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Heading to north is a project which wants to help Italy in order to spread Nordic languages cultures, and traditions. The idea is to combine music, internet and modern social networks in order to attract Italian children and youngsters to know traditions languages and cultures of European Union minorities. The project will be also a good example of cross- boarder cooperation because it will connect music bands from Italy and Northern countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland). These bands will collaborate through internet and social networks in order to compose songs which will talk about Nordic myths and traditions. The first step of the project is “Finland – Kalevala and other myths”.

Music A powerful way of communication. It’s the perfect mean in order to improve language skills, memorize new words, express feelings, learn about cultures and traditions in a funny and easy way. Bands which take part in the project will make songs about literature, traditions, history and art of those countries. The songs could be either in Italian or is other Nordic languages.

Internet and social networks Modern social networks and internet will be used for promotion and to look for groups and bands which will participates to the project. In the implementation phase bands will communicate and cooperate through the web and the diffusion and spread of the mp3 in a first period will be free on the web.

Culture Nordic cultural traditions are not known in Italy. In Italian schools are taught mostly roman and greek mythology and Italians barely know the differences among Northern Europe countries. The aim of the project is to spread the Nordic cultural heritage in this country.

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STEP ONE : FINLAND – Kalevala and other myths

Implementation 1) Promotion of the project through social networks. The project will be promoted on website the aim is to find 5 bands from Italy and 5 bands from Finland.

2) Organisation Every band should compose one song which is not longer than 7 mins. The bands will decide autonomously online which topic they should use in their songs, the language and technicalities. The version of Kalevala which should be used is:

3) Coordination Every two weeks every band should report the state of works on the : 1. website: 2. e.mail: 3. blog: 522333951 Every group which will participate should have a referent who will communicate his email address and home address to the staff in order to facilitate communication and news. 4) Approval The bands do not have any veto power against other bands’ songs. All the bands should give each other constructive suggestions and critiques.

5) Final When all the songs are composed every band will send them to the official email of the project. A CD consisting of all the songs will be created and every band could have ten copies of it. The costs of the first 100 CDs and expedition will by paid entirely by the Art Director Marco Mariani. 6) Promotion The work done could be promoted both in Italy and in Finland. Two (or more) bands will be nominated to undertake the promotion. The idea is to promote this project especially in Italy through Cultural Institutes, Schools, Universities, radios, tv channels… The final project could be also promoted in European Institutions in order to obtain some funds. That money would be used entirely to promote this project or finance its next steps.

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Executive board Every person who works in this project is a volunteer. Artistic Director : Marco Mariani email phone number

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Project "Heading to north"  

Heading to north is a project which wants to "Heading to north "help Italy in order to spread Nordic languages cultures, and traditions.