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2018 HDR Foundation Report

Impacting communities

Our HDR Foundation is employee driven.

Our mission is simple: to encourage volunteerism and to use our expertise for impacting the communities where we work and live. By all measures, the success of our HDR Foundation is thanks to you, our employee owners. As you scroll through this 2018 year, I encourage you to read the stories behind the numbers. Pay attention to the enthusiasm of our employee sponsors who feel personal success and joy in helping bring a project to success. Meet our new HDR Foundation Director, Nancy Hales. And take a moment to reflect on the values behind the grants — we care about people; we want the best for our communities; we believe we can make a difference. Thank you all for what we’re doing together.

1,517 1,688 2,208 2,329

Eric Keen

Board Chair, HDR Foundation Board



IMPACT 155 2013 376

2014 2015 2016 2017


163,780 208,456







809,888 1.1M





Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assets 2018 2 0 1 8 Pe r i o d 1 2 REVENUES







HDR-contributed goods and professional services



Interest income



Net assets released from restrictions (disaster grants)






Grants, including disaster grants



HDR-contributed goods and professional services










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We’re here because of you.

It’s an honor to serve as your new Executive Director. I am pleased to bring a decades-long career in philanthropic leadership, and a personal belief that everyone can and does make a difference. It’s a privilege to join at this time – our Foundation is strong and solid financially. It is driven by the same core values that drive our company. It is here in perpetuity, to cement our commitment to the communities we call home. We have an ambitious vision for our future. So, keep an eye out!

Nancy Hales

Executive Director, HDR Foundation



Morgan Abbett

Ed Lynch

Zach Hall

Kira Olson

Jean Hansen

Paula Renner

Jodie Johnson

Sandy Shaposky

Lisa Larson

Matt Volz

YPG Representative Federal Representative At-Large Representative Architecture Representative Resources Representative

Angela Lisec

Corporate Representative


Cross Sectors Representative Water Representative At-Large Representative At-Large Representative Transportation Representative


Nichole Andersen

Nick Overby

Dorri Raposa

Doug Wignall

Brian Hoppy

Amy Gilleran

Eric Keen

(not pictured)

Special Projects Director Senior Vice President, retired Cross Sector Services Director Board Chair

YPG Representative Architecture Group President Regional Director

Rex Fisher

Senior Vice President (board member through 2018)



Metro Squash Chicago, Illinois

The organization helps underserved and minority youth in Chicago’s South Side schools. Middle school students play sports like squash, but the real goal is mentoring, improving math scores and preparing for college. This year alone, the students increased their math scores by 35 percent. Our grant purchased supplies including: laptops, math assessment software, squash equipment and uniforms. Our HDR employees also volunteer with the students, including making no-sew blankets (pictured).


Spending time with the students has not only made us appreciate their curious minds, but has pushed us to be better, give back, and make a difference for our future generations. Janet Gonzalez

Transportation BG Director of Cross Sector Development




HDR volunteers joined [the kids] to make blankets as a service project. I made a new friend and we all came away with all of our fingers!

ENGAGE John Lazzara



Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio, California San Gorgonio, California

Girls are thirsty for knowledge about science, technology and how the natural world works. Our grant to the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio reached 2,250 budding naturalists by funding tools and equipment for the Skyland Ranch Environmental Education Program. Girls received hands-on learning experiences, bringing hard-to-understand environmental concepts right into their own binoculars and microscopes.


Lisa Reece



When the girls work together, it builds courage, confidence and character. Client Development Leader



We’re not just writing checks, we’re bettering lives. Lisa Reece



Explore Austin Austin, Texas

Explore Austin seeks to help youth avoid risky behaviors and instead, build self-confidence. Youth develop self-management skills and trust by exploring the hills, rivers and mountains outside Austin. Our grant purchased new bicycles, canoes and other outdoor equipment for the explorers’ summer wilderness trips.


I think Explore Austin is a great fit and a great partnership for the Foundation. George Doubleday Water Resources Engineer





Aspire! Afterschool Learning Arlington, Virginia

Aspire! provides intensive afterschool and summer programs to help at-risk students bolster their academics. It has a proven track record of student success, but the center had limited space and resources. The HDR Foundation grant provided new furniture and equipment to expand the program site. This doubled the number of kids served, reaching an additional 150 students in the community.


Steve Manlove

Managing Principal, HDR Architecture Arlington and Chairman of the Board, Aspire! Afterschool Learning




Aspire! is making a profound impact in the community in which many of us in the Arlington office live and work.



(California wildfires, Hurricane Harvey )














Freestore Foodbank Cincinnati, Ohio | HDR Sponsor: Jake Stremmel $29,390

FIRST ROUND South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Rapid City, South Dakota | HDR Sponsor: Cory Foreman $12,850

Together! Lacey, Washington | HDR Sponsor: Leila Zheng $26,386 Dig Deep Right to Water Navajo Nation, Utah | HDR Sponsor: Thomas Craig $45,000 San Antonio Lifetime Recovery Center San Antonio, Texas | HDR Sponsor: Cynthia Hernandez $20,000 SCS Noonan Scholars San Pedro, California | HDR Sponsor: Kip Field $50,000 Cowlitz County CASA Longview, Washington | HDR Sponsor: Dave Clemens $88,000 Purchase Area Sexual Assault and Child Advocacy Center (PASAC) Paducah, Kentucky | HDR Sponsor: Mike Hansen $75,000

MacDonald Training Center Tampa, Florida | HDR Sponsor: Lenore Horton $15,000 The Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands Omaha, Nebraska | HDR Sponsor: Shawn Howell $15,000 SECOND ROUND Explore Austin Austin, Texas | HDR Sponsor: George Doubleday $15,000 Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas Dallas, Texas | HDR Sponsor: Frank Volpicella $14,944 Community Housing of Wyandotte County Kansas City, Kansas | HDR Sponsor: Jeff Lipp $15,000 Jackson Purchase RC&D Foundation Benton, Kentucky | HDR Sponsor: Brian Edwards $14,980 Literacy KC Kansas City, Missouri | HDR Sponsor: Lynn Edward Brown $15,000 New College Foundation Sarasota, Florida | HDR Sponsor: Sherri Swanson $5,189 Saluda River Chapter – Trout Unlimited Columbia, South Carolina | HDR Sponsor: Jonathan Eichelberger $5,440

The HDR Foundation continues to support veterans therapy.


It’s where we live. It’s where we work. The HDR Foundation is centered on helping the communities where we are rooted. Our areas of focus mirror HDR’s breadth of knowledge and expertise. Education | Our company, clients and communities benefit from a well-educated, skilled and informed population. We fund education projects that support all areas of HDR’s practice. Health | With a healthcare design practice that is consistently ranked No. 1, we value the importance of healthcare and healthy communities. We strive to support active lifestyles, wellness education, preventative healthcare and more. Environment | We promote the value of environmentally responsible practices to our clients, employee-owners and communities. The Foundation supports community-led projects that promote sustainable transportation, waste reduction, renewable resources and restoration efforts.

Grants showcased (right) demonstrate the geographic reach and community engagement of our employees.





No matter how big or small, every gathering is an opportunity to support the HDR Foundation through awareness and giving. From an impromptu plant sale to community building events at conferences, every hour and dollar makes a difference.

During the Day of Giving, we unite to set the stage for changing communities … to be part of something bigger … to continue our legacy. Your donation truly makes it possible for us to do great things for those in need around us.

201 M a rch 15


201 M a rch 6





112.39% OF $700,000 GOAL

We’re hoping 2019’s Day of Giving is even bigger. Mark your calendars for March 6, and consider how you will play your part.


2018 CONTRIBUTORS A Carmen Abad-Fitts Morgan Abbett Roy Abe Charles Abernathy Mayble Abraham Nicolas Acay Mark Acuff Lynda Adams Hank Adams Cynthia Adams Kelly Adams Yetunde Adelekan Kenneth Aducci Alia Aguirre Lisa Ahlers William Ahlert Manjeet Ahluwalia Brooke Ahrens Lyndsey Akers Jonathan Albers Heather Albert Samuel Albino Erica Albrecht Kelly Alexander Peyvand Ali Amiri Christina Alito Daniel Allard Michael Allen Robert Allen Marques Allen Douglas Almgren James Alsop Randy Altshuler Gabriel Alvarado Ana Alvarez Joanna Alvord Elizabeth Amenta Nick Amico Corwin Anderegg Eric Anders Nichole Andersen Sloan Anderson James Anderson Andrea Pullens-Grappie 22

Philip Andres Frederick Andrews Keith Andrews Henry Antshel Todd Aquino Esmeralda Aranda Kelly Arbaugh Gus Ardura Harini Arjun Edmundo Armendariz Allison Arnone Bernard Arseneau Jelica Arsenijevic Lawrence Artman Sherry Ashcroft James Atkinson Jamie Avey Marcie Aydelotte Mohammed Ayoub B Chad Babcock Ronald Bacsikin Christopher Bailey Brian Baker Christopher B. Baker Christopher M. Baker Brian Balchunas William Baldwin Alana Bales Thomas Ballard Eugene Balter Urs Bamert Laura Barca Jeanne Barnes Barbara Barnes Elena Barnett William Barnhart Sarah Barrera Tina Barreras Brian Bartle Michael Barton Christopher Bartram Marlys Bastow Ralph Batenhorst Lucas Bathurst

Lisa Bauer Richard Bauer Leah Bauer Daniel Baum Brian Bauman James Bauman Katie Baxter Braden Beamer Dave Beardsley Cory Beasley David Beaty Jonathan Beaugh Mason Beck William Beck Daniel Becker Dana Becker Matthew Beckingham Susan Beckman Robert Beduhn Adam Begin Bijan Behzadi Gary Belknap Richard Bell Matthew Bell Tom Bell Games Charles Bellmann Kristen Benedetto Henry Benitez Martha Bent Scott Beratan Nathan Berenbrok Betsy Berg Jonas Berge Sarah Bergeron Eric Berggren Jill Bergman Kevin Bergschneider Harvey Berlinerr Robert Berman Megan Bernhardt Alison Berry Ryan Bersano Matthew Best Albert Betita Sarah Bettmann

Kim Betts Shaun Bevan Jennifer Bienemann Lindsey Bierman Andrew Bilello Karen Bill Valerie Birch Brian Bird Janelle Bishop Robert Bittel Megan Black Claude Bland Patrick Blandford Daniel Blaney Jeffrey Blank Sara Blascovich Jeremy Blevins Michael Block Donna Bloom-Crook Mitchell Blum Jonathan Boitano James Bok Robert Boling Brian Bombardier Kent Bonner Hope Bonner Arthur Bonney Jason Bono James Booty Stephanie Borders Melissa Bordovsky Mark Borenstein Jenna Borovansky Robert Bosco Paul Bott Leila Bouabdellaoui Gene Bougdanos Paul Bowdoin John M. Bowen John P. Bowen Christopher Bowers Randall Bowman Thomas Boyd Scott Boyer David Boyes

Elizabeth Braband Bruce Bradley Jennifer Bradley Alicia Bradley Scott Brady Michael Brainard Peter Brakenhoff Lynda Bramlett Paula Brammier Scott Brand Nancy Brandon Ronald Branyon Rod Brauer Roy Bravo Gerald Bray Christine Breazier James Breitinger Michael Brenchley Shawn Brenny Aaron Bresette Aaron Brewer Zachary Brewster Kenneth Bricker Rachel Brickley Jessica Brisbois Jerril Brittin Kent Brogger Patrick Bromley Kathleen Brooks Richard Brooks Tracey Brooks Greg Broshears Jerome Brown James Brown Bridget Brown Krista Brown Christopher D. Brown Christopher H. Brown Peter Browne Sim Brubaker Charles Bruce Kathy Bruce Tyson Bruntz Michael Bryan Brent Buchanan

Brian Buchanan Kim Buckley Perry Buckley Billie Budner Liz Buell Kelly Buer James Buker Peter Bukowski Hayley Bundz Matthew Bunner Jonathon Burchfield Benjamin Burdette Scott Burfeind Dale Burke Joseph Burke William Burke Kyle Burke Mary Burnett Cari Burnside Teresa Burress Gregory Burst Ted Bush John Buttenob Michael Butterfield William Buxton C Charles Cadenhead Andrew Cadmus Christopher Cain Elizabeth Caito Kevin Calderwood Jarvis Caldwell Katherine Caley Joni Campbell Nicole Campbell Nelson Canjura Pat Cantrell Joel Cantwell David Capelli Craig Caprara Vincent Carbone Lynette Cardoch Jennifer Caris Jason Carlaftes Cynthia Carleo

Cameron Carlow Katrina Carlson Jonathan Carlson Justin Carlton John Carlton Charles Carnaggio James Carnahan William Carothers Bruce Carpenter Heather Carroll Maria Carroll Michelle Carter John Carter Brad Carter Kristie Casarez Robert Case David Casey Stefanie Cassin Joseph Cassone Eydar Castro Tina Cato Heather Catron Karen Cawley Jhon Cerna Ron Ceroll Nicholas Cervo Preston Chan Evan Chan Karthik Chandrasekaran Matt Chapman Thomas C. Chapman Yiannoulla Charalambous David Chargin Ian Chase Paul Chastant Andrew Cherene Jay Chiglo Troy Ching Devin Chittenden Colby Christensen Scott Christensen Laurie Christian John Christiansen Christina Cummings Stanley Christopher

David Christopher Wellington Chu Emily Ciaccio Nicole Cicchetti Robert Clair Shirley Clapperton David Clark Jennifer Clark Brenda Clark Angela Clark Kyle Clark Michael Classen David Clemens William Clementson Joseph Cliggott Craig Close Samuel Cobb Brett Cobbey Debra Cobb-Hanson Matthew Cochran Elizabeth Coday Jerard Cohen James Cole Christine Colello James Coleman Domenic Coletti Travis Colledge Suanne Collinsworth Tori Conklin David Connelly Stephanie Conner Nancy Connor Christopher Constant Arthur Conti Elizabeth Contreras Matthew Cook Kathryn Cook JaNell Cook Christine Cooke Gregory Cooley Kimberly Cooper Tresa Cooper Paula Cooper Margaret Cooter Roshe Copeland

Sarah Copeland Neal Corbett Meghan Cornelison Emilio Corrales Lauren Correa Raphael Costa Randall Courduff Timothy Cowan Joe Cox Carter Cox Terence Cox Susan Coyne Thomas Craig Michael Crall Sean Crane John Cravotta Shawana Criss-Berry Timothy Crockett Christopher Crotwell Stephen Crouch Israel Crowe Ronald Crowl Todd Cruny Lori Culhane David Culligan Laurie Cummings Ronald Cummings Dennis Cummings Robin Cumpston William Cunard Matthew Cunha-Rigby Chris Cunningham William Cunningham Jeff Curren Donald Curtis Jason Cyboron Jim Czarnecky Cynthia Czubko D Martha Dadala Peter Dadamo Pieter Dahmen Mark Dalton Quinn Damgaard Amy Dammarell

William Damon Chere Danner Michael Darby Anne Davies Paul Davila David D’Avirro Crandle Davis Sean Davis Peter Davis Christopher Davis Jennifer Davis Chad Davis Edwige De Crumpe Jody Debs Josephine DeCarli Douglas DeCesare Bill Dehn Betty Dehoney Kevin Delange Theodoros Deligiannidis Christopher DeLorto Kenneth Demmons Sameer Deo Kara D’Ercole Lisa Derringer Ankur Deshpande Gisele DesRosiers Russell DeVries Jason Deweber Kirk Dewey Gerald Di Bernardo Cassandra Di Mauro Karen Di Padova Katherine Diamond Nathan Dickerson Timothy Didlake Giovanni Carlo DiDomenico Paul Dierking Bruce Difrancisco Shawn Dikes Michael Dingwell Tracy Dinkel Steve DiSciullo Eric DiVirgilio David Dixon 23

Jon Doane Timothy Dobbins Karen Doherty Jasper Dohrendorf Michael Doiel Gretchen Dolson James Donahue Meghann Donley Thomas Donnelly Amber Dooley Jessica Doolittle Justin Doornink Mary Dorman Kenwarjit Dosanjh Timothy Dougherty Jeffrey Douglas James Douglas Eric Dove Jessica Dovel James Dowdy Diane Dowgielewicz Steven Drahota Allison Drake April Drake Joseph Drimmel Elaine Du Daniel Duarte Samantha Dubay Mark Duben Mary Ann Duffy Kimberly Duggan David Dunn Jerome Dunning Nancy Dunshie Keri Dupey Jennifer Dustin Katie Duty Nathan Duvall Blaine Dwyer E Roger Eaton Carol Eaton James Eaton Jeffrey Eckel Christine Eckerfield 24

Benedict Edelen Ruedy Edgington Allison Edwards Dawn Edwards Ingrid Eich Norma Eichlin Robert Eicken Brian Eiesland Bradley Eilert Zachary Einck Ryan Eisele Addison Elder Katherine Eldridge Mark Ellinger Robert Ellis Brendan Ellis Henry Ellis Glen Ellmers Jerry Ellsworth Tracy Ellwein Vince Ellwood Rebecca Elwood Ronald Emons James Engebretson John Engel Patrick Engelbert Daniel Engelhaupt Scott Englert Quint English Jeremy English Todd Engstrand Allan Erickson Timothy Erickson Bryan Erickson Ellen Erickson Susana Erpestad Paul Ervin Mary Erwin Jennifer Escobedo Gregorio Estrada Kyle Eudene Mark Evans James Evans Jack Evans Sean Everett

Tony Everson F Angela Fabrizius Aaron Fagerness Michael Falk Heather Fancher Jason Fanselau Martin Farach Kelly Farrell Eric Farrow Amy Faulkner Peter Fedun Brent Felker Robert Fennessey Matthew Ferguson Kenneth Ferjancic Derrick Fernandez Stephen Ferrell Paul Ferrier Bill Fiedler Kip Field Bryce Figdore Jasmin Filion Terri Findley Lisa Fischer Jeffrey Fischer Timothy Fish Gregory Fisher Linda Fisher Karl Fisher Kim Fitch James Fitzpatrick Sean Fitzpatrick Robert Flagler Jacob Flansberg Michael Flores Brian Flores Donald Fodrea Erin Foley Matthew Folwell Travis Ford Mark Forest Jeffrey Forester Melody Forry Michael Forsberg

Jason Fort Peter Foss Jerrine Foster Melanie Fowler Jacqueline Fox Daniel Franke Laura Franzluebbers Nolan Fraser Shelley Freedman Darin Freeman Deborah Freeman Thomas French William Frick Tina Fricke Katheryn Fricke Steve Fricke Steven Friedman Joseph Frissora Jennifer Frommer Keith Froscheiser Jesse Frost Eric Frostestad Debra Frye Karl Fryklind Xiaoyu Fu Chien-Nan Fu Justin Fudge Jason Fuller Vincent Fung Patricia Funk Jean Funk Thomas Furne G Scott Gaastra Norman Gadzinski Alan Gaetz Thomas Galeziewski Timothy Gallagher Raven Gambrell Belinda Gampon-Blue Jerry Leman (Indy) Gandy John Gannon Kyle Ganskop Duane Gapinski Gayle Garcia

Paul Garcia Fernando Garcia Cordoba Derek Gardels Jennifer Gardner Edward Garland Ellen Garnett James Garrelts Mick Garrett Lorenzo Garrido Steven Gartner Paul Gauche Brett Geesey Ronald Geiger James Geisler Vincent Genco Raffaella Geremia Hany Gerges Bruce Gerhardt Alena Gerlek Tamar Gersaba Grant Gershmel Maverick Thell Gibbons Richard Gibney James Gibson Brian Giebink Shannon Gieck Mark Giesmann Jason Gilbert Ethan Gilbert Michael Gilbrook Amy Gilleran Margaret Gillespie Joshua Gillespie Casey Gillespie Calvin Gilley Mary Gimon Arkadiy Ginzburg Dean Gipson James Glassley Craig Glazier Amy Gleichowski Jeffrey Glover Jessica Gochenour Roger Goehri Wade Goehring

Amanda Goetz Richard Goff Gary Goldman Steven Gollehon Noel Gonsalvez Jose Gonzalez Janet Gonzalez Diana Gooler Jennifer Gordon Srikanth Gorugantula Brian Goss Donnie Gotcher Matthew Gough Thomas Gould Daniel Gould Anthony Gouveia Carmen Goyette Stephen Grabowski Hugh Graciano Neil Graff Mark Graff Peter Graff Dale Graff Tyler Graham Phillip Grainger Lee Grant Ronald Grant Whitney Grant Jeffrey Gratzer Kathy Grear Brian Green Sharon Greene James Gregory Gary Grey Paul Gribbon William Gross Angela Grote Rory Grube Michael Grubstein Terry Gruver Nancy Gruwell Thomas Guarino Jeanne Guderian Karen Guenette Ross Guffey

Adrian Gunderson Kristina Gurdikian Kyle Guthrie Moris Guvenis John Guzewich Kathleen Guzman H Carlton Haack Craig Habben Edith Hadler Christopher Haeckler Mark Hager Thomas Haid Ella Haines Gina Halbom Charlie Hales Nancy Hales Henry Haley Chad Hall Zach Hall Michael Hall Geraldine Hall James Hallden Richard Haller Rohan Hameed Michael Hamilton Thomas Hamlin Mark Hammer Denise Hannagan Jeffrey Hansen Jean Hansen Debora Hansen Michael Hansen Brent Hanson Gail Haraguchi Aaron Harcek David Hardesty Heath Hardy Gustin Hare Peter Hargis Daniel Harmon Mark Harper Jared Harris Brian Harris Richard Harris

Shana Harstad Vicki Hart Janie Harting Rebecca Hartless Laurence Hartman Kelly Hartshorn Matthew Hartung Peter Harvey Samir Hasan Marlene Hausmann Rebecca Hawkins Christopher Hawkins William Hawley Jamie Hayduk Kendra Hayes Adam Hayes Kimberly Haynes-Slaughter Joe Hazel Kathleen Heaney Jeffrey Hearn Ryan Hedlund Tammy Heffron Travis Heier Thomas Hein Tom Helgeson Tara Helms Debra Hempel Jonathan Henderson Ryan Henderson Roger Hendrickson Melissa Hennessy Stephen Henning James Henry Lawrence Hentz Roger Hepkema Scott Hereim Leonardo Hernandez Jacqueline Hernandez Adam Heskitt Douglas Hickey Ben Hickman Chelsea Hickok Patrick Hickox Kimberly Hiebert Heidi Higgason

Herb Higginbotham Christine Higgins Dianna Highland Brandon Hilbrich Steven Hill Peter Hille Brian Hindley Susan Hinz Duane Hippe Wallace Hise Valerie Hobbs Daryn Hobbs Lori Hobza Ashley Hochstatter Alicia Hocrath Steven Hoff Thomas Hoffman David Hofmann Donn Hogan Jill Hogan Kate Hogberg Benjamin Hogenson Karen Hohn Jon Holbrook Donald Holcomb Terri Holcomb Jeff Holcomb Jeffery Holden Russell Holeman Jeremy Holland Mary Holland Trevor Hollins Josh Hollon Thomas Holmes Norma Holmes Joslynn Hon Brian Hoppy Julie Horan Thomas Horkan William Horner Richard Horton Sean Hoss Lindsay Housner Dawn Howard Keith Howard

Timothy Howe Elizabeth Howey Brian Hudgins John “Troy� Huff Thomas Hughes Susan Hullerman Courtney Humphreys David Hunn Jodie Hunter Craig Hunter Richard Hunter Danette Hunter Brittany Huntsberger Phillip Hutcherson Grady Hutchins John Hyre I John Ifkovits Keith Ingram Nicola Ingrassia Sheila Ireland Alejandro Iriarte Rashed Islam Judith Iszauk Denise Ives J Darren Jack Douglas Jackson Jeremy Jackson Meisha Jackson Tory Jackson Kathryn Jackson Suzanne Jackson Wesley Jacobs Eric Jaffe Rebecca James Derek James Gregory Jamieson Mark Jamison John Jamison Benjamin Janik William Jansen Gina Jarta Michael Jeansonne Sherry Jeffery 25

Kevin Jelinek Warren Jenik Thomas Jenkins Bryan Jenks Brent Jensen James Jensen Michele Jensen Jerry Jeter Cheryl Jimason Sergio Jimenez Francesqca Jimenez Michael Johnson Jodie Johnson Michael Johnson Lawrence Johnson Travis Johnson Erik Johnson Kari Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Michael Johnson Katherine Johnson Dale Johnson Paul Johnson Mike Johnson Bruce Johnston Ian Johnston Marty Jones Tara Jones Adam Jones Kathryn Jones Amanda Jones Bryan Jones Mark Jones Travis Jones Ken Jong Prasad Jonnal Matthew Jordan Martin Joyce Thomas June Edward Junod Gwen Jurisich Michael Justin K Kelly Kaatz Michael Kalis 26

Kip Kalisiak Kolton Kammerer Kristen Kanzleiter Waldemar Kaplo Melissa Karlson Kyle Kathrineberg Nabil Katrajian Russell Katt Karissa Kawamoto Brian Keaney Jennifer Kearns Eric Keen Tracy Keenan Christine Kefauver Stephen Keiber Ryan Keith Kevin Keller Tammi Keller Christina Kelly Sharon Kelly Melissa Kelly Kathleen Kelly Kelly Kelly Gregory Kempf Maggie Kempf Holly Kennedy David Kerns Cadence Kerr Dustin Key Steven Keyes Thomas Keyes Patrick Keyhill Hussein Khalil Urmi Khatri Karan Khosla Eli Khoury Janine Kidd Kevin Kilpatrick Thomas Kim Scott Kimble Travis Kimmins David Kinard Thomas King Jonathan King Rachel King

Caroline King Brent Kinkade Christopher Kinzel Robert Kitteridge Jonathan Kjellman Jason Kjenstad Robert Klawitter John Kleinfelter Bob Kleinmann Demetrios Klerides Joseph Klobucar Robert Klovsky David Knickerbocker Deborah Knighton Mary Knosby Randy Knott Deborah Knudtzon Kate Ko Jennifer Kobza John Koch Timothy Koch Jeremy Koch Thomas Kochaba Gregory Kochersperger Abbey Koehler Christopher Koehler Christopher Koenig Jacob Koenig Ben Koerselman Viola Koffer Michael Koher II Anna Kohl Kevin Koines Laycee Kolkman Brent Kollars Neil Kollios Teresa Konda Mandy Kondik Nicholas Konen Shinji Konno Rebekah Konvalin Pirmin Kopta Marc Korpus James Koval Jessica Kovar

Brian Kowalchuk Tara Kramer David Kramer Kainani Kraut Barry Kravitz Joshua Krayger Anthony Kreis Aaron Kreitzer Thomas Kretzschmar Michael Krieber Kevin Kriete Christopher Krivanec Marcin Krok Michael Krueger Eric Krumm Jacek Krysiewicz James Krzeminski Bonnie Kudron Kenneth Kuehne David Kuhns Inna Kukanego Sarah Kulpa Shannon Kurman Duke Kuvaas Daniel Kvasnicka Hannah Kwapiszeski Steve Kwok Vannarith Ky Lawrence Kyle Mitchell Kyotani L Samantha La Hee Christopher La Tuso Anthony Laberta Jose Labrador Matthew Laccinole Nicholas LaFronz Steve LaHood Scott Lake Amy LaMar Warren Lamb Nick Lampe Ana Victoria Landaverde James Lane Catherine Lang

Bryce Langley Jillian Lanser Lucinda Largent Jeffrey Larka Thor Larsen Cally Larsen Amanda Larsen Molly Larson Lisa Larson Duane Lashaway Ronald Lattimore Chance Lauderdale Rick Laughlin Andre Lauzier Joan LaVancher Michael LaViolette Michael Lawyer Colleen Layman John Lazzara Tyler Leben Richard LeBlanc James LeBlond David LeCureux David Lee Reed Lee Christine Lee Michael Leeds Bonnie Leggett Frenny Lehmann Kyle Lehto William Leidy Donald Leidy Trina Leishman Kevin LeMans Jason Lemieux David Lempke Jeffrey Lenz Barry Lenz Brian Leshko Amy Leuchtmann Harold Lewis Tracy Lewis Kathy Lewis Yuying Li Mark Libby

Kau Lim Dylan Lim Jodi Lindall Jodi Lindgren Heather Lindner Greg Lingor Wesley Linker Megan Lionberger Jeffrey Lipp Douglas Lisak Angela Lisec Kimberly Little Patricia Little Andrew Little Takisha Little George Little Aaron Littman Ning Liu William Lloyd Kevin Lloyd Joseph LoBuono Shelly Locke Scott Loewen Daniel Loftus Stephanie Logue Jeffrey Lohr Michael Loo Leslie Louden Larry Low Kari Lowe Clifford Lowe Cynthia Lowe Elizabeth Lowell Kenneth Lowrey Sara Lubchenco Laurie Luhrs Cliff Lum Timothy Lum Yee Ronald Lund Karl Lust Edwin Luttrell David Lutz Daniel Lutz Lisa Lutz Henry Luu

Amber Lyles Edward Lynch Kyle Lynch James Lyon Thomas Lyons M Sherif Mabrouk Peggy MacCann Steven Macneil Sally Maddock Christine Magers Doree Magiera Molly Maguire Denise Maher Tracy Maher Elizabeth Mahon Dana Maier Miranda Mair Penny Majeski Maggie Makowsky Jose Maldonado Christopher Malinowski Aman Malla Patrick Malone Brett Malone Graham Malone Brendan Maloney William Manhart Stephen Manlove Steve Mansfield Ronald Manske Javier Manso Mary Marcussen Joyce Mariani Katherine Marinovic Bernard Mark Steven Marks Jonathan Markt Julienne Marquis Scott Marr Matthew Marsicek Jeanne Martignetti Brad Martin Dansun Martin Michael Martinez

Gregory Martinez Guadalupe Martinez Jeffrey Martirano Joseba Maruri Katie Maschmann Amir Mashhad Jeffrey Massengill Joshua Massrock John Mastrogiacomo Robert Mateega Todd Mattson Robert Matya William Maynard Peter Maynard-Moody Shauna Mayne Alice Mazumder Julia McAdams Busch Virginia McAfee Douglas McAneny Caahlen McAtee Brian McCabe Donald McCammon Jared McCammon Sarah McCarthy Andrew McCaskill Theresa McClure Richard McCollum Edward McConnell James McConnell Matthew McConville Andrew McCoy Barbara McCoy Cynthia McCullough Brian McDermott Susan McDevitt Curt McDonald Shane McDonald Ryan McDonough Ryan McGhee Megan McGinley Michael McGlashan George McGregor Kristal McIlveene Amanda McInnis Tracy McKinley

Janet McKinniss Benjamin McKinsey Mark McLaren Thomas McLaughlin Michael McMahon Donte McMorris Russell McNaught John McNeese William M’Coy John McPherson Lance McQueen Mark McShea Stacy Meacham Paul Meehan Sathvika Meenakshisundaram David Meier Aaron Meilleur Miguel Mendoza Holly Mentikov DeVonia Merino Michael Merritt Carmen Merryfield James Mersereau Peter Mertes Marvin Messinger Joshua Metcalf Kelly Meyer Troy Meyer Galen Meysenburg Anna Michalski Ramon Miguez Mark Mihm Kaori Mikagi Jason Mikkelsen Steven Mikottis Brenda Miller Marc Miller Melody Miller Alexander Miller Candace Miller Melissa L. Miller Mary Ann Miller Andrew Milliken Aimie Mims

Ximena Mino Janice Mitchell Gregg Mitchell Mikal Mitchell Stephanie Mitchell Vijay Modi Jennifer Modugno Mario Montes Jack Montgomery David Montgomery Kevin Montgomery Bruce Moore Travis Moore Douglas Moore David Moore Divya Mopuri Michael Moran Wendy Moran William Moran Amanda Mordhorst Christin Moreau Araceli Moreno Margaret Moros Paul Morris Tiffany Morris James Morrison Matthew Morrison Rebecca Morrison Julie Morse John Morton Wendy Mosbrucker Robert Moses Lewis Mosteller Stefanie Mosteller Scott Mottlow David Moyano Barry Moyes Michael Mozer Todd Muehlich Werner Mueller Dale Muellerleile Debbie Muench Renee Mulholland Brian Mulinix Lori Mundhenke 27

Daniel Murdzia Michael Murphy James Murphy Shawn Murphy William Murphy Michael Murray Kelan Murren Albert Murro Carol Murtagh Michael Musso Lynnette Myers Autumn Myers David Myers Scott Myers N John Nagle Bernardino Nanni Patricia Nansel Diane Napolitano Eric Nardelli Sara Nash Terry Nathan Robert Natoli Jason Nauman David Nazare Jefferson Neaves William Neds Johannes Neethling John Neff Jason Neil Courtney Neisius Abby Nelson Dillon Nelson Laurence Nepveu Goulet Wendy Nero Kaia Nesbitt Eric Neubauer Shari Neuenschwander Mark Neuschafer David Neveu Trisha Newell Kevin Newman Kenton Newport Molly Nick Susan Nidam 28

Justin Niedzialek Randall Niehaus Ryan Ninete Marnie Niosi Jeanne Nissen Brandon Nolan Julie Nordquist Michael North Paula Nosworthy Anson Nowka Maria Nuckolls O Danielle Oakill Julianna Oakley Michael Oakley Michael Oates Sean O’Brien Brian O’Connell Carol O’Donnell Shasta O’Donnell Kelly Offerman Peter Ogonowski Mark O’Grady Meghan Oh Ronald Ohlsen Rebecca Ohnoutka Randall Olden Kent Olsen Kira Olson Jason Olson Amy Omae Monica O’Neil Charles O’Neill Patrick O’Neill Thomas Onnen Huey Yann Ooi Creta Opyd Charles O’Reilly ReJeana Orr Britney Osbern Craig Osborn Randall Osburn Nicole O’Shea Oluronke Osibajo Jonathan Osier

Mario Osorio Jacob Ostrander Adam Overbay Nicholas Overby Edward Owens Kamryn Owens Kenneth Ozuna P Ronald Paananen Jody Page Juliet Pahed Michael Paine Mukul Pal Marco Palilla Rebecca Palmatier Alexander Palmatier Richard Pannell John Pantelides Stephen Panzarino Laura Paquette Ryan Paradis Venu Parimi Charles Pariseau Laura Parisi Cristopher Parker Leslie Parker Geoffrey Parkins Michael Parsons Patricia Parvis Kimberly Pasquali Sheena Patel Sameer Patel Naresh Patel Laura Paty Jack Paul Lara Paulino Mark Pavlick James Pavlik Elizabeth Pavlik Michael Pawlak Felicetta Pawlyk Samuel Pearce Patrick Pechnick Steven Peik Einah Pelaez

Steven Peluso James Pembroke Garland Pennison Linda Pequeno-Poliszczuk Michael Perkins Ronald Perkins Paul Perri Byron Perry Michael Perry Lance Peterman Gary Peters Beth Peterson Monica Peterson Jeff Peterson Matt Peterson Colleen Petilla Ana Petre Ben Petrick William Petrucci Martin Petters Kelsey Philipsek Keith Phillips Melissa Phillips Jacqueline Phillips Meg Pieper Pamela Pierce Bennett Pierce Gregory Pierson Richard Pilgrim Matthew Pillard Angela Piner Kristine Pinkham William Pitt Mel Placilla Mike Plummer Robert Podeszwa Mark Pohlmann Matthew Polak Kim Polk Kent Pollak Benjamin Poole William Pope Brandi Popenhagen Gayle Portera Patrick Porzillo

Sheila Potter Jan Powers Chandra Prasad Rajesh Prasad Sasha Prewitt Kristina Price Jeanette Price Patrick Primm William Prindle Frank Proctor Daniel Prokop Herbert Protin Joshua Prusakiewicz Michael Pucci Dick Pursley Suzanne Putnam Susan Puumala Q Sean Quarry Robert Quiggle Jill Quigley Darwin Quijano Michael Quinn Natalia Quintero John Quirus R Sara Radil Len Raksin Chris Rand Tracy Randazzo Dorothy Raposa Kim Rasmussen Joseph Rath Vinton Rathburn Kurt Rautenstrauch Munira Rawat Bonne Rawley Brian Ray Joseph Readling David Reardon Christopher Rector Brandon Reda James Reddrick Matthew Redington Kristin Redman Machacek

Lisa Reece Denise Reed Scott Reed Michele Reed-Ball Dennis Reep John Reese Judie Refvik Janice Reid Richard Reilly Brandi Reilly Brian Reinicker Jared Reiter Gerard Reminiskey Rayanne Render Paula Renner David Rennoldson Marta Reus Coralynn Revis Daniel Rew Leo Reyes Jeff Rice Shelley Richards Lisa Richardson Jason Richter Cindy Rieke Todd Riley John Riley Linda Riley Sarah Ringling Steven Riojas Paul Risher Danielle Risse Suzanne Rittenhouse Stephanie Rittershaus Julie Rivera Shay Roalson Marci Roan-Polk Talley Roberts Christopher Robinson Amber Robinson Bradford Robinson David Roche Joseph Rock Patricia Rockwell Shawn Rodda

Laurie Roden Joshua Rodgers Fernando Rodrigues George Rodriguez Christopher Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez James Roe Virginia Roether Mark Rogge Jill Roghair-Michael Kurt Rogler Patricia Rohan Colin Rohlfing Jon Rohrer Mathew Roling Barry Rolle Erin Rooney Michael Rose Rachel Rosenblum Nathan Rossman Kym Roundtree Cheryl Rountree Gordon Roycroft Douglas Rudolph Rutatenekwa Rugabandana Jason Rupe Catherine Russell Jill Rust Scott Rustand Amanda Ruston Michael Ruth Matthew D. Ryan Thomas Ryan Kenneth Ryan Matt Ryan Edwin Rydell S Anthony Sabbag Domenic Sacchetti Dawn Saetta Samantha Safara Ryan Saffels Maher Salah Joshua Salazar Oscar Salazar-Bueno

Samuel Saldivar Brandon Salontai Carol Sammons Mark Samse Diego Samuel Ludwin Sanchez Tania Sandage Leif Sande Gina Sander Thomas Sanders Ted Sanders James Sandoz Joseph Sawmiller John Scales Dennis Scannell Lorraine Scannell Daniel Schack Jeffrey Schaefer Todd Scharra Cynthia Schauss Eric Scherch Margot Scheuren Jonathan Schick Rick Schilke Brent Schiller Robert Schimpf Colleen Schinker Eric Schlepp Michael Schmedt Melissa Schmetzer Michael Schmidt Cheryl Schmidt David Schmieding Jacob Schmitz Richard Schmudde Daryl Schneider Michael Schneider Meagan Schnoor Benjamin Scholtz Kyle Schomaker Erin Schramm Randy Schroeder Michael Schubert Greg Schuch Steven Schukraft

Barbara Schuler Dennis Schulze Lauren Schuster Cynthia Schwab Karen Schwanke Joseph Schwarz Carla Schwebach Kyle Schwieterman John Scott Troy Scott Ruth Scott Kerri Scott Abby Scott Amy Seda Amanda Segovia Mark Seits Matthew Selinger Stephanie Serpico Ellen Sespaniak Bill Severns Mark Shafer Lindsay Shagla Avi Shah Stephanie Shamblin Gray Susan Shane Joanne Shaner Mary Shanks Sandra Shaposky William Sharp Graham Sharpe Gregory Shaw James Shea Brittany Sheffield Uriel Shelby Thomas Shelton William Sherman Michelle Sherwood Joseph Shields Bethany Shingleton Adam Shockley Darryl Shoemaker Douglas Sholl Michael Shostak Shrawan Shrestha Aniko Shuey

Carl Siebe April Siebenaler Sandra Siemens David Sierakowski William Sigler Susan Signor Scott Sikel Evelio Siller Marc Silva Lisa Singer Karamjit Singh John Singleton Rich Sirkovic Victoria Sironen Lee Sisco Anthony Sjuts Bernard Skar Matthew Skarr David Skinner Christine Skinner Christothea Sklavounakis Kevin Slattery Erin Slayton Stacia Slowey Craig Smart Kenneth Smith Chester Smith Mark Smith Richard Smith Isaac Smith Thomas Smith Kyle Smith Rebecca Smith Robert Smith Addison Smith Amy Smith David Smoak Sebastian Smoot John Snead Darlene Snow Lisa Snowden Kevin Snyder Michael Snyder Ricardo Socorro Patrick Solomon 29

Brynell Somerville Michael Sondles Eric Sorens Amy Sorensen Marc Soriano Michael Sorum Douglas Sosa Jeffrey Sosalla-Bahr Kimberly Sosalla-Bahr Kathryn Sosnowchik Leticia Soto Ahmad Soueid Kevin Spady Stephen Spain Ben Spargo Ronalee Spellecacy Leslie Spethman Darin Splittgerber Heidi-Kris Spoor Richard Sporing Dan Springer Joshua Springer Kandi Srb-Vampola David Stahl Amanda Stahlnecker Randy Stahmer Mark Stanley Tyson Stannebein Brett Stark Jonathan Starling Dragi Stefanovic Zachary A Stein Julie Stein Barbara Steinberg John Steinert Pamela Steinhart Taunya Steorts Jerry Stevens Roger Stewart Eric Stewart Rebecca Stiles Dana Stob Carol Stohlmann Matt Stone Gillian Stone-Hall 30

Gregory Stonehouse Angelina Stoner Christopher Storms Justin Stover David Stransky Christine Streat Niki Strotman Christopher Strunk Phillip Stump Robert Sturdivant Jara Sturdivant-Wilson Bryan Sturm Daniel Suarez Guillermo Suero Barbara Sullard Bryan Sullivan David Summers Patricia Sumrall Simon Sun Yong Sun Jeffrey Svatora Robyn Syren T Benjamin Taggett Robyn Tamaroff Junjian Tang Staci Taniguchi Jon Tanner Kendal Tanner Usman Tariq Matthew Taunton David Taylor K. Taylor Anna Teague Lewis Tefft Jeffrey Teig John Templeton Karin Tennant Hope Tennery Patricia Terhaar Melissa Terry Brenda Terry Joy Terry Thomas Tessaro Patricia Thayer

Jose Theiler Nancy Theobald Kevin Thernes Vicki Thiel Teresa Thiele Andrew Thiess James Thomas John Thomas Marcella Thompson Kendra Thompson Wendy Thompson Ryan Thompson Anthony Thompson Nicholas Thompson Julia Thomson Jennifer Thoren Shannon Thorgersen Brian Thorsvold Andrew Thuman Todd Tierney Brent Tippey Linc To Thomas Todd Zachary Toledo Jason Tom Sasa Tomic David Tomlinson Matthew Tondl Nancy Tonnell Cheryl Toohey Ernesto Torres Kristopher Tourek Phil Toussaint Wallace Towe James Tran Paul Tremel Barry Trevarrow Kurtis Triplett Brian Trotter Jack Tseng Lisa Tuck Ashley Tucker Lee Tupper Barbara Turner Emilie Turner

Vicki Twerdochlib U Kurt Ubbelohde Kathleen Uebelhart Sarah Ugolik Brian Umbarger Rick Uricoechea Pepi Ursillo Lori Utley Sheila Uyeoka V Jodi Vaccaro Heather Vacek Collin Vacek Edmundo Valencia Matthew Van Hattem Victor Van Santen Nicholas Van Wyhe Jacob VandenBosch Thomas Vandeveer Susan Vansandt James Vansteenburg Samuel Varnicle Peter Varnum Anil Varri Milos Vasiljevic John Vaterlaus Samuel Vaugh Richard Veihl Donna Velasquez Tarin Velotta Charles Vertucci Robert Victor Laurie Vik Gabriel Villarreal David Vinson Matthew Volz William Vondenkamp Eric Vongunden Brian Voorhees Jessica Vuocolo W Andrew Wadden Eric Wadell Lisa Wadsworth

Cameron Waite Wendy Waites James Wajda Thomas Waldron Rhonda Walinga Randall Walker Josey Walker Kathryn Walker Colleen Walker John Walker Victoria Walker Mark Walker Phillip Walker Kevin Walker Matthew Walkowiak Stephen Waller Cassandra Wallof Jill Wallschlaeger Tara Walmsley Margaret Walsh Michael Walters Brenna Wampler James Wands Hua Wang Jun Wang Wesley Ward Katie Ward Terry Warner Shawn Washer Steven Waterston Brian Watson Karen Watterson Mike Wauer Melani Weale Keith Weaver Phillip Webber Megen Weber Virginia Wein Kathryn Weismiller Douglas Wellock Kurt Wells Roni Werman Chester Werts David Weseman David Weston

Edwin Wharton Stephanie White Aaron White Michelle White Benjamin White Francesca White Cynthia Whitehead Tina Whitfield Stephen Whitley Jessica Whitlow Wayne Whitmarsh Melissa Widseth Mitch Wiebelhaus Steven Wiebers Jeffrey Wiegand Andrew Wiesen Natalie Wieszek Matthew Wigle Douglas Wignall Mark Wiitanen Jennifer Wik Gary Wilder Stan Wilhite Cory Wilkinson Eric Williams Ann Williams Bradley Williams Jonathan Williams Terence Williams JoAnn Williams Gregory Williams Amy Williams Christopher Williges Jake Willman Timothy Willoughby Kylie Wilmes Stephen Wilson Todd Wilson Andrew Wilson Wayne Wilson Douglas Wilson Terry Wilson Chris Wilson John Wimberly Jonathan Winer

Raymond Wingert Lance Winn Terri Winslow Phillip Wipf David Wiseman Paul Witt Heather Witt Alicia Wittberger Michael Witter Michaella Wittmann Daniel Woehl Leonard Wojcik Donald Wolf Brett Wolfe John Wolfe Christy Wolfe Juliua Wolfert Edward Wolfson Shane Womack David Wong Todd Wong Katherine Wood Scott Wood Kevin Woods Jacob Woolsey John Wooten Carol Worsham Edgar Worster Kenneth Wright Alexander Wright William Wright Ryan Wright William Wright Monique Wyatt Y Tara Yack John Yadlosky Keegan Yager Robert Yates David Yentzer Todd Yerdon Donald Yi Pamela Yonkin Andrew Yosten Thomas Young

Patrick Young Christina Young Merry Young Ray Yparraguirre Karl Yrjanainen Z Brian Zabloudil Leonel Zapata Sarah Zappala Lara Zawaideh-Syrocki Michelle Zehnder Gregory Zeiss Ashley Zellner Karen Zellner Benjamin Zeman Natalia Zeman Leila Zheng Thomas Ziegler Scott Zilka Elsa Zimmerly Erich Zimmerman Peter Zipf Israe Zizaoui Chariti Zlateff Nicholas Zoller Matthew Zuehls Jon Zufelt Bryan Zundel Daniel Zurgis Ronna Zylstra



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2018 HDR Foundation Report  

This report tells the story of our foundation in 2016. But it’s much more than numbers. You can see the impact we created in the communities...

2018 HDR Foundation Report  

This report tells the story of our foundation in 2016. But it’s much more than numbers. You can see the impact we created in the communities...

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