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The 10 Untapped Guest Posting Sites That Got Me To Page 1 For Everything Read below to find out how I got links from places like Forbes, Backlinko, Neil Patel and more and drove my site to the top of Google. I built Guest Post Tracker because I needed a place to track all of my guest posting that I was doing for myself and for clients and I wanted something more robust than Excel. I had some SEO friends that knew about my huge list of guest blogging sites and they begged me to share it with them. I knew that a list like this would be popular because having been an SEO pro for over 15 years I knew exactly how much time it takes to get good links. After launching Guest Post Tracker I knew that it would be the perfect proving grounds to show that using my list of guest blogging sites I could promote a new site and get great results. Boy did I underestimate the results. Now just for full disclosure, my website falls in the internet marketing/SEO category which makes it one of the easiest categories to find guest posting partners. Within 9 months of launching Guest Post Tracker made it to the top 5 for the phrase “guest posting sites”. Not to mention I had top 3 rankings for hundreds of other phrases (ie “business guest post”, “real estate guest post” etc.) So how did I do it so quickly with a brand new site? It’s all about where you guest post.

SEO today is largely building power pages on your site. In other words, it’s creating pages that are so amazing and have so much great content that they attract links. When the links come, these power pages pass that SEO value to the rest of your site. “But Adam, how do I create a power page?” You get awesome links to point to those pages. (hint: one of the power pages should be your home page) So I set out to guest post on the highest quality blogs I could get published on. Guest blog #1 went on DA 82 OK I have to admit that I actually had a friend post about on Business2Community because I wanted him to tell everyone how awesome it was and surprisingly what happened is a bunch of people instantly signed up from that post...and I got a great link out of it that linked to my home page. I was so thrilled with the results of the first guest post that I repeated the process as soon as I could. Guest blog #2 went on DA 82 Again, once this post went live I had a flood of traffic, a bunch of sign ups and again I got an awesome link. Whoever said that guest blogging was dead doesn’t truly understand the real benefits from it. After this post went live an interesting thing happened. Another high value blog (see #3 below) picked up the story and rewrote it and posted it on their blog. Guest blog #3 went on DA 70 This one was awesome because I didn’t have to do anything for the link. In fact you’ll see as you read on that being in the right places creates a snowball effect of awesome links. Guest blog #4 went on DA 41

This one didn’t have as high of a DA but I was surprised how much direct traffic I received and continue to receive from this one post. Guest blog #5 went on DA 75 The reason I waited on submitting a guest post to is I wanted to be able to say, “look at all these places where I have been published.” Once they approved me I was able to get a good link from another high DA site. This link went to a blog post power page. By this time I had been moving along for just over 3 months and I approached a super popular internet marketer about guest posting my experience on how I had taken a new site and made some good money in less than 90 days. Since that was a perfect match for his audience he agreed. Guest blog #6 went on DA 54 with a huge following The thing that was so great about this guest post was lots of sign ups but because he has such a huge following, some big name people found out about me. Without even realizing it my website got featured in a blog post on because they had seen my guest post on Guest blog #7 went on DA 68 Again I didn’t go after this feature that came with a link to my site. It was because of my other guest post that I ended up here. This is the power of guest posting. If you guest post where people have a following, you get amazing exposure and often times end up featured somewhere else. This happened one more time, much to my surprise. Guest blog #8 went on DA 91 This one was huge. I was just checking analytics one day and saw traffic coming from Hubspot. When I went to check it out, sure enough someone had included Guest Post Tracker in a list of must have tools.

More direct traffic, more sign ups. All the while my rankings were consistently moving up and I was top 20 for the phrase “guest post” Then I got the last 2 guest posts that put me over the top. These I had to be much more creative to get, but so will you sometimes to get a super high value link. Guest post #9 came from DA 95 I am still not sure how I pulled this one off. A Forbes writer I had met sent me an article they were writing to get my feedback on it. The article was about making side money when you work full time. It just so happens that one of my power pages is a huge list of blogs that pay for guest posts. So I emailed the guy and said the article looks awesome but you should add this link (I inserted my link in the email) to the section about writing for money. :-) I emailed him half joking half hoping he would do it. You can imagine my surprise when he emailed back a minute later and said “Done.” This one really was just being in the right place at the right time. Also, it never hurts to ask. Once this link posted I jumped up to the top of page 2 for “guest post” (I think around #12.)

Guest blog #10 went on DA 77 If you know anything about the SEO world then you know who Brian Dean and are. Bryan doesn’t take guest posts, so I approached this one much differently. In almost all of the previous mentioned guest posts that I was writing, I linked to one of Backlinko’s posts. Then when the guest post got published I would email Brian and let him know that I mentioned him in the post.

This served 2 purposes. First, he would immediately tweet it out to his followers (my target audience). Second, I was building a relationship with him. I knew that he had thousands of followers all interested in SEO and that if I could ever get a mention from him it would be huge for my business. After 4 or 5 times mentioning him in my guest posts he let me know he was going to add Guest Post Tracker to his power page where he lists his favorite SEO tools. Sure enough that link came through and my website jumped up to page 1 for the phrase “guest posting sites”, ironically above Not to mention I got and still get a ton of free direct traffic and sign ups.

Additional Notes Just so you have all of the information, these were not all of the links that I got for Guest Post Tracker in that time period. I was getting other links (DA 20-50 range) pointing to other pages of the site. In total I probably got about 40 links. Still, in the SEO world that is nothing. One more big factor: One thing I didn’t tell you was that in the beginning when I first launched I found 2 or 3 blogs that were ranking top 3 for phrases that I wanted to rank for and convinced them to let me advertise on their blog posts that were ranked. All 3 links were nofollow links but I personally believe that nofollow links hold a lot of weight in Google’s algorithm. These 3 links were as relevant as they could possibly be because Google already established them as the authority sites in the guest posting niche. I know they helped my rankings. Conclusion

Guest posting has turned out to be the #1 promotion tool for Guest Post Tracker. (Isn’t it ironic?) Give a try. Get access to 1000+ blogs (we are always updating the list) that are asking for guest posts. Get started now: Start using Guest Post Tracker!

Thanks for reading, Adam White

P.S. It has taken me hundreds of hours to put together this amazing list and guest post tracking software so you can spend your time building links! Get started with Guest Post Tracker now! live cricket streaming offers Watch Live Sports Channels, Cricket Live Streaming Embed Code, Sports Channel Streaming Embed Code and Football/Socce...

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