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The Concept of this project is water flow by interpreting this concept into my design I have created a cafe space that is located on a lake, in my cafe space I have added a water wheel to create air flow within the space.

Water Wheel Cafe

I have created sloping roof to collect rain water-rain water travels down the bamboo roof leading it into the water wheel which is a part of the lake, there would be a water pumping system installed to collect water from the lake flowing it through the bamboo roof top and back into the lake. I have added louvered window’s for air flow, I have added solar panels above the bar/ kitchen roof to use natural power. The style of the building is inspired by Japanese exterior design, the interior has more of a modern style bringing in the natural material to it creating and environmental space, and this is also relating the interior space to the outdoor site view.

Air Flow

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Water Flow

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Water Wheel Cafe  
Water Wheel Cafe  

Cafe created in a sustainable way.