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NAHT Concerns about Ofsted In preparation for its meeting with the Department for Education, NAHT examined 116 member complaints relating to Ofsted. All of the complaints were received by NAHT headquarters and related to inspections conducted during 2013. There have of course been many more complaints received by our branch and regional officials but not included in this sample. Of the 116 complaints 55 related to concerns about the behaviour and judgement of inspectors 31 related to a member’s job being at risk as a result of an Ofsted Inspection 19 related Ofsted’s internal procedures 11 related to concerns about the inspection report Workforce concerns raised included: • The qualifications, knowledge and experience of Inspectors. Examples cited included: o inspectors with no education experience, o inspectors who have had previous contact with the school or its staff, inspectors with insufficient training in data analysis and who do not understand the data presented to them o Inspectors refusing to consider school-generated data [The Chair of Governors highlighted] the OFSTED dashboard data which showed that for progress in KS2 we were in the top 20% of schools. The Inspector dismissed this and said that again we didn’t understand and, in his opinion we were looking at attendance data. [… ] After the interview, the Chair of Governors was required to print off the data and present it to him. He had clearly not seen this before and was rather taken aback. •

Behaviour and conduct of Inspectors. Examples included: o inspectors smoking on site or in clear view of pupils, o rudeness, o failure to follow Ofsted’s guidance, o commenting on the style rather than quality of practice, o inspectors trying to hug and kiss head teachers, o inspectors wanting to take pupil files off site,

‘inspectors didn’t turn up when expected, they duplicated visits – both wanted to go to the School Council, both inspectors thought they were covering Literacy and Maths. Lead agreed to meet with senior Higher Level Teaching Assistants and didn’t turn up’

Naht concerns about ofsted  
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