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My Time to Shine is, in essence, not merely a biography of Glenn Leonard, Joe Coleman and Joe Blunt (former lead singers of The Temptations, The Platters, and The Drifters) as a group, but as individuals with separate and interesting personalities. it is also about a musical genre that has stood the test of time, but has never, perhaps, been properly defined like rock 'n roll, blues, or rhythm and blues. This book harkens back to their earlier careers as lead singers in three Hall of Fame groups that ring memory bells for eons. For baby boomers it is a treasure chest of memories of years past.

America's Got Talent Winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.: From Washing Cars to Hollywood Star In 2011, the nation watched an American Jazz singer from the West Virginia coalfields rise to the top of a NBC talent competition. The story of Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is more than a rags-to-riches story of some singer who won a reality show-it's a story of faith, hope, destiny, and dreams. To many, Landau is the young man with dreadlocks who sings like Sinatra, but the story is that of someone who is a hardworking man of enduring faith. When you're finished reading this book, you'll discover, along with a great voice, Landau is a world-class human being.

Grant Maloy Smith What do YOU want to be when you grow up? According to the wise marsupials in this charming new children's book, The Possumbilities Are Endless. Teacher, Scientist, Artist, Doctor, Nurse, Firefighter, Carpenter. . . it's a mind-boggling list, especially when you're young. Recording artist and author, Grant Maloy Smith, writes and illustrates his second children's book. A Gold Mom's Choice Award Winner, his first book, Fly Possum Fly, was a winner at the London Book Festival and the Southern California and Florida Book Festivals. Grant has performed at Carnegie Hall, and has had an album on the Billboard Top 10 charts.

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Millie Snyder is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and e n t r e p r e n e u r. S h e h a s b e e n positively impacting people’s lives for nearly fifty years with her message of healthy living. With her message, she provides the tools for living a longer, healthier life, which produces growth along the way to become the best you possible. To Millie, preparation is the key to success and celebration of life acts as the motivation to live in a health conscious manner. From September 23, 1969 to July 15, 2013, Millie was the president and CEO of Weight Watchers in West Virginia. She owns and operates the Shape Shop, a delistyle restaurant, serving healthy, fresh, never-processed foods and treats, catering to all those in pursuit of nutritious fare.

Drink To Every Beast by Joel Burcat In this romantically-charged environmental legal thriller, two teenagers die after swimming through chemicals illegally dumped into the Susquehanna River. Mike Jacobs, a young environmental prosecutor for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is assigned his first big case and must find and stop the dumpers. Mike's alluring new friend Sherry Stein, an ambitious young Deputy Attorney General, is investigating the man running against the Governor. Another of Mike's friends, Patty Dixon, 'the girl next door,' is his mother's nurse and Mike wonders whether she is being blackmailed. Danger strikeswho will die? Will Mike discover the treachery before the midnight dumper kills again?

Klaus Revelation by Alan St. Jean Genealogy on steroids‌after the reading of his grandfather's will, Liam Alexander embarks on a journey into his family history unlike no other. All legend has its basis in truth. The story of Santa Claus is no different. For centuries, speculation and folklore have kindled the imaginations of young and old all around the world about a Saint; a Saint for the children. Was he a humble Greek bishop, or something more mystical, possessing characteristics of a God? The truth is actually quite simple‌or is it? A heart this pure can only be wrought by the flames of hell.

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Growing up in upstate New York, Kim Wilson developed a love of reading and passion for writing at a young age. After graduating from SUNY Geneseo, where she studied creative writing, communication and public relations, she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was there she had a career in marketing, married her husband Jeff, and is currently raising their two daughters, Lilly and Emma. The girls keep her days busy and her imaginationactive.

OllietheOwllama,ISBN9781946664358, 5.5x7.5,56pages,pb,Retail$12.95 Ollie and the Egg-Splosion , ISBN 9781946664679, pb, 5.5 x 7.5, 64 pages,  $12.95

Bucleigh Newton Kernodle A native of Charlotte, NC, Bucleigh Newton Kernodle has always had a passion for creative writing. Inspired by her English teacher, at Elon University by her communications professors, and her editor at the Charlotte Business Journal showed her how to make words their very best selves, all culminated into a desire to write children’s books. I Would Love You Even If You Were A Pickle Whimsically illustrated, every child deserves to know just how deep, how wide and how out of this world a mother's love is for them. Gold Mom's Choice Awad, illustrated by Ashley Teets, hc, 32 pages, ISBN 9781946664525, Retail $16.95

Lisa Butowsky is a Certified Etiquette Instructor and Founder of Your Charming Child ~ Etiquette Instruction. She has a BS degree in Infancy and Early Childhood Development from Penn State University. Ms. Butowsky has spent much of her career working with children in various settings and has worked with troubled teens as a Mental Health Technician. Donna Bostany is a Certified Etiquette Instructor with Your Charming Child ~ Etiquette Instruction and teaches preschool music and yoga. She holds a BA degree in Theater Arts from Penn State University and has been featured in stage, television and movie productions. Miss Mistake: Mind Your Manners at Home, ISBN 9781946664648, 6 x 9, 32 pages, $12.95

Adeline Renee Schneid was born and raised in West Virginia. She graduated from West Virginia University in 2017 with a Master's in Elementary Education and Special Education. She is currently a public school teacher in Monongalia County, West Virginia. The Wonderfully Wild Ones Three lion cubs escape from the zoo because they want to have exciting adventures. They go their separate ways and find out they miss each other terribly so they try to find each other again. ISBN 9781946664754, pb, 32 pages, 8.5 x 11, Retail $14.95

Howard J. Mize is a nature lover and a science teacher. He has been teaching for seven years and holds a B.S. in Recreation and Parks Management from West Virginia University, a B.A. in Secondary Education from West Virginia State University. He is currently working on a master’s degree in STEM Education through the NASA Endeavor program and Adams State University. Everything Has Its Place ISBN 9781946664495, 6 x 9, pb, 32 pages, Retail $12.95 They're creepy and they're crawly, mysterious and jolly, they're altogether essential, to the family of Earth! Science teacher and author, Howard Mize, brings the tiniest bugs and the importance of forests together in this beautifully illustrated story about the harmony of our ecology and environment.

Paris and San Francisco Book Festival Awards

Melanie Burgess, author and illustrator, is a graduate of Charis Bible College, a licensed minister, and mother of three children. In 2014, she and her husband, David, moved from Colorado Springs back to Keyser, WV, where they are camp hosts at Rocky Gap State Park in Maryland. The aviary at the park inspired her first children’s book, Stinky Owl, and she is part of the Headline Books School Show Program. Mom’s Choice Award ISBN 9781946664303, 10 x 7, hc, 32 pages, Retail $16.95

Diana Pishner Walker was born in Clarksburg, WV and is the daughter of the late Louis and Anna Allessio Pishner. She attended Fairmont State College, Fairmont WV and was a “Fast ForWord” computer aide at East Dale Elementary School. Diana’s Italian roots run deep. Her maternal grandparents were from San Giovani in Fiore, Province of Cosenza, Italy. Her paternal grandparents were from Caulonia, Reggio Calabria Italy. Hopping to America A series of three books follow the Riepule family from Italy to the United States. They land on Ellis Island to be processed for entry to the USA and venture on to Clarksburg, WV, taking their Italian heritage and culture to their new home. Each book brings the two cultures together with stories of the trip to America, a Christmas celebration, and a very special wedding. Illustrated by Ashley (Teets) Belote, these bunnies light up the pages of this multi cultural children's book series. Rabbit's Tale of Immigration, ISBN 9781882658596, 8.5 x 8.5, 32 pages, hc, Retail $16.95 A Rabbit's Tale of La Befana ISBN 9781946664112, 8.5 x 8.5, hc, Retail $16.95 A Rabbit's Tale of A Wedding ISBN 9781946664457, 8.5 x 8.5, hc, 32 pages, Retail $16.95

Zahra Omar Shansab started writing poetry when she was in 4th grade in Kabul, Afghanistan. She was forced to flee Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, lived in India for several years and eventually immigrated to the United States. With a degree in psychology, she was director of early childhood education for many years. She believes that reading and exposure to literature are crucial to children reaching their full potential as individuals. Shoeshine of Kabul In his young life, twelve-year old Malik is forced to eke out a living as a shoeshine in Kabul. Despite the dangers and hardships that Malik faces daily, he clings to his memories of the ones he has loved and lost and the friendships that give him hope. His curiosity and vivid imagination help him seek the adventures and surprises that life has in store for him. 5 x 7, 80 pages, ISBN 9781946664280, Retail $12.95

Award-winning author and illustrator, Ashley (Teets) Belote, is a summa cum laude graduate of Alderson-Broaddus College where she earned a bachelor's of fine arts degree with a minor in creative writing. She has illustrated multiple award winning children's books. Ashley is also a portrait artist and muralist. For more information visit

Award winning author, Angie Wilson, is a veteran elementary school reading teacher. She is the creator of three children's book series, Appalachian Heritage Books, Gracie’s Guides, and Gracie's Mysteries Series.

With over three decades in law and politics, Rick Robinson’s award winning political thrillers are as current as today’s headlines. Robinson was named 2016 Independent Author of the Year at The Florida Book Festival for Alligator Alley and 2013 Independent Author of the Year with the Grand Prize for Alligator Alley at the Great Southeast Book Festival. For the work on his previous novel, Writ of Mandamus, he garnered the Grand Prize at the London Book Festival and Manifest Destiny won Grand Prize at the DIY Book Festival plus eight additional national and international awards, including Best Fiction at the Paris and New York Book Festivals. It was named one of the year’s best thrillers by USA Book News. As a conservative humorist, 48 percent of Americans think Rick’s work is devoid of any journalistic value whatsoever — let alone humor. Of the remaining 52 percent, half of them think his columns are serious. Yet, the remaining group helped make his collection of columns, titled Strange Bedfellow, premiere at No. 1 on Amazon’s Top Seller List of political humor. Find Rick’s political and pop culture columns on Rare, the Daily Caller, the River City News, NKY Magazine, Northern Kentucky Tribune and KYForward. “Everybody has one book in them, and I spent 30 years writing the wrong one.” --Rick Robinson

During his time in the military, Don Helin served at a number of stateside posts as well as overseas in Vietnam and Germany. He is the author of six thrillers that draw from his military experience, including three tours in the Pentagon. He writes for TheBurg, a community magazine based in Harrisburg. His novel, Secret Assault, was selected as the Best Suspense/Thriller at the 2015 Indie Book Awards. Don is a member of International Thriller Writers, Military Writers Society of America, Pennwriters, a statewide writers group in Pennsylvania, and is a mentor with the Mystery Writers of America. For more information visit

Heather Dugan Non-Fiction, Self Help Award winning author, Heather Dugan, is the founder of Cabernet Coaches®, an “all ages, all stages” group for women that fosters self-betterment through faceto-face friendships and social connection. Her 2015 book, Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt & Advice Between Friends, was a finalist (selfhelp/relationships) in the USA Book Awards and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and she speaks on topics pertaining to dating, relationships, social connection, and effective interpersonal communication. She has also worked as a professional voiceover talent for more than twenty-five years. An Indiana University alumna, Heather resides in Columbus, Ohio, but is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast who keeps hiking poles and her passport within easy reach. The proud mom of three adult children, she blogs about relationships, transitions, and better living at Tips from the Tightrope on her author website. Find her on Facebook, Instagram, at Cabernet Coaches, or visit

W. G. Griffiths Books, Fiction, Mysteries, Spiritual, Thrillers W. G. Griffiths lives on Long Island, New York, and is the multi award winning author of both fiction and non-fiction books including: Malchus, Driven, Takedown, Stingers, and Talons. Griffiths believes the reader should live the story so research from the internet alone just won’t do. First hand experience is essential for proper description. If his character has to sky dive then so does the writer. If his character has to travel through the neighborhood sewers then so does the writer. Research has brought him to the deserts of the Middle East, the bush of Africa, the tundra of the Arctic and even the U. S. military confines of germ warfare at USAMRIID in Fort Detrick. Griffiths has also appeared on television many times including The Oprah Winfrey Show and speaks on writing stories at both grade schools and universities.

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Headline Books Featured Authors ALA 2019 Washington D.C. June 21-24  

International award-winning authors will be signing books in the Headline Books booth 957 June 21-25 at the American Library Association (AL...

Headline Books Featured Authors ALA 2019 Washington D.C. June 21-24  

International award-winning authors will be signing books in the Headline Books booth 957 June 21-25 at the American Library Association (AL...