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Partners Meeting Summary Notes March 3, 2016 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. City of Adelanto, City Hall, 11600 Air Expressway, Adelanto, CA 92301 Attendees City of Adelanto Belen Cordero City of Barstow Domingo Gonzales City of Hesperia Julie Ryan Dan Sousa

City of Victorville Christian Guntert Town of Apple Valley Joseph Moon

SJVCEO Samantha Dodero Sarah Farell Courtney Kalashian

SCE Maya Aubrey Holly Merrihew John Rensch

Summary Notes Welcome & Introductions Courtney Kalashian, SJVCEO, welcomed the group and thanked Belen Cordero and the City of Adelanto for hosting the meeting. In person and on phone introductions followed. Project Roundtable City of Barstow Domingo Gonzales, City of Barstow, shared the updates for the City.  Lighting at the skate park is being looked at right now so there might be opportunity there.  City is finishing their capital improvement budgets and will follow up on those opportunities.  The city is looking into getting an emergency generator, which may be eligible for the heat pump incentive. City of Victorville Christian Guntert, City of Victorville shared the updates for the city.  Update on well 203: the phishing equipment was used and the well project will be complete by the end of March. CG also stated that he will keep CK and Holly Merrihew updated on capital improvement projects after budget time.  Also a lighting project is in the works for the City and Maya Aubrey, SCE, stated that this will be on OBF. MA will be meeting with the OBF contact the week after the meeting. Apple Valley Joseph Moon, Town of Apple Valley, provided the update on behalf of the Town.  Opportunity in pool pumps and the golf course kitchen; CK suggested that he look into Southwest Gas for pool cover incentives.  For 2016-17 the town is looking at baseball lighting in the parks  John Rensch, SCE, to follow-up on pump testing items for the city. Adelanto Belen Cordero, City of Adelanto provided the update on behalf of the city.  MA stated that she is sorting through the city’s list of potential projects and will file incentive applications for those that qualify.  Inspection on well 6 will be completed the week after this meeting. City of Hesperia Julie Ryan, City of Hesperia, provided the update on behalf of the city.  City Hall lighting project on hold (Audit and RFQ completed). Next Meeting: April 7, Apple Valley; May 5, Victorville.

Dan Sousa to check to see who pays the water bills. The city is looking into changing the name on the accounts so that the city can get the partnership incentive for upgrades.

JR suggested the Partnership be introduced to the new city staff/leaders and that the potential incentive numbers for paused projects be shared in hopes to get energy projects moving again.  

Program Updates EAP Updates Sarah Farell, SJVCEO, reviewed the status of those Energy Action Plans that are underway. Additionally, SF will send out data release forms to each partner. These forms must be completed and back to her as soon as possible so benchmarking work can begin.

 Marketing & Outreach HDR Website Samantha Dodero, SJVCEO, thanked the partners for providing useful feedback on the website and encouraged them to say in contact with any future recommendations or concerns. A link to the most recent version of the website was sent to the partners prior to the meeting. DS has concerns about the integrity of the HDR logo on the new website. It was a design choice made to accommodate the format of the site, but it’s not working in its current state. Conversation followed. It was recommend by HM that the Partnership reconsider the logo and have a redesign commissioned by a graphic artist. The group agreed to move forward with a redesign and the SJVCEO will solicit bids and work samples. Direct Install 2016 Co-Branding SD had a successful meeting with the Victorville Chamber of Commerce and thanked CG for the opportunity. The Chamber was receptive to the partnership and the Direct Install program opportunity for its members. She asked the Partners to work with her if they would like her to meet in person with their Chambers. Apple Valley and Hesperia expresses interest and will work with SD to schedule meetings. Other Business The Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC) Forum is scheduled for June 15th and 16th in Riverside. If partners are interested in attending the Partnership can provide reimbursement for travel costs if needed. Any interested parties should email CK at if they are interested. Conclude

Next Meeting: April 7, Apple Valley; May 5, Victorville.

Hdr summarynotes 03 03 2016  
Hdr summarynotes 03 03 2016