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Human Capital Summit 2011 Speaker HR VALUE CREATION

Allan Freed, Principal RBL Group

+ Video Broadcast

By Dave Ulrich



elcome to Human Capital Summit 2011.

The Annual Human Capital Summit is Here Again! A must attend event for the discerning HR Professional in Nigeria and beyond. Now in its 3rd Year, the Human Capital Summit is fast becoming an established event in the Human Resource Calendar. The Human Capital Summit, Conference & Exhibitions is an annual knowledge building and capacity enhancing event that exposes participants to global trends and best practices in Human Capital Management. The Human Capital Summit Concept has evolved into a vibrant platform for sharing innovations in Human Capital Management and networking avenue for professionals across the Nation and beyond. The conference provides a unique forum for the exchange of ideas among the key managers and decision makers in both the Public & Private sectors.............................................................. The Human Capital Summit 2011 is a mixture of Seminars, Workshops, and Exhibition and Master Classes for HR Directors presented by Allan Freed of the RBL Group. Participants are drawn from Government Agencies, Financial Institutions, Oil and Gas, Construction Companies, Telecoms and

Many in HR seem to be asking the same question, “Are we there yet?” Too often, many in HR seek but never seem to arrive at their destination. Professional conferences continue to lament HR more as an administrative service or compliance function than a business partner. Sometimes these lamentations only lengthen the journey to HR credibility. Maybe HR's aspiration for the future is less a specific destination that pinpoints when we have arrived and more a direction for aspiring HR professionals to help their organizations succeed. Most HR professionals have made enormous progress in the last few decades in their professional stature and contribution to business success. But, the journey ahead stays the course of continuing to deliver value more than having a single point-in-time destination of when that value has been accomplished. Dave Ulrich, RBL Group Tuesday 27th September 2011 Seminars with Allan Freed This is a series of 3 seminar presentations on HR Value creation by Allan Freed, Principal with RBL Group, targeted at different audience; Generalist HR Professionals, Senior Professionals and final session for CEO's & HR Directors which include a Video Broadcast by Dave Ulrich (He launched the HR Business Partner Model to great acclaim in 1997 in the book, Human Resource Champions)

IT Companies, Consulting Firms, Education Providers and independent Consultants, etc. Theme: Are We There Yet? What Next for HR? Anyone who has been on a trip with a child has heard the endless question “Are we there yet?” At first, the question captures the excitement of the child anticipating a new place. After a while, the questioning becomes exasperating and only adds to the length of the journey.

Allan Freed is a principal consultant with The RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping leaders and organizations deliver results and increase value. Allan's current work helps organizations identify and build capabilities required for the execution of strategy through leveraging human resources and improving leadership performance. He is permanently based in the UK and has worked with a large number of Europe's leading firms.

Wednesday 28th September 2011 Introducing HR Technology & E Learning Expo (HR TELEX) We are proud to introduce the HR Technology & E Learning Expo; this comes up on the 28th September and it's FREE to attend for HR Professionals. Nowhere else will you find providers, products and services from a dozen companies who care about HR Technology, Software, E Learning products, etc, together in one place.

Shola Ajani Organiser, Human Capital Summit

HR Telex Exhibitors H






Alpha Learning .....Redefining your Learning Experience

Oracle Launches Mass Recruitment Drive

Ann Swain, APSCo's chief executive, said: "It's encouraging that so many UK recruitment businesses have overseas expansion plans despite the uncertain economic outlook. Many overseas staffing markets are relatively

Assessment centres remain popular recruitment tool despite cost. Many employers are still using assessment centres to select people for particular roles, especially management or graduate positions, despite high running costs. This is according to a new survey by XpertHR, which found that two-thirds of employers use assessment centres for recruitment, with larger organisations more likely than smaller ones to use this selection method.

immature compared to the UK and are being Oracle, the Business Software giant launches a

liberalised so that they're more accessible to

mass recruitment drive creating 1700 jobs

UK staffing companies.".............

across its EMEA region. Even though sales staff makes up a major share of the new positions, company is looking for major recruitment in business development, finance, engineering

has come out ahead of India and China as a

and other support functions. The company's

target for overseas expansion. South Africa has

recent innovations in mobile technology and

a rapidly expanding middle class and well-

hardware products and the rising demand for

established financial and legal markets, which

'cloud computing' has lead to this event. The company says that they are open to any good talent coming from any part of the world, not

Assessment centres bring job applicants together in a group, where they are subject to a range of selection methods, such as group exercises, role play, individual interviews and psychometric tests. They can, however, be a fairly costly recruitment tool, with the price per candidate averaging $500. They most commonly last for one day but can go on for longer periods.

just EMEA. UK Recruitment Firms Plan Global Expansion UK recruitment firms are planning global expansion over the coming year, according to new research...................... Almost a third of UK recruitment companies plan to extend their operations into Europe in

The survey found that more than half (51.6%) of employers use assessment centres when recruiting senior managers, while around twofifths use them for middle managers, graduates, line managers or senior and technical staff.

She added: "It's interesting that South Africa

the next 12 months, research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has revealed. ..................... Around 20 per cent of recruitment companies also said they intended to expand outside

makes it an increasingly attractive market for professional recruitment businesses." Germany was the most popular European market for expansion, cited by 20 per cent of those surveyed, followed by the Netherlands (17 per cent) and France (13 per cent). Countries associated with the sovereign debt crisis, such as Greece and Portugal, were the least appealing territories in which to develop revenue streams, with less than 2 per cent of CEOs saying they intended to target those m a r k e t s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . By Michelle Stevens

New Africa Appointments for Nokia

Europe next year. South Africa emerged as the preferred destination, with 7 per cent of Rachel Suff, author of the report, commented: "Given the potential cost of assessment centres, it is logical that organisations are most likely to use them for high-value roles, such as more senior or specialist staff or when recruiting graduates who it is probably envisaged will be future leaders within the organisation." More than nine in 10 (90.6%) of the 191 employers that took part in the survey said that candidates generally reacted very or fairly positively to the experience of taking part in the organisation's assessment centre.

respondents saying they were likely to develop their business there. ......................... The survey of chief executives and managing directors from 75 staffing companies – some with turnovers in excess of £100 million – found that only 16 per cent of UK recruitment firms currently conduct more than a quarter of their business overseas. .................. APSCo said that UK staffing companies were increasingly keen on overseas expansion as a means of diversifying income streams and reducing reliance on a shaky UK market, which has suffered from the recession and has been subject to changing EU labour laws.

Delia Sieff, head of Nokia communications for sub-Saharan Africa has been appointed head of communications for the Middle East and Africa. Sieff joined Nokia in February 2008 and now takes over responsibility for nine key sub-regions comprising around 25 countries across MEA. Tania Steenkamp, who previously headed up communications in South Africa, now moves to the role of social media communications manager for the Middle East and Africa. In her new role, she will oversee the progress of social media integration in Nokia's operations across Africa and the Middle East

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• Dealfish invests significant resources in marketing online and offline which ensures that our web site is always one of the most popular in every country that we operate in. It also means listings posted on Dealfish are seen by a large number of Internet users. • Dealfish has invested in developing, deploying and managing worldclass technology that powers the Dealfish web site meaning that we have a web site that is one of the best in the world. In addition, we have adapted our web site to work flawlessly in Africa. Dealfish“works”.

Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroun and DRC. How to post a vacancy on Dealfish In Nigeria, Dealfish has grown tremendously over the past year and is

Using Dealfish is simple. Go to on an internet

now the leading web site for listings in all its major categories, cars,

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up using your mobile phone number or email address. After creation,

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you will receive an activation SMS or email for confirmation. You can

recruiter. Job seekers can search according to their preferred industry,

now post your vacancy by clicking on the “Post a free ad” tab and filling

state and date the jobs were posted. You can also be notified when jobs

in the details. You will be required to specify the appropriate industry

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that post their profiles on our website. How to search for a job on Dealfish. Our Vision:

If you are looking for a particular type of job on Dealfish, it's even

To be the largest enabler of online trading throughout East and West

simpler to use. All you have to do is search for the type of job using the

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Our Mission: To create a simple and easy to use mobile and PC platform that connects

Who is behind Dealfish?

buyers, sellers, employers, employees and renters through a trust

Dealfish is a division of MIH Holdings (MIH). MIH is a diverse and

relationship that ends with a transaction.

highly successful business that invests in digital commerce ventures throughout emerging markets globally. MIH is in turn owned by

Why Dealfish?

Naspers, which is the world's fifth largest media company. Naspers is quoted on the Johannesburg stock exchange and London stock

Dealfish operates on a simple and compelling value proposition – to

exchange. Some of the brands that operate within the MIH Portfolio in

offer a trusted online classifieds web site that delivers ever-increasing

Nigeria include Multichoice, DSTV (a leading pay TV network),

value for ALL our buyers and sellers. In addition, the following are some

Mocality (an online and mobile business directory) and Kalahari, a

of the key benefits of using Dealfish:

leading e-commerce business.

Listing vacancies, products and services on Dealfish is 100% free for ALL buyers and sellers irrespective of the number of listings they put on our web site. Dealfish has been designed from scratch to work in a userfriendly and comprehensive manner on computers and mobile phones. All listings on Dealfish are moderated meaning that each listing is checked before it goes “live” on the web site which reduces the risk of fraud for our users. Dealfish listings are always kept current and up-to-date meaning that users can be assured that whatever is listed on our web site is “fresh” at all times. Dealfish has a team of dedicated professionals who offer customer support, data entry and user training on how to use Dealfish efficiently and effectively. Dealfish is committed to customer service across the board.

Francis Ebuehi Regional Manager, Dealfish West Africa


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