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Workman’s Compensation

Get educated and VOTE!!!

The 30C forms that I have been emailing out to the members of the union that have been injured on the job must be completed. All you have to do is click on the attachment and the 30C forms will pop up. Make 4 copies of the form; one for yourself, one for me, Eugene Hammond, one for the Human Resource department and the last one for the State Worker’s Compensation district. Then mail that form to State Worker’s Compensation District 2 at 55 Main Street Norwich CT. 06360 room 203. Please send my copy of the 30C form to the Union Hall at 464 Ocean Ave. New London, CT.06320 I encourage all of you that have received this form to please fill it out promptly so that if there are any problems related to your injury at work, it will be documented and it will protect you in case any issues arise.

Brothers and Sisters, Due to the fact that this presidential and senatorial election is pivotal in our history I went on my first Labor Walk. What is this you ask? It is a gathering of union members in the AFl-CIO who go out to speak with other union members about the importance of voting and to get the message out as to who the best person is to represent us. We went out on a Saturday morning after gathering at the Pipefitters local in Groton, divided up the area and visited houses of our union brothers and sisters. I met some really good people and saw some really big spiders! The main point I have this month is this: do not be apathetic in this election. Your vote matters! If you or your family/friends need to register we will give you the information. Get out the Vote!

In your Service, Eugene Hammond Health and Safety officer

Calling for MORE Stewards It is becoming more important with each passing day to get more people involved with the local. How can you do this you ask, it is easy! Become a Steward. We meet once a month on the third Saturday from 8am-10am. We have coffee and donuts and are in a relaxed environment, as we learn about important issues around the hospital and bring to light anything that might be important to the membership. We go over contract language so we can all understand what exactly the language means to us as workers. It is also a great way for people from the off sites to stay informed on all current information. We collaborate with each other to get things solved and done. I can’t think of a better way to strengthen our unity as a local. So please come and check out a meeting. Can’t wait to see you there!! In your Service, Anita Dugan Chief Union Steward

The “Seven Min. Rule” Fact or Fiction?

And P.S. to all the ladies in the audience, it’s October: I got my mammogram, have you had yours? In your Service, Jo MacGeachie Recording Secretary

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Let’s start off by talking about the seven minute rule. Is there a seven minute rule? What is it? What does it do? I am going to break it down and hopefully put any confusion to rest. First, let me say that there is no seven minute rule. None, zip, zero, nada. Now that I have your attention we can proceed. Kronos is set up all over the hospital and that is the system that we use to swipe in and out. Kronos has a built in default that when you punch in at 38 minutes after the hour it automatically jumps to 45 minutes after the hour. If you were to swipe in at 37 minutes or less, Kronos would go back to 30 minutes after the hour and pay you 15 minutes of overtime. That is why you should NEVER punch in 37 minutes or less. When you punch in at 38 minutes you give the hospital 7 minutes of unpaid time. So let’s do the math. Let’s say you work 40 hours a week. So 7X5=35 minutes a week. 35 minutes per week times 50 weeks is 1755 minutes a year which when we divide by 60 minutes is 28 ¾ hours. So at the end of the year you work more than half a week for FREE.

The “Seven Min. Rule” Cont… Now you can stop jumping up and down, I can tell how excited you are to hear the good news. There are some bosses who encourage you to punch in early and tell you that you are late if you punch in at 7:00am or tell you are supposed to be in report at 6:45 am ready to go. However if you punch in at 6:45 it is impossible to be in report at 6:45am. Some have even been threatened with discipline. You cannot be disciplined for punching in at 6:45am or 7:00 am or whenever your shift begins. Our Chief Steward will say “What time does Jane’s shift begin?” The boss say’s “7:00am.” “What time did Jane Punch in?’ “7:00am” “Then how is Jane late?” “Well”, said the boss, “she wasn’t in report” or “her cart isn’t ready.” Yes, that is true because she has not punched in yet.” You see they can’t write you up because you won’t do work without getting paid. You get paid for working on time. When you punch in early, as in seven minutes early, you will not get paid. Remember, don’t work off the clock and don’t work for free. Why? It doesn’t pay. That’s why. Another problem that we have is that PCA’s and HUC’s who leave early and come in late so that they don’t get overtime. They say the boss makes them do that. Or, they say, they won’t let them work. Instead of coming to the Union so that we can fix this. They are going home early. Not only are they hurting themselves, they are hurting everyone they work with. They violate article 11 which is hours of work. They are hired to work 8 hour shifts but they work 7 ½ hours. Their bosses are violating the contract as well. They are both complicit. As long as they keep doing this we are never going to fix what is wrong. So stop working for free, your time is valuable!

In your service, Harry Rodriguez President Local 5123

Important Dates Education sessions have been set up to discuss the new medical insurance plan taking effect on January 1, 2013. Details about the plan will be discussed and any questions that you have will be answered during these sessions. The dates, times and locations for the classes at the main campus are as follows: Date Time Location 10/18/12 5:00am, 10:00am & 4:00pm Conf#1 10/25/12 5:00am, 10:00am & 4:00pm 5am & 10am: Conf#2, 4pm: Conf#1 **The following sessions will be in Spanish:** Date



10/16/12 11am Room (4.613)

Education Conference


Conference Room #2


Union Stewards The following members have been appointed and approved as union stewards: Mark Belina Jane Bell Christine Bond Anita Dugan Angela Fuller Pat Garcia Yvette Gibbs Juan Gonzalez Joanne Gogue Eugene Hammond Jackie Linicus

Jo MacGeachie Francis Mateo Pat McNiff Emily Milano Gloria Parker Sandy Reynolds Harry Rodriguez Doris Rios

Your union stewards are here to help you. If you have any concerns or issues, you may contact them at the union hall (860) 437-1139.

Important Dates E-Board Meeting Wednesday October 17th 5pm at the Union Hall Steward Meeting Saturday October 20th 8am at the Union hall Benefits Fair Thursday November 1st In Baker Auditorium Election Day!!! Tuesday November 6th Tri-Local Wednesday December 5th 5pm at the Union Hall Hosted by Local 5123 * This issue is in pink this month for Breast Cancer Awareness month*

President – Harry Rodriguez Vice President – Juan Gonzalez Political Action Officer – Pat Garcia Education & Safety Officer - Eugene Hammond Communication Officer– Emily Milano Recording Secretary – Jo MacGeachie Treasurer – Yvette Gibbs Chief Union Steward – Anita Dugan Harry Rodriguez – (860) 389-7259 Juan Gonzalez – (860) 389-1339 Anita Dugan – (860) 389-7248 Emily Milano – (860) 574-5251 Union Hall – (860) 437-1139

Our “Local-in-Motion”


Lawrence & Memorial Healthcare Workers’ Union Newsletter, Local 5123 464 Ocean Avenue - Second Floor, Room 203 October 14th, 2012

Volume 7, Issue 7

President’s Turn

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors All I have been hearing is rumors of layoffs. It is everywhere, the kitchen, the nursing units, EVS and Pequot. It seems that everywhere I go People ask, “Is it true, are there going to be layoffs?” Bruce Cummings in his open forums and at the leadership meeting which took place on May 14th, 2012, and the only reason I remember the date is because that is my birthday. Stood up in front of the hospital and Union leadership and said there are ".......two ways we can go. I prefer to go the way of no layoffs and let’s work this out....." With that said he was very clear that there would be no layoffs. Now as of this writing we have been given word that the Wave Cafe will close forever on Oct. 31, 2012 and that 3 per diem employees would be laid off. Does this mean that Mr. Cummings has broken his word? NO, and I will tell you why. Last year when they shut down the coffee shop I wrote an article and cited heavy losses as the reason the coffee shop was closing. As they down sized and moved to the Wave Cafe I wrote in the newsletter that unless we (Hospital Employees) began to patronize the Wave Cafe it could suffer the same fate as the coffee shop. Well according the books the Wave Cafe was losing $100.00 to $120.00 per day. That comes to $3500.00-$4000.00 per month, every month. These losses could not be sustained. So they are closing the Wave Cafe forever. I cannot take to task Mr. Cummings for making this decision. However, I have not heard from HR that there are more layoffs to come. Mr. Cummings has not met with us and said so and so will be laid off. I fully expect that before we see any layoffs, if any, that the hospital administration will do their due diligence and seek reduction in areas that are over spending. Furthermore those bonuses would be held back. After all, they are performance based and if the

hospital is in need of reduction then how can you justify good performances when people are potentially being laid off. We are talking about families, futures, and jobs. Most of all we are talking about dignity and respect. So I say enough with the rumors. Here is the question I have. MR.

CUMMINGS, ARE THERE LAYOFFS? YES OF NO? The rates for 2013 are in and it has been included as an attachment in our newsletter. These rates will begin in January 2013. You will see two rates. One is a PPO and the other is the Lumenos Plan. The only members that are eligible for PPO, are those that are 65 years of age or older and are enrolled in Medicare Part A. That means that YOU are enrolled, it does not matter if your spouse is enrolled, it only counts if YOU are enrolled. Another exception is Tricare. That means that you or your spouse is on military active duty and you are currently enrolled in Tricare. The last exception is VA Compensation. If you have received any amount of VA Compensation during the last three months, you are NOT eligible for the Lumenos Plan. Also, if you did not complete your Health Risk Assessment by September 29, 2012 you will pay an extra 3% in premium share weekly. These rates we negotiated by our union negotiating team last spring. No one else is paying these rates. This came about due to the hard work that the Union negotiating team did for us. As you can see the dental and vision rates have not changed at all. As you go forward please enjoy the substantial savings that you will see by switching over to the Lumenos Plan after it was negotiated by the union. Feel free to ask questions of our officers and stewards as they come up. In your service, Harry Rodriguez President Local 5123

October Newsletter 2012  

October Newsletter 2012

October Newsletter 2012  

October Newsletter 2012