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A year of Transition and Successes 1111 14th St. NW., Suite #1100, Washington, DC, 20005 •

Issue Number 174 Fall 2013

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News & Reports

President’s Message What an exciting year 2013 has been for HDA!

The last eleven months have been quite a journey for the HDA. With our new office in Washington DC our association continues to grow! The HDA board, David Peña, Andrew Kaffes and Carolina Peña are taking our brand and advocacy efforts to the next level! I would like to thank our Board of Trustees for their vision, our chapter leaders for their dedication and hardwork and all our partners, sponsors and corporate roundtable members for their continued support of our work and mission. When hundreds convened in Boston for the recent National Hispanic Dental Association Annual Meeting, the most striking development was not only what professionals and students had to say, but who was at our convention. We counted with a profusion of professionals ranging from dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, business people, physicians, nurses, engineers and many others all representing the best new hope for discovery in the much needed movement in medical-dental partnerships. Maritza Morell, DMD, MS, MPH President, HDA Board

This appreciation for the obvious importance of partnership comes at a compelling time when our nation is talking about health care for all. There is an integration of the simple human wish to treat emerging oral diseases as well the fiscal and economic pressures bearing down on the health care system.

Our health care system is under growing pressure that will only escalate as health care reform is implemented and trends will demand that we accelerate innovation. With over 50 million Hispanic residents and a quarter of them in poverty and either uninsured or underinsured, many of the changes in health care will affect the Hispanic population living in the United States directly. HDA has continued to actively participate in promoting oral health and the prevention of disease in the Hispanic community for the past 23 years. One of our foremost priorities as leaders of the Hispanic Dental Association has been to help establish a partnership mindset in which, rather than retreating behind association lines, we make an active effort to reach beyond them. HDA values a partnership-driven approach. For example, we recently partnered with ADEA to provide leadership sessions to our rising student leaders to prepare them to participate in organized dentistry. We have also participated in collaborations and partnerships with other organizations and associations like ADA, ADEA, NDA, SAID and AAWD. In addition, we have partnered with Procter and Gamble to provide our emerging leaders the necessary tools to empower them and to share best leadership practices. HDA is nurturing a leadership model that confines the flow of knowledge from mentors to students. We close this year with nine professional chapters, 24 active student chapters, the reinstatement of the Howard University chapter in Washington, DC and two new chapters: Stony Brook University and University of Detroit Mercy. Our professional members served more than 4,000 people in need and conducted 3 dental missions to Africa, Haiti and Mexico. They hosted more than 21 events across the country and granted continuing education credits to more than 500 dentists. What a year! I am humbled to have served as President and I look forward to an exciting year of growth under Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez. Thank you.

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2013 Board of Trustees


President Maritza Morell, DMD, MS, MPH Boston, MA

Amaralis Jacobo, DDS New York, NY

President-Elect Tyrone Rodriguez, DDS Moses Lake, WA Treasurer Vidal Balderas, DDS, MPH San Antonio, TX Immediate Past President Lilia Larin, DDS National City, CA


Michael Lopez Mountain View, CA Millie McClain, PHN, PhD Las Vegas, NV Zuzana Mendez, DDS Boston, MA

Frank Ramos, DDS San Antonio, TX Esperanza Rodriguez, DDS Bronx, NY Student Trustee Martha Orozco Houston, TX CEO/Executive Director David Peña, Jr. Washington, DC

David Peña, Jr. CEO/Executive Director Carolina Peña, Newsletter Editor HDA News & Reports is published four times annually by the Hispanic Dental Association, and distributed to members and other dental professionals interested in the oral health of the Hispanic population.

Ricardo Mendoza, DDS Chicago, IL

©2013 Hispanic Dental Association

174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

News & Reports

Dr. Maritza Morell and David Peña, Jr. Representing HDA at the 2013 ADA Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

L to R: Dr. Edward Chappelle of NDA, Dr. Drew Preston of SAID, Dr. Robert A. Faiella, DDS of ADA, and Dr. Maritza Morell, of HDA.

Did you enjoy this Fall Issue of News & Reports? We want your feedback- both positive and constructive so we can do better next time. E-mail us at with your comments & we may send you some HDA goodies! HDA leaders with Dr. Edward Chappelle, President of NDA.

Student Trustee Message The HDA is an organization that is greatly invested in providing a voice for students at the local and national level. As the student representative, I had the opportunity to provide direct input regarding matters that impact Hispanic students across the nation. I was exposed to issues which directly impact our career such as: oral health issues, immigration, health care reform act, mid-level providers, etc. During this past year, our organization was able to incorporate several new student chapters which are expected to serve as vehicles for mentorship of dental students. They were also designed to allow pre-dental students acquire information and provide guidance in their career pursuit. Over the last year, we have successfully increased the amount of student input at the national level. A new student-trustee committee, consisting of three students, is projected to start this following year working closely with the board. Working alongside P&G and A-dec, I had the opportunity to coordinate the student events that took place during our Annual Meeting in Boston, MA. Several student workshops focused primarily on refining student-leadership skills and highlighted our HDA-SEAL values. Being part of the board of trustees has been a very rewarding experience. I was educated on issues that revolve around our career and I heartily encourage all students to get involved and make a difference as we continue to refine our wonderful profession.

Martha Orozco HDA Student Trustee

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013 174 •. Summer Fall 2013


President Elect: The History,Vision and Goals of Dr.Tyrone Rodriguez

News & Reports Why is being president in 2014 significant?

I feel, 2014 is the year that Organized Dentistry will define itself. In this economic, social and political climate, healthcare is at the forefront of public awareness. The Hispanic Dental Association is positioned unlike any other dental group to make great strides in Organized Dentistry and Healthcare because of its innovative mission, membership and leadership structures. The HDA is a mission rather than a membership driven association. Our volunteer leadership is guided by the dictum of “being the leaders in Hispanic Oral Health promotion and improvement for our communities.”

Photographs by Samantha Deyette. Copyright 2013 The WSDA News. Used by permission

I like to think of it like, “Ask not what your association can do for you but what can you do for your community through your association.” Truly, this is an empowering paradigm shift in Dentistry. Our Hispanic communities are quickly approaching a collective of one in five people living in this country. Furthermore, the pillars of (S.E.A.L.) Service, Education, Advocacy and Leadership focus the inherent selfless passion that is at the heart of our association.

What is your leadership style? As an avid scholar of leadership, my leadership style is a desire to be better today than I was yesterday and I want that from those around me. Leading by example and serving others drives me, so I don’t take the lead, I take the initiative. To whom do you owe your success to? I am product of all my mentors over the years. Many of which have come from my involvement with HDA and my expanded family. I owe a great deal to my faith, family and friends. I hold dear my parents, Luis and Magdalena that came as youngsters to this country with very little but gave back to so many, overcame adversity through hard work and now are blessed for doing so. Finally, and most importantly, I am eternally grateful to my wife of 22 years, Victoria, who has selflessly shared me with my pursuits as a mother, inspiration, a mentor and a gift second to none. What is your vision as president of HDA? My desire for 2014 is to empower HDA. The Hispanic population in the United States has specific health challenges related to oral health care, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a need for healthy pregnancies. I will push the HDA to seek out synergies with the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and the March of Dimes. I will work in strengthening the HDA brand by telling our story and sharing our mission more creatively. I will work with a task force to develop a national outreach program unique and exclusive to HDA so that we may uniquely serve our communities and their oral health needs like never before. I will continue to push for diversification of membership and leadership to exemplify the multitude of providers and stakeholders needed to solve the Access, Utilization and Appreciation of Oral Healthcare issues. I am excited to serve and eager for your support. Si se puede!


174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

History With HDA *Attended my first HDA national meeting in Chicago in 2000 and have attended every HDA annual meeting since. *Helped push for HSDA student Trustee position at National level. *Served as HDA student chapter president UT Houston 2000-2003. *Recipient of multiple Dr. Juan Villareal, HDA Scholarships. *Helped create first HSDA student newsletter, “La Sonrisa”. *First Student Trustee appointed to HDA Board. *Helped push for student award from Procter and Gamble- helping Creation of Orgullo HDA Student Chapter Award. *First Student Chapter member to win Orgullo in 2004- UT Houston. *Helped push for HDA student award from Dentsply after receiving SCADA national table clinic award. *Have participated in multiple HDA student and professional Humanitarian Outreaches: Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, MOM, and Nigeria. *Participated in the formation of Greater Houston HDA. *Participated in the formation of Greater San Antonio HDA and served as first president of the chapter. *Participated in the formation of Eastern WA chapter and currently serves as president. *Participate in multiple HDA “Days on the Hill”, HDA Washington D.C. awareness. *Participated in HDA national HQ relocation efforts to D.C. *Helped create HDA logo: (S.E.A.L.) Service, Education, Advocacy and Leadership. *Served on HDA Membership, Governance, Finance, and Legislative Committees. *Served on first HDA Chapter intercouncil meeting. *Served as Trustee, Treasurer, Vice President and President Elect of HDA. *Will be first HDA student trustee to become national president of HDA.

News & Reports

The historic transition has been one in which the HDA has set its foundation for the future. David Peña, Jr.

2013: AYear In Review A NEW HOME:

For over two decades, the Hispanic Dental Association had a vision of being a presence in Washington, DC. Under the leadership of President Dr. Lilia Larin in 2012, the Board of Directors began the planning process of relocating the national office from Springfield, Illinois to Washington, DC. As part of the relocation, they hired an established association executive, David Peña, Jr. of Texas, as Chief Executive Officer to oversee the transition, to open the new national headquarters and to help shepherd a new vision towards greater growth and a true national presence. The transition has been historic, physical, and one in which the HDA sets its foundation for the future.


Essential to the new presence was taking its position as the only national organization focused on the Oral Health of the emerging Hispanic population. Armed with data, passion and the conviction to make an impact on the oral health profession and disparities, the HDA has positioned itself as the national voice and true partner in Washington, DC. Over the past year HDA, through its CEO, leaders, and advocates, has ensured that the voice of the underserved community is being heard by members of congress, industry leaders, and other national Hispanic organizations. This has been implemented through: meetings, policy letters, press conferences, and policy meetings which was made possible by having direct access to national leaders in Washington, DC and from across the country.


The Hispanic Dental Association has a rich legacy of leadership and a voice within the profession. With its recent move the HDA strategically looked at its brand, its messaging, and its connection to the core of its organization: its membership. Communication was key internally and externally. With data in hand and new communications staff at the national office, the board of directors through funding from the DentaQuest Foundation developed a series and strategic plans to learn from its members for greater participation and engagement. During the past year, the Association has revamped its website which has resulted in a sharp increase in traffic, views, and member enrollment. Working with Carolina Peña, National Coordinator of Marketing and Membership, the communications committee has laid out goals for every publication that the Association now publishes. There is a greater emphasis on the profession, on the service of its members, and in profiling leaders throughout the country. The organization has also expanded its online presence with a very robust Facebook page and with a Twitter account which had a post that was re-Tweeted over 10,000 times. With the headquarters in Washington, DC, David Peña, CEO, has also been able to take advantage of the local media market and national organizations who have bureaus in the city. This resulted in several live interviews and a national radio interview. HDA is grateful to national media partners like CNN Español, Univision Radio, The Washington Hispanic, and others for allowing the organization to have the opportunity to get the message out to the Hispanic community.

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013 174 •. Summer Fall 2013


News & Reports

LasVegas 2014

Mark your calendars for: August 22-23, 2014. You won’t want to miss this conference. Join us for the Hispanic Dental Association’s 24th Annual Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will be hosted at the Cosmopolitan, one Las Vegas’s newest hotels.

Vidal Balderas, DDS, MPH, President Elect & 24th HDA Conference Chair

Make your plans early to take advantage of great continuing education courses for the latest topics in Dentistry and Hispanic Oral Health as well enjoying time with friends and networking and opportunities to expand on your leadership development.

2014 Dates to Save: EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES NATIONWIDE EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES NATIONWIDE Earn excellent wages while providing care to chilEarn excellent wages while providing care to children dren Work full or part time Work full or part time No evenings, weekends weekends or holidays No evernings, or holidays We provide allall ofofthe support We provide the administrative administrative support



CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION 174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

March 29

- HDA Regional Dental Student Conference, San Antonio, TX

April 12

- HDA Regional Dental Student Conference, Chicago, IL

News & Reports

Members on the Spotlight Why are you a member of HDA? I believe in the HDA’s mission and purpose, thus I’m a Supporting Member of this organization. I also am attracted to the fact that we can reach out to young dentists.

Sidney R. Gallegos DDS Chair, Partners In Diversity Committee School of Dentistry, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

What are three things you do to motivate yourself and others around you? Although I’m in private practice I have always contributed to providing ideas and ways to address the access to oral health care issues that are a major part of the overall health care of all Americans.

How can HDA members bridge the oral health disparities gap in the Latino community? All dentists can make a difference regarding this problem if they chose to. I’m Chair of the Partners in Diversity Committee at the UW School of Dentistry which addresses raising scholarship monies for dental students of historically underrepresented minorities namely, Hispanic, Native American and African American students. The students who receive our scholarship monies are always so grateful. I strongly urge young graduates to get involved in s upporting up and coming students as early as possible. Mentors are always important to students. We learn by example and leadership. What is one fun fact about you? I love to fish and be out in a stream far and away from any distractions other than the elements.

Thomas Lloyd


Oral Health Is Important During Pregnancy and Early Childhood Parents and caregivers need to protect the oral health of their young children. Tooth decay remains one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood – and it can be prevented! Daily brushing and flossing contribute to overall health even at an early age. Take your baby to the dentist by his or her first birthday – and then schedule regular dental check-ups as recommended by the child’s doctor or dentist. Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) cover children’s dental services, such as teeth cleanings, check-ups, x-rays, fluoride, dental sealants and fillings. Some states cover dental services for pregnant women, too. A family of four with income up to $47,100 or more may qualify for free or low-cost health insurance through Medicaid or CHIP. To learn more, call 1-877-KIDS-NOW or visit and click on “Learn More about Programs in Your State.”

What do you when you are not studying? Spend time with my wife and two daughters and mountain bike.

What the best thing about being a HDA member? Being able to serve under-privileged areas in San Antonio, especially children who need quality dental education and care.

What is your favorite book? Hunder Games by Suzanne Collins.

Most valuable advice I received as a dental student? Stay caim and carry on.

Who is your favorite Hispanic influential figure? Marco Rubio. My 3 goals as an HSDA leader at UTHSCA are: 1. Increase HSDA membership in my local chapter. 2. Provide service in the community via oral health education to under served areas. 3. Provide positive learning experiences to HSDA members via “lunch and learns” and community outreach programs.

Three things I am passionate about: 1. My family 2. Mountain Biking 3. Dentistry My Media Mix 1. Song I listened to most this year: Anything by Cold Play. 2. Currently watching on TV. Walking Dead. 3. Magazine/blog: Sport Illustrated. 4. Website: (BYU Sports fan website). Photo credits by: Lindsay Loo Photography

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013 174 •. Summer Fall 2013


News & Reports

A year of Accomplishments In Service and Education $ 60,000

The amount donated in free services by the Eastern Washington Study Club with Dr. Karen Young, John Rome, and Tyrone Rodriguez.

50 +

Service-oriented events held in undeserved communities.


Student Scholarships Awarded by Professional Chapters.

$ 2000

The total amount raised by the North Texas HDA Chapter’s ZUMBATHON FUNDRAISER under the leadership of Dr. Carlos Nurko. The funds raised on June 29th were donated to Happy Tooth/El Diente Feliz fund to provide care to about 20 children at Community Dental Care Clinics in Dallas.


174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013


Adults and children who received services from HDA members during dental mission trips.

News & Reports


K-12 and pre-dental students who learned about dental careers from an HDA student member during the Crest Oral-B Orgullo Competition.


Special Athletes were screened by Greater Chicago HDA members during the Special Olympics.

NOTES AL:  PICTURE  LIKE  THIS  OR  SIMILAR-­‐­‐free-­‐stock-­‐photos-­‐ blue-­‐us-­‐3d-­‐state-­‐map-­‐image8223098     ALSO  SEE  MY  PHOTO  OF  THE  SAMPLE  I  LIKE.  

HDA in 2013    


People were reached with oral health education and outreach by the University of Maryland HSDA chapter .

33 HDA in 2013

NOTES AL:  PICTURE  LIKE  THIS  OR  SIMILAR-­‐­‐free-­‐stock-­‐photos-­‐ blue-­‐us-­‐3d-­‐state-­‐map-­‐image8223098     ALSO  SEE  MY  PHOTO  OF  THE  SAMPLE  I  LIKE.  

Continuing Education events held through our Professional Chapters.

$ 40,000

Were donated to 8 dental clinics during Colgate Oral Health Month this July 2013.

174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013


News & Reports

2013 Advocacy Highlights

HDA’s outreach on Capitol Hill in the 113th Congress focused on developing a closer-working relationship with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC). The aim was to elevate the importance of oral health on the already busy policy agenda of the caucus. As a result of meetings held with CHC staff, including its executive director and senior health policy advisor, HDA lent its voice to ensure oral health was properly included in the development of health disparities legislation by the Tri-Caucus (CHC, Congressional Black Caucus, and Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus) that will be introduced by the end of the fall.

Separately, the reintroduction of the Comprehensive Dental Reform Act of 2013 in September allows HDA to advocate for specific provisions that resonate with HDA’s mission to identify provisions that require improvement. In other policy areas, HDA advocated in testimony for proper levels of FY2014 federal funding for the Health Professions Training for Diversity and Oral Health Training programs at the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) during the appropriations process.

Also, HDA continues to work with coalition groups to advocate for the profession and access to oral health care. Looking to 2014, advocacy efforts will continue to focus on legislative efforts to improve access to care and to address the elimination of oral health disparities; will work to augment the voice of oral health on Capitol Hill via the Oral Health Caucus, and furthermore, HDA can expect ongoing budget debates where public health programs of importance to Hispanic oral health must be championed. HDA will look for increased grassroots participation as well.

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174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

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1:00 PM

News & Reports

Leadership Development 2013 was an extremely successful year for HDA and the continued development of its Board of Trustees. Through a multi-year and multi-faceted grant from Procter and Gamble/Crest Oral-B, the HDAwas able to execute a series of high level programs that foster learning environments for innovative leadership development while preparing Hispanic Oral Health Professional to assume leadership positions in the dental profession and their communities.

Dr. Merelyn Hong MHDA leader

Dr. Maritza Morell

HDA and SAID Student Members

ADEA-led Student Town Hall & Leadership Training

Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez

Dr. Ana Tonet MHDA leader

Dr. Ernie Garga Conducting Board Training at Harvard Dental School

Top row, L to R: Dr. Loren, Dr. Amarilis Jacobo, Dr. Michael Lopez, Mrs. Susan Lopez, Dr. Amiro Roman. Middle row: Dr. Merelyn Hong, Dr. Esperanza Rodriguez, Mr. JR Gonzales, Dr. Ana Tonet, Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez. Bottom row: Dr. Zuzana Mendez, Dr. Maritza Morell, Dr. Aidee Herman, and Dr. Luz Marina Aguirre. HDA leaders with Leadership Training Facilitator J.R. Gonzales.

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013 174 •. Summer Fall 2013


News & Reports


174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

News & Reports

Annual Meeting Perspectives: By Michael Lopez, DDS Chair, Student Relations Committee, UCSF, DAA HDA Trustee and Faculty Advisory Committee, AAUCSF Executive Board, AAUCSF Diversity Committee, and DAA Executive Board Upon my return from what historically has been the most invigorating conference for me, the Hispanic Dental Association national Annual Meeting, reflections on cultural sensitivity and diversity ensued. This meeting brings together members of NDA, SAID and HDA. It is a different group of people thanmany other meetings, in that the participants for the most part are committed to access to care, outreach and education for the underserved. One focus of the meeting was presented by the Deans of Harvard and Tufts University, who shared their perspectives on admissions and recruitment at their schools. The discussion highlighted the need for effective outreach and inspiration for young students for health science careers. We also had workshops and presentations on Faculty Advisors function and potential. Attendees are some truly committed people who are striving to find ways to inspire our students toward community service.  This conference highlights the diversity of Latinos. We have people from Mexico, South, Central America and a strong representation from the Caribbean. Apart from the geographical differences, we have differences in experiences relating to the underserved. For the most part, although the perspective and awareness of the details vary, the concern for people who cannot afford access to care is a shared passion. While some controversial comments were made relating to the value of maintaining culture and the abilities of minorities, valuable time was spent discussing cultural competency and the social implications of the comments and conclusions presented. As leaders and role models in our communities, especially among students, it is important to have representative hard data [to the Latino experience] to support our position when speaking on the national stage. It was agreed that negative anecdotal stories were not helpful to our cause. A comment was made saying, “ Latino’s don’t want their children to go to college, they say, no mijo, don’t go to college, stay home and work at McDonalds”. That comment, chilled many people in the room and is an arrow in the heart of the parents who have worked multiple jobs and sacrificed so that their children could get education and a better life. Another conclusion “showed” the positive correlation between Cultural Assimilation and a decrease in caries rate. I am not sure there is a real science investigation that factors economics, education, diet and assimilation, relating to Latino’s. Many people would argue that we can maintain our cultural identity, as well as gain knowledge, health and success at the same time.  Even though many HDA members work in URM (under represented minority) communities, they do not believe that cultural sensitivity is a given. At the university level, we need to work to redefine the face of Diversity. It is clear we are moving beyond color and language as a model. Socio-economic awareness and commitment are important factors. Effective, thoughtful [premeditated] outreach for new candidates is paramount. Culturally sensitive faculty and mentors are the catalyst. The last piece is critical mass. We need all of this in sufficient numbers so that our community can sustain itself and reverse the 40-year trend that has kept our numbers stagnate. As HDA members we have work to do. How are you increasing diversity and promoting cultural sensitivity in your community? (Follow this discussion on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages).

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013 174 •. Summer Fall 2013


News & Reports

A Student’s Perspective: The 2013 Annual Meeting By Joeseph Potter

The Boston Red Sox dominated the post-season World Series run. The New England Patriots almost had a perfect half-season in the NFL; however, the hottest team in Boston this September was the Hispanic Dental Association. HDA president, Dr. Maritza Morrell, hosted a memorable Annual Meeting in her host city of Boston. Since last fall, we have seen many exciting collaborative events, beginning with the first ever Multicultural Oral Health Summit in Boca Raton, Florida to the ADA Annual Session in San Francisco, the SAID Annual Session in Seattle, and the NDA’s 100th Annual Session in Washington, DC. Having the opportunity to attend many of these conferences, I have seen, first hand, the effects that these collaborative efforts have had on the student members of the HDA and all the Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA) chapters across the country. The networking opportunities between student and professional chapters have been abundant and it has been a great pleasure to reconnect with friends and colleagues throughout the past year. Being able to openly share our successes and failures with each other have greatly impacted our experiences as students. For Ricardo Lemus these opportunities have been invaluable for him. He said, “As a Hispanic dental student at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) and former president of the UMMC SoD HSDA student chapter, there are very few Hispanic dental students here, let alone Hispanic dentists. My classmates and our faculty realized the importance of serving the underserved Hispanic community, and HDA has united all races and ethnicities here at UMMC SoD to do just that -serve the Hispanic community in Mississippi.” The feeling of community and family seem to be a common theme that I continue to hear from HSDA students across the country.

Best of Annual Meeting: By Natasha Diaz

Orgullo poster viewing and seeing others showcase their chapter’s community involvement and outreach programs. It was a great opportunity for students to meet each other while discussing what programs worked for their chapter. We shared our successes and were able to create innov tive ideas for our HSDA local chapters. I was truly inspired by the difference our HSDA chapters make in our communities. They volunteer at local soup kitchens, organize Spanish classes for dental professionals, Hispanic students encouraging them to enroll into student dental programs, and more. I am proud to be a part of this extraordinary organization.


Though there have been several opportunities to network, we students need to take the time to network and to communicate with each other more. Perhaps, Vane Antolinez, Vice President of the University of California at San Francisco HSDA Chapter put it best. She says, “I think that the most I get when I go to conferences is networking. I really wish that there were even more activities for us students to come together and talk about issues, either how we can help our schools to acept more Hispanics into dentistry, how we can collaborate within us to make our projects more successful.” She captures what I feel is the essence and strength of the HSDA when she says, “I always think that five people will think of more than one can alone. If all the chapters come together, and collaborate, then we will be stronger as an organization. Our ultimate goal should not be us but the community.” The HDA offers great opportunities by giving us programs and events tailored to us at the Annual Meetings. The 2013 Annual Meeting had events for students from before the official start until finish. On Thursday night, Daniel Gonzalez, of Tufts University and Harvard University’s Chiara Rivas-Morello hosted a “Meet and Greet” at Tufts University. It was a great informal opening ceremony (and probably my favorite event of the program) for the students and a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. On Friday, HSDA chapters participated in the exciting Orgullo Poster Competition sponsored by Crest Oral-B and had an amazing Student Reception afterwards recognizing the winners. On Saturday, Paula Vogel from A-dec moderated a Student Leadership training based on the values printed on the official Seal of the HDA: Service, Education, Advocacy and Leadership. This was followed by a small ceremony recognizing fourth-year students in attendance. Finally, on Sunday at the Student ADEA Leadership Training, I was personally very excited to hear about the progress that ADEA is making in its efforts to continue the successful Student Ambassador Program formerly put on by the American Dental Association. If you left behind many of your fellow chapter members, Martha recommends: communicate your newly found knowledge with your local student chapters and continue our endeavors in Las Vegas next year!” To echo her comments, as we continue to benefit and learn via the Hispanic Dental Association and the valuable connections we make at every Annual Meeting, let’s remember to extend the energy and knowledge to those who couldn’t join us and bring them along next year. See you in Vegas!.


174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

News & Reports

2013 Corporate Roundtable Members

For better dentistry

Colgate American Express Bankers Health Group A-dec Darby Dental Supply Dentsply International Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. Air Force Recruiting Service Delta Dental Dentca Inc Dentegra

Dentist’s Advantage GC America

Texas Association of Community Health Centers

Henry Schein

Yankee Dental Congress

Klockner of North America

American Dental Association

HealthDrive Corporation

National Dental Association

EHR Funding

Society of American Indian Dentists

Crest Oral-B

HDA Foundation

Lutheran Medical Center

Atlantic Precious Metal Refining

National Dental PBRN

Willamette Dental Group

Philips- Sonicare & Zoom Whitening

Myofunctional Research Co.

R&D Sevices Amalgam Separators

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research Ultralight Optics




HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013 174 •. Summer Fall 2013


News & Reports

2013 HDA National Student Chapter of theYear

100+ HDA members

Engaged more than 50% of chapter members in service and educational activities. Members performed oral evaluations, cancer screenings, head and neck exams, applied fluoride varnish on children. Students taught patients how to effectively brush their teeth and floss, gave written and verbal oral hygiene instructions, distributed bags of floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. University of Maryland

2013 HDA National Professional Chapter of theYear GSAHDA offered 10 local student scholarships. Provided the BOLD Pipeline Presentation model: Building Our Leaders in Dentistry Actively engage with students for networking, lunch and learns and other events.

3000 people were

reached through their services.

Greater San Antonio HDA


174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

News & Reports

Scholarship Recipients 2013 “My experiences have reaffirmed the importance of orthodontic participation in the treatment of craniofacial anomalies and have inspired me to become part of a craniofacial team in the future. Upon graduation I hope to continue to be a positive force in the Hispanic community, giving back as a clinician, educator, and leader. The HDA Colgate-Palmolive Scholarship will help me to achieve my goals by alleviating some of the debt burden associated with dental education. I am very grateful to have been selected as a recipient.”

Carmen Garcia

University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Jesus Patino

University of California, San Francisco

This scholarship will allow me to begin my dental education and allow me to one day return to this border city and provide dental care to those who need it most.” Alejandro Barrera

The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

Mark Ortega

Alejandro Barrera

UCLA School of Dentistry

The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

Franco Cevasco

University of Texas Health & Science Center at San Antonio

Daniel Gonzalez

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Alejandro Barrera

The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

Christian Paez

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Juan D. Villarreal

“I have been introduced to the huge lack of dental health resources in the very city I was born and raised in (Laredo, TX).

Denise Ceron

University of Louisville School of Dentistry

Penelope Cornelio Middlesex Community College

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013 174 •. Summer Fall 2013


News & Reports Welcome New Professional Members! Linda Markle of Bethel, AK Sylvia Maynard Smith of Baltimore, MD Douglas Cross of New Orleans, LA Jimmy Londono of Augusta, GA Rene Vela of Dallas, TX Francisco Fuentes of Malone, NY Reinaldo Negro of Piedmount, CA Maria Fuentes of Fort Myers, FL Abrahim Caroci of Rochester, NY Mathew Lucero of Austin, TX Elliott Dombroff of Syosset, NY Sandra Ray of New Orleans, LA Pat Young of Kendallville, IN Catherine Perales of Wesley Chapel, FL Alison Fletcher of Baltimore, MD Nathin Fletcher, Baltimore, MD Irene Skirius of Riverside, IL Claudia Rivera of Gretna, LA Robert Johns of Washington, DC Cecilia Sedillo of Las Cruces, NM Brian Wong of Tucson, AZ Annie Tsang of Vancouver, Canada Julio Marin of Terrytown, LA Ibelch Catalan Luna of Scottsdale, AZ Austin Nunez of Austin, TX Jennifer Nunez of Austin, TX Rebecca Rodriguez of Yakima, WA Ana Villegas of Mexico Tricia Fullerton of Houston, TX Deborah Brown of Killen, AL Catherine Stevenson, ME Monica Archuleta of Ojo Caliente, NM Carolyn Velazquez of El rito, NM Melissa Ceballes Gonzalez of El rito, NM Hedley Rakusin of Dallas, TX Hector Martinez Menchaca of Louisville, KY Marcela Hernandez, Iowa City, IA Debra Ryken of El Cajon, CA Anabella Henao-Aldrey of Coppell, TX Alexandra Maring of Madison Heights, MI Magaly Cardenas of Hudson, NH Avelino Silva of Cerrito, CA Perry Jeffries of Greensboro, NC Sidney Gallegos of Federal Way, WA Hector Rodriguez of Miami, FL Mark Mitchell of Portland, OR Paulette Andrade of Louisville, KY Janie Pineda of Houston, TX Mathew Burdick of FPO Armed Forces Pacific Thelma Porras-Guaderrama of Pittsburg, CA Richard Mowry of Chula Vista, CA Nathalia Padilla of San Diego, CA Egla Barber of Chula Vista, CA


Christian Paez

Vanessa Moore

Jose Mendoza

University of Maryland School of Dentistry

University of Texas Health & Science Center at San Antonio

University of Washington School of Dentistry

Alina O’ Brien Columbia University

Britta Martinez

Aliana Caridad

College of Dental Medicine

“I plan to create an interpreting program at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, which will enable the student run clinics to effectively treat more Hispanics patients and cater to their specific needs.”

Andres Villalobos

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

Oregon Health & Science University

University of Pennsylvania

Ana Calles

Asley Elliot

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Ana Torre-Ordaz Pacific University

174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

Pacific University

Antonio Quintanilla University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

Paula Lee

Mt Hood Community College

News & Reports

Award Winners National Service Award:

Norma Reyes, DDS, Immediate Past President of the Greater San Antonio HDA Professional Chapter, for outstanding contributions, dedication and leadership towards the elimination of oral health disparities.

Colgate/HDA National Outstanding Faculty Award:

Luz Marina Aguirre DMD of Columbia University and Maria Orellana, DDS, MS, PhD from the University of California San Francisco for on-going commitment to the organization through investments of time and energy, impacting students and serving as role models.

Presidential Award:

Ivan Lugo, DMD Professional and Scientific Relations, Regional Manager for North America and Puerto Rico Procter & Gamble, for his many years of outstanding contributions, dedication and leadership in the Oral Health profession.

Presidential Award:

Robert Johns, Executive Director of the National Dental Association for his many years of outstanding contributions, dedication and leadership in the Oral Health profession.

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013 174 •. Summer Fall 2013



Dr. Luz Marina Aguirre was one of four “Faculty of Color” selected by ADEA to receive scholarships to attend the ITL (Institute for Teaching and Learning) offered by Academy for Academic Leadership in Atlanta to 80 participants.


News & Reports

Congratulations to HDA Board Member Esperanza Rodriguez, DDS, who was among the few selected to participate in the ADA Institute for Diversity in Leadership. (Dr. Rodriguez is pictured here on the front row, second from the left.)

174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Amarilis Jacobo who was selected by the American College of Dentists on October 30th for the Fellowship in the College. This recognition puts Dr. Jacobo among a select group of accomplished leaders deeply involved in the dental profession and community with exceptional ability to offer new insights and directions for dentistry and oral health.

News & Reports

Partners in Diversity

by Sidney Gallegos Chair, Partners In Diversity Committee School of Dentistry, University of Washington, Seattle, WA At our annual dinner, HDA member, Dr. Beatrice Gandara, from the Department of Oral Medicine, UW School of Dentistry, highlighted the pipeline efforts she has in place to stimulate interest among high school students and dental students throughout the NW and Alaska. Our dental students have participated in field trips to do examinations and screenings in Migrant Labor Camps and Community Centers in our state.

Dr Beatrice Gandara and Jay Fogle

Ever wonder how much it costs most dental students to finance their dental education? The average four year indebtedness can exceed $250,000. It’s a high debt to incur right out the door after graduation when most grads are out seeking to get their careers going. In addition, finding funding for a dental education is getting more and more difficult to attain. Most historical underrepresented (Hispanic, African-American and Native American) students need financial assistance. For the past five years Partners in Diversity’s annual scholarship fund raising dinner and auction has benefited our underrepresented students. It has also been a prime time to highlight UW dental graduates’ approach to dealing with access to care for patients, the growing disparity in oral healthcare among underrepresented communities in our region and how the stake holders and the School could attract and retain students from this constituency into dental professions.

These experiences can be life changing for some students and the communities they encounter, thus we have found great support from our Dean, the faculty, alumni, business, and the community at large. The audience enjoyed hearing from the students about their backgrounds and how they decided to pursue a dental education. Overall the event was a very positive success in presenting to our donors what PID can do in partnership with the University and how important it is to support them. Dental disease is a major problem in our communities throughout the United States. Our message is to encourage our diversity students to give back to our communities once they graduate from their programs to help treat this disease in whatever capacity they are capable of. It has been a great experience witnessing the aspirations and successes of UW students in Private Practice, Public Health, Indian Health, and Graduate Programs. We commend them for all their efforts and our committee will continue the efforts in raising scholarship monies for them.

Karla and Carlos Valdez and Beau Bent

Welcome New Professional Members! Eugene Brooks of Aurora, CO Rena Kravitz of Brooklyn, NY Ricardo Caicedo of Louisville, KY Maria Rodriguez of New York, NY Elizabeth Lense of Gainesville, FL Shiva Izaddoust of San Antonio, TX David Mireles of San Antonio, TX Alfonso Salazar Celi of Aurora, CO Shahrzad Haghayegh-Askarian of Wollaston, MA

Maria Valderrama of Dallas, TX Mildred McClain of Las Vegas, NV Maria Castano-Rendon of Frisco, TX Francisco Rivera-Hidalgo of Dallas, TX Christina Meiners of San Antonio, TX Salvador Ramirez of Lamar, CO Natalia Colorado Rios of Revere, MA Yariela Fleitas of Bloomfield, NJ Ivelisse Cruz of Boston, MA Marie Courtois of Boston, MA Jonathan Colon Barreto of Loiza, PR Joseph Cavazos of Houston, TX Carmen Carolina, PR Efren Martinez, CO Lorl Myers, IN Danitza Saez Francisco Barahona Maria Moya Garcia Pauline Romero Sonia Pereira Thaily Fleites Victoria Palazuelo Staci Alvarez Rodolfo Pereyra Alesandra Sigillo Berta Delaganza Evelyn Pajon Filemon Guerra Gabriela Carrasco Juarez Janak Abayakoon John Calamia Juan Merida of Mexico Juan Zayas Hernandez Lloyd Kwok Maria Bagcan Mary Baribeau Rildo Lasmar of Brazil Roberts Brata William Buchanan Gabriel Chamorro Zaily Montesinas Andres Cuartas John Covnwell Eunice Perez Paul Byliso

174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013


News & Reports Welcome New HSDA Members!

ARIZONA Jacob Berger Charles Brown III CALIFORNIA Mary Chen Tamara Ayoub Angela Bernedo Evalina Josefsson Karli Herzog Andrea Ustarez Jose Julio Hernandez Blouin Jesus Patino Ivy Avanessian Yesenia Valencia Tessa McGregor Jessica Sanchez Javier Lopez Andrew Lee COLORADO Amanda Tomplans Anthony Quintana Chris Klekamp Eleonora Balota Ellen MacDonald Evin Alcindor Joseph Harberg Michael Hess Sarah Wood Jasdeep Nagina Kristin Haun Nikita Goyal Sharon Laughter Upasna Kapoor Vasoya Dipak Vijitha Vasantha Logan Ganoe CONNECTICUT Nicole Becker Daniel Camacho Rita Flynn Melissa Mondesir DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Ashley Dawson Carolina Pena FLORIDA Toni-Anne Gordon Adrian de Moya Adrienne Fetner Alexsandro Spinuso Aliuska Lopez Amir Mostatabzadeh Carolina Cadavid Christian Vidalon Diego Sanchez Giovanni Aldama Ingrid De la Torre Isarelys Lazo Ivet Romero Vazquez Kejia Sun Lauren Steinberg Lina Ramirez Lisset Palacios Mailis Soler Martin Lalama Odelsis Barrero Paula Cohen Perla Salazar Richard Tamayo Rogelio De la Rosa Susana Hernandez Vanesa Vaquer Walmir Da Costa Michael Navarrete Rogelio Garrole Andres Seoane Ahmed Sirage Arron Delgado Jenevieve Bunassar Jorge Barona Johanna Hernandez Joseph Smillie Justin Berman Shikha Karmakar Alejandro Pereda Fabiola Douglas Aliana Caridad Patricia Paparcuri Sebastian Gutierrez de Pineres GEORGIA Anthony Rella Katie Dyer Orlando Lopez


Chapter Spotlight University Of Louisville This fall, a group of students and faculty participated at different Hispanic community programs to help and improve the Oral Health of our Hispanic community. Among this very important programs were the annual Hispanic/Latino Health Fair at Americana Community Center in the city of Louisville sponsored by The Hispanic/Latino Coalition and The Hispanic Health Fair at the Marydale Catholic Center in the city of Erlanger, Kentucky. The two events had the collaboration of Dr. Ricardo Caicedo, HDAULSD chapter advisor and Dr. Lee S Mayer Dir. of Community Dental Health, School of Dentistry UofL who provided the Car Van, Dental folding chairs, free toothbrushes, toothpastes, floss and pamphlets for approximately 150 patients. The programs ran successfully under the watch of Dr. Liliana Rozo-Gaeth professor of Dental Pediatrics from the Pediatric Division who worked non-stop with the student doctors in both events. For the majority of these patients, a visit to a dental office is not a regular occurrence; however these programs teach and educate both child and parent of the importance of maintaining good oral hygienic. The chapter is introducing its New President, Student Doctor Denise Ceron and board members for 2013-2014. The Chapter’s 8th year anniversary will be celebrated next year with a seminar, organized by Dr. Ricardo Caicedo, Specialist in Endodontist and in Health Professions Education.

Roma Patel Jacqueline Delash Karolina Grochowska Brad Andersen IOWA Adam Bahr Nicole Major ILLINOIS Erin Cho Caryn Ayarzagoitia Daniel Chan Agnes Gierlicka Maria Lara Jiscela Hernandez Angelica Espinosa Marilee Gonzalez Jaime Chowaniec Yessica Escutia Ponce de Leon Samantha Kufta KENTUCKY Luis Mariusso Manuel Galecio Jared Stewart Paulette Andrade Ashwin Ravisankar Ben Cox Camilo Rodriguez Briana Price Carly Brinson Diana Ticlavilca

Faith Brasher George Quitnero Hunter Hazle Jennifer Carver Jessica Dileo Jessica McClanahan John Halliburton Joseph Blalock Katherine Miller Kayla Brooks Kristen Foley Logan Tipton Mary Graham Matthew Whitson Meghan Patsy Rod Erfani Steve Haverhos Tyler Sanslow MASSACHUSETTS Hannah Gilman Lauren Vargas Mitchell Tossberg-Wilson Monica Maldonado Sara Gil Sara Golkari Amelia Albright Andy Tran Nicole Oparaeke Adalgisa Alfonso Andre Zelikov

Kenia Rodriguez Veronica De Armas Daniel Sierra-Vasquez Saahil Dadhania Austin Lee Jasmine Jenkins Pei Jung Chung Ana Calles Alejandro Munoz Marlen Robles-Moreno MARYLAND Carlos Benavides Davila Jordan Hobel Justin Josell Keya Brown Kristine Zeeb Lauren Sireci Vanessa Moore James Barber James Candon Jessica Shiao Joel Danziger Hermali Vin MARYLAND Joel Eley Emily Meyer Eric Kim Felix Santamaria Gary Bedrosian Adam Roberts

174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

Aleah Cho Allison Clark Andrew LePine Andrew Lericos Andrew Pederson Austin Bowden Bayonne Joseph Brian Normile Brandi Gervais Brandon West Brooke Miller Cara Seidner Catherine Kolasny Chelsea Mitchell Colleen Browne Daniela Loebl Darlen Gonzalez David Yovic Elizabeth Harrison MICHIGAN Jose Amador Joshua Lange Antoinette Liles Samuel Cohen Alejandra Mejia MINNESOTA Michael Potter Bethany Kjellgren Seth Huiras MISSISSIPPI Christopher Cathey Christopher Price Derek Warren Suzanne Chance Stephanie Reed Timothy McMurphy Wallace McLaurin NORTH CAROLINA Alessandra Gutierrez David Chodosh Devin Burns Elba Olivero Kim Hannah Iman Kennedy Kenny Rodriguez Matthew Corbin Natalie Acosta-Rosario Rosa Munoz Aldape Sergio Acero Thaina Quiles Vanessa White NEW JERSEY Yvonne Kiernan Sebastian Mendoza Nancy Vazquez Vanina Medrano Jany Diaz Yanela Gonzalez Yailen Alvarado Dania Santana Mohamed Ali Boukheir Yanelis Perez Ana Gonzalez-Cayon Melissa Uriegas Gustavo Sague Melanie Lee NEVADA Caroline Chang Rahul Patel Lluvia Valenzuela Sophia Majeed Steve Garcia David Jolley Jocelynn Sustaita Justin Ewell Larry Hon Mihai Itoafa Natalia Montoya Nicholas DeLisle Scott Westra Taylor Foulger Colleen Schook Andrea Eslava Jorge Jimenez-Marquez Luis Salazar Maria Stavros Ryan Gardiner Trever Hoffman Benjamin Bass Evelyn Herrera Paul Weintraub Peter Nghiem Ronald Espinueva

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. Access to searchable member database . Annual Meeting Admission discounts: bringing together members nationally for clinical information, CE Credits, discussion groups, networking and social activities. . Discounted industry specific products with participating vendors . Free subscription to the quarterly HDA NEWS & REPORTS- print edition . Subscription to HDA National e-Brief, a weekly update on news, resources and events from our National office . Local Professional Chapter membership (upon payment of annual dues)

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Kim-Vy Chanh Pham Paulo Cortes NEW YORK Jorge Swett Tapia Samantha Smith Bo Yoon Cathy Lee Jonathan Lomboy JuLee Tae Laura Pauwels Mary Awadallah Sean Kim Daniel Diaz Stephanie Hoyos John Yacoub Bishoy Saleeb Jessica Silvestri Li Hua Chen Yiching Wu Aimee Almonte Karina Scalercio Miriam Kerolus Zachary Jones Ariana Godoy Rebecca Navarro Salwan Louis Emma Guzman Alina O’Brien Iris Lazo Ingrid Murra Jennifer Garcia Avalo OHIO Aaron Henley Joel Skousen Lia Risk Warren Gall Aklilu Ameha Ashli Holland Clare McGorry Ryan Naylor Alysha Holland Christopher Parker Matthew Kotapish Spencer Tepe Andrea Csok Beau Calcei Clint Sweitzer David Eldredge Dustin Connor Heather Woehrmyer Jason Hyde Kathryn Harrington Taryn Gehlert Robert Hintze OREGON Ana De La Torre-Ordaz Paula Lee Genesis Perez PENNSYLVANIA Pavithra Balasubramanian Angelo Arce Caitlyn Hoysock PUERTO RICO Priscila Guzman Fernando Brea Soto TEXAS Duyen Ho Hieu Pham Heather Gonzalez Kalyopy Emmanouil Brittany Stites John Franzen Nemesio Rodriguez Sally Service Benjamin Hanks David Anderson Thomas Lloyd Madison Castillo James Grover Christian Paez Franco Cevasco Alexandria Tami Angeline Luna Bianca Sanchez Alejandro Barrera VIRGINIA Alexandra Aponte Melanie Ventocilla Griselda Lopez WASHINGTON Jose Mendoza

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013 174 •. Summer Fall 2013


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174 •. Summer Fall 2013 HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 2013

HDA Year in Review: Fall Edition, 2013  

Check out the year's highlights with a special feature of the best at the Annual Meeting. New Membership Rates & Benefits Inside!

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