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We’d like to take this time to thank our team: Alex Sim, Joseph Hall, Alice Gorman, Alex Ward and Ben Frith, Jasmine Bell and Scarlett Carroll. We would also like to thank our online journalists. Read their articles at We’d also like to thank Justin Gardner for his excellent photography during the month at Voodoo Bar in Headingley. Editors: Joseph Hall and Alex Sim The material in HeadingOut features adult content and is restricted to 18 year olds and over. For the Facts about Alcohol please go to

Editor’s Letter

Dear All, Sam Brandon has had 12k visits in a month. #EPIC, now we have 15.2k Followers. Summers going to be decent! I thank you!

Alex Sim About to be discharged for hopefully the last time! A quick recap of the month in numbers though... Dead legs : 1. Days unable to walk: 31. Days spent in hospitals: 24. Operations: 6. Blood transfusions: 4. Hours fasting: 78. Kilos lost: 7. Length of piss tube in inches: 12. High temperature: 38.8. Pints of blood lost: 8. Money earned: £0. Hours worked: 0. Words done on dissertation: 0. Nurses pulled: 0. Celebrity Twitter interactions: 2. People annoyed on Facebook: 992. Like HeadingOut on Facebook

So here we are- the last HeadingOut Magazine of the academic year and what a year it has been. I think the last time I wrote an editors’ letter I was mid-dryathlon and felt like the epitome of health! Since then I think it is fair to say that any sustainable dryathlon legacy was shortlived, and as hypothesized Feburary was met with metaphorical triple pike double twist somersault off the wagon quicker than one could say ‘Samuel Buca’. My personal highlight was the quite frankly mental Otley Run on Dissertation Deadline Day. I’m sure this day will live long in the memory for all those BAPE/SPEX students. Unfortunately for me I lost my memory a few minutes after arriving in Headingley Taps. For anyone who hasn’t done an Otley Run yet, I’d certainly advise not having a bottle of Prosecco in the Arc prior to hitting Woodies! So what else has Headingley gained since our last magazine- well there is one thing that certainly

Joe Hall springs to mind- and for anyone who has been, I’m sure they’ll agree that it does deserve a special mention… Chesters Chicken. Rather than ordering off the menu I personally have a tendency to hand over my shrapnel and see what the lovely workers (one of whom is the legendary Tariq, the owner of Tariq’s- next to the Skyrack which I can’t get my head around) can muster up. 3 hot wings, a packet of chips with worlds’ saltiest chip spice and a can of 7up is usually the eventual result of my successful and unconventional bartering. For me, any place where haggling is still optional is certainly a winner. I hope everyone has a really good summer and I’d like to thank all the readers again! Be young, Be Foolish, But Be Happy Joseph ‘Fritz’ Hall

Alice Gorman

Currently studying PR and Marketing at Leeds Met, when not procrastinating over uni work can be found drinking cider, writing and stroking any dog nearby.

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Graduate Ponders I’

m sure many of you are in the same boat as me, final year? About to graduate? What the hell do I want to do? Gone are the days of doing work in front of the TV!Probably not the questions your tutor or family want to hear, but there is no doubt many are thinking it… So what can we show for ourselves over the past three/four years? An extended overdraft? Good memories? Funny mistakes? Degree highs and degree lows? Well the answer is probably all of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Leeds, and will look back and smile. But I think I am ready to move on to the next stage and I’m sure you are too. So what are we going to do next? • Graduate Schemes • Full time work • Travel • Masters These are a few choices from my housemates and I think are predominantly the ones in people heads. A graduate scheme, is it the right choice for you? Or would you rather go straight into full time work and jump on the ladder? This and a graduate scheme go hand in hand, both will offer a support and help from colleagues but it is a personal decision. There are plenty of websites that can help this decision such as and www. Or visit your uni placement office, I have had a huge amount of help from mine and don’t think I would be here writing this if I didn’t pay them a visit. No matter what you decide make sure you know the organisation backwards, in it for the long run and have passion to strive.

If you still want to learn but hesitant whether you are ready for the 9-5, how about combining both – travel. Travelling is the route I am going down and have just accepted a job in Suva, Fiji, working for their local newspaper. Travelling and learning, a fit for me and one that I cannot wait to venture on. There is a huge variety of programmes you can work on in locations all over the world. From construction to education and back again, you can work and learn anywhere, the only boundary is you. The last option on my list would be the Master’s Degree, 18 months of extra study. At the end of that period you would not only have a degree underneath your belt but a Masters also. This choice will enable you to have extensive knowledge into your subject but better and bigger career prospects, plus this is an opportunity that you can do at a University of your choice (dependant on your subject). No matter which choice you make, I hope you are happy. From one fellow final year student to another, one which has had made good mistakes, had degree highs and lows, and an overdraft to prove it. Congratulations fellow Comrades! By Olivia Simson (BA Hons Public Relations, Class of 2013)

5 ways to spend a night in The ‘cool’ way to play board games Cast our minds back to Christmas day and we’ve all enjoyed some epic memories playing board games! Usually it’s after several glasses of Bucks Fizz but still it’s always a barrel of laughs seeing Uncle N*bhead’s face when he realises he hasn’t got that triple letter word score on Scrabble, or watching your granny look in utter confusion when she gets sentenced to jail in Monopoly . So why not bring some of that family tradition to your mates at Uni. Add some trusty beverages, bang on some light tunes in the background- roll the dice and banter will present itself. For the more energetic ones amongst you- Twister!

Take-away night We can all appreciate that as students we try our best to cook and some may be actually quite talented in the kitchen. However, for those who cannot refuse a pizza or any take-away for that matter, then just do your best to persuade everyone in the house to get on board with the idea too. Make sure it’s slightly later on that team time, that way you won’t be bored during those hours when you think everyone else is having a great night out.

One for the Girls If you are outnumbered by boys and have had enough of their disgusting ways then here’s one for you girls to attempt. The Drag Show! See the trick is- all boys have a competitive streak, so take advantage of that. Dress them up in your LBD and favourite Mac lippy then make them compete in a talent show. Promise to keep it a secret and not snapchat or Facebook your friends with all the photos and I’m sure any True Lad will be willing to showcase their competitive edge.

The ‘How Well Do We Know Each Other’ challenge A little bit similar to the previously touched upon board game idea but this one’s more practical. Recreate an old school episode of ‘Friends like These’. You can be as silly, funny, vulgar or as serious as you like and its costs nothing. Just split your house up into two groups and devise questions up related to how well people on each team know each other. It takes up a few hours and providing you’re still mates afterwards you can go back to watching the usual Geordie Shore.

DO SOME BLEEDING WORK Compared to going to the Otley Run this might seem pretty dull but the way we see it- you’re probably having a night in for a reason. The most common reason is you’ve spent too much money on all the fun, wild nights out. If that’s the case you might be slightly behind your workload so see you’re night in as an opportunity to get ahead of the game and bust out some revision, read some lecture slides or complete the essay you’ve been dangerously dodging which has a deadline date just round the corner. That’s right, for the first time we’ve called it - Skip the pints and bring on the books.

Written by Scarlett Carroll. Edited By Joseph Hall

4 People You Absolutely Must Not Trust Gone are the days of children playing in the streets until it went dark, with just a casual “Don’t take sweets from strangers and don’t get in anyone’s car” from Mum on the way out the door. The world seems to of become a much more untrustworthy place with deceptions at every turn. I have compiled a list of 5 people who you absolutely must not trust, this is your warning in advance.

The Person With One Facebook Photo (or even worse, none). In an era that revolves around Facebook, particularly a student’s world at submission time, we go straight to social media to check out that guy or have a creep of the mean one in your group, but there is nothing stranger than limited Facebook photos. This is particularly frustrating for me because I must admit I am a prime creep on Facebook, some may say world class (I know I’m not the only one to be secretly proud of it). I’m confused, does this mean you’ve got no mates or that you’re just incredibly vain? Either way I don’t like the idea of this person – definitely not one to be trusted.

The Person With 5000 Friends on Facebook On the other hand, is the person with way too many friends on Facebook. I just can’t my head around how this is possible and it surely can’t be a true representation. The only way this could be so is if the accused person is a serial adder of friends. I could barely name 50 people let alone know 5000. I’d consider this person to be a shady character; someone with that many friends online surely can’t have many in real life.

Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Animals

The Girl Who Eats Nothing but Rubbish but is Effortlessly Slim This is a very shady character, one I am very distrusting of. I refuse to believe that your metabolism is just that fast and you are model-esq on a diet of Big Macs and Chicken Wings. That kebab you’re flinging around and your super toned tummy don’t add up. No. That’s very deceitful and could actually be considered poor advertising; probably not a case for the Advertising Standards Agency, but still not to be trusted.

Anyone who doesn’t like animals surely HAS to have something wrong with them, although I can excuse those who are scared of animals (with those frightened of puppies being the exception to that rule). Animals are the best thing ever, top of my list is most definitely dogs – I literally can’t stop myself stroking any dog I walk by. Similarly to this, and what I believe to be a real judge of person, is whether or not a dog likes them. If dogs don’t like you, something seriously and I mean seriously, must be wrong with you.

Should Liverpool follow Leeds? By Charlotte Hemingway, to a quarter because of its name is probably the kind of person you wouldn’t see at The Calls in the first place.”Leeds celebrates a diverse selection of clubs, cafes and venues, here are three venues that are renowned for being gay friendly and fabulous: Queens Court and The Loft November last year a white paper was submitted by Leeds City Council, requesting lower Briggate and Call Lane become an official gay quarter. Cities such as Liverpool have an official gay quarter, you may know it as Liverpool gay village, it seems though that Leeds is not set to follow, after the white paper was amended requesting that the council insure the gay community felt welcome across the city. Councillor Stewart Golton introduced the motion, he stated that it was meant more as a regeneration project, attracting more businesses and putting money into a rundown area. The other side to this was creating a safe and understanding environment for the gay community. What they didn’t predict was the amount of opposition it received, from councillors and the general public. Many worried that it promoted segregation, and was more of a ghetto, excluding other groups. In retaliation to this Cllr Golton explained “it’s not like we would have Charlie checkpoint quizzing visitors on their knowledge of show tunes as they try to enter” he then went on to say, “anyone who would be put off going

Historically known as one of the first gay bar in Leeds this is a well known place in the community, it is known for it safe and inviting atmosphere and cheap cocktails. The Viaduct Show Bar The biggest showbar in Leeds with the best in British Cabaret, theme nights and drink offers. The New Penny The oldest gay pub in Leeds and rumour has it supported Lily Savage on her road to stardom.

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What to Sp£nd Your Loan On by Ben Frith

Monday 8th April 2013 - the day we are all looking forward to… loan day. With quite a lot of loan and only a few weeks until deadlines are passed and exams are done, once all the boring stuff has been paid for, most of us will leave Leeds with quite a hefty sum to make our summer one to remember.

on a train as you please. You needn’t worry about places to stay either because there are plenty of hostels that cost a tuppence ready to put you up for a couple of nights. If you’re organised you could even find yourself in countries like Croatia in time for its Hideout and Unknown festivals! So go on, splash out and capture all the metaphorical flags of Europe! Places you might have never thought about; Tallinn, Estonia

With the English summer nothing to look forward to, the obvious way, and really, the only way if you’re looking for more than a couple of days’ worth of sun, is to spend the spare cash you have on a holiday. Of course there is the option to go on a Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents-style holiday in places like Ayia-Napa, Benidorm, Ibiza or Magaluf, but if you’re looking for a longer holiday in more than one place, inter-railing could be for you. Imagine a longer trip away from the UK that could offer you everything a holiday in Magaluf does and more – sounds good right?! And it’s cheaper than you think; with a Global pass that allows you to travel the whole of Europe starting at just £162 it’s a bargain. You also have the freedom to decide how long you stay in one place too, with trains running from country to country all the time; it really is possible to make a spur of the moment trip across aborder and hop

Riga, Latvia Sofia, Bulgaria Bratislava, Slovakia Budapest, Hungary

The Beauties (and the Beasts) of Living With Other People by Alice India Gorman Most people at Uni live with other

students sharing lives, loves and bills. The beauty of living with your mates at Uni is the constant company, similar interests and always having someone nearby to play with when the deadlines are piling up and the procrastinating begins. Last year I was the 9th person living in an 8 person house (it’s a long story) and this year we downsized to a 6 bedroom house, 3 boys and 3 girls. This, I feel, is the perfect combination – everyone takes their own roles in a student family, ours consists of a Mum (me), a Dad and posse of ‘children’. We are the all biggest kids but these roles take their place in particular on a sunny day when the BBQs come out. I will be in the kitchen preparing all the food and doing the Mum things, while the Dad is outside sparking up the barbeque and the perpetually dirty dishes are being washed by the kids. There is always someone to talk to, games to be played and inside jokes to be had. By living in a house with your mates, you are sure to find friends for life. These are people you couldn’t get to know any better if you tried and who know you so well your belief in magic isn’t even questioned. Someone like me who could be considered a ‘feeder’ (by definition someone who gets a lot of enjoyment from feeding others) has the perfect audience of tasters to try out my latest cake. If you are lucky enough to live in a house with people who study the same subject as you, you have fallen on your feet. Without living with people studying PR as well I would be lost with the all the upcoming deadlines and recommended reading. Although we have even half jokingly talked about all living together forever in a massive house until we grow old, there are a few negative factors. Things go missing quite a lot in our house.

My hairbrush for example disappeared a few months ago and I have resorted to using a brush I thought was my housemates until she admitted she had thought it was mine, and we came to the conclusion we both had been using a brush that came with the house. Gross. There is the occasional pube spider lurking in the bathroom – I’d rather not know who and where that came from. In some houses, there is a food thief. A friend of mine had the majority of their Bolognese (meant for a few more meals) sneakily scoffed over night. As the final semester comes to an end, for some of us it’s come to the sad time we have all been dreading since September. Our House Contract is up and our times in that house are over. For some this is a genuine tragedy as you will be graduating and never experiencing anything like it again. For others, I’m sure a fair few of you will be trying to find a pad to recreate the magic from last years’ ‘gaf’. Finally, you might be one of those itching so fast to get away from your current housemates that next year is the year you fall on your feet and really meet your mates for life. Either way, however you feel my advice is to appreciate every moment of staying in a University house as whatever your scenario is- when you graduate the chances are you will never get to experience anything like it again. So go on, live in Leeds and live the dream.

I Simply Don’t Believe It by Alice India Gorman

The time of year has come around again where exams are looming and deadlines are coming up faster than we had expected, every year I promise myself I won’t leave it until a few days before but I never learn, and we all do the natural thing. Turn to social media. Some days go by in the library when I have barely written 50 words over 4 hours because I have spent my time checking my Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline and nipping out for crafty cigs. I love my Facebook and Twitter as much as the next person but to be honest when the days are hot and long its at the back of my mind. It’s when my work is piling up on top of me I choose my trusty newsfeed over that really important Consumer Choice book that smells a bit like sick. I know that at times like these, especially for those of us with dissertation deadlines scaring us down to the pub (God bless us all), I am more irritated than normal with people. People on TV, people in the library, people queuing in front of me at Morrisons, but in particular people on my Facebook and Twitter. There are a few types of people who, in ode to Peter Griffin, really grind my gears. There’s the one who always takes pictures of their food. I love food and have been known to take a proud picture of my most recent baking but most of the time the photos that appear on my timeline don’t even look like something I would give to my dog. I know I shouldn’t judge but your dinner is actually putting me off my own.

Every newsfeed has the ‘Gym Bunny’. Whether it’s the super skinny girl who somehow has maintained her boobs and bum or the crazily muscle guy, its making me feel guilty. And I don’t like it. I know I have paid for a gym membership which I haven’t used in two months but it’s not as if your workout didn’t count just because you didn’t document it on Twitter. I know its sweet and I was happy for you at the time, and I still am, but your new baby/boyfriend is clogging up my newsfeed. Like every girl I love sweet stories and romance but it can get a bit tiresome seeing thousands of pictures of your baby rolling around on the floor/all the presents your fabulous boyfriend has got you just for being you. I can honestly say it makes me want to blub when I see a friend’s latest holiday tweet or check-in on Facebook to Dubai or Ibiza or Florida or #anywhereamazingandhotwhenImstillinthelibrary. I can admit I’m jealous and it’s not fair. The same goes for the lucky girl who’s always uploading pictures of her beautiful pair of Louboutins and shiny new Chanel handbag. All of these people generally fall under the category of the ‘Instagrammer’. I appreciate a beautiful Instagram as much as the next person but there is a limit as to what qualifies a photo to become a new Instapic. The tragic fact of this is that in truth, at times, I am all of these people and I think that might be what annoys me the most.

University Nando’s League 2013 which students are most partial to some Peri-Peri?

Nando’s has always been a favourite among the UK’s students, but in recent years the restaurant has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon. But which university covets Peri-Peri goodness more than any other? To celebrate the first ever online Student Food Festival, put together the University Nando’s League. The top five universities that eat the most Nando’s are City University London (on average 3.1 Nando’s visits per term), Aston University (2.9 visits), Anglia Ruskin University (2.2 visits), Edinburgh Napier University (2.1 visits) and the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (2.0 visits). Sadly, it seems like Leeds Met and Leeds Uni have got a bit of catching up to do! Oliver Brann, editor of, says “Nando’s has almost become a religion for the UK’s students. Who doesn’t love chicken, chips and PeriPeri sauce?” has also put together some other competitive culinary delights - check out the Uni Chocolate League and the Uni Kebab League. 41% of students find grocery shopping exciting A new report from The Beans Group into grocery shopping among students reveals that 41% of students find the supermarket shopping experience ‘exciting’. Only 4% feel overwhelmed being in charge of grocery shopping decisions, whilst 3% say they feel daunted and 15% feel bored. LLoyd, a student at the University of Lancaster says, “Looking around and deciding what we are doing to do that week, being in control of our own food is exciting.” Whilst, Simi, a student in South London, agrees, “I love being in the supermarket, I’m like a kid in a candy store. I love being able to see all the options and come up with my own cooking ideas.” Luke Mitchell, Head of Youth Strategy at The Beans Group says, “This may be a pleasant surprise for retailers and perhaps something they could capitalise on. It’s easy to assume this emotion is all about the celebration of independence from parents, yet few students we spoke to in follow up interviews talked of this. Instead they revealed the way shopping stokes their creativity, whether it be thinking up new recipe ideas or simply by providing a mental refreshment away from the intensity of studying.”

Julia Ayling, Head of Intelligence at Mindshare says, “Of course supermarkets, and the brands on their shelves are interested in students. But who would have guessed that students are so interested in them? The fact that 41% of students find visiting the supermarket ‘exciting’ is a revelation. Novelty, independence, creative inspiration and mental relief are all reasons given for enjoying the regular trip round the aisles.” The report also goes someway to dispelling the myth of students love of unhealthy food. 61% of students eat the recommended ‘five a day’ at least two to three times per week, whilst 47% say that when they are shopping for meals they are looking for ingredients to create meals from scratch. Daryl Fielding, former VP Marketing at Kraft Foods Europe notes, “It seems that the notion that students are living on frozen pizzas is largely a prejudice in the minds of

Uncover Headingley Written by Jasmine Bell

Headingley is packed full of interesting little hideaways that get lost in the presence of the dominant bars and pubs. Loans are in, work is coming to an end and for many of you your time in Headingley is coming to an end so why not take some time appreciating what is on your doorstep? Here are my top three recommendations; Love Rouge Bakery is a quaint café in the centre of town which is great for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. Also on the menu are there beautifully presented, melt in your mouth, cupcakes which give Hummingbird a run for their money. Enjoy a cupcake or slice of cake with any hot drink for just £3.50. Love Rouge have recently expanded and is now spread over two floors. My second little hotspot is Mint café, offering the best coffee in town - the tasty pastries and homemade crepes are to die for too. Alternatively Mint offer a range of Lebanese inspired sandwiches, salads and wraps as well as other Lebanese inspired dishes. What is interesting about Mint café is that it also pairs up as a retro shop selling a selection of vintage products from the seats you sit on to the old-school garments racked up in their basement. So pop in and see what you think of this truly unique hang out in the centre of Headingley.

Trinity From the plush Victoria Quarter to the array of vintage shops surrounding the corn exchange, Leeds City Centre has always been a popular shopping destination and last month marked the arrival of the much anticipated Leeds Trinity Centre; home to hundreds of high-street shops, pop up stores and bustling bars and restaurants - the Trinity Centre has become a shopping destination within itself. But, aside from being a great place to luxuriate our loan, how is the Trinity Centre going to enhance the students of Leeds University experience? Leeds Trinity Centre has in itself, already bought 100s of job opportunities to students across the city, even offering a dedicated website for job seekers. We all know it can be hard to find a job for extra cash living in Leeds but the arrival of Trinity Centre has bought with it a great source of opportunities. Felicity Oliver, an Events Management student at Leeds Metropolitan University agrees; “After months of hunting around Leeds for a job, I managed to land a job through the Trinity job seekers website and two of my housemates did the same, we’ve all managed to find jobs suited to our skills and interests as well as being able to fit them around our university commitments”.

Nevertheless, had I not been carrying several books I had just retrieved from the library and had I been wearing appropriate shoes, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have succumbed to Trinity’s seductive offers and fully embraced everything the new shopping centre has to offer. Trinity’s aesthetic allure of high domed ceilings overlooking the Holy Trinity Church, the two Greek-esq statues of Equus and Minerva and the name Trinity itself all blend together to create a magical and mystical ethos which truly captures your attention. Its shiny surfaces, maze of escalators and scattered levels definitely challenged my perceptions and knowledge of the city centre layout. As one exit became another entrance to an area of the city I did not expect to find myself in, I began to develop a sense of alienation from the city I have spent most of my adolescence life in. Furthermore, despite the huge dome ceiling which offers you a beautiful view of the Holy Trinity Steeple and the remaining city, the mass of winding corridors, hidden shops and soon to open Everyman Cinema can completely shelter you from the outside world. It really is something magical.

With many stores not opening until later in the year, Leeds Trinity are still hiring, go to; www.trinityleeds. com/jobs-and-vacancies for your chance to be a part of the exciting new addition to Leeds city centre, and bag yourself some extra cash at the same time. Just in time for summer!

However, the most important element that Trinity has to offer is choice. Not only is it host to a huge array of shops and restaurants which were previously mythical to the likes of us northerners (including Armani Exchange) but many of its biggest brands offer student discount to thank us loyal customers for spending our well-earned student loans. Trinity is also hosting its first Student Takeover event which can be accessed by clicking the following link:

Pssst! If it’s just splurging you’re after, look out for Trinity’s special student discount event taking place on the 22nd April courtesy of Total Students. Head down to the Trinity centre for EXCLUSIVE über hot discounts, giveaways, live music and entertainment across the whole shopping centre. Dust off your debit card, give your finances a facelift and prepare yourself for an economic overhaul as Trinity welcome YOU to this one off special event, just for you students!

Furthermore, the opening of the new Everyman cinema at the end of April will surely provide us students with new and interesting places to get drunk. Everyman cinema offers a private screening lounge, a stylish bar and wine coolers! What more could we ask for? Well apparently much more as there are still new shops to be opened and new art works to be revealed. It is definitely worth making the trip just to check out Leeds’ new cathedral of consumption.

Georgia Beattie’s view on Trinity Centre So last month was the big opening of the new Trinity shopping centre in Leeds and I myself went to see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, I did not buy anything and I was able to drag myself out after a full hour gormlessly staring at the bright lights and talking walls (TV screens are a vital part of Trinity’s decor).

Georgia Beattie


f you’re looking for excellent choice, Tasty is more than a safe bet when it comes to sandwiches in Headingley. Upon entering the modest downstairs area you can see the monumental amount of options chalked up artistically on a blackboard. The huge list of Tasty Sandwich specials makes you want to order pretty much everything they have, I personally always deliberate between the Jalamango Chicken and the Salmon, Cream Cheese option. For those non sandwich lovers, Tasty also do Jacket Potatoes, English Breakfasts, Panini’s, Salads and Soups, not forgetting their Burgers from locally sourced meats. Every sandwich I have ever bought from there has been made with fresh produce and has tasted delightful. I always thank them by topping my delightful lunch off with a lovely Wispa gold chocolate brownie. With all lunch coming under a total cost of a fiver, as the sandwiches are healthy (depending on which one you choose of course) and very filling, I’d certainly recommend Tasty to anyone for its ‘value for money’. As it is undoubtedly Headingley’s most versatile sandwich shop there is always a bit of a queue which if anything, adds to the atmosphere and gives you a feel of it being your local sandwich shop. They 3 staff members operating at any one time means the queue moves swiftly and there

is no long wait. Tasty also provide an option to eat in with upstairs seating and free wifi so if you do have some time on your hands be sure to enjoy your sandwich in the comfy upstairs seating area. That reminds me, must go get a Jalamango sandwich and a super gooey brownie.



Headingley or Hyde Park? 1.What is the nearest

2. Where do you go after

a) A Mosque b) A Church

a) Zulfi’s b) Crunchys Sandwiches

a) Leeds University b) Leeds Met University

4. What is your idea of a

5. Describe the

6. What is your favourite

a) Hyde Park Pub b) Voodoo, Arc, Box?

a) Rugged and unshaven b) Printed tee and flip flops

a) Dub/Underground scene b)Deep House/Commercial

religious monument to you?

fun local night?

a night out?

stereotypical man in your neighbourhood?

7. What course do the majority of your inhabitants do?

a) Power and Politics b) Sport & Excercise Science




3. Which University is nearest to you?

genre of music?

8. Finally, what is your

favourite nightclub in Leeds City Centre?

a) Cockpit b) Oceana






You are an intelligent student but you often like to liberate your mind while trying to save as much money as possible. You conform to the more traditional student stereotype by fighting against fees and living off Pot Noodles. You deviate from the norm in life, you find style bars boring and the little money you do have would much rather be spent on maintaining your radical identity.

You came round to Uni on Open Day, and on driving through Headingley saw all the bars and thought I want some. You spend more than the average student, boys mainly on protein shake and girls you aren’t shy of purchasing the latest pair of Kurt Geigers in a bid stay looking cool. Let’s not forget though, you aren’t on TOWIE or Geordie Shore so chill out with the champagne lifestyle on a bucks fizz student loan.


Are you a phone For the purpose of the question structure, this quiz was designed for heterosexuals. Homosexuals- feel free to adapt the questions accordingly.


Do you text the person you have your eye on in bed after midnight?


Do you use face book chat on your phone regularly simply to chat up your prey?


Do you direct message that special somebody on twitter so the public can’t see your sharkability?


If a blackberry do you devote more than 4 hours a day to BBM’ing your babe (or 5)?


Do you send friend requests to people you find attractive on facebook?


Do you like peoples status on facey-b just because you think they are fit hoping they look at your profile?

5b. If a fancy

smartphone - have you got whatsapp, ping chat and liveprofile just so you can always instant message the one on your mind?

If you answered yes to 0-4 questions..........




Do you send facebook inbox messages to the people you think are ‘well fit’ when drunk then laugh it off in the morning as ‘banter’?

Have you got a blackberry or another fancy smartphone?

You haven’t got good enough sharking tekkers and you really need to up your game if you want to be a survivor of this food chain. However don’t go all out too soon as the other fish may get freaked out and swim off, gradually increase your shark skills one step at a time and you’ll be dominating that Ocean in no time at all.

If you answered yes to 5+ questions.......... YOUR FIN IS TWITCHING! You are absolutely sharktacular, you are like the Great White in the Ocean always coming up with the best tactics to get your teeth into your prey and Gracie from Take Me Out would be very proud! Even if one victim gets away you know there’s plenty more of the ol’ fish in the sea. Your predatory instincts may only get you so far though, you don’t want all the fish to gang up on you once you’ve polluted their water so watch out you don’t get overly sharktastic.


Do you have conversations with the opposite sex on twitter that last for longer than an hour filling everyones newsfeed with your #sharkingtekkers?

HeadingOut Mag – April 2013 Edition  

A Headingley based magazine designed to inform and entertain the mass market of students in Headingley.