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News Reports Issue Number 171 - Winter 2013

David Pena, Jr. Executive Director Carolina Pena, Newsletter Editor HDA News & Reports is published four times annually by the Hispanic Dental Association, and distributed to members and other dental professionals interested in the oral health of the Hispanic population. ©2013 Hispanic Dental Association

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Save the date... Hispanic Dental Association 2013 Annual Meeting

Honoring our Legacy . . . Celebrating our Future September 26-29, 2013 Marriott Copley Place Boston Massachusetts

Page 14 - Honors & Recognitions Page 15 - Educating our Community HSDA UCLA chapter members at the Lady of Peace Health Fair.

2013: Going from Good to Great Message from the Executive Director: HDA began 2013 with a flurry of news: opening of the new National Office in D.C., dynamic new staff, a record number of Latinos in the 113th Congress, and a long list of goals that came to the table at Harvard Dental School during the Board of Trustee’s Strategic Planning Meeting facilitated by Dr. Ernie Garcia, former HDA President. Board members began the two-day meeting by profoundly evaluating the mission and vision of HDA asking themselves: How do we go from being good to being great? What can we accomplish better than anyone else? The engaging discussions that followed led to an in-depth look at our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in what is known as “S.W.O.T.” analysis. Taking an honest look at our organization is the best place to start if we are to remain committed to our mission. The discussion culminated in the revision of our Mission and Vision:


We are the leaders for Hispanic Oral Health providing Service, Education, Advocacy, and Leadership.


The elimination of oral health disparities in the Hispanic community.

Give Kids A Smile volunteers and participants from the HSDA UCLA Chapter.

With clear language about who we are, what we do best, and what we hope to accomplish, we set a variety of exciting goals for the road ahead and we hope to encourage service and leadership in members who desire to have a direct impact in the mission. For this reason, I invite you to participate in any of the following committees which will be convening via calls or in person throughout the year. Continued on page 4

Meet the HDA President of 2013: Interview with Dr. Maritza Morell 2013 Board of Trustees President Maritza Morell, DDS, MS, MPH Boston, Massachusetts President-Elect Tyrone Rodriguez, DDS Moses Lake, Washington Treasurer Vidal Balderas, DDS, MPH San Antonio, Texas Immediate Past President Lilia Larin, DDS National City, California

Trustees Amaralis Jacobo, DDS New York, New York

Dr. Maritza Morell HDA President

Dr. Morell discusses HDA strategic goals that focus on the value of mentorship, leadership, and membership growth.

What are your goals for HDA? Dr. Morell: First of all, I am humbled and enthused about the opportunity to serve as president of HDA, a great association. My desired impact for HDA this year is the empowering of leaders through opportunity. As a pediatric dentist and a public health dentist, I am grateful to the many important insights from mentors that have guided me throughout my own professional pathway. It is the combination of my academics as well as my experience in private practice that fuels my goal of empowering young and seasoned professionals that can potentially improve the diversity in our profession’s leadership roles. In 2013, I want to strengthen the HDA infrastructure and help create a blueprint that ensures the continued future viability of Hispanic professional leaders participating in organized dentistry, academic positions and advocacy. Our HDA membership is comprised of wonderful professionals who “walk the talk.” The leaders at HDA do believe in the importance of mentoring, treat dental patients who cannot get treatment anywhere else and care about the career advancement of students, residents, trainees and faculty without regard to race, ethnicity or gender. Our Board of Trustees is comprised leaders throughout United Sates that are consummate

Michael Lopez Mountain View, California Mildred McClain, PHN, PhD Las Vegas, Nevada Zuzana Mendez, DDS Boston, Massachusetts Ricardo Mendoza, DDS Chicago, Illinois Frank Ramos, DDS San Antonio, Texas Esperanza Rodriguez, DDS Bronx, New York Student Trustee Martha Orozco Houston, Texas Executive Director/CEO David Pena, Jr. Washington, District of Columbia Board members toured around Harvard Dental School facilities by Chiara Rivas-Morello, 4th year dental student. (Left to right) Frank Ramos, David Pena, Esperanza Rodriguez, Sarita Arteaga, Amarilis Jacobo, Martha Orozco, Vidal Balderas, Lilia Larin, Zuzana Mendez, Chiara Rivas-Morello, 4th year dental student, and Maritza Morell.

2  HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013

President’s Message Continued from page 2 teachers, deans, directors, specialists, clinicians, researchers and role models. I am personally very proud of them and would like the rest of the world to know the “mentoring power” that individuals like these have in their daily lives! In January 2013, the HDA board held a strategic planning meeting in Boston where we solidified the goals that continue to emphasize our position as an organization that represent the Hispanic community. In addition, the HDA Foundation met this past February 23, 2013 in Chicago to also design a strategic plan that will shape the future of the HDAF to support HDA’s mission and vision. How is HDA different from other dental organizations? How does HDA work to help eliminate disparities for the Hispanic community? Dr. Morell: As our HDA Foundation president, Dr. Sarita Arteaga once said: “While other organizations are now recognizing and embracing diversity in the dental field, HDA has been established based on this belief.” HDA is full of dedicated and caring members and extraordinary leaders with a disposition to give generously to the Hispanic community as well as other underserved community members. Our HDA students from over 40 different dental schools in USA do look at the leadership of HDA for personal mentorship, guidance and role models that they cannot always find at their own dental schools. Many of us spend endless hours guiding students and foreign dentists that seek our help. We do it, because feel it is our responsibility to do so. We all want to continue helping those Hispanic dental professionals and students who will be the ones serving and advocating our mission to optimize the oral health of our Hispanic community today and in the future. This is why we exist at HDA and promote our mission of serving others! How is the HDA relocation to Washington DC going? Dr. Morell: The move of our headquarters to Washington DC is now complete and I look forward to the many

opportunities that this relocation brings. HDA is poised to benefit greatly under the leadership of our new executive director, David Pena who has vast experience with other national Hispanic non-profit organizations. Our association has a bright future and I am confident that HDA will continue to succeed because of our members’ commitment to embody our mission: We are the leaders for Hispanic Oral Health providing Service, Education, Advocacy, and Leadership. Most importantly, I want to recognize Pam Tolson and her Illinois based management company MRSI for guiding us during the last seven years of growth. Additionally, I am personally grateful to our past executive director Dr. Yolanda Bonta who is a phenomenal voice for HDA and an excellent dentist leader and mentor. I am grateful that Dr. Bonta will still be cooperating with us as a member of the Hispanic Dental Association Foundation. Most importantly, I am grateful to Dr. Lillia Larin and other past presidents who are leaving the association in its strong current condition. I look forward to working with all of my supporters and the rest of our board in seeking their advice as we solidify the relocation and leadership transition. I am excited about our association’s changes during this upcoming year, its future, our ability to meet these challenges, and our efforts to facilitate the transformation. How do you manage these time commitments? Dr. Morell: As a mother of three children and wife to an Ob-Gyn physician, I have no other choice than to compartmentalize my time very well. Due to the variety of interests within my professional life, I focus my time and energy on the things that are more important to me. It is true that at times, anyone can feel overwhelmed and overworked. However, the terrible disease that left my father in a wheelchair at the age of 45 and his passing at a relatively young age, taught me that I need to live every day to its fullest, enjoying every opportunity that I am given that can impact others. During those times, I make time to play with my

three wonderful children. By distracting myself in my personal family life, I can bring my energy to a higher level in order to deliver solutions to any problems at hand in a timely manner. After all, I am a pediatric dentist and children are my passion! How do you anticipate that HDA will get involved with other associations? HDA and myself have been working closely with other organizations for the past years and will continue to do so. Last July, we had our multicultural oral summit in Boca Raton along with SAID and NDA. Our HDA leadership along with ADA, SAID and NDA leaders continue to design programs and forums that will strengthen this wonderful relationship that has been built together. We have agreed to hold some joint leadership sessions this year and will continue to foster those bonds. In addition, we have worked together to lounge the oral health media campaign that HDA cooperated with. The Kids Healthy Mouths campaign has increased societal appreciation for oral health as never before. Having caregivers from vulnerable populations, understand something as simple as brushing twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste is a great goal. There are 36 organizations including the HDA supporting the Ad Council campaign. They have taken on oral health as an issue for the very first time ever, and we know what their success is in creating long-lasting messages both English and Spanish. I encourage each HDA member to tell someone about the Hispanic Dental Association and to share with others how the mission of the association impact the Hispanic community. I also ask you to promote HDA’s Annual Meeting September 26-29 in Boston. I hope you continue to support the HDA in its efforts, and do look forward to a fruitful year as your HDA President. Sincerely, Dr. Maritza Morell

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Executive Directors Message Continued from page 1 Executive Committee Chair: Maritza Morell Annual Meeting Committee Chair: Tyrone Rodriguez Financial/Audit Committee Chair: Vidal Balderas Legislative/Advocacy Committee Chair: Amarilis Jacobo Communications/Public Relations Committee Chair: Lilia Larin Membership Committee Chair: Esperanza Rodriguez Governance Committee Chair: Mildred McClain Student Chapter Council/Committee Chair: Martha Orozco Faculty Advisor Council/Committee Chair: Vidal Balderas National Pipeline Mentoring Model Committee Chair: Frank Ramos National HDA Gateway/Hispanic Resources Committee Chair: Ricardo Mendoza Scholarships/Foundation Committee Chair: Sarita Arteaga As an active member, if you wish to volunteer and join any of these committees, please contact Carolina Peña at

Message from the Legislative Consultant HDA Congratulates a Record Number of Latinos in Congress The 113th Congress has begun. It has 95 new members, 82 of which are in the U.S. House of Representatives and 13 are in the U.S. Senate. Of particular interest to the Hispanic Kaffes community is the exciting fact that a record number of Andrew Legislative Consultant Latino lawmakers are serving in Congress—a total of 31 Latinos, three in the U.S. Senate and 28 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Overall, nine Latino members were elected to a first term to the U.S. House of Representatives. This speaks volumes about the commitment to public service the Hispanic community exudes. In addition, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has a new chairman, U.S. Rep. Ruben Hinojosa of Texas. Under his leadership, there will be new chairs appointed to the Caucus’ Task Forces, including the Health Task Force. Currently, the Congressional Hispanic Conference (the republican congressional Hispanic body) remains in the chairmanship of its co-founder, U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida. HDA would like to see oral health issues rise on the policy agendas of these two congressional bodies. In January, HDA extended congratulatory letters to each of reelected and newlyelected members of Congress who are of Hispanic descent and has opened a line of communication with their offices. Where appropriate, they were asked to join the bipartisan Congressional Oral Health Caucus, which is co-chaired by Congressmen Mike Simpson, DDS and Elijah Cummings. HDA aspires to continue its fine-working relationship with these two oral health champions, as well as Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS, also a member of the Oral Health Caucus. The Caucus has two members of Hispanic descent, but could certainly benefit from additional Hispanic voices. HDA looks forward to working with all of these legislators to elevate the level of awareness about Hispanic oral health. In this regard, HDA has updated its advocacy materials for future meetings on Capitol Hill and will set its sights on holding its third straight congressional briefing. Moreover, HDA hopes to inspire increased grassroots activity and involvement among its chapters and membership. Finally, HDA will continue to add its voice and work with coalitions or individual dental organizations on policy issues. In the past year alone, HDA has worked with the Organized Dentistry Coalition (ODC), the American Dental Association, the Children’s Dental Health Project, and Pew Children’s Dental Campaign on issues ranging from community water fluoridation, to repeal of the medical device tax, to addressing the nation’s drug shortage, among others. The ODC is comprised of the following organizations: Hispanic Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Academy of Periodontology, American Association of Endodontists, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, American Association of Orthodontists, American College of Prosthodontists and American Dental Association. Together, we can make a difference for the future of Hispanic oral health and the overall well-being of our fellow Americans.

4  HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013

Message from the Student Trustee

Upcoming Events

Becoming the student representative for the Hispanic Dental Association of Trustees has been an extremely gratifying experience thus far. I believe it is important to be part of an organization that provides a voice for Hispanic oral health professionals and students, both at a local and national level. Upon admission to dental school, it is imperative we engage early in the development and future of our profession in order to advance our role as oral health providers. I most recently attended the Strategic Planning meeting Martha Orozco in Boston, MA where I was honored to be formally introduced HDA Student Trustee to the HDA board members. There, I was exposed to the unimaginable things the HDA does for their members and the Hispanic community. Having a congressional caucus in Washington allows our organization to monitor and make judgments regarding many topics that impact our career, including: oral health issues, immigration, updates on the health care reform act, and mid-level providers. At an estimated 51 million, not only are we the nation’s largest minority group, but we are also predicted to triple by 2050. As the student trustee for the 2013-2014 year, I will strive to stimulate nationwide interest and encourage Hispanic students to choose the same profession we so passionately pursue. I will also attempt to incorporate new student chapters, as I feel this is of important consideration. These local chapters would serve as mentoring programs which allow pre-dental students to acquire information and be guided to their dreams. Lastly, I hope to create a new student committee which will allow more student input, at a national level, and development of great future leaders in dentistry. I have learned that every leadership position plays a pivotal role, regardless of the proper title. Therefore, I encourage all students to get involved and make a difference as we continue to refine our profession.

HDA Staff profile Carolina Peña, a first generation immigrant from Ecuador, is the eight-year host and co-producer of Generación Latina, a cable television show for youth in Montgomery County, MD and recently joined the Hispanic Dental Association as Membership & Communications Coordinator in Washington, D.C. Carolina has extensive experience in non-profits working board and public relations, events, media and video production. She has interned for WZDC Telemundo and worked events and media relations with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, wrote Carolina Peña HDA Membership & for local magazines like Motivos and Revista Buena Gente and Communications Coordinator supported the production of live and pre-recorded shows, including the Hispanic Heritage Awards (NBC and Telemundo), Latin Grammys (CBS), and New Year’s Eve Live from Times Square (Fox). Carolina is a graduate of the Montgomery Scholars Program, a highly-selective honors program at Montgomery College. As one of only 25 students selected for the program, she studied at the International Relations summer seminar of the University of Cambridge, England. She received her B.A. in Communication at the University of Maryland. Carolina received the Young Entrepreneur Award by the Maryland Hispanic Business Conference and Outstanding Alumni Award by her high school in 2011. In her spare time she teaches and dances Cuban salsa, travels, bikes, and is a motivational speaker at Latino youth conferences and workshops in the DC Metropolitan area. You can follow her on Twitter @CarolinaPena.

April 2-3 U.S. National Oral Health Alliance- Fifth Leadership Colloquium on Financing Models, Atlanta, GA April 25-28 National Hispanic Medical Association’s 17th Annual Conference, Washington, DC May 3 Greater San Antonio HDA Gala “A Night at the Pearl”, San Antonio, TX May 13-15 ADA Washington Leadership Conference, Washington, DC July 26-30 NDA celebrates its 100th Anniversary at the Gaylord National Resort along with their 2013 New Dentist Conference also during the 100th Annual Convention in National Harbor, MD. Spring / Fall The Greater Chicago HDA professional chapter hosts two CE courses a year in the Chicago area Spring and Fall, for more information email chapter’s President Dr. Ricardo Y. Mendoza at

Advertise in the HDA News & Reports The HDA News & Reports is a quarterly newsletter provided to our members and others who share our interest in improving the oral health of the Hispanic community. The deadline for classified and display advertisements in the Summer Newsletter is August 1st. For information about display or classified advertising, contact the HDA at

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HDA Foundation Brief

2013 HDAF Board Chair:

The Hispanic Dental Association Foundation makes a priority of supporting the next generation of oral health professionals. Over the past four years, the HDAF has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships.

Sarita Arteaga, DMD, MAGD

While the growing pool of qualified students increases year to year, the HDAF needs the support of every HDA member to continue to reward academic achievement.


Members and non-members can support students like former scholarship recipient Raquel Capote.

Kathleen Alvarez, RDH, MS Ernest L. Garcia, Jr., DDS R. Ivan Lugo, DMD, MBA Margo Melchor, RDH, MEd

Sarita Arteaga, DMD, MAGD Foundation Chair

“Dental school is expensive and the HDAF was very generous,” says Dr. Capote. “ Not only did I get support but also in terms of mentorship, I was really blessed to serve as the student trustee alongside people who held a wealth of knowledge and experience. When facing obstacles, it is encouraging to know that you can find like-minded people who journey along in this path.”

Victor Rodriguez, DDS Paula Vogel, A-dec Corporate Liason C. Yolanda Bonta, DMD, MS, MS


Where are they now?

Raquel T. Capote, DMD, MSD | Acting Assistant Professor University of Washington, Department of Orthodontics

Raquel T. Capote, DMD, MSD

Dr. Capote received her undergraduate education at Vanderbilt University. She earned her dental degree from the University of Connecticut, and completed a Masters degree and clinical residency in orthodontics at the University of Washington. Dr. Capote was recently appointed to the NIH KL2 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development Program Training Grant 2012-2017. She enjoys clinical practice, research, and teaching. Her career goal is to conduct multidisciplinary, patient-centered, practicebased dental research focused on answering treatment decision-making questions of greatest concern to patients and providers, with a particular emphasis on broadening access to oral healthcare for low-income and minority populations.

6  HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013

Participants include:  Oral Health Professionals and Students  Partnering Associations  Institutional Educational Professionals  Government Leaders

Sessions Include:  Dental Public Health  Infection Control  Facial Pain Diagnosis  Forensic Dentistry  Legislative Forum  Methamphetamine Abuse  Nutrition  Student Sessions  Minimally Invasive Dentistry  Women’s Leadership Luncheon  and more!


Boston Marriott Copley Place 110 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts 02116 USA


Rooms will be available at the Boston Marriott Copley Place at the following rates: $230 (plus tax) - Single/Double Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-228-9290 before September 1, 2013.

September 26-29, 2013

Boston Massachusetts - Marriott Copley Place

Tentative Schedule at-a Glance Thursday, September 26, 2013 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM Evening

Registration Exhibitor Set-up in Exhibit Hall Experience Boston- Evening on your own


The Annual Meeting is your opportunity to meet with qualified buyers and decision-makers in the industry.

Honoring our Legacy . . . Celebrating our Future


The Hispanic Dental Association Annual Meeting is marketed to an audience of dental professionals and students who serve the Hispanic community.


Why Participate?

Hispanic Dental Association 2013 Annual Meeting

Friday, September 27, 2013 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM 9:30 AM – Noon Noon – 1:30 PM 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Evening

Registration Exhibits Open Opening Plenary- Official Welcome Event Continuing Dental Education Sessions Lunch on your own Continuing Dental Education Sessions Experience Boston- Evening on your own

Saturday, September 28, 2013 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM 12:00 AM – 1:30 PM 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Registration Exhibits Open Continuing Dental Education Sessions Women’s/Student Awards Luncheon Keynote Speaker – General Session Continuing Dental Education Sessions Celebrando Closing Celebration

(This schedule is subject to change as the conference agenda is confirmed)

HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013  7

HDA President’s Corner Photo at left: HDA Past President Ernie Garcia, David Pena, Executive Director; Maritza Morell, President; Ivan Lugo, Past President; Lilia Larin, Immediate Past President; and Victor Rodriguez, Past President.

Photo at right: Dr. Morell with ADA President Dr. Faiella at the Chicago Dental Society Gala.

Dr. Morell and David Pena (sitting right and standing right side) participated in a meeting with NDA, ADA, and SAID leaders in Chicago as part of the on-going National Diversity Summit President’s Group.

Maritza Morell with NDA leaders at the Oral Health America 23rd Annual Gala Benefit in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Frank P. Ramos of San Antonio’s HDA Chapter and Board Trustee represented HDA at the 4th Leadership Colloquium hosted by the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance. HDA added a voice to specific issues within the Hispanic dental community which included; changing oral health disparities as well as reducing the cost to providing these dental services. Thanks to DentaQuest Foundation for its sponsorship of this meeting. 8  HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013

HDA President’s Corner From left to right standing are: Dr. Maritza Morell, President HDA, Dr. Aidee N. Herman, Executive Director MHDA, and Dr. Zoila Martinez, MHDA MEMBER. Seated left to right are: Elena Cucerov, Dr. Cestin Duro and Ana Perez, all members of MHDA. This picture was taken at the Yankee Dental Congress, January 31, 2013, at the booth of MHDA.

Dr. Morell represented HDA in Puerto Rico at the Dental Congress of the Caribbean this February.

HDA participated and represented our membership with a booth at Chicago Dental Society’s 147th Annual Midwinter Meeting Expo in February. The convention brought more than 30,000 dental professionals from all over the world despite a chilly winter storm. Special thanks to Chicago HDA Chapter members Dr. Gene Romo, Dr. Adriana Semprum, Dr. Ricky Mendoza, and Yasmin Farid who volunteered at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting Expo.

HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013  9


Service in Action HSDA Houston Students at St. Martin’s Health Fair In January, HSDA members in Houston volunteered at St. Martin’s Health Fair. Students Ximena Camacho, Jeema Dad, Blesson John, Patricia Lopez, Martha Orozco, Jeffrey Tang, and Christopher Thornburn were allowed to give give oral hygiene instructions and screenings to approximately 30 kids under the supervision of Dr. Graciela Hernandez. Service without education can only go so far so while the kids received an oral hygiene kit containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, the parents received information regarding our oral findings along with information of local dental providers.

In November 2012, 21 members of the Moses Lake Medical Team traveled to Ogbomoso, Nigeria, West Africa to perform its annual medical mission. The non-profit team provides free healthcare services to needy populations, especially those living in the developing countries since 2008. The team of dentists, dental assistants, general surgeons, internists, optometrists, and pharmacists spent two weeks treating about 6,000 patients with various disease states. The dental aspect was a critical part of the medical mission. Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez, HDA President-Elect and owner of Smile Sonrisa in Moses Lake, Washington was accompanied by his wife Victoria, a dental assistant, to participate in this medical mission. The couple traveled to Nigeria with their personal dental equipment and supplies to perform free services to the indigents of Ogbomoso. During the one week period that they spent at the mission site, assisted by his wife, Dr. Rodriguez attended to 273 dental patients, extracted 269 teeth, and performed other dental therapies such as HIV diagnosis as well as patient referral to ENT specialists for biopsy and further dental care managements.


Moses Lake Medical Mission: Nigeria

Houston One day 30 children and families receive screenings

Nigeria One week 273 dental patients 296 extracted teeth 10  HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013

In February, the UCLA HSDA students also participated in the Lady of Peace Health Fair. You can view more photos on their new Facebook page.

Their service in action also benefitted the Lennox community through Give Kids A Smile.

Los Angeles


HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013  11

San Antonio

Greater San Antonio HDA and the San Fernando Health and Safety Fair

An army of health care professionals gathered at the annual San Fernando Health and Safety Fair to provide free dental, vision and medical services to underserved communities. Many of the volunteers were GSAHDA members to include pre-dental students, dental students, hygiene students, hygienists and dentists.

300 people served 250 health care professionals 130 sealants placed 20+ years of service

UCLA HSDA Serves Special Olympics Athletes In December, UCLA HSDA partners annually with “Special Smiles” to provide the athletes with oral screenings, mouth guards, and OHI.

Anthony Fioretti (c/o 2016) doing OHI with the special athletes

Grant Burgdorf (c/o 2015) fitting a mouth guard on one of the athletes

UCLA HSDA and Special Smiles Volunteers at the Southern California Special Olympics Fall Events 2012

12  HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013


North Texas HDA Serves and Mentors through Give Kids A Smile

In February approximately 70 kids benefited in McKinney, Texas by the North Texas HDA Chapter. Alongside dentists, 16 dental students participated as mentees.

70 children served 16 dental student mentees

Scientific & Research Spotlight Dr. Virgilio Mongalo, DMD, is one of HDA’s new members. He recently published an article on Dental Tribune titled “Safe, accurate, implified sinus-lift technique for general practitioners”. Dr. Mongalo is the clinical director of computer-guided surgical implant training at Georgia Health Sciences University, Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He is chairman of Mongalo Implant Institute, where dentists come to Mexico or the Dominican Republic for seven days of intensive surgical training under board-certified oral/maxillofacial implant surgeons. He can be reached at (786) 249-4510 or You may find Dr. Mongalo’s article as part two of a series of three in the February 2013 edition of Dental Tribune.

Marisol King’s research entitled “Endothelin-Converting Enzyme-1 (Ece1) Function in Zebrafish Craniofacial Development” is one of five national finalists for the Craniofacial Biology Group Award for outstanding student research. She will be recognized at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research/International Association for Dental Research to be held in Seattle, Washington this March 20 -23rd. “I am very excited to be a finalist for the award as it is a reflection of the time and work I spent completing this research during the first two years of dental school. Being a Hispanic dental student, I look forward to not only representing the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, but also the Hispanic Dental Association,” says King. Marisol King, class of 2014, University of Colorado, School of Dental Medicine ASDA Social Chair, Hispanic Student Dental Association Vice President. Ms. King is also nominated by her school’s dean and the head of the school’s dental student research group to participate in the ADA Foundation’s 49th Annual Dental Students’ Conference on Research on April 21-23 in Gaithersburg and Bethesda, Maryland.

HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013  13



Honors & Recognitions from Coast to Coast Houston Hispanic Dental Association Awards Scholarships

By Margo Y. Melchor RDH, MEd, clinical assistant professor and faculty advisor to the HSDA Three dental students from The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston have been awarded scholarships from the Houston Hispanic Dental Association (HHDA). Third-year student Faryn Vela and fourth-year students Melissa Uriegas and Alexandra Aponte received the awards at the HHDA Holiday Gala and Silent Auction in the Junior League Ballroom. The scholarship winners were selected on the basis of their community service, leadership and commitment to improve oral health in Houston’s Hispanic community. “I’m honored and humbled to have been selected as one of this year’s scholarship recipients,” Vela said. “I’m very happy to be part of the student chapter of the Hispanic Dental Association and can’t thank the organization enough for this generous scholarship.” UTSD’s Hispanic Student Dental Association is fortunate to have a professional sister chapter in their city and appreciates HHDA’s support for UTSD students. Several UTSD alumni hold leadership positions in the HDA, including Tyrone Rodriguez, DDS, president-elect of the national organization, and Lisa Trevino, DDS, president-elect of the Houston chapter. Dean John A. Valenza, DDS, attended the gala as an invited guest. Congratulations on your deserved scholarship!

Houston Hispanic Dental Association scholarships were presented to Alexandra Aponte, Melissa Uriegas and Faryn Vela. Pictured from left are Cynthia Corral (accepting on Aponte's behalf), Uriegas and Vela.

Jose Castillo, a third-year dental student and Co-President of HSDA at the College of Dental Medicine, Columbia University, was selected as a fellow for the 2013 ADEAGies Foundation/ AADR Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADEAGies/AADR ADCFP) which provides dental and allied dental students with an opportunity to experience the benefits and rewards of academic dentistry. Castillo will be attending the ADEA meeting in Seattle.

Photo at right: Jose Castillo with Dr. Maritza Morell during the Multicultural Oral Health Summit 2012 in Boca Raton, FL.

Carolina Botero, a 2nd year dental student and Vice President of the HSDA- CDM-CU chapter received the ADA Scholarship for Underrepresented students.

UCLA HSDA members Diane Vasquez (c/o 2014) and Priscilla Elizondo (c/o 2016) received the CDA/HDA-LA Latinos for Dental Careers Scholarship last fall. Photo at right: Diane Vasquez & Priscilla Elizondo

14  HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013

Honors & Recognitions from Coast to Coast Dr. Amarilis Jacobo, Board of Trustee, received the Health Award during the 42nd Annual New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators Awards Ceremony on February 17th. She was nominated by New York State Senator Adriano Espaillat for demonstrating leadership in providing health care to the underserved. Dr. Jacobo is a respected leader in the Dominican Dental Association and the Hispanic dental community. She was instrumental in enabling the New York State Dental Association defeat proposals to eliminate adult services from the Medicaid program. As a result, millions of New York citizens still have access to quality dental care. Dr. Jacobo accepting her award. Pictured behind her is Senator Espaillat.

Educating Our Community Dental Health Awareness on “Día del Dentista” While Día del Dentista came and went for many of us in February, members of the Greater San Antonio Hispanic Dental Association (GSA HDA) gathered outside a local church to expand awareness and promote oral health in the Hispanic community. In celebration of the Patron Saint of dentistry, Santa Apollonia, members reached out to the congregation of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic church, and provided free toothbrushes, toothpaste, oral health information and Día del Dentista information. GSA HDA was able to reach almost 500 members. “We felt very privileged to share the day and celebrate with our wonderful community,” said chapter president Norma Reyes, DDS.

GSAHDA members Dr. Meiners, Dr. Ramos and Dr. Balderas pose with San Antonio and South Texas High School students at the annual Science Expo held at the UT San Antonio Health Science Center in November. Approximately 1500 high school students arrived to learn about health careers including oral health professions.

HDA News & Reports  Issue No. 171  Winter 2013  15

Falling in Love with Dentistry Falling in Love with Dentistry: HSDA Mentoring

By Joeseph M. Potter As most of the country is dealing with one of the coldest winters in recent memory, things are heating up in Mesa, Arizona. The Hispanic Student Dental Association Chapter of the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH) is keeping things caliente inaugurating its pilot Mentorship Program titled, “Falling in Love with Dentistry.” This past September members of ASDOH’s HSDA, led by third-year dental student and chapter Vice President Amanda Serrano, presented on “Careers in Dentistry” to area high school seniors interested in health care. Although only in its first year, ASDOH’s Mentorship Program is making a big splash, both in their dental school and the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area as well. Particularly touted is their Oral Hygiene Program, currently implemented at local high schools in the region in collaboration with the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation Students United for the Toothfairy program. How will these programs survive? In order to maintain viability and long-term sustainability for these programs, Serrano keeps their costs low, while emphasizing that coordinated group commitment and dedication are key ingredients for success. She says that these events would not be possible without the fundraising and planning skills of President, Sally Ortega and Treasurer, Mariana Aranguren, who have been continuing to work hard since the inception of the program last fall. In fact, they plan to grow the hygiene program in the next year before they graduate and are always mindful of developing meaningful relationships between the community and their school in order to ensure that their programs run strong for years to come. Inspiring Curiosity Following up on the successes of their earlier presentations last fall, ASDOH’s dental mentors gave these same high school pre-health students a tour of their campus during the “Falling in Love with Dentistry” program and then led a discussion on the unique challenges faced during each year of dental school. Serrano says the most exciting part of the day, however, was an intense dental trivia competition, where the students were pitted against each other and split into six groups where they were challenged to answer questions about their future profession. “The students got real competitive and really enjoyed themselves. Some even asked to come back and shadow,” said Serrano, who plans to implement another segment into their program titled, “A Day in the Life of a Dental Student.” Serrano hopes to have the high school students shadow at the dental school for a day following the mentors around, from the classrooms to the clinic, while being able to hang out during breaks and experience what it is like to be in the shoes of a dental student on a typical day. Mission-driven plans for the future Staying true to the program’s mission, “to expose, inspire and assist Hispanics to enter careers in health fields,” wheels are in motion to formally organize pre-dental clubs at local high school across the city. Also in their third year, Ryan Richardson, the HSDA SUAT program coordinator and Fila Larios, the HSDA community service chair are in charge of setting up these events and recruiting high school students to get involved. Being the only group on campus to formally recruit young Hispanics into the dental profession, Serrano takes great pride in, “following the mission of the HDA and creating future leaders who, hopefully, will take our spots as HSDA leaders in the future.” Serrano is passionate about the “Falling in Love with Dentistry” Mentorship Program and plans to ascertain its continuation well after she graduates. She plans to stay in the area and hopes to be a resource to both the high school students and the HSDA committee as well, something she hopes to see more of from HDA professionals in the future. Part of the reason, she says, that her programs have been so successful is that, “we all come from different backgrounds (ethnically, religiously, etc.) Yet we all have a desire to reach out and provide service to underserved populations.” Serrano thinks, “It is awesome how we can all work together and each contribute something unique.” With more and more programs like this across the country, the HSDA and its members are well on their way to eliminating the underrepresented and underserved designations facing the Hispanic population in the United States and our partnering countries.

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A Dentist’s Perspective Do We Really Need Hands-On Patients Training? Virgilio Mongalo, DMD Associate professor of computer guided surgeries at Georgia Regents University Chairman of Mongalo Implant Institute I remember, like if it was yesterday, walking down the halls of Shands Hospital with an enormous smile on my face because I had been accepted to Dental School in Florida, the year was 1987 and those memories still wonder among the narrow streets of my brain. The first four semesters were very difficult because I was in the process of learning the English language, while battling with demands of extraneous reading. Those of you who were born outside the United States can appreciate what I went through during this didactic training period in my life. I joined the HDA because I wanted to share my experiences with my fellow Latinos who share this wonderful profession. Fortunately everything turned around when we started to attend clinics and were introduced to patients. It was here where I developed a true passion and love for dentistry. The relationship that developed from treating these people that put their trust in our hands was amazing, this is something that no book, microfiche or PowerPoint presentation can ever teach you. After a decade of teaching implant surgeries at maxi-courses, we came to the realization that conventional training courses that use models, pig jaws or cadavers created a "surgical gap" between clinical reality and theory. It was here when five years ago we decided to open a private teaching program in Latin America where licensed Dentists from all over the world could learn and enhance their surgical skills by being able to operate on patients. In order to protect our patients and adhere to USA standard of care it was necessary to hire a team of accredited professors. We put together a faculty that consists of three board certified oralmaxillofacial surgeons professors at Georgia Regents University and three Implant Diplomats of the ICOI and AAIP. The essence of these courses was to train dentists under direct supervision, while providing a much necessary social benefit since all implant and bone grafting surgeries are performed free of charge to the patients. Since then we have trained over 250 Dentists: 213 from United States, 20 Canadians, 12 Australians and 9 Europeans. During this time we have placed over 5,000 implant fixtures, extracted over 800 teeth and performed more than 600 sinus lift procedures. Our educational efforts have been supported by Hiossen Inc, which is an implant company based in Pennsylvania since 2006 and is a branch of the #1 Asian-Pacific manufacturer and ranked #6 in the USA. By classifying the attending doctors according to their surgical level of skills (Novice, Intermediates and Advanced) we are able to train them at their level and maximize their learning experience. In a small sense we feel proud to have been able to offer this type of training to licensed Dentists and we hope we inspire many, just like I was inspired by working on patients in my dental school days.


Type of course: Intensive 7 days of surgical implant training for GP’s Location: Dominican Republic at the Mongalo Implant Institute Dates: May 12-18, 2103 Tuition: $14,500.00 Includes: • • • •

All implants, abutments and bone grafting material used on patients Each Doctor will operate on six patients Under direct supervision of board certified oral maxillofacial surgeons Motors, surgical kits and instruments

• • • • • •

Ground transportation (airport-hotel-institute) 7 Nights at Caribe Costa resort and spa 3 meals per day 84 AGD PACE credit hours Fulfills requirements for ICOI Fellowship Fulfills requirements for AAIP Fellowship

Registration: limited to 16 dentists Call us at 786-249-4510 or visit us at LIVEIMPLANTS.COM If you are ready to learn how to place implants, enhance your surgical skills and take your practice to the next level... this course is the one for you!

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Welcome to these New HDA Members: HDA Professional Members: Carla Dukas, DDS, DMD, Melrose, MA Sandra Salazar-Mendoza, BS, RDH, San Antonio,TX Leonor Odaz, DDS, Port Chester, NY Richard Mowry, DMD, Chula Vista, CA Veronika Vazquez, DDS, Arlington, VA Emilia Brasil, DDS, Brookline, MA Jose Contreras, MHA, Quincy, MA Rafael Adolfo Yanez, DMD, Arlington, MA Melvin Miller, DMD, MPH, Marblehead, MA Valeria Jimenez, AA, Moses Lake, WA Maria Cordero, DMD, MS, Stony Brook, NY Diana Lopez, AAS, CDA, Rochester, NY Ximna Velasquez, DDS, Rochester, NY Maria Patino, DDS, MS, Aurora, IL Jose Chacon, DDS, MS, Aurora, IL Edith Salinas, DDS, Houston, TX Margarita Rivera, DMD, West Chester, PA Julia DeLuca, BA, BS, Philadelphia, PA Heriberto Hernandez, DDS, Houston, TX David Alfi, DDS, MDS, Houston, TX Philip Sanchez, DDS, Oxnard, CA Leoncio Fierro, DDS, Union City, CA Suzette Soca, AA, Houston, TX Monica Kalinowski, DDS, Itasca, IL Luis Fernando Delima Jr, DDS, Minneapolis, MN

New HDA Student members: Antonio Lopez, Seattle, WA Lauren Marzouca, Boston, MA Leslie Slowikowski, Somerville, MA Christopher Low, New York, NY Alex Maldonado, New York, NY Stacey Reiss, New York, NY Caroline Hertz, New York, NY Evan Chang, New York, NY Ken Cheng, Long Island City, NY Ailin Chao, New York, NY Andrew Rockafellow, New York, NY Craig Cedermark, New York, NY Jordan Gray, New York, NY Karla Perez, New York, NY Continued on page 17

In their own words... on Membership and Mentorship How long have you been a member? About a year and a half. I found out via Google search seeking a Latino association. Why would you recommend HDA? It is always nice to be part of a dental association. You gain a lot knowledge in your field, but you also are now targeting your service to your own people which is very important to me. What is one valuable lesson you would pass on to a mentee? If would teach them that the most important and the best thing you can do for someone is to educate the patient. If you don’t do it, who else will?

Priscilla Luna, RDH, BS, Commerce, CA

How long have you been a member? I’ve been a member for five years. Would you recommend HDA? Yes, because it is important for us to have more voices in advocacy and leverage Latino’s growing political power. What is the importance of mentorship? Too often, Latino children do not see opportunity because parents expect them to just to work after school. My goal in mentorship is to show students that there is a different horizon and that their dreams can be accomplished here in the U.S. Knowing that their parents have struggled, I tell them to be real with them and if they want to be dentists, they can Pedro F. Franco, DDS Irving, TX share that with them. When you become a dentist you have a community to serve and we have the responsibility to help them, often at no cost to them. It is easy to forget this once you start making money and many forget there are people in need. I have mentored students ranging from high school to dental school and even foreign-trained dentists. This last group often sees a wall blocking their dreams when they come to the US. Many have been pushed out of their countries and when they come here, they give up on their dreams because it can be difficult but I assure them that nothing is impossible in America if you are willing to work hard.

HDA Myth Buster True or False? The Hispanic Dental Association is only for Hispanic dental professionals. FALSE. The HDA is an all-inclusive non-profit where individuals of all ethnicities, in and outside the oral health sphere to support the mission we all care about: We are the leaders for Hispanic Oral Health providing Service, Education, Advocacy, and Leadership.

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In their own words... on Membership and Mentorship

Welcome to these New HDA Members:

How long have you been a member? I have been a member of HSDA New York for three years. Why would you recommend HDA? Being a member has been beneficial. I have had access to translation services, dental terminology in Spanish and more. There is a very strong educational component plus the camaraderie and learning about the culture is great. What role does mentorship play in your life? I have been a mentor and a mentee. It is very helpful because your mentor gives you an idea of what to expect out of Safiya Smith, school. Also having mentored others I have warned them DDS, MPH Candidate, Class so they do not make the same mistakes I have made.

New Student Members - continued Clayton Warder, New York, NY Gregory Serrano, New York, NY Liset Perez, New York, NY Andrew Palermo, New York, NV Cale Jackson, Augusta, GA Maria Rivera, San Tan Valley, AZ Molly Ericson, Mesa, AZ Himank Gupta, Farmington, CT Young H Son, Farmington, CT Khadija Khan, Farmington, CT Jennifer Amaka Amakwe, Farmington, CT Melissa Kathleen Blake, Newington, CT Ramesh Thondapu, DMD, Boston, MA Kelly Fitzgerald, DMD, Boston, MA Tiffany Tsui, DMD, Eastvale, CA Zarah Ahmed, DDS, San Francisco, CA Maryam Mahdavi, Belmont, MA Dariya Momot, Philadelphia, PA Jay Estrada, Humble, TX Lisset Gonzalez, Indianapolis, IN Clarisa Oliveira, Indianapolis, IN Lydia Lancaster, Columbus, OH Ahluwalia Mehak, Seattle, WA Yonation Nir Ahdut, Seattle, WA Gabriel Michael Dawson, Seattle, WA Kim Britni Rosenthal, Seattle, WA Nikole Desiree Young, Kirkland, WA Helen Tsao, Houston, TX Jennifer Lonnen, Stony Brook, NY Michael Capogna, Stony Brook, NY Zelina Moncivais, Houston, TX Alexandra Meagan Richter, East Quogue, NY Jillian Spring, Philadelphia, PA David Stonestreet, Houston, TX Jennifer Sun, Houston, TX Antonio Quintanilla, Houston TX Ayham Nahhas, Houston, TX Melissa Burford, Chicago, IL Isabel Del Carpio, Cleveland Heights, OH Robyn Gagnon, Gainesville,FL Natalie Garza, San Antonio,TX Najma Rafiq, West Islip,NY Andres Morantes-Villalobos, Plymouth, MN Elie Freilich, Jamica, NY

of 2014, Columbia Univ.

How long have you been a member of HDA? Since 2007. Why would you recommend HDA? I would recommend because of the camaraderie and the professional development that takes place as well as the collegiality. One of the things I really enjoy is reconnecting with individuals from those various organizations and helping each other along. As the advisor to the student chapter of the University of Michigan, I encourage my students to attend these meetings and meet other students and future colleagues to help their name, move them forward in their career. Kenneth B. May, Associate What is the importance of mentorship to you? Mentorship is like parenting. You really have to care and Professor and Director of the Office of Multicultural not try to get any personal gain, but simply help the mentee Affairs and Recruitment along. I approach it without expecting anything in return. Initiatives, Univ. of One of my mentors was my thesis chair, Dr. Andrew Koran Michigan, Ann Harbor III and he was mentored by Dr. Craig who edited a materials textbook. He mentored me in the same fashion- you can be independent, stand on my own feet.

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for their roles in continuously supporting HDA through its growth and transition to our new DC office.


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