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What steps can we take to prevent genocide?

By: Jonathan Long

Long-term Goal The long term goal is to stop genocide before it starts 

Taking little steps We

need to inform kids about the genocide and the affects of these mass murders . Start taking more action in the countries that genocide has happen.

Needs 

All families that have had genocide have nothing and need help with the rest of there families.

Jew Genocide The

holocaust was between Germans and the Jews  There was about 6 million Jews who died during the Holocaust Most of deaths were done by a gas chamber or hanged What ended the holocaust was the victory of the Allied over Germany

Rwanda genocide    

This genocide was started because of land and there president died When this happen Hutu took over and started killing Tutsi There was 800,000 people died during that genocide What stop this mass murder the RPF Rwanda Patriotic Front

Armenian genocide In 1915 when the Armenian Genocide  occurred there were many Armenians  living in certain regions now parts of  Turkey.  It's lead to believe that one and a half  million were killed during this genocide. The Armenian Genocide ended when the  Armenian community on the Eastern part of  the land beat the Turkish in the battle of  Sardarabad 

Sudan Genocide The

Sudan genocide start in 2003 to remove some people from power, but this is not the first genocide in the Sudan this is the 4thgeneration genocide. In Sudan genocide his up to the millions were killed in this 4th generation genocide that is till happening

Words that have come up Murder,human

rights ,Tutsi ,Rwandan patriotic front ,Hutu ,mass violence, racial,religious, holocaust , united nations , children , women ,rape The latian roots for genocide was genosrace ,cide- killing

What instances of genocide have occurred ? There

are two ways to make prevention happen. One level is to present norms and principles. in other words the U.N. has rules regarding genocide . Two level



Stop the race killing Please!