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Spring 2018

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Nearly 1500 HCSS Customers Attend Users Group Meetings


his year’s two HCSS Users Group Meetings drew record attendance of almost 1,500 customers. The three-day events included keynote addresses and more than 150 classes taught by HCSS staff, partners, and customers on topics ranging from best practices and tips for software implementation and application to marketing and executive thought leadership. Attendees also participated in town hall discussions, where they provided feedback on new and existing features of the software.

been incredible to see this event grow year after year. Almost twothirds of our attendees this year were first-time attendees, and we expect a lot of them to continue to return. Two hundred of our attendees were attending for at least the fourth time.”

“Moving to a new hotel this year allowed us to expand on our class offerings to allow even more customers to attend, as previous years had sold out,” said Kara MacDonald, HCSS Marketing Director. “It’s

Save the date for next year’s meetings being held January 15-17 and February 5-7, 2019, and sign up to be notified when registration opens at

The was the first year the meeting was held at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Houston.

“I always gain more knowledge about the programs and learn new tips and tricks,” said Craig Parker, executive vice president at Silver Star Construction in Moore, Okla. He has attended UGM for 16 years. “Without any exception, I learn a new advanced technique that saves me or my staff time every time I attend UGM.” Watch the keynotes from this year’s meeting at

Start Efficient, Stay Efficient—A New Trend for Small Companies


e have noticed a new trend for smaller construction companies. They are focusing on being efficient and hightech from the start. This sets the company up well for growth, as their technology-enabled processes make it easier to onboard newcomers than manual ones. This also helps attract the young talent that views paper processes as being old and outdated.

“Having a library of resources and costs is a huge step forward, instead of working on old Excel forms with canned crews,” said Shawn Hampton of Rawso Constructors, an excavating and demolition contractor in Murfreesboro, Tenn. “Having that library and being able to pull production data allows the new guys to almost teach themselves.” Hampton said Rawso has better communication between the field and the estimating staff thanks to the interaction between the estimating and field management software.

“Guys in the field can at least understand what the estimators were looking at, and vice versa,” he said. “And as far as growth, it’s been a huge tool to help us stay lean in the office and the


Some contractors, like Rawso, adopt the model of first-thingsfirst, focusing on getting the estimate right before looking at operations. This method has its benefits, as your estimating processes really are the driving factor for growth and the center of your company. Others dive in with both feet and get as much technology implemented as quickly as possible. While this can be risky because so much is being changed at once, it can be successful if led from the top, with all the right people involved who can make decisions fast.

However you implement, the competitive advantage is obvious. While larger, slower-to-adapt construction companies still deal with the old school problems that come with using spreadsheets to estimate and paper to manage plans, time cards, meter readings, and safety, you can be efficient from the start using software technology.

Codebooks—The Secret to Getting the Most out of HeavyBid


ustomers frequently ask HCSS, “What is the one thing I should focus on to get better at estimating in HeavyBid?”Our answer is always, “Make a great activity codebook.”

A Great Codebook is the Backbone of Your Estimate Unlike bid items, which differ from owner to owner, activities are the basis of your company’s specific work in the system. A great activity codebook should closely mirror the work you offer to all of your customers.

Organize your codebook so that it is understandable to your estimators—after all, they are the ones who have to win the job. Often, contractors try to copy their accounting department’s chart of accounts (which is organized for accountants) or their DOT codebooks (which are organized for DOT payments) and get frustrated. Instead, start with a simple list of what you do, and break it down from there. HCSS can help—we offer services to get you started.

More Estimating Efficiency Activity codebooks have the power to get you started quickly because you can configure them to do a lot. They can be configured with your common crews and production rates, pre-connected to calculation routines and spreadsheets for takeoff, and even connected to common safety meetings, inspections, and JHAs to give you a Site Specific Safety Plan for bid time. All of that makes starting estimates a breeze, which means that your estimators can spend more time thinking about the bid and coming up with creative construction methods. Or, like Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc., you can produce a ton of estimates with your estimating staff.

The State College, Penn., contractor uses a combination of the biditem codebook and the activity codebook. Activities are populated with crews, baseline material productions, resources, calendars, and more.

“We don’t do the stick-building of estimates anymore,” Glenn O. Hawbaker senior project estimator and project manager Monty Claar said. “We can populate a PennDOT estimate 95 percent complete so that we’re just spending our time manipulating and changing specific things. Where someone would normally spend a couple of hours building an estimate, it takes us 30 seconds.”

Claar said his chief estimator pulls all the bids from PennDOT’s bidding portal and imports them into HeavyBid, builds the estimates using the biditem and activity codebooks, and then assigns them all to the estimators so they can tweak the costs to meet the individual jobs, manage direct and indirect spreads, and analyze the bid for anything special or unique. “On a typical PennDOT day, we can now bid 15 jobs with the same

Actual production history can be quickly pulled into HeavyBid using consistent codes from the activity codebook.

staff that we could bid five jobs with [before HeavyBid],” he said.

More Scale for Your Estimating Department Activity codebooks are also a great tool to train new estimators or get help from the field when you are overloaded with estimates. Combined with your master estimates, the activity codebooks create standards to compare new estimates against to help your estimating manager see what has been added to a particular estimate that differs from the norm. Use these tools, combined with other auditing and error checking features in HeavyBid, to help your team double-check the work of inexperienced estimators and coach them to estimate better.

Get Feedback from the Past The activity codebook institutes a common identifier to your work, allowing you to reference history to compare against every estimate you do. This can be done a couple of ways: via actual field-achieved productions from HeavyJob, as well as from past estimated productions put together using the same work code.

Essentially, the structure of your code becomes the glue that connects your estimating department to all the work they’ve ever done and all the work ever performed in the field. This lets you always be checking: Is the production I’m using for this estimate reasonable? Has it been done before? Can we do better this time? If you already use HeavyBid, but are not using the codebooks, call the HCSS Training department at 713-270-4000 and ask about our professional estimating services.

Do You Know Everything Your Foremen Can Do on an iPad?


CSS is constantly adding new features and abilities to the iPad that it can be easy to miss an opportunity to automate something new for your foremen. Below is an extensive list of all • Enter diaries

• Add photos, including annotations • Add notes on photos • Report weather conditions • Report labor hours, including overtime, late time, etc. • Report cost codes worked for the day • Report fuel used

• Add notes for cost codes, including notes just for the inspector

• Add quantities for each cost code • Report material received • Report material installed • Record supplies used • Record supplies purchased • Record subcontractors on site • Record trucks that came to the job

the things you can do within HCSS apps on your iPad. If you see something on this list that you aren’t already doing and would like to learn more, call us at 800-683-3196 to see how you can start.

• Record current meter readings for equipment on site

• View Job Hazard Analysis reports

• Record crew safety meetings

• View electronic plans and perform takeoff calculations

• Record safety inspections

• View specification documents

• Create and view production plans

• View shop drawings

• Record time & materials worked on • Fill out HR forms, like vacation requests • Record extra work • Report equipment hours, including • Report safety near misses idle time, down time, etc. • Report safety incidents


1453 attendees from 437 companies

A. Servidone/B. Anthony Const. JV (3) Blaze Contracting, Inc. (1)

D.H. Griffin Infrastructure, LLC (7)

Gale Lim Construction (4)

A. Teichert & Son, Inc. (3)

Blythe Construction, Inc. (1)

Dawson Construction Limited (3)

Gemini Resources Group, LLC (3)

A.H. Beck Foundation Co., Inc. (1)

Boh Brothers Construction Co. (4)

Daystar Directional Drilling (1)

Geneva Rock Products, Inc. (3)

A&B Asphalt Corp. (1)

Bond Brothers, Inc. (4)

DeAtley Crushing (2)

George Harms Construction Co. (3)

A&J Construction (6)

BPG Designs, LLC (4)

Delta Companies, Inc. (2)

George J. Igel & Co., Inc. (2)

ACC Soutwest (1)

Bradshaw Construction Corp. (5)

DeSilva Gates Construction (4)

George Reed, Inc. (5)

Accelerated Critical Path, Inc. (2)

Brayman Construction Corporation (3) Diamond B Construction Co., LLC (1)

Gerken Paving (2)

ACCI (1)

Brent Scarbrough & Co. Inc. (2)

DiFazio Industries (2)

Ghilotti Bros., Inc. (8)

Achen-Gardner Construction, LLC (3)

Brown Industrial (3)

Dirt Market (1)

Gianfia Corp. (4)

ACIG (1)

Buesing Corp. (6)

Dixie Construction Company, Inc. (2)

Glenn E. Sessions & Sons (2)

ADB Companies (1)

BX Civil & Construction Inc. (3)

DLB Enterprises, LLC (1)

Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. (9)


C&E Excavating, Inc. (3)

DMS Contracting, Inc. (1)

Goodfellow Bros., Inc. (3)

Agate Construction Company, Inc. (1)

C&E Trenching LLC (3)

Double Z Construction (4)

Goodfellow Top Grade Const. (7)

Agee Construction Corporation (2)

C.H.&D Enterprises, Inc. (2)

Drewery Construction (3)

Gould Construction, Inc. (4)

Ainsworth Benning Construction (1)

C.J. Hesse, Inc. (1)

Driscoll Construction Co. Inc. (3)

Gradex, Inc. (2)

Allan Myers, Inc. (5)

C.J. Mahan Construction Company (5) Duit Construction Co., Inc. (3)

Granite Construction Company (35)

Allen Butler Construction (4)

C.W. Matthews Contracting Co (10)

Dunn Construction Company, Inc. (2)

Graniterock (14)

Allen Contracting, Inc. (4)

C.W. Roberts Contracting, Inc. (9)

Durr Heavy Construction (1)

Gray and Son Inc. (1)

Allen Keller Co (1)

Cabo Construction (2)

Duval Asphalt Products (1)

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock (3)

Allison Park Contractors, Inc. (3)

Cal Poly (1)

E & B Paving, Inc. (2)

Alpha, Inc. (1)

Candeo Construction LLC (1)

E-Z Bel Construction (6)

Great Lakes Environmental & Infrastructure (9)

American Asphalt Paving (4)

CAPE Environmental Management (2) E.K. Services, Inc. (3)

American Bridge Company (1)

Cardinal Contractors, Inc. (1)

E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. (6)

American Civil/Meadow Valley (1)

Carolina Bridge Company, Inc. (4)

E.S. Wagner Company (1)

Anchor Construction Corp. (11)

Cash Construction Co., Inc. (1)

Earle Asphalt Company (3)

Anvil Builders (3)

Castlerock Excavating (2)

Eclipse Co., LLC (5)

AquaTerra Contracting, LLC (2)

Cayo LLC (1)

Ed Bell Construction Company (6)

ARB, Inc. (4)

CCA Civil (2)

EE Cruz (4)

Archer Western, LLC (3)

CD Construction Drilling Inc. (2)

Ellingson Companies (3)

Arrow Construction (3)

Charles Blalock & Sons, Inc. (3)

Ellsworth Construction (2)

Handwerk Contractors (1)

ASL Agrodrain (2)

Charter Contracting Company, LLC (5) Emery & Sons Construction Group (5) Hartman & Company, Inc. (1) Haskell Corporation (1) Chris-Hill Construction (3) Emery Sapp & Sons (1)

Astra Group, Inc. (3)

Cianbro Corporation (4)

Enviro-Ex Contracting Ltd (1)

Hawaiian Dredging Const. Co. (5)

Atlantis Underground Services (1)

CJ Miller, LLC (8)

Envirocon (5)

ATS Construction (2)

Clark Construction of Texas, Inc. (1)

Esposito Construction (2)

Austin Bridge & Road, LP (5)

Clyde Companies, Inc. (7)

Eutaw Construction Company (1)

Austin Industries (1)

Colas/Quality Asphalt Paving (4)

F&K Construction, Inc. (1)

B&B Signal (3)

Colas ISS (1)

Faber Construction (2)

Baker Concrete Construction, Inc. (1)

COMANCO Environmental Corp (10)

Facemyer Company (2)

ASL (1)

Number in parentheses indicates the number of attendees. Bold indicates an Advisory Board member.

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc. (7) Complete General Construction Co. (1) Faulconer Construction Company (9)

Greggo & Ferrara, Inc. (3) Gregori Construction Inc. (2) Guy F Atkinson Construction (5) H2 Enterprises (9) Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. (3) Hallen Construction (3) Halmar International (3) Halme, Inc. (4)

HDR, Inc. (1) Herlihy Mid Continent Company (1) Highmark Concrete Contractors (1) Hoopaugh Grading Company, LLC (3) HP Civil Inc. (4) HRP Construction, Inc. (2) Hutchens Construction CO (2) ICC Group (3)

Balfour Beatty Rail (1)

Con-Quest Contractors, Inc. (3)

Felix Associates of Florida, Inc. (2)

Ballard Marine Construction (6)

Conatser Construction (4)

Ferguson Trenching Co., Inc. (3)

Barnhill Contracting Company (1)

Conatser Site Services (1)

Ferreira Construction Co., Inc. (1)

Bartow Paving Company, Inc. (7)

Concrete Placing Co., Inc. (2)

Fielder’s Choice Enterprises, Inc. (5)

Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc. (5)

Constructors, Inc. (9)

Flatiron Constructors, Inc. (4)

Bay Ltd. (1)

Continental Heavy Civil Corp. (1)

Fluor Corporation (14)

Iowa Bridge & Culvert (3)

Bear Creek Group (3)

COP Construction LLC (1)

Beaver Excavating (7)

Cosco, Inc. (2)

Ford Construction Company, Inc. (4) Iowa Civil Contracting, Inc. (1) J. Lee Milligan, Inc. (1) Foremost Paving, Inc. (12)

Bellingham Marine Industries, Inc. (1)

Cossentino Contracting Co (2)

Fred Smith Company (2)

J.R. Caskey, Inc. (4)

Berger Excavating Contractors, Inc. (2) CRL Campbell Constr & Drainage (1)

Frederick Derr & Company, Inc. (1)

Beyer Construction (2)

CSA Materials, Inc. (1)

Frontier Environmental, Inc. (5)

Bidigare Contractors, Inc. (1)

Curran Contracting Co. (4)

Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc. (1)

Blackrock Industries, Inc. (2)

D.A.B. Constructors, Inc. (4)

GA & FC Wagman, Inc. (1)

IHC Construction Companies, LLC (7) Illinois Civil Contractors, Inc. (5) Independence Excavating, Inc. (4) International Cooling Tower, Inc. (8)

J.D. Abrams, L.P. (2) JF Brennan Company Inc. (11) J.M. Fahey Construction Company (2) J.M. Marschuetz Construction (2)

J.S. Bova Excavating (2)

McGeorge Contracting, Inc. (1)

Prince Contracting, LLC (5)

Sunroc Corporation (6)

Jagoe Public Company (5)

McGuire & Hester Construction (2)

Prus Construction Company (3)

Superior Asphalt Inc. (1)

James Construction Group, LLC (10)

McK Construction (1)

PVT Land Company Ltd. (3)

Syblon Reid Contractors (3)

James McHugh Construction (5)

McLean Contracting Company (2)

R.K. Hall, LLC. (1)

Talus Construction (3)

Jim Gold Professional Services (1)

MCM Corporation (6)

R&H Bridge (1)

Tapani, Inc. (6)

Jim Smith Contracting Co., LLC (3)

McMahon Contracting L.P. (1)

Rawso, LLC. (3)

Teichert Construction (11)

Jmac Resources (2)

Meadow Valley Contractors, Inc. (1)

RDJE, Inc. (6)

Terra Engineering & Construction (2)

Johansen Construction Company (8)

MGE Underground, Inc. (12)

Reece Albert, Inc. (8)

Terus Construction, Ltd. (4)

John Burns Construction Co. (12)

Michels Corporation (2)

Reeves Construction Company (1)

Texas Sterling Construction Co. (5)

John R. Jurgensen (3)

Midland Asphalt Materials, Inc. (3)

Reiner Contracting Inc. (3)

The Allen Company, Inc. (2)

Jones Bros. Dirt & Paving (3)

Midwest Mole Inc. (5)

Reliable Contracting Co., Inc. (4)

The Anderson Company (7)

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. (2)

Milestone Companies (3)

RES (1)

The Dutra Group (2)

Journey Group (2)

Miller Brothers Construction, Inc. (12)

Restani Construction (1)

The Joy Companies, Inc. (1)

JTL Group DBA Knife River (1)

Millstone Weber, LLC (3)

Reyes Group Ltd. (1)

The Lane Construction Corp (7)

J Wright Companies, Inc. (2)

Mine Service, Inc. (3)

Richard E. Pierson Const. Co. (4)

The Mosser Group (2)

K.R. Swerdfeger Construction (2)

Modern Railway Systems (2)

Richards Corporation (3)

The Ruhlin Company (3)

K&E Excavating (1)

Moffatt & Nichol (1)

Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc. (4)

The Shelly Company (4)

K2 Construction (4)

Montana Lines, Inc. (1)

RK Hall (1)

Tiger Contracting (1)

KASA Construction, Inc. (3)

Moorefield Excavating (2)

RoadSafe Traffic Systems (5)

Tikigaq Corporation (1)

Katerra, Inc. (3)

Mosser Construction, Inc. (2)

Roadway Electric, LLC (2)

Tonto Construction, Inc. (1)

Ke Nui Construction LLC (1)

Mulford Construction Co. Inc. (3)

Ronyak Paving (1)

Toro Enterprises, Inc. (11)

Keeler Construction Co. Inc. (1)

MW Construction Services, Inc. (2)

Rose Construction, Inc. (1)

Trader Construction Co. (3)

Kenny Construction Company (3)

Myers & Sons Construction (4)

Royal Electric Company (4)

Trans Ash, Inc. (6)

Kent Power, Inc. (8)

Nabholz Construction Corp. (2)

Rummel Construction, Inc. (3)

Transit Construction Corp (1)

Kerr Contractors (8)

Nathan Contracting, LP (5)

Russell Standard Corp. (4)

Tri Mor Corporation (1)

KGM Contractors, Inc. (3)

Nelson & Sons Construction Co. (2)

S.T. Wooten Corporation (8)

Tri-Core Projects Ltd. (1)

King Construction Services, Inc. (2)

Nesbitt Contracting Co., Inc. (2)

Sangamo Construction Company (1)

Triton Marine Construction Corp. (2)

Kissick Construction (4)

Nicholas Construction, Inc. (5)

Sargent Corporation (2)

Trucco Construction (9)

Knife River (11)

Nicholson Construction Co. (3)

Schellinger Construction Co., Inc. (2)

Trumbull Corporation (4)

Kokosing Construction Co., Inc. (8)

North Valley, Inc. (2)

Schiavone Construction Co., LLC (3)

TTG Utilities, LP (6)

Kokosing Industrial (5)

Northern Pacific Corporation (4)

SCI (1)

Tunista Construstion LLC (1)

Kolb Grading, LLC (1)

Nova Group Inc. (5)

Shell Construction Co. (1)

Union Paving & Construction Co. (2)

Korte & Luitjohan Contractors (1)

O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. (8)

Shelly & Sands, Inc. (3)

Upland Contracting (1)

KRC-Northern CA-Chico Division (1)

Oftedal Construction, Inc. (1)

Shirley Contracting Company (9)

Utilities Unlimited (3)

Kuesel Excavating Co., Inc. (3)

OLCO, Inc. (1)

Sierra Nevada Construction (1)

Valley Construction Company (2)

Kwest Group, LLC (4)

Oldcastle (6)

Sigfusson Northern (7)

Venus Construction Company (3)

L Keeley Construction (3)

Oregon Mainline Paving, LLC (4)

Silver Star Construction Co. (6)

Vilhauer Enterprises (1)

LCI Lineberger Construction Inc. (1)

P.A. Landers, Inc. (1)

SJCC (1)

Virginia Paving Company (2)


Pacific Gas & Electric Company (7)

Skanska (4)

VSS International (5)

Ledcor (2)

PC Construction (1)

Slayden Constructors Inc. (2)

W.E. McDonald & Son, LLC (1)

LTM, Inc. (1)

PCI Industries Corp. (2)

Sloan Construction (1)

Wacor Holdings Ltd. (2)

Lund Construction Co. (2)

PCL Civil Constructors, Inc. (4)

SMARTbuilt Consultants, LLC (2)

Walbec Group (5)

M. Jolma, Inc. (2)

Pellco Construction (2)

Smith Excavation (1)

Walsh Group (1)

MAC Construction (1)

Pember Companies, Inc. (1)

SNC-Lavalin (4)

Weaver-Bailey Contractors, Inc. (5)

Magnolia Dredge & Dock (5)

Pesado Construction Company (6)

Snelson Companies, LLC (1)

Weddle Brothers Construction (1)

Manson Construction Co. (6)

Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contract. (6) Phillips Companies (2)

Snyder Environmental Services, Inc. (1)

Weeks Marine, Inc. (6)

Marbro Inc. (1) Mario Sinacola & Sons Excavating (1)

Pipeline construction (1)

Soil Express, Ltd (1)

West Coast Paving, Inc. (2)

Martam Construction Inc. (2)

PirTano Construction Co., Inc. (2)

Martin Brothers Construction (5)

Plant Improvement Company (2)

MAS Building & Bridge, Inc. (1)

Pleasants Construction, Inc. (14)

Mascaro Construction Co., L.P. (1)

Port Madison Enterprises Constr. (2)

Mason Construction, Ltd. (2)

Posillico, Inc. (16)

Massman Construction Co. (10)

Preston Pipelines, Inc. (6)

Matthews Construction Co (2)

Price Gregory International, Inc. (2)

McCarthy Building Co., Inc. (1)

Primoris Services Cardinal Contr. (1)

Sound Transit (1) SP Consulting (1) Specialties Company, LLC (2) SPS New England, Inc. (1) St. Laurent & Son (3) Stacy & Witbeck, Inc. (11) Stewart & Tate, Inc. (4) STG Incorporated (2) Sully Miller Contracting (3)

Wells Brothers Construction Co. (2) Western Engineering Contractors (6) Whitaker Construction (2) Wilson Excavating & Grading, Inc. (2) XIT Paving and Construction Inc. (1) Yerba Buena Eng. & Construction (1) Yonkers Contracting Co., Inc. (3) Zoladz Construction (5)

Technology is rapidly changing the construction landscape. Here, we’re sharing stories of how contractors are using it to grow in leaps and bounds.

Introducing the Smart Construction Series — a recurring feature in HCSS newsletters this year that explores the common stages of technology adoption so you can see how you measure up to the competition and how you can improve.

These are stories of efficiency, automation, and smarter processes. But they’re also about so much more. At the core of it all is a call to bring your people and information together. To empower your workers at all levels. To build trust and ownership. Because software and hardware are essential to modernizing your business, but it’s the way you use them that makes all the difference.

Smart Field

Empower your foremen to do more with less effort. Let’s start in the field, where the most dynamic of changes are occurring as contractors shift from a top-down management approach to a field-first focus.


Logging yesterday’s hours Simply put, contractors fall behind when their foremen spend too much effort recording events from yesterday or last week.

The foreman of yesterday is a hard worker and likely a skilled leader whose talents are wasted on paperwork. That’s right — there are companies out there that still rely on pen and paper to capture time, then make a daily or weekly trek from the field to the office to hand off the numbers for a payroll clerk to re-enter. Aside from being a waste of time, this prevents both the field and the office from knowing how the job is really doing until the accounting team is able to disseminate reports, which is often weeks later.


Reviewing today’s performance Today, the average foreman is connected to the office. He uses a tablet or laptop that not only simplifies time entry but also provides instant and accurate insight into job health. As we near the 20th anniversary of HeavyJob, HCSS knows better than most how long this transition has been in the works.


Now, they merely equate to holding steady against the competition.


Planning for tomorrow So what does the foreman of tomorrow look like? He learns from yesterday and controls the events of today, but he also plans for tomorrow. Past data becomes a means to improve future performance.

Using smart tools like the HeavyJob Production Planner, foremen can predict production, cost, and resource requirements before work begins each day. That means adjustments can be made proactively to ensure the project stays on schedule and budget. This benefits everyone — from superintendents to operations to owners — as they can know what to expect and forecast jobs accurately and confidently.

Where does your company fall in the spectrum? If you’re falling behind, call HCSS at 800-683-3196, and we’ll show you how HeavyJob can transform the way you work in the field. If you’re already using HeavyJob and want to learn about Production Planner and other advanced features, access free learning resources at


User Spotlight

Petticoat-Schmitt focuses on the future. Jay Adair, IT Business Manager for Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors in Jacksonville, Fla., said his company has recently started using HeavyJob’s Production Planner to forecast future work. Previously, his foremen had to guess how much work they could complete based on work experience and general knowledge. “Before, the guys would say, ‘I’ve been doing this for a long time. I know what needs to get done,’” Adair said. “But when you take the real-world data and analyze it, there’s a difference between what you think and what really happens. While they may think they’re hitting the mark, they may be missing something important. But now they’re putting that data into the app and getting real-time analysis.” The foremen enter their tasks for the next day or week based on the crews being used and their historical production, then the superintendents review the plan to make sure it looks achievable.


What Interns are Looking For


aving two sons in college has Tom Webb given me a new perspective VP Strategic and on what students look for in Initiatives Customer Solutions internships. I hope to use this information to better the HCSS internship program, and I think it can help you too. 1. Students want an internship that will give them a chance to do real work. Interns don’t relish the chance to get you coffee. They really want to do real work. It helps you a lot, because they can get a lot done, but it also helps them in many ways. Real work gives interns the chance to verify that they’ll enjoy a career with you. It helps them apply what they are learning in school and gives you confidence that they can do the job if, or when, they apply for a full-time position later.

“We’re in the early stages of figuring out just how much impact this has, but we’re starting to see good signs,” Adair said. “The guys using it are starting to show improvement on not going over budget and time.”

2. Students would love the chance to see how a company operates. Interns are a blank slate, and, unfortunately, colleges spend almost no time teaching them what the “real world” is like. So interns are going to learn a lot when you give them the chance to work on a difficult problem. Don’t shy away from giving them one.

Want more articles like this?

4. This is their chance to learn about an industry. Most interns are still trying to figure out what they really want. Tap an up-andcoming leader in your company to explain the industry to them. Have him or her bring your interns to local AGC meetings, etc. This will help the up-and-comer practice leadership, give the interns a good experience, and help the interns see and be proud of the industry.

Help us craft more meaningful content for your newsletters. Tell us what you think of the Smart Construction Series (or any of the other articles) by e-mailing

3. They want to meet people who have the career they are thinking about pursuing. This is a big one for most interns. They don’t know what life is like for people who have the career they want. So have them work alongside your veterans to give them a better understanding of what they’re in for. A great way to maximize impact for everyone is by having an intern help an experienced superintendent learn the technology on his iPad. Everyone wins with a project like that.

Have questions about how you can apply this for your intern program? Contact me at tom.webb@

Spring 2018



HCSS 13151 W. Airport Blvd. Sugar Land, TX 77478

500+ People Start Using HCSS Plans After UGM 2018


ur new HCSS Plans software was a hit at our Users Group Meeting. More than 500 people have started using it after seeing our first introduction to the application. Paper plans can be a problem due to multiple variations and the risk of doing costly rework that comes with using outdated versions.

HCSS Plans connects the office to the field to avoid these costly mistakes. With HCSS Plans, field crews have instant access to any document revisions or new versions to ensure they are working off of the most recent information. Crew leaders can also annotate plans from mobile devices to show changes in the field and communicate back to the office.

HCSS expected a strong positive reaction to the new application at UGM, but the response we received exceeded our expectations.

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Upcoming Events HEAVYBID 101

Learn how to use HeavyBid. We’ll cover all the essentials — from basic setup to bid review and bid closing. Houston, TX - May 16-17

Houston, TX - June 13-14


Bid News Recent bid results sent to us by our customers. HeavyBid users noted in green


PDOT Letting from 3/22/18 96820 Standard 02 Centre SR 322 Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.............................$85,545,322 Walsh Construction Company II, LLC...... $85,916,258 Trumbull Corporation...........................$87,369,508.75 New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.... $97,353,892 Tutor Perini Corporation...........................$106,351,258

All bidders are HeavyBid users!

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Learn more advanced HeavyBid features. This class is designed for those who know the fundamentals of HeavyBid and would like to take advantage of its more advanced features. Houston, TX - May 16-17

Houston, TX - June 13-14

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HCSS Spring 2018 Newsletter  

UGM 2018 recap

HCSS Spring 2018 Newsletter  

UGM 2018 recap