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WARNING Before Purchasing Long HDMI Cables You might need a long hdmi cable when you need to make long distance runs between the source device and your television, but there are a few very important things you must know before choosing the correct cable including the one thing that can protect your expensive HDTV from permanent damage. Number 1 - Selecting the correct wire gauge is important because it can make or break the ability for you to get a signal between your device and display. This is especially true for long hdmi cable runs because the longer the cable, the more likely you are to run into signal strength issues (or lack thereof).

The key to choosing the appropriate wire gauge for long hdmi cables is to get a thicker gauge wire for lengthy runs. More specifically, for runs greater than 15 ft, but less than 25ft go for 24AWG wire. This is a thicker wire than 28AWG and will give you a stronger signal. For cable runs longer than 25 ft, go for 22AWG wire.

The 22 gauge HDMI cable is the thickest, and will ensure signal integrity throughout. However, a 22 gauge wire is very stiff which means less flexibility so keep this in mind when planning your setup (especially if you need to run the cable through tight corners and spaces). If you have rear facing ports and the display is mounted very close to the wall, then you will need either to consider a 90 degree HDMI adapter, and/or an HDMI port saver.

Number 2 - How do you prevent permaent damage to your display when using heavier gauge wire? Use HDMI port savers to prevent stress on both the connector and the HDMI port on your television. You will want to use port savers with heavier cables such as the 24AWG or the 22AWG HDMI cable. It is very possible that a 22 gauge hdmi cable can add to much stress on the port on your television and damage the ports. Especially if the cable or TV is moved with the cable plugged in. A 22 gauge cable is very stiff and doesn't have much 'give'. Too much stress and it will damage the ports or the cable itself.

Click Here To Get An HDMI Port Saver

Number 3 - What are my options for runs longer than 100 FT? You can get HDMI cables up to 100 feet, but if you need to run an HDMI signal longer than 100ft, there is a great option: The HDMI over Cat 5e/Cat 6 extender will allow you to run HDMI up to 328ft! We have an extender for both 196ft (or less) runs and 328ft runs. These HDMI extenders require 2 shorter HDMI cables (one for each end) as well as 2 network cables to produce a strong HDMI signal over such long distances.

Click Here To See Our HDMI Over Cat 5/6 extenders.

With these three tips for running HDMI over longer distances, you should have enough understanding to make the right decision. We have all of these products available on our website. Simply, find the items by clicking below and add them to your cart. Then you will just need to complete the checkout process. Orders are shipped the same day (Mon-Fri) before 5pm eastern and orders placed after 5pm will be shipped on the next business day.

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Understanding how to run long hdmi cables without signal strength issues.

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