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April 2013

HCSO Military Liaison Office (MLO)

Volume 2, Issue 2

Inside this issue:

Serving those who serve

Farewell to Chief Deputy Smith, a great supporter of our US Armed Forces


Farewell Chief Deputy Smith Mike

Recognizing our HCSO military employee


Thanking our supporters


MLO’s first community event (Ruck March)


MLO’s contact information and services


The United States Guard and Reserve could not serve without the support of their employers. Today, in both manpower and force capability, the Reserve Components comprise nearly half of the total armed forces. Chief Deputy Mike Smith recognized early on that some of those reservists who would be called to duty one day would also be our very own Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) employees. Although the Chief has had many ends to tie before his retirement, within the last two months he made certain to provide for our military employees by leaving behind an organization that would better serve those serving. The HCSO Military Liaison Office has already assisted many reserve and retired military employees by providing new Veterans Affairs resources, recognizing those deployed with care packages and raising awareness with the community concerning the hiring of wounded veterans. We thank Chief Smith for his support, which has been absolutely critical. We will honor his legacy and his leadership by striving to support the employees of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office who are also members of the United States Armed Forces.

Special points of interest: You deserve to be recognized for your service. If you are a HCSO employee and continue serving in the US military, please share your information. If you once served and would like to be added to our database, please e-mail:



Serving those who serve

Volume 2, Issue 2

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Detention Officer (DO) Velez Jose has worked with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and also served with the US Army for over 10 years completing tours to Iraq, Bosnia, Columbia, Guatemala and Peru. DO Velez was also the first member of the Detention Command Containment Team and was quickly assigned as a squad leader training many of the members we have today . Due to his vast knowledge in martial arts and the leadership skills the military instilled in him, he continues serving by being a great asset to the team.


HCSO Recruiting Bureau US Army Recruiting Battalion

Community Support (Transportation) & Detention Officer Kossie Daryl

HCSO Explorers and Advisors

Waltrip High School Band

DCCT Pedersen Caroline & friends


Serving those who serve

Volume 2, Issue 2

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MLO RUCK MARCH 2013 HCSO and the Houston community teamed up to march a 1.64 mile trail for our deployed military employees and US troops .

JOB WELL DONE HCSO EXPLORERS! Deputy Lisa & William Strong led the way by example as advisors of young teenagers exploring career paths in law enforcement. They were motivating and displayed great discipline.

Stude Park served as a great obstacle course with more than 3 miles of trails, hills, and bridges.

Detention Officer Carson Randell, (US ARMY CAPTAIN) led the march and shared military stories with the young teenagers to keep them engaged and focused on their mission.

Families and local business owners from the Heights were great supporters. Thank you RICO A/C & HEATING!

HCSO Pride and Leadership MAJOR Debra Schimdt assisted a super trooper who began to struggle after marching over a mile with a backpack of more than 90lbs. One Team One Fight!

HCSO Military Liaison Office

701 N. San Jacinto Street (Office S311) Houston, TX 77002 We’re on the Intranet! http://hcso-ws02/intranet General Apps/Active Duty Employees

Phone: 713-755-1178 Fax: 713-755-8405 E-mail:


The mission of the Military Liaison Office is to support the employees of the Harris County Sheriff ’s Office who are members of the United States Armed Forces, and their families before, during and after military deployments.



those who serve”

MLO Newsletter - April Edition  
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