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DSLR AUDIO GUIDE United By Photography Copyright Š 2011

An essential part of DSLR video production for many will require audio. Audio options can be split into categories External microphones Provide much better sound recording quality than the built in option, on the camera, which is regarded as no-no. Microphone selection can vary covering dynamic, condenser and lavaliere. with the choice of direct cabled/tethered recording, wireless or on camera.

United By Photography Copyright Š 2011

External audio recorders They record sound separately from the camera. These cost extra, but improve the ability to record and monitor your sound. The devices are set up, much like the way film is recorded for synch sound editing. They come with built-in or external microphone options depending on model.

XLR boxes XLR is a type of audio connection used on professional sound devices. XLR boxes have professional camera inputs for sound and monitor levels on the box itself. They allow you to plug in higher quality microphones for use in film or interview projects.

United By Photography Copyright Š 2011

Guide to DSLR Audio Video Recording Options