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What Is Micro Pave Streets Paved With Diamonds Micro Pave Engagement Rings _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Michale Heen -

Pave" (with an accent on the "e") is the French word for pave, as in the road is paved with asphalt. Except in this case it is paved with gemstones. The method calls for stones to be placed as closely together as possible. This is a very early jewelry making method possibly dating back thousands of years. It is not difficult to do but an experienced jeweler's work will have the stones very close together and very little metal showing. It is done by drilling holes in the metal and placing the stone in the holes. A tiny bead of metal is then drawn over the edge of the stone securing it into place.

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There is some disagreement in the jewelry world about the exact definition of "pave." Some would not consider a piece as pave unless it was made by hand. There are similar disputations about what micro pave is. Some argue that it is the setting of tiny diamonds by microscope. Others would say that the only stipulation is the size of the diamonds. Most agree that micro pave uses diamonds that are 0.005 ct to 0.01 ct, and that the stones cover the surface of the metal to some extent to achieve a paved look.Just like cobble stones pave a street and grout or cement hold them in place, diamonds or other gemstones are the main attraction in this type of jewelry and the gold is just the glue that holds them in place.

Some settings come prepared for paving with built in prongs for the stones. But the more traditional method is the beading method. Micro paving is a hallmark of fine jewelry making. It is classy and can be expensive due to the possibility of labor intensity. The outcome is well worth it.Micro paving is currently a very popular style in jewelry, especially in engagement rings. These rings catch a lot of light and look fabulous. Some really precise micro paving can be done with microscopic technology. This reduces the amount of labor and increases the precision of the jewelry.

Some really amazing work can be done with paving assisted by microscope. Micro pave required a little more maintenance than other settings. They are at higher risk for damage and loss of the tiny diamonds. The diamonds can even be dislodged by traditional cleaning methods. They need to be carefully cleaned and inspected a couple times a year.

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