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“Where The Corpse Lie”

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e-issue 2009 2009


Interview: Lionel Hateweaver


part of the tracklist of the album?

Kansas, as it seems have serious compromise with the metal scene, pointing the finger in the map we have found other notable underground acts U. S. Black Metal newest sensation “Typhon” from Wichita, Thanks to our bother Drew Frerking (Garoted) for pass the word. Here is a brief talk with Savnok vocals and bass of Typhon.

later days of RANCOR/early days of

down the line.

history behind Typhon?

we have a few copies left, work is under way for our self-titled LP.

debut album? It will feature all of two years.

mixing, track mastering, etc?

mentioned? process of recording ourselves eventually.

it was a total kick in the eye!. violence and hate!

Legion album. You mentioned two classic USBM outfits in an interview

a classic.

been devastating even before TYPHON & GAROTED!!

my manhood yet [laughs...] haha.. I have much respect for both of

scene or circle. We have great respect for most USBM, old and new, as the bands in the U.S. are quality over quantity.

the Scandinavian trends, l i k e

JUDAS ISCARIOT, KRIEG, KULT OV AZAZEL, ABSU. The USBM ‘scene’ has always been very potent with integrity and



only to attend that show?


OF HATE PRODUCTIONS had put together, there were 11 bands on the bill and it was supposed to be a two stage show, however the day of the other sound guy canceled so we all shared one stage and being the last act that night we didn’t go on until about 3-4 AM!! However, some die hards stayed there and showed their support.That night there were probably after our set there. Drew Frerking is now as full time member in Typhon while he handles the duties with Nolan in Garoted; the most logic it is too have both bands touring the same shows and festivals but how it is the real hassle with this, it is get through with no annoying measures? It is very stressful for Nolan and Drew to put on two high energy performances in one night so I dont book us together often, with the exception of the festival I’m putting together in the fall, PRAISE OF DEATH FEST, We’ll see about touring in the future, there is a strong sense of comradery between us.



Send to Drew my compliments about their Garoted debut CD and good luck with that. I have been pleased to talk with you and have this interview; we have a loyal bunch o’headbangers spanish readers they will look for this, surely. Would you like add some final comments to end this interview especially for those metalhead followers? ‘’To nihilism we forever hail


) hanks Savnok for supports and let us do this interview, good luck with Gospel of Hate Prod. And we will look out for the upcoming Debut CD for sure. You kick ass!.



Savnok in the red heat of the crowd


Typhon (USBM) From Kansas  

US Black Death Metallers from Wichita Spanish Readers: Can Find a Translated copy of this interview here:

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