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Summer 2020


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Miracle at McInnis Construction — And What OSHA had to Say About It


fter a young worker fell 35 feet on a job site, he was life-flighted to the ER but miraculously walked out that afternoon.

“Praise God he didn’t die, but he hurt himself,” says Scott Overby, Construction Health, Safety & Environmental Manager at McInnis Construction. “A 35-foot fall, you don’t survive that. That’s a miracle.”

After assuring the worker was alright, Overby faced the dread of the OSHA investigation triggered by the fall. “I’m nervous, scared: it’s OSHA! They’re going to write me a ticket here. This could cost me a lot of money.” OSHA estimates that a worker sustaining multiple physical injuries from something like a fall can cost a company over $160,000--not to mention the potential for a lawsuit and the indirect costs if a company’s reputation becomes one of unsafe practices.

In fear of a citation, Overby was quick to assist the OSHA inspector with anything he needed. “I said, ‘Hey, by the way, I want to help you. What do you need from me? Are there any training documents you’d like to see? Any inspections? So he gave me a list.”

“I went home, pulled up my HCSS, printed out all the training this individual had, all of the toolbox talks he’d attended, all the daily huddles he’d been a part of, and covered the new employee

orientation that I do, which gets into a lot of the main safety aspects.”

Armed with a thick, printed report of the worker’s entire safety history, Overby put all of the requested documentation into the inspector’s hands the next morning. “And he [the OSHA investigator] goes, ‘Wow, this usually takes about two to six weeks, or maybe we’ll never get it because it never existed. You need to let your owners know that you’re doing a good job here.’”

The OSHA investigator then wanted examples of write-ups given per the company’s safety enforcement policy. “I said how many do you want? He said six, I sent him seven. That took me about five minutes. All I did was go to HCSS, pull up the last three months of write-ups, and I emailed them, just like that.”

Following the interviews and walkaround, OSHA concluded the investigation and told Overby: “Your company is safe. It looks like it was an employee error because he was trained. I have found nothing to cite you for.” “I owe that to HCSS,” Overby said. “HCSS (Safety) helped us win with OSHA.” Click here to learn more about HCSS Safety.

New HCSS Plan for Going Paperless in 30 Days


s a result of COVID-19, we at HCSS have had to re-evaluate how we do our software implementations.

In the past, we did a lot of planning with customers, usually in Houston, before starting a major implementation process. As a result of COVID-19, we have a new plan that reverses that process. Instead of extensive planning up front, we are simply moving all of your paper processes to digital, and then working on your business processes later. This design will get you a real payoff very quickly, reduce or totally eliminate paper, and get your management feedback about the job much quicker. Paper that we can eliminate in the first 30 days:

Diaries Time Cards Quantity Logs Safety Meetings

Forms Plans T&M Authorizations Safety Inspections Truck Tickets In fact, the new plan has your field entering time cards and sending them electronically into your payroll system by the end of the second week. The Go Paperless in 30 Days implementation is part of a larger plan to Transform Your Business in 90 Days for any of you that still have a significant number of manual processes. The plan is in 3 phases as follows:

Phase 1 – Eliminating paper in the field

Phase 2 – Making better use of the new digital data Phase 3 – Reimagining your business processes

We have designed this to be implemented while you continue to work, taking into account that your people are all busy and don’t have a lot of time for training. We have a scorecard that shows your management the progress on this initiative every week for twelve weeks. Our SaaS pricing means you also don’t need a large capital investment to get started. As always, there is a 12-Month Money-Back Guarantee on any new HCSS software product that you purchase if you are not happy with the result. Typically, this plan would include HCSS HeavyJob, HCSS Safety, and HCSS Plans. If you already own one of these products, you can still take advantage of our new plan, but your progress will be much faster.

For more information, contact your HCSS sales representative, click here, or call 833-506-0492.

New SaaS Pricing for HeavyBid Estimating Software


t ConExpo this year we released new SaaS pricing for our HeavyBid Estimating Software. While much of our other software has been available with a monthly SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription for several years, HeavyBid has not been.

Even as most companies, including us, are getting away from concurrent licensing and going to named licenses for each employee, we have decided to leave HeavyBid as concurrent licenses in the new model, although you will still be required to have named users. Thus if you have 12 people using HeavyBid, but only 5 subscriptions, all 12 names must be set up in our credentials system, but only 5 of them can be in HeavyBid at one time.

But now if you need more licenses, instead of buying them with a capital expenditure, you can buy them in a monthly subscription, paid annually. This may be particularly important now with economic uncertainty. If you currently need several more periodic users to be in the estimating

software, you could purchase one more license for just a year and then a year later make adjustments up or down as your business requires.

The monthly rate may appear to be high, but remember, these are concurrent licenses and the main reason we have left them that way is so that estimators, project managers, people taking quotes, business development people, etc. can all share the licenses without necessarily having their own. The current SaaS pricing is as follows: HeavyBid/Basic


$170/mo $250/mo

HeavyBid/Comprehensive $295/mo

If you wish to add licenses to your system under this new model, contact your HCSS sales representative, click here, or call 833-506-0492.

Virtual Implementations Keep Businesses Moving Forward in Uncertain Times


ven before COVID-19 stopped all travel, the HCSS Professional Services team was thinking about different ways to move implementations online. Our customers are all over the world, and being helpful partners means accommodating their needs.

“With travel restrictions in place, we had to step on the gas on our virtual implementation program,” said Matt Teeters, Project Management Supervisor at HCSS. Through a full team effort, we shifted quickly to 100% virtual implementations to reduce risk while con-

tinuing to help our customers grow their business.

In February 2020, Grade A Construction came to the HCSS office for an Equipment360 design session. Due to travel restrictions, we had to switch the rest of their Equipment360 implementation to virtual. After the first virtual implementation session went so smoothly, they decided to move all of their implementations to virtual.

Through those virtual sessions, we took a brand new customer from no HCSS products to implementing nine products in four months. From Jessica Green, Director of Corporate Services at Grade A Construction: “We have completed a lot of implementations over the past few years trying to keep up with the new technology. We are new clients of HCSS and once we had our initial onsite training for the first product, we realized HCSS was a company we wanted to invest in other products with. Over the past couple of months we have implemented a number of products with them virtually due to the pandemic, and have had nothing but an amazing experience. They haven’t skipped a beat! We have been more than pleased with HCSS and their ability to adapt with the changes.”

If you’re interested in onboarding new products to streamline your business during these lean times, or if you want to become more sophisticated users of your existing software, reach out to your sales rep or give us a call at 833-506-0492. We can accommodate you, whatever your situation.

ConExpo’s Time Card Challenge Set a New Speed Record and Showed How Fast Field Entry Can Be


o one likes paperwork, especially in their free time, which is why it was such a surprise that people lined up again and again at HCSS’s ConExpo booth to fill out time cards!

The Challenge: Enter the time card to the right in less than 2 minutes including the meetings, diary, materials and photos and win a free beer. To make it even more challenging, many of the competitors had never even seen HeavyJob before, and we only gave them 30 seconds of instruction. Before the event, we weren’t sure how many people could complete the challenge and if there would only be a handful of tech-savvy winners who could quickly learn HeavyJob to fill out the time cards. But throughout ConExpo, we saw a surprising amount of people win the challenge with time to spare, and those few that couldn’t pass the timed test often came back to line up and try again. Our leaderboard saw winning Foremen, Estimators, Owners, and people of all stripes take the top spot, but the fastest time overall was captured by Dan McRae, a speedy competitor from Comanco who was able to complete an entire, error-free time card in 1 minute and 17 seconds!

Now, maybe not every Foremen in the field can finish their daily time cards in 1 minute and 17 seconds, but HeavyJob does provide a significantly faster and simpler way for them to input their data daily. And if ConExpo’s challenge taught us anything, it’s that making something easy and adding in a dash of healthy competition can make a task that would otherwise be drudgery into something fun--and inspire some incredible efficiency. Click here to learn more about HeavyJob.

ConExpo attendees compete in the Time Card Challenge.

ConExpo by the Numbers

3,500+ Booth Visitors 4,000 Company Names on our Customer Wall Fastest Timecard Challenge Time: 1 minute 17 seconds 35 Demo Stations This timecard was entered in 1:17

The ConExpo Experience that Crisis-Focused Headlines Didn’t Talk About


tradeshow booth with 3,500 visitors looks like a sea of people, shoulder-to-shoulder and shouting excitedly about their businesses, their partnerships, and their needs. It looks like contenders lining up into the walkways for their chance to compete in a time card challenge and see their names on the leaderboard. It looks like 35 demo stations kept so busy that a dozen booth workers are answering questions with iPad presentations while attendees wait their turn to sit at a station. And at this year’s ConExpo, it looked like an oasis of normality when the world was beginning to fold into anxiety, uncertainty, and crisis. No one was sure what to expect in March of this year. Our company had seen jam-packed booths from years before, but as COVID-19 loomed and many companies began announcing their cancellations, expecting that level of engagement seemed overly optimistic. In general, the show was under-attended. Most booths stood empty the majority of the day, and the Las Vegas convention center had an eerie echo in the mornings and late afternoons among booths set up but unmanned. But HCSS hosted two booths bustling with contractors in need of software solutions, customers who came to take a picture with their name among the thousands on our customer wall and hang out with their favorite HCSS employees, and some curious attendees who just stopped by to see why everyone seemed to be gathering under the green banners. Another exhibitor visited our booth just to say, “It looks like everyone

came here to see HCSS and Caterpillar! This is the most popular booth at ConExpo.” Though the show was canceled one day early, HCSS saw record engage-

ment, with more booth visitors and interest in our products than at any ConExpo previously.

If you’re interested in some of the new software we debuted at ConExpo, like HCSS Aerial, click here or give us a call at 833-506-0492.

5 of Our Favorite Success Stories from UGM 2020


he 2020 HCSS Users Group Meeting featured more than 1,344 attendees from 370+ companies learning about the HCSS platform, sharing solutions and best practices with each other, providing feedback to help the HCSS software better fit their needs, and enjoying socializing with other industry leaders. At our one-on-one support stations; in the roundtables, town halls, and classes; and at our fun-filled party at St. Arnold’s Brewery, we heard great stories from our customers. Here are a few of our favorites. Meeting ISO Standards with HCSS

Avoiding Late Payments to Crew

“We started down the road of being certified under ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001. There are maybe half a dozen construction companies in the US that are ISO certified, and there are maybe 2 or 3 that have what’s called an integrated management system, which involves more than one standard of the ISO series. We’ll have all three of those. HCSS is absolutely instrumental in helping us achieve that. Without HCSS, we would absolutely have to have more headcount, spend a lot more hours both onsite and in the office to validate that we’re doing what we say we’re going to do.”

“I was a payroll administrator, so I worked heavily out of HeavyJob. The reports that HCSS has helped us build have been phenomenal.They’ve helped us prevent guys getting paid late, and that’s one of our biggest goals: to make sure everyone is paid on time and correctly. [HeavyJob has] helped us slow down from having to do make-up cards because of the reports that we were able to get out. So thank you for that! There’s nothing I would change about the process at all. Not at all. We rely on HeavyBid and HeavyJob religiously. They’ve used HCSS since I started with the company. I don’t know what we would do without it, honestly.”

HCSS Plans is changing the way that foremen communicate with each other. A foreman was doing a utility locate, and found the utility line to only be 6 inches under the ground. He went through the normal process of documenting the issue in HCSS Field using the diary and photos portions. But he had time to think on it, and went back and put those notes and photos into HCSS Plans, showing on the plan set exactly where it happened. Now any other foreman that went to do their work would see this important photo and notes, hopefully preventing damage to that same utility by a different foreman.

“My favorite part of UGM is just getting to interact with everybody. All the companies that are here, we’re all working together to try to figure out how to make America build better stuff, faster. There’s been a lot of collaboration in roundtables and small groups where you talk about the problems, you talk about the good things and bad things, and you give advice. You say, hey, we had that same problem, too, and here’s what we’ve done. There’s a lot of help, and everyone wants to make you better.”

-- Michael Cannell, JF Brennan Preventing Future Mistakes

-- Hal Fuglevand, Knife River Construction Saving Time for Maximum Efficiency

“HeavyBid is the only estimating software I’ve ever used. This is the third company I’ve worked for in the construction industry, so I don’t know any other estimating software, and I don’t really care to know them. I love HeavyBid. I love all the features I can get out of it. There are so many things that HCSS has done that speeds up our lives as estimators. [HCSS] continues to improve upon those whenever possible, and it’s fantastic for us in the working world, when we’re trying to put bids together and we’re not spending hours plugging up bid item prices for all sorts of DOTs. It’s pretty wonderful.” -- Brent Freeman, Kraemer North America

-- Rachelle Trujillo, Granite Construction

Cross-Company Collaboration at UGM

-- Andrew Nardella, C. J. Mahan Construction

Want to join us for the next UGM? At UGM 2021, we’ll be focusing on providing practical, actionable templates and tips that attendees can immediately put to work back at the office. We know our customers are always trying to do more with less, especially in the current state of the world, so this will be a UGM focused on direct problem solving. Click here to sign up for Users Group Meeting updates.

Plan to join us in Houston February 1 - 4 or February 15 - 18, 2021

UGM2020 Customer Attendee List Bold indicates an Advisory Board member. A. Merante Contracting, Inc. (1) A. Servidone/B. Anthony (8) A. Teichert & Son, Inc. (4) A.M. Ortega Construction, Inc. (4) Accelerated Critical Path, Inc. (2) Achen-Gardner Construction, LLC (5) Akela Contracting LLC (1) Allan Myers (2) Allegiant Air (2) Allen Contracting, Inc. (5) Allen Keller Company LLC (1) Allison Park Contractors, Inc (4) American Asphalt Paving Co. (4) American Bridge Company (4) Ames Construction (2) Amico Design Build (2) Anchor Construction Corporation (12) Angelo Iafrate Construction Co. (1) APAC-Atlantic, Inc. ThompsonArthur (3) ARB, Inc. (2) Archer Western Contractors (1) ASL Agrodrain Limited (6) Astra (1) Atlas Excavating, Inc. (6) ATS Construction (2) Austin Bridge & Road Inc. (2) Austin Commercial, LP (1) Austin Industries, Inc. (2) B&B Signal (4) B. Blair Corporation (2) B. Frank Joy, LLC (1) Baker Concrete Construction, Inc. (1) Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc. (1) Ballard Marine Construction (2) Bartow Paving Company, Inc. (10) Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc. (8) Bay, Ltd. (3) Beaver Excavating (7) Bellingham Marine Industries (2) Berger Excavating Contractors, Inc. (6) Blythe Construction Inc (3) Boh Bros Construction Co., L.L.C. (1) Bond Brothers, Inc. (3) Bradshaw Construction Corporation (7) Branch Civil (1) Branch Civil, Inc. (1) Branscome, Inc. (3) Brayman Construction Corp. (4) Bret Barnhart Excavating (2) BrightView (6) Brightview Landscape (3) Brightview Landscape Development (11) Brystar Contracting (1) Byard Construction (4) C & E Excavating, INC. (1) C J Miller, LLC (1) C. J. Mahan Construction Company, LLC (4) C. W. Roberts Contracting (2)

C.H.& D Enterprises, Inc. (3) C.S. McCrossan, Inc. (1) C.W. Matthews Contracting Co., Inc. (7) Campos EPC, LLC (4) Capital Excavation (3) Cardinal Contractors, Inc. (3) Carolina Bridge Company, Inc. (4) Carolina Cat (1) Central Bridge Company (2) CES Consulting, LLC (1) Charge (5) Chris-Hill Construction Company (3) Cianbro Corporation (5) Civil Constructors, LLC (10) CJ Mahan (1) CJ Miller, LLC (5) CloudJumper (1) Clyde Companies (1) CMES, Inc. (3) Colas ISS, Inc (5) Colaska (4) COMANCO Environmental Corporation (12) Command Alkon Inc. (3) Con Edison (10) Conatser Construction, Inc. (4) Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc. (4) Continental Heavy Civil, Corp. (2) Cooke Construction Services (1) COP Construction (3) Corman Construction (1) Corman Kokosing Construction (1) Cornell Construction (2) Cosco, Inc. (1) Cossentino Contracting (1) Cranemasters (2) Crestline Construction Co. (3) CSA Materials, Inc. (1) CTS Excavations LLC (1) Curran Contracting Company (4) CW Roberts Contracting (1) CWR Contracting, Inc. (1) D.A.B. Constructors Inc. (1) D.H. Griffin Infrastructure, LLC (8) D'Annunzio & Sons, Inc. (2) Datumate (3) Del Valle Group, SP (1) Delta Companies (1) Diamond Coring, Co. Inc. (1) DiFazio Industries (4) DP Development (4) Dragados USA (5) Dunn Construction, Inc. (2) DXI Construction (1) E R Snell Contractor, Inc. (1) E&B Paving, Inc. (4) E.K. Services, Inc. (5) E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. (4) E.S. Wagner Company LLC (1)

Earle Asphalt Company (3) Earle Residential and Commercial Construction (1) Eclipse Company (9) Ed Bell Construction Co. (1) Eiffage Canada (2) Elder Corporation (4) Ellingson Companies (5) Ellsworth Construction, LLC (2) Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. (4) Envirocon, Inc. (2) ER Snell Contractor (2) F&K Construction Inc. (2) Felix Associates of Florida, Inc. (1) Felixassociates.net (1) Ferguson Trenching Co., Inc. (2) Ferreira Construction (3) Flatiron Constructors, Inc. (7) Fluor Heavy Civil, LLC (2) Ford Construction Company, Inc. (4) Foremost Paving, Inc. (4) Frank Silha & Sons, Inc. (1) Frontier Environmental Inc. (2) Gas Field Specialists (3) Gemini Resources Group, LLC. (9) George Harms Construction Co., Inc. (6) George Reed Inc. (8) Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. (8) Goodfellow Bros. (8) Gradex, Inc. (2) Granite Construction, Inc. (19) Graniterock Company (18) Gregori Construction Inc. (5) GROUP Contractors (1) Group Deep Foundations (1) Gulf Coast Underground (1) H2 Enterprises (7) Haber Brothers, Inc. (1) Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. (9) Hanford ARC (2) Harrison Construction Company (3) Haskell Corporation (2) Haydon Building Corp (2) HEI Civil (3) Herzog Caribbean Ltd (3) Herzog Contracting Corp. (7) Highmark Concrete Contractors, LLC. (3) HSS (1) i+iconUSA (1) IHC Construction Companies, LLC (3) Illinois Civil Contractors, Inc. (4) Independence Excavating, Inc. (13) J Lee Milligan (2) J. Lapaluccio Inc. (1) J. M. Fahey Construction Co. (1) J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc. (2) J.F. Brennan Company, Inc. (12) J.F. Kiely Construction Co. (1) J.S.G. Corporation (2)

Jack Cewe Construction Ltd. (3) Jagoe Public Company (2) Jay Dee Contractors, Inc. (3) Jaynes Corporation (1) Jeff Asbell Excavating and Trucking (2) JF Brennan Company Inc (5) Jim Gold Professional Services (1) Jim Smith Contracting Co., LLC (4) Johansen Construction Company (5) John Burns Construction Company (6) John P. Picone, Inc. (2) Jordan Foster Construction (4) Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. (5) Jr. Davis Construction Company, Inc. (5) K Barnett (1) Ke Nui Construction LLC (1) KEA Constructors LLC (2) Keeler Construction Co. Inc. (1) Kelley Construction Inc. (2) Kent Power, Inc. (5) Kerr Contractors, Inc. (7) King Construction Services, Inc. (4) Kinsley Construction, Inc. (11) Knappett Industries Ltd (8) Knife River (16) Kokosing Construction Co., Inc. (12) Kort's Construction Services, Inc. (2) Kraemer North America, LLC (14) KRC (2) Kuesel Excavating Co., Inc. (2) Kwest Group (1) Landmark Construction Co., Inc. (8) Lane Construction Corporation (5) Layne A Granite Company (3) Layton Services (2) LE Bell Construction Co., Inc. (2) LECON, Inc. (1) Leon E. Wintermyer, Inc. (2) LHC Incorporated (1) Linde Corporation (2) LogicalGrant (1) Lund Construction Co. (3) MAC Construction & Excavating, Inc. (2) Main Lane Industries, LP (2) Manhattan Road & Bridge Co. (6) Manson Construction Co. (9) Marcy Excavation Services, LLC (1) Mario Sinacola & Sons Exc., Inc. (10) Mark Schaffer Excavating & Trucking, Inc. (2) Martam Construction, Inc. (2) Martin Brothers Construction, Inc (4) MAS Building & Bridge, Inc. (2) Mass Excavation, Inc. (1) Massman Construction Company (3) McGuire & Hester (1) McInnis Construction, LLC (2) Mckernan Enterprises (4) McMahon Contracting L.P. (1) Mercer Construction Co. (1)

Meyer Contracting, Inc. (5) MGE Underground Inc. (6) MH Holding Company (1) Michigan Paving and Materials (2) Michigan State University (1) Mid Illinois Concrete (2) Middlesex Corporation (1) Midland Asphalt Materials, Inc. (4) MidMountain Contractors (2) Milestone Contractors, L.P. (14) Mill-Am Corporation (2) Miller Brothers Construction, Inc. (7) Millstone Weber, LLC (4) Mine Service Ltd. (3) Moffatt & Nichol Engineers (2) Montana Lines, Inc. (2) Morgan Corp (2) Mugrose Construction, Inc. (1) Myers and Sons Construction (4) N. A. Degerstrom Inc. (2) Nathan Contracting, L.P. (2) Neeser Construction, Inc. (1) New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. (3) Nicholson Construction Company (1) Norjohn Contracting and Paving Limited (5) Northeast Remsco Construction, Inc. (4) Northwest Cascade Inc. (5) Northwest Construction, Inc. (4) Nova Group, Inc. (3) O&G Industries, Inc. (1) O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. (9) Odin Construction Solutions (2) Oftedal Construction (1) Orange & Rockland Utilities (1) Pacific Coast Well Drilling, Inc. (2) Pember Excavating, Inc. (2) Pesado Construction Company (2)

Pihl, Inc. (2) PKF-Mark III, Inc. (1) Plant Improvement Company, Inc. (2) Pleasants Construction, Inc. (10) Pomerleau, Inc. (2) Posillico Civil, Inc. (7) Preston Pipelines (5) Prince Contracting, LLC (4) Prus Construction Company (4) QAP DBA Colaska (1) R&K Excavation (3) R.W. Dunteman Company (1) Rawso Constructors (5) RDJE, Inc. (3) Reece Albert, Inc. (3) Reesman's Excavating & Grading, Inc (4) Reeves Construction Company (2) Reiman Corp. (1) RES Americas (6) Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc. (2) Rieth-Riley Construction Co. (1) Rifenburg Construction, Inc. (6) Riggs Distler & Company, Inc. (3) RL Persons Construction, Inc. (3) RoadSafe Traffic Systems (7) Royal Electric Co (1) Rummel Construction, Inc. (3) Ryan Incorporated Southern (7) S.T. Wooten Corporation (9) Sage Method, Inc. (3) Sangamo Construction Company (4) Schnabel Foundation Co. (3) Schutt-Lookabill Co., Inc. (1) SEH Excavating, Inc (3) Shimmick Construction (2) Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc. (3) Sigfusson Northern Ltd. (7) Silver Star Construction Co. (9)

Silverado Contractors, Inc. (3) Simpson and Brown (1) Skanska USA, Inc. (10) Slack & Co. Contracting, Inc. (1) Snelson Companies, Inc. (19) Soil Express (1) Sparwick Contracting Inc. (1) SpawGlass Civil Construction, Inc. (2) SPS New England, Inc. (6) St Laurent & Son (2) Stacy and Witbeck (4) Standard Constructors (2) Sterling Industrial, LLC (1) Steve P. Rados, Inc. (2) Strack, Inc. (5) Sully-Miller Contracting Co. (8) Sundt Construction (5) Sunroc Corporation (10) Superior Bowen (2) Syblon Reid (1) Tapani, Inc. (5) Team Nelson (3) Teichert Construction (2) Teichert Energy & Utilities (1) Tennyson Electric, Inc. (3) Terra Underground (3) Terus Construction Ltd (4) Texas Materials Group, Inc. (14) Texas Sterling Construction Co., Inc. (7) TexasBit (1) The Allen Company, Inc. (8) The Anderson Co., LLC (2) The Dutra Group (3) The Lane Construction Corporation (4) The Middlesex Corporation (3) The Ruhlin Company (3) Thompson Arthur (1) Toebe Construction LLC (4)

Tortorigi Construction (1) Traylor Bros., Inc. (3) Tri-Core Projects Ltd. (2) Triton Marine Construction Corp. (4) Trumbull Corporation (5) Tucci and Sons, Inc. (4) Turnagain Marine Construction (1) Turn-Key Tunneling, Inc. (2) Twin Rivers Construction (3) Ulland Brothers, Inc. (6) Underground Construction Co., Inc. (3) Utilities Unlimited LLC (1) Valley Construction Company (1) Veit & Company, Inc. (5) Virginia Paving Company (1) W. E. McDonald & Son, L.L.C. (1) W.W. Clyde & Company (1) Wagman Heavy Civil (2) Walbec Group (7) Walsh Construction (3) Weaver-Bailey Contractors, Inc. (2) Weeks Marine, Inc. (4) Weitman Excavation, Inc. (4) West Coast Paving (2) Western Engineering Contractors, Inc. (2) Wiedenmann Inc (1) Wilson Excavating & Grading, Inc. (3) Wiregrass Construction Company, Inc. (4) WLW Construction, Inc. (2) Woodward Excavating Co., Inc. (1)

HCSS Campus gets a 3rd Building

HCSS Campus which consists of 3 buildings, a parking garage, a track, and a soccer/football field.


n June, we completed the 3rd building of a 12-acre campus. The building was needed for our rapid growth and part of our strategy to be able to attract talented employees. We have been a Best Place to Work in Texas for 13 years in a row, and our campus helps us compete for talent in the highly competitive tech industry. In addition, it helps with retention, which is important to us so that we can service our customers with experienced employees The new 2-story building nearly doubles our office space, from 60,000 sf to 118,000 sf and thus will allow us to grow from the current 350 employees to over 700.

Soccer field seen from above.

Each of our buildings has a unique feature. The first building has a basketball court, the second building has a cargo net and a slide, and this new building has a racquetball court. Both the first and third buildings have gyms, so if you come to our office for any reason, bring your workout or competition gear.

This space will allow us to continue to grow our team to support our customers in improving their business and continue to provide a great life for our employees.

Courtyard between building 1 and 3.

New kitchen area for building 3.

Summer 2020


13151 W. Airport Blvd., Sugar Land, TX 77478


002-19Y006 Bridge Replacement

Selland Construction, Inc............................................................. $11,139,189.75 Graham Contracting, LTD........................................................ $11,252,222.00 KLB Construction, Inc................................................................ $12,455,487.25 Scarsella Bros. Inc......................................................................$12,948,786.50 GUY F. Atkinson Construction, LLC..................................... $13,818,554.40

LA Diamond B Construction Co.,L.L.C........................................$2,835,736.00 H.007873.6 Clearing, Grubbing, Removal of Timber Bridges, Grading, Drainage struc...

Merrick, LLC................................................................................... $2,942,655.83 Brown Industrial Construction, LLC.......................................$2,975,222.00 TL Hawk, LLC..................................................................................$3,148,922.00 JB James Construction LLC..................................................... $3,738,433.25




7/30 @ 11am CST | HCSS Safety and Forms - July Updates and Q&A

06203010 Widening 2 lanes to 4-lane Divided

James Construction Group, L.L.C.........................................$36,750,022.37 Angel Brothers Holdings Corp...............................................$37,747,905.20 ISI Contracting, Inc....................................................................... $38,861,732.51 J.D. Abrams, L.P...........................................................................$39,320,307.68 Ser Construction Partners, LLC............................................$40,586,878.00



Upcoming Events

HCSS HeavyBid customers are denoted with green text.


12049191220 Reconstructioning & Roadway widening, Bridge Reconstruction

Braun-Jensen, Inc..........................................................................$1,667,000.00 Sunroc Corporation.....................................................................$1,690,000.00 Knife River Corperation-Mountain West................................$1,745,913.00 McMillen Jacobs Associates......................................................$1,982,192.43 Engineered Structures, Inc.........................................................$2,039,803.18 Concrete Placing Co., Inc...........................................................$2,370,430.78

8/13 @ 10am CST | HeavyBid- Exporting to DOT 9/10 @ 10am CST | HeavyJob - Production Planner in HeavyJob


Learn how to use HeavyBid. We’ll cover all the essentials — from basic setup to bid review and bid closing. 7/16 - 7/17 from 8am - 4pm CST HeavyBid 101 - Online

9/3 - 9/4 from 8am - 4pm CST HeavyBid 101 - Online

8/6 - 8/7 from 8am - 4pm CST HeavyBid 101 - Online

9/17 - 9/18 from 8am - 4pm CST HeavyBid 101 - Online

8/20 - 8/21 from 8am - 4pm CST HeavyBid 101 - Online


Learn more advanced HeavyBid features. This class is designed for those who know the fundamentals of HeavyBid and would like to take advantage of its more advanced features. 7/23 - 7/24 from 8am - 4pm CST HeavyBid 201 - Online

9/24 - 9/25 from 8am - 4pm CST HeavyBid 201 - Online

8/27 - 8/28 from 8am - 4pm CST HeavyBid 201 - Online

Learn More at www.hcss.com/events

FEBRUARY 1-4 & FEBRUARY 15-18,2021 Houston, Texas

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