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From the Desk of Ken Goodson CALE N D AR March 8 FEMA Corps Induction March 9-17 AmeriCorps Week March 14-26 Class 19B FEMA training in NM March 25-29 Class 19A Transition Week March 27 Class 19B Round 1 Deployment April 1 Application Deadline Corps Members & Team Leaders Fall start 2013 April 2 - May 10 Class 19A Round 3 projects

I N T H I S I S S UE MLK Jr. Day of Servic e Class XIX-B FEMA Corps Project Descriptio ns Project Map Upcoming Deadlines Project Spotlights Alumni Engagement Opportunities

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AmeriCorps NCCC Southwest Region Campus 3001 S. Federal Blvd. Walsh Hall, Rm. 136 Denver, CO 80236 303-844-7400 - 1-800-565-7052

Times of Transition in Denver Greetings from Denver! We hope your 2013 is off to a good start. Here on the Southwest Region Campus, 2013 has already been a time of great transition. In addition to efforts to continue to onboard a new Region Director (me), our program has begun the launch of FEMA Corps—NCCC’s five year, $65 million dollar partnership with FEMA that will result in our program more than doubling in size! More information on FEMA Corps is located here: http:// for_individuals/choose/ americorpsnccc_femacorps.asp On Friday, March 8, we inducted 188 members of Class 19B, our first FEMA Corps class, pictured below. Joining us at this ceremony were Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia, FEMA Acting Associate Administrator for the Office of Response and Recovery Beth Zimmerman, NCCC National Director Kate Raftery, and representation from the offices of U.S. Senator Michael Bennet and U.S. Congressman Ed

Perlmutter. A brief news clip of the ceremony aired on the Denver CBS station: http:// 9/fema-corps-trained-to-helpduring-disasters/. While the list of FEMA Corps project sites continues to evolve for our 20 teams, it is anticipated that many of these teams will support ongoing Superstorm Sandy relief efforts in New Jersey during their initial round of service.

In order to support our expansion for FEMA Corps, we are hiring many new staff to join the Southwest Campus team. Just in the past several weeks, 4 new Unit Leaders, an Assistant Member Support Specialist, a Program Associate, an Assistant Program Director, and a Training Specialist came on board. Water Unit Leader Alann App was recently selected as our new Deputy Region Director for Units, a position now on all campuses to help bring consistency and quality across what will soon be 8 Units here in Denver. The Traditional Corps, Class 19A, is nearing the end of Round 2. In addition to assignments here in the Southwest, we have had eight teams rotate through New York and New Jersey supporting Sandy relief efforts. Teams were primarily engaged in

mucking and gutting efforts, but the work recently transitioned into some case management as well. All of these teams built on the amazing work done by two teams during the winter holidays, when 100% of NCCC’s total disaster effort nationally was completed by 2 Southwest Campus teams. If you haven’t seen it already, this video by Corps Member Corey Yula gives great insight into their service: http:// Needless to say, this type of service during the holidays represents the best NCCC has to offer. Our sponsor application deadline for Traditional Corps service assignments for Round 4 is this week, and we are looking forward to getting teams out into our eight-state region. All the best and thanks for your continued support of and engagement with the NCCC program, kg Region Director 303-844-7401

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MLK Jr. Day of Service Every Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, AmeriCorps NCCC Members across the country Make It A Day On, Not A Day Off. The idea is to join President Obama’s national call to service through United We Serve. Check out what some of our Southwest Region Teams did this year. Fire 5, led by Team Leader Chris Hudson, volunteered at Project Row Houses in Houston by scraping, sanding, repairing and re-painting a fence. Project Row Houses’ mission is to transform community through the celebration of art and African American history and culture. This creative and positive space for the community is founded on the principle that art and community that creates it can revitalize even the most depressed of inner-city neighborhoods. 

 As we do every MLK Jr. Day, all teams in the Denver Metro volunteered for the Denver MLK Day Marade as marshals. The Marade is one of the largest in the country and was dubbed “Marade” as a combination of “march,” meaning to demonstrate, and “parade,” meaning to celebrate. Eight of our traditional NCCC teams, all of our FEMA Corps Team Leaders on campus for Team Leader Training, and our Support Team Leaders and Unit Development Assistants all participated. In total, 110 NCCC Members, Team Leaders, and staff volunteered their time. NCCC project sponsor The Piton Foundation (pictured below with government and MLK Day officials at the Marade Laying of the Wreath event) received the Rev. Jim Chandler Community Recognition Award for their work with assisting low-income citizens with their taxes and claiming tax credits each year, a project with which our NCCC teams serve.

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Other events our teams participated in include: Little Rock, AR Central High School and visitor center– led children’s activities Casa Grande, AZ Public Library Book Sale Fundraiser– volunteered with coordination and logistics Fort Collins, CO MLK Day March– assisted with road closures and marched Kansas City, MO Restart homeless shelter– cleaned food stock room, cleaned beds, sorted donations, served food Kansas City, MO Boys and Girls Club– volunteered with MLK Celebration and Fair New York Habitat for Humanity– while on disaster response, team recruited 100 volunteers and led a houserebuilding training project Tulsa, OK MLK Day March– marched the parade with project sponsor Alpine, TX West Texas Food Bank– sorted and packaged 12,500 meals San Antonio, TX MLK Day March– two teams marched Various teams chose to reflect via watching MLK Documentaries and discussing civil rights among their teams

FEMA Corps, Class 19B The Overview In the past year, NCCC and FEMA formalized a long standing partnership to initiate FEMA Corps, a track within the NCCC program to support the ’whole community approach’ to incident management and assist FEMA with Federal response and recovery operations. The program will augment FEMA’s reservist program and work alongside long-time FEMA employees. FEMA Corps began in Fall 2012 at the Vicksburg, MS and Vinton, IA campuses, expanded to the Denver, CO and Sacramento, CA campuses in Winter/Spring 2013, and finally to the Baltimore, MD campus in Fall 2013— an expansion that, after com- 1. pletion, will double the size of NCCC.

The Southwest Region FEMA Corps Team Leaders arrived on the Denver campus on January 14. During Team Leader Training, which ran through February 8, they learned skills like leadership development, diversity orientation, NCCC and FEMA history and basics, team dynamics, supervisory skills, and more. The Southwest Region welcomed approximately 166 FEMA Corps Members on February 11 for Corps Member Training Institute. These members were formally inducted into the program on March 8, and are completing a two-week FEMA-specific training in New Mexico before deploying for their first projects in the last week of March.


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The Work By and large, teams can expect to serve with FEMA Joint Field Offices or with Disaster Recovery Centers, although they may serve in other FEMA offices depending on need throughout their 8. term of service. Each Corps Member will be trained in one of eight specialty positions, assigned based on a strengths assessment. The positions and a brief description of each are:

Community Relations Specialist– build relationships with local and community-based organizations and within FEMA, handle community requests for support, and disseminate disaster-specific information to the public. Individual Assistance Program Specialist– respond to individual applicant case inquiries, help victims complete applications for assistance, and provide information on programs such as Disaster Recovery Center support, Community Relations outreach, and Congressional inquiries. Voluntary Agency Liaison Specialist– facilitate collaboration among voluntary agencies by identifying resources and facilitating referrals and information sharing. Individual Assistance Reports Specialist– produce standard and custom reports including the IA Daily Summary and quantitative information reports and log IA group activities. Individual Assistance Mass Care Specialist– provide guidance on regulations, policies, and functions about evacuation support, reunification services, access and functional needs, household pets, and sheltering, feeding, and distribution of emergency supplies. Public Assistance Project Specialist– formulate projects (e.g. site inspections), document damage, formulate scopes of work, and estimate costs. Logistics Specialist – reconcile items and crossreference shipping documents and inventory lists. Move materials and load trucks, assist with establishment and maintenance of facilities. Logistics Systems Specialist– Submit requests for supplies, equipment, personnel, teams, services, or commodities, including reviewing customer requests and tracking of all requests.

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Round 2 Projects (Class 19A)

In the Southwest Region, Corps Members in the traditional Corps are placed on teams in one of four Units: Earth, Fire, Sun and Water. Each Unit has seven teams and is led by a Unit Leader who manages operations and provides guidance and support to the Team Leaders and Corps Members. Earth Unit: Kevin Rumery, 303-844-7424 Fire Unit: Jolie NeSmith, 303-844-7463 New York and New Jersey Various Teams– Hurricane Sandy Recovery with FEMA, NY and NJ. The teams will assist in ongoing recovery efforts f ollowing Hurricane Sandy, including but not limited to mucking and gutting storm-damaged homes.

Sun Unit: Vaughn Cottman, 303-844-7421 Water Unit: Sean Kuprevich, 303-844-7435 Water 6– Pike San Isabel National Forest, Lake George, CO. This fire management team will be fully trained and equipped as a type II hand crew to respond to fires. Earth 5– National Sports Center for the Disabled, Winter Park, CO. This team will work with the Center to teach adaptive ski and snowboard lessons to individuals with disabilities.

Arizona Sun 1– City of Casa Grande, Casa Grande, AZ. The NCCC team will continue a trail building project on Casa Grande Mountain. Earth 7– Roper Lake State Park & Slide Rock State Park (1/142/14), Sedona, AZ and City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department (2/15-3/22), Phoenix, AZ. At the State Parks, the team will engage in various environmental tasks including tree removal, footbridge rehabilitation, and orchard tree pruning. With City of Phoenix, the team will repair numerous miles or tra ils h eavily used by horse riders. The team will install erosion-control measures, trim trees, and to upkeep of existing buildings.

Missouri Sun 5– Truman Heritage Ha bitat for Humanity, Independence, MO. The team will help with the construction of a three bedroom home of approximately 1260 sq ft in size. Water 4– University of Missouri Extension, Kansas City, M O. The team will process intake of individuals requesting assistance, prepare tax returns, review and provide quality assurance, and tax close out. Water 7– Kansas City CASH Coalition- The team will help by greeting, sorting tax documents, preparing returns, checking accuracy and completion of tax forms, and complying with IRS standards.

Arkansas Sun 2 - Ouachita State Park, Mountain Pine, AR. The t eam will help with trail restoration and campsite renovation damaged by an F2 tornado in 2011.

New Mexico Water 1 - Boys and Girls Club of Farmington, NM. M embers will provide indiv idual and small group mentoring services to Club members, recruitment of Club members and additional volunteers.

Colorado Fire 1– Center Consolidated Schools, Center, CO. The AmeriC orps NCCC team will strengthen the capacity and delivery of academic and social programming both during and after school. Fire 4– El Paso County, Colorado Springs, CO. This fire management team will be t rained and equipped as a type II hand crew to respond to fires with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Wildland Fire C rew. Sun 5– West Generation Academy, Denver, CO. Members will provide one-on-one tutoring, small group instruction, informal math and reading assessments and constructive feedback on classwork. Earth 4– Marycrest Assisted Living and Mile High Ministries, Denver, CO. Members will visit with residents and plan and lead social and wellness activ ities. At MHM, the team will assist with construction and remodeling to expand transitional housing, civ il and legal representation services, and volunteer t raining facilit ies. Fire 7– Denver Asset Building Coalition, Denver, CO. The team will work to encourage good savings practices, U.S. Sav ing Bond purchases, and will become certified to prepare taxes. Earth 3– Denver Green School, Denver, CO. The team will be working in the school on coaching students in math and literacy, improving benchmark assessments, and helping with physical fitness and activity during recess periods. Sun 7– Metro Denver Habitat for Humanity and Food Bank of the Rockies, Denver, CO. Each week, the team will help construct a home this winter and working in the ReStore. The team will also help the Food Bank of the Rockies process and distribute food. Water 3– Piton Foundation, Denver, C O. This team will assist in outreach to low income families on the free tax preparation services. Additionally , the team will help with the tax preparation events as greeters, screeners, quality reviewers, and co-site coordinators. Sun 3– Arapahoe Roosevelt National Forest, Fort Collins, CO. This fire management team will be fully tra ined and equipped as a type II hand crew to respond to fires. Sun 6– Coalition for the Upper South Platte, Lake George, CO. The team will fell trees, c lear debris, and help with erosion prevention measures around the burned-scarred areas of Waldo Canyon in Colorado Springs.

Oklahoma Fire 6 - Central OK Habitat for Humanity, Oklahoma City, OK. The team will help with new home construction, rehabbing existing houses, and volunteer rec ruitment and retention. Water 5- Community Action Project Tulsa, OK. The team will help by greeting, sorting and preparing tax returns, checking accuracy and completion of tax forms, and conducting research. Texas Water 2– Big Bend National Park, Big Bend, TX. The t eam will be working on trail maintenance, willow plantings, grass restoration projects, and invasive spec ies removal. Earth 2– Campfire USA, Granbury, TX. The team will help with interpretiv e trail and programs, improve access to and number of trails, brush removal, and environmental education. Fire 5– Houston Parks & Recreation, TX. Team will remove invasive species and dead trees, plant native trees and plants, and construct demonstration garden beds in the greenhouse. Sun 4– Medina River Natural Area, San Antonio, TX. The team will help the staff with eradicating non-native species, removing trees and restoring natural grasslands for declining grassland bird populations, remove illegally-dumped trash, help schools obtain mini-grants to visit the Natural Area, and re-route sev era l trails that are suffering from erosion. Fire 3– Land Heritage Institute, San Antonio, TX. The NCCC team will assist in the implem entation of the construction of the LHI trail system, help ing with prescribed burns, feral hog trap installation, and other wildlife management practices. Sun 1– San Antonio Habitat for Humanity, San Antonio, TX. The NCCC team will help the San Antonio Habitat for Humanity on the construction of homes in San Antonio and with the volunteer recruitment, outreach, and hosting of volunteers on site. Fire 2– North Texas Area United Way, Wichita Falls, TX. Team Members will be helping prepare taxes, scheduling screenings, and serv ing as greet ers. Members will a lso be working with the local elementary school on mentoring, reading, exerc ising, and after-school activities.

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NCCC Southwest Region

Round 2 Project Locations: January 14-March 22, 2013 NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY


Hurricane Sandy Recovery, Various locations, Earth 1, Fire 1, 5 & 6, Sun 1, 4 &6

Habitat for Humanity San Antonio, San Antonio, Earth 6


Land Heritage Institute, San Antonio, TX, Fire 3 Big Bend National Park, Big Bend, Water 2


Kansas City CASH, Kansas City, Water 7

Houston Parks & Recreation, Houston, Fire 5 Campfire USA, Granbury, Earth 2 North Texas Area United Way, Wichita Falls, Fire 2

University of MO Extension, Kansas City, Water 4

Pike San Isabel National Forest, Lake George, Water 6

Community Action Project, Tulsa, Water 5

Arapahoe Roosevelt National Forest, Fort Collins, Sun 3


El Paso County, Colorado Springs, Fire 4

City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation, Phoenix & Roper Lake State Park/Slide Rock State Park, Sedona, Earth 7

National Sports Center for the Disabled, Winter Park, Earth 5

City of Casa Grande, Sun 1

Coalition for the Upper South Platte, Lake George, Sun 6

ARKANSAS Ouachita State Park, Mountain Pine, Sun 2

Upcoming Deadlines National Member Recruitment:

Southwest Region Project Development

Class 20A: Fall 2013 Start Cycle 

April 1, 201 3 - Team Leader applications due

April 1, 201 3—Corps Member applications due

Class 19A Round 4 (service 5/20-7/17/13)  March 14, 2013: Final Application due  April 8, 2013: Sponsor notification

Class 20B: Winter 2014 Start Cycle 

Metro Denver Habitat for Humanity & Foodbank of the Rockies, Denver, Sun 7

Denver Asset Building Coalition, Denver, Fire 7

Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity, Oklahoma City, Fire 6

Piton Foundation, Denver, Water 3

Denver Green School & Denver Mountain Parks , Denver, Earth 3


Boys and Girls Club of Farmington, Farmington, Water 1

Marycrest Assisted Living & Mile High Ministries, Denver, Earth 4 Center Consolidated Schools, Center, Fire 1

Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity, Independence, Earth 1


West Generation Academy, Denver, Sun 5

August 1, 2013 - Team Leader applications due October 31, 2013 - Corps Member applications due

Member applications can be created and submitted online at For questions about member recruitment, contact Heather Dirck at

For questions about project development, contact the Assistant Program Director for your state:   

Chris Neukom at (AR, AZ, CO, KS) Vicky Reinold at (CO, MO, NM) Crystal Kelley at (CO, OK, TX)

IMPACT In a pilot coordinating national service resources in a strategic way, Center, CO was identified as a target community. NCCC has provided teams to their school district every round since May 2011, and a VISTA program launched there shortly thereafter. At the National Education Roundtable on March 13, Center project sponsor Katrina Caldon-Ruggles said:  The 3rd grade literacy rate has increased exponentially, to 78% (state average = 76%)  The drop-out rate decreased by half  Community volunteerism increased  An after-school art program, a school-wide recycling program, and a bully prevention program were established

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Spotlight on Denver

Green School Denver Green School (DGS) provides a hands-on, brains-on experience that includes all students, staff, families and community, preparing all learners to lead the way toward a sustainable, bright green future. DGS is a Denver Public School serving diverse southeast Denver neighborhoods. DGS is one of the first

schools to obtain Innovation Status, providing the school with the autonomy to implement exciting curricular programs while still receiving the support of Denver Public Schools. DGS is the first Denver Public School to focus on sustainability.

pal and teachers to help students improve benchmark assessments in core content areas. In the spring, the team may transition to helping prepare the farm and garden for spring planting season for the next phase of DGS’s farm-to-cafeteria program.

Earth 3, led by Team Leader Scott Ferrier, tutor elementary and middle school children in math and literacy. Corps Members work closely with the princi-

In the two weeks since the project began, the team has tutored 35 elementary students for 342 hours and 10 middle school students for 100 hours.

Alumni Engagement


Do you find yourself lying awake at night wondering how you could re-live your days in NCCC? Well the next best thing is here! Stay involved with the NCCC Southwest Region campus by helping us in one of the following ways.

Spread the Word

Volunteer with Teams

The measure of our effectiveness can be amplified with your help! If you see or hear someone talking about the impact or usefulness of NCCC, we’d like to know about it! Our main campus email is We also encourage you to spread the word about NCCC at conferences, with colleagues and friends, and other appropriate places. Thanks!

There are opportunities in Rounds 2 (Jan-Mar) and 4 (May-July) each year to volunteer with a team during their Day of Service - projects organized by each team near their spike location. Come by yourself or with co-workers, family, or friends! Contact Heather or check out our Facebook page each round for spike locations.

Live outside of the Southwest Region? The regional campus in your area would love to hear from you! For Atlantic, contact Sam. For Southern, contact Erika. For North Central, contact Angela. For Pacific, contact Sandra.

Develop Project Ideas If you work for a nonprofit or government agency or know someone who does, and could use the brawn and ability to get things done that an NCCC team offers, please let us know! We are always looking for fresh and meaningful project ideas. Contact Vicky (CO, MO, NM), Crystal (CO, OK, TX,), or Chris (AR, AZ, CO, KS) for more information.

Recruit New Members We can use all the help we can get with recruitment, especially now that we are looking for twice as many members with the addition of FEMA Corps. We’ll host webinars to get you up to speed on the current talking points, send you recruitment materials, and can find and register you for recruitment events. Contact Rachel for more information.

The Traveler - March 2013  
The Traveler - March 2013  

This is the Winter 2013 edition of The Traveler, the newsletter for AmeriCorps NCCC's Southwest Region.