as pictures of Jesus or Our Lady and statues of Jesus and Our Lady and the Pope. Travellers believe that you should say your prayers every day. The other things that every traveller gets is Holy Communion and confirmation. Travellers believe that weddings, communion and confirmations and christenings should be done in church. By Ashley Maughan

Ashley at her sister’s Holy Communion





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What We Think Of The Project?

I like this project. It was good because I liked the way we can say something about ourselves. I love Justin Bieber. Winnie Joyce, 12.

I liked this project because it was so fun and you get to be creative and show more about yourself. I love Twilight Taylor Lautner and I love JB and I love N-Dubz as well. Chelsea McDonagh,13.

I think this project was alright. The make up artist was good at fixing make up, Helene,13.

I liked this project because I like the way the pictures have come out good. I like Justin Bieber and I am so good looking. Samantha Lawrence, 14, to the left.

I liked taking pictures and having a say about what was happening. Laura Maughan, 15,


I think this was alright because the make up artist was good at make up. Lesley Mongan, 13.

I liked this project because it taught me new skills and I had a good time. Jacqueline Maughan, 15.




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By Ashley Maughan

Jessie Wallace Diet

Yes you can eat carbs and lose weight!

Imagine if you could eat carbs and lose weight. Although starchy carbohydrates such as pastry, biscuits and cakes will give you a muffin top, not all carbs are bad for you and some can actually help you lose weight as they can help you stop snacking. Carbs have been getting bad press for years. Many people blame carbs for their weight gain and making them feel bloated but that’s down to processed and starchy carbs rather than healthy wholegrains and pulses. Also people don’t often realise that all vegetables contain carbs and that carbs are the best source of energy. If you wiped out all carbohydrates in your diet you’d really start to suffer in terms of energy levels. Ideal carbs are anything brown (such as brown rice, wholewheat pasta), beans, pulses, popcorn, and any food in its most natural form. Marks and Spencers Simply Fuller Longer range is great as it includes healthy tasty carbs in good portion sizes. The best approach to getting results when dieting, is a balanced diet that includes all of the food groups. Beans, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and parsnips are all rich sources of carbohydrates. And by including them in your diet you’ll stave off hunger pangs. Any food that takes the body a long time to digest is going to keep you fuller for longer so you’re less likely to have sweet cravings. By having good carbs every day you will soon re-educate your palate and find that dieting doesn’t have to leave you feeling hungry.

Good v Bad carbs

Include at least one carb per day from the list on the left-hand side for faster weight loss


Brown rice Wholegrain bread Sweet potato Porridge Fruit Nuts & Seed Wholewheat pasta Fresh juice Oat Cakes Peanut butter


White rice White starchy bread White potatoes Processed cereal Fruit flavoured sweets Crisps and chips White pasta Fizzy drinks Chocolate spread Bagels

Are you a bad carb addict?

Take our easy quiz to see if you are a carb queen Answer yes or no, then check how you fared... After a full breakfast do you get hungry? Yes... No...

Do you have difficulty stopping once you started to eat cakes or biscuits? Yes... No... Do you sometimes feel unsatisfied even though you have just finished a meal? Yes... No...

Do you sometimes eat even though you are not really hungry? Yes... No... After a large meal do you feel very sluggish? Yes... No... 0-1


You’re moderately addicted to carbs. At You’re not addicted to starchy times you may be carbs but you do occasionally able to control your eating but indulge in a chippie buttie. you may find that stress, PMT, tiredness or boredom increases your carbohydrate You have a mild 1-2 cravings. Start writing a food carb addiction diary and keep track of how which at times you your appetite fluctuates find difficult to control. Try according to what you eat. swapping any white carbs (bread, rice pasta) for You’re a total carb wholegrain versions. Bulk up addict! Ditch the 5 portions with veg and salads. bad carbs for a week, then reintroduce them in very small portions, bulked up with lots of good carbs (leafy salads vegetables and pulses) and swap all white carbs (rice, pasta and bread) for wholegrain versions. 3-4





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Number Jig!! How many calories does your brain consume everyday? Fit these numbers into the grid, reading across and down.


One number doesn’t fit. This is your prize answer. Your answer.......

3 digits 167 294 306 420 443 526 610 701 716 774 834 845 952

6 digits 164580 258021 451833 675075 723486

4 digits 1984 2163 3436 4987 5135 6609 7692 8871 9035

5 digits 19436 20277 38071 46871 55772 56733 66117 71724 89407 91255 92084

7 digits 2295378 9501996 3176470 8 digits 6712225 69631534

This puzzle is mostly about fashion so all you have to do is find the words - but there is one missing. Find all the words and circle the one that is missing. Shoes Travellers Diamonds Clothes

Hair Money Styles Crownderby

Dress Crystal Purse Gold


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