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By Jonr Jony - As long as computer technology continues to advance, free handheld games would be sprouting on the web without limits. Gone are the days of playing the typical Mario or Circus video games. What's more sophisticated and ground-breaking nowadays are Sudoku, Handheld games Nintendo, Gears of War, Advanced Puzzles, Big City Adventure and other handheld types of games that completely become the latest craze among teenagers, young adults and even corporate geeks. If you lose control over your leisure hours and get pass with office moments, you are likely to get addictive. The world of gaming could be a traitor if you don't get the hang of it sensibly

Free handheld games can be downloaded without any expense. If you just pick the right game software and a high performance video card for your desktop, you won't have any trouble playing any game. Some of the games that are easy to play online are text twist, Tetris, Tiger Woods golf game, solitaire, tower quest, 100 puzzles, deal or no deal and a lot more. The future generation is surely to get loaded with portable kind of entertainment in the form of electronic games which can be played on laptops, desktops and even mobile phones. Portability is on top of the priority among technology developers and gadget makers.

For Palm users and smart phone subscribers, free handheld games are also downloadable through some websites. In fact, the Acid Solitaire Collection is one to mention. It's a totally well-demonstrated game that you can play for the first two weeks without any payment. Speaking of revolutionary and sporty game, the Football Manager 2007 version game is one of those that are quick to explore and play. All the choices to play this game are apparent to whoever is playing it. Intensive segments of management, field techniques and scoring motives are easy to navigate. You can learn how to play the game on your own or you can consult the game makers for pieces of advice., and are among the popular sites where you can get hold of information and tips on how to play free handheld games. Target Asteroid, Missiles Attack, Asteroid Rain, Coast Threat and Cross Fire are just a few of the many choices you could have. For sure, if you are a gaming fanatic, you can't wait to play what the latest is. Sony and Nintendo can give you answers, and so are the other industry players. Whether you are playing on your desktop, cellular phone, play station or handheld palm pilot device, it's the same kind of fun and thrill you'll experience as you fight and win. Your goal is always to beat the enemies or gather stuff to accelerate to the next level. Along the way, you can get to be a more strategic player. You could also be addicted if you're not being time-conscious.

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Handheld games  
Handheld games  

A handheld video game is a video game designed for a handheld device. In the past, this primarily meant handheld game