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Benefits Of Clear Mascara-Clear Mascara - Clear Mascara ______________________________________________ By Edmund - Sometimes, it seems like those smoky "come hither" eyes and lashes are everywhere, but for some, it's just too much. But even girls and women who aren't too big on makeup like to have some definition to their eyelashes. Sometimes, even men find they can benefit from a little clear mascara.

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Subtle Definition The main purpose of a mascara, regardless of color, is normally to lengthen, darken, curl, and define lashes, and while a clear mascara does not darken the way a brown or black mascara will, it does give a bit of a wet look that makes lashes appear a little darker than lashes with no mascara at all, while still remaining natural. It can be one of the first make up items approved by parents who don't want their kids looking too made up. Instead there is simply a subtle definition to the lashes that makes lashes appear as if that is just the way they are. For those who already have long, dark lashes, clear mascara may be all that is needed. With men more concerned about fashion and their appearance, clear has become more popular for men who want a bit of an fashion edge, but don't want to look like they are wearing make up. It's Clean

Another nice thing about clear mascara is that it is clean. You might be a person that normally prefers traditional mascara, but you're going out to see a sad movie, or to a funeral and you really don't want to look like a raccoon. At the same time you don't want to go without mascara at all, so clear is the perfect color. Your eyes might not "pop" like you are used to, but they aren't going to disappear either.

As a Primer or Sealant For those who want their traditional mascara to carry a little extra oomph, this is the clear choice for a primer. Simply apply it, let it dry for afew minutes, and add the regular mascara as a second coat. Or, if you want to add a little extra shine to your look, your clear mascara can be used as a top coat over your darker mascara. This will reinforce the curl in your eyelashes and prevent flyaways. (Just be sure to clean your brush to avoid black or brown mascara contaminating your clear stuff.) For the Rest of Your Eyes While mascara may be primarily for lashes, it doesn't mean this is the only possible purpose. It's also great for sealing and reinforcing eyeliner or to help define the shape of your eyebrows. Clear mascara may look like nothing, but when used properly, it really can make you look like something.

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