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Photo Essay Nanthasit Nitmetha

By Montakan Cholada Punthanun Chanika He Yun

Tantrakul Pengprapatna Thanayupong Rasamee Kim

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Photo Essay

Nanthasit Nitmetha

By Nanthasit Nimetha

The Nation Group Where everything began

“The lens, just like any weapon, can damage the welfare of society. As a photojournalist you always have to be careful and thorough in taking a picture."

“We always have to be well prepared because our job has to be done in a timely manner.�

“Photojournalists have to move closer to the subject to get the perfect picture. Be patient and keen to grab the opportunity that is in front of you.�

His Works

“You have to know how to create and present the photo from a different angle that is useful to the readers.�

“Having good connections is always important in getting a picture of a hot issue.�

“Always remember that the best picture is the picture that has not been taken yet. Never stop taking it.�

Nanthasit Nitmetha  

Photo essay of The Nation Group photojournalist, Nanthasit Nitmetha by Group 7.

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