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November 2017 // Sci-fi The only constant is change but it appears that in these precipitous times, we can still take comfort in the fact that MRT breakdowns are only getting more regular. Change may be foreign, but as patrons of the future, we invariably find ourselves filled with optimism, anticipating what has yet to arrive.

to conclude itself as we venture deeper into the uncharted oceans of tomorrow. Life will surely take us away far away from today, our memories may soon be mere pinpricks in the horizon, but that’s no matter – tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…

The theme for this MOCH (an abbreviation of Hwa Chong’s Own Magazine spelt backwards) is Science-Fiction and Futurism. In the first edition the MOCH trilogy by the 44th Students’ Council, we feature students at the forefront of science and technology. With personal anecdotes, never-beforeseen pictures and murmurings of a shadowy group called “HCIA”, gear up because it’s time to head into unknown territory.

Yours truly, Cyril and Dragon 44th MOCH Coordinators

We sincerely express our gratitude to those whom, without which, this issue would not have been possible. To all Interviewees, Models, CCAs, Faculty Committees – thank you for being a part of MOCH and sharing your stories with the rest of Hwa Chong. To the 43rd MOCHies, Joshua and Yanhua – your guidance has been invaluable. To the 44th PubCo and the design team – your support allowed this edition to come to fruition. To our Teacher-Advisor, Ms Cheah Suet Ping – thank you for always going above and beyond. Last but not least, to Dr. Hon Chiew Weng – thank you for your years of service and leadership. Like a pen writing itself empty, the year begins

The Team Teacher-Advisor Ms. Cheah Suet Ping Chairperson Alan Seah Secretary-Treasurer Edeline Tenges NSE Attaché Charmaine Chua MOCH Coordinators Cyril Teo Dragon Chew

Art Directors Dominic Yap Goo How-Zer Jovan Lee IT Directors Adrian Ow Clio Chuang Yang Chun Wei

04 Hackerman

Move over Anonymous

06 Terminal 4

By Publications Society

09 MAC Tribute

Saying goodbye is never easy

14 All in a Day’s Work

Our unseen and unsung heroes

16 Into T.A.R.D.I.S The year is 2030...

19 Episode XVII The Legacy

10 The Scientists 20 44th HCSC The brains behind Project W(ar)

12 Centerspread Operatives of HCIA


5 committees, 1 council

22 Faculty Pages

The best faculty starts with ‘A’




The 5th Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp held at the Singapore University of Technology and Design saw two teams from the Hwa Chong Infocomm & Robotics Society (HCIRS) clinch both the first and second place in the Junior College category. White hat hacking entails hackers trying to find weaknesses in a controlled system and exploit them to earn points. To do so, competitors had to bypass protective measures designed to override intrusions. Points were earned depending on how quickly the tasks were completed. MOCH interviewed the teams to learn more.

TEAM EELLOGOFUSCIOUHIPOPPOKUNURIOUS Length is not all that matters – meet Team E. (pronounced: ee-log-uh-fyew-shee-oh-hip-oppoh-kyoo-nyoor-ee-us) whose name literally means “good”. With such an obscure and long name, one would imagine that the team was full of trolls. You would not be incorrect to assume so. Even the announcers at the competition eventually gave up and called them “Team Hippo”.

04 | MOCH 2017

Li Bailin, team captain and President of HCIRS, was under great pressure to deliver. After all, he was a part of Hwa Chong’s champion team last year, and hence felt the responsibility to defend the title. For his team, the challenges faced were difficult but never too complex, and the training as part of HCIRS helped them to amass a steady lead against the other competitors. It was not all work too, as the team had the luxury to deface websites, troll and prank other participants – all in the spirit of friendly competition, of course.

The spirit of 自强不息 too was something the team had. Despite triggering a hidden trap within the system which resulted in a severe penalty that erased their initial lead, they never lost hope. With only two hours left on the clock, they fought back and began their ascent to the summit. The rest, they say, is history. Seems they were pretty eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious.

Everything can be hacked… and everyone. DefCon 2017, meet your match.

TEAM 7H3 K3K 15 4 L13 The junior team was mainly formed by first timers to the competition with nothing but memes under their belt. Case in point, read the numbers in their group name as alphabets and search it up on Urban Dictionary. The battle against inexperience was a true test of their mental grit especially as they were up against strong teams, their HCIRS compatriots Team E. being no exception. Achieving second was no mean feat. Eleanor, the team leader and second year member of HCIRS, described it as “trying and praying that everything works out”. Often, the team found itself learning on the fly, responding to crisis scenarios immediately. While they relied a lot on intuition and instinct, Google turned out to be a large help as identifying the version of the software the team was attacking revealed vulnerabilities that had yet to be patched.

Eleanor, leader of Team 7H3 K3K 15 4 L13 Dedication is something the team embodied during the competition, and this holds true for many other things in life. One must always carry conviction in one’s beliefs, words and actions. However, dedication to a goal should not be blind and the exercise of wisdom is very wise indeed. With this in mind, the team left the competition venue early each day once they had completed the set tasks. This was for “increased exposure and learning [at home] before the next day’s competition”. Turns out, this strategy paid dividends as Team 7H3 K3K 15 N07 4 L13 not only got the proverbial cake , but enjoyed it with gusto. Congratulations to both teams for their victories and all the best next year!

MOCH 2017 | 05


This Thisissue, issue, MOCH-features MOCH-featurespresents… presents…


Step Step out out of of the the taxi taxi and and into into aa spanking spanking new new terminal. terminal. Marvel Marvel the the art art installations. installations. Enjoy Enjoy the the rows rows of of merchandise merchandise at at the the Peranakan Peranakan shop shop houses. houses.Walk Walkpast pastan anenlarged enlargedRoomba Roombacarrying carrying out out its its cleaning cleaning duties, duties, before before resting resting in in one one of of the the many many chairs chairs in in the the boarding boarding hall, hall, watching watching the theplanes planescome comeand andgo. go.

grab aa ticket, ticket, don’t don’t worry worry –– we we present present to to you you grab here heretwo twoof ofthe thecoolest coolesthighlights highlightsof ofTerminal Terminal4! 4!

IfIf you you are are flying flying out out of of Changi Changi Airport Airport Terminal Terminal 4, 4, your your holiday holiday will will start start at at the the Terminal Terminal itself. itself. Even Even ifif you you are are not not aa frequent frequent flier, flier, itit isis still still aa place placeworth worthvisiting. visiting.

Reminiscent Reminiscentof ofthe thebeloved beloved “Kinetic “KineticRain”, Rain”,“Petalclouds” “Petalclouds”isisan an electrifying electrifyingdisplay displayof ofmotion motionand and music musicfrom fromacclaimed acclaimedIcelandic Icelandic composer composerOlafur OlafurArnalds. Arnalds.

Terminal Terminal 44 made made its its official official debut debut on on 77 August August 2017, 2017, and and tickets tickets to to its its open open house house were were snapped snapped up up within within hours hours of of registration. registration. IfIf you you weren’t weren’t one one of of the the lucky lucky ones ones who who managed managed to to

TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY Automated Automated check-in check-incounters… counters…

To Toautomated automated boarding boardinggates… gates…

06 06l lMOCH MOCH2017 2017

……To Toautomated automated bag bagdrops drops

……Through Throughthe theautomated automated immigration immigrationcounters counters

Techies Techies would would be be beside beside themselves themselves with with joy joy in in Terminal Terminal 4. 4. The The numerous numerous smart, smart,efficient efficientsystems, systems,complete completewith with facial facial recognition recognition technology technology promise promise to to leave leave you you wonderstruck. wonderstruck. There There isis also alsofree, free,accessible accessibleWi-Fi Wi-Fiwhich whichwould would undoubtedly undoubtedly aid aid you you should should you you be be studying studying(or (orgaming). gaming).


History History aficionados aficionados will will definitely definitely enjoy enjoy Terminal Terminal 4’s 4’s Heritage Heritage Zone, Zone,which whichinstantly instantlytransports transportsone oneto toour ourretro-tastic retro-tasticpast. past.As As you you immerse immerse yourself yourself in in our our heritage, heritage, do do be be on on the the lookout lookout for for “Peranakan “Peranakan Love Love Story,” Story,” aa sentimental sentimental tale tale that that isis set set in in the the 1930s. 1930s. Broadcast Broadcast on on aa huge huge screen, screen, the the play play features features aa wide wide range range of of Singaporean Singaporean icons, icons, such such as as Koh Koh Chieng Chieng Mun, Mun, Adrian Adrian Pang Pangand andBenjamin BenjaminKheng. Kheng.

The ThePeranakan Peranakanshophouse shophousedisplay displayfeatures featuresarchitectural architecturaldesigns designsfrom fromvarious variousperiods periodsof of our ourhistory, history,such suchas as1880s’ 1880s’Chinatown Chinatownand and 1950s’ 1950s’New NewBridge BridgeRoad. Road.

This Thisisisnot notall allTerminal Terminal44has hasto tooffer. offer.History History coexists coexistswith withthe thepresent, present,with withother othermodern modern installations installations taking taking centre centre stage stage at at other other sections of of the the Terminal. Terminal. Besides Besides being being sections aesthetically pleasing, pleasing, these these creations creations aesthetically illustrate the the kaleidoscope kaleidoscope of of cultures cultures found found illustrate inSingaporean Singaporeansociety. society. in

“Travelling “TravellingFamily” Family”by bySwiss Swissartist artist Kurt KurtMetzler Metzleraccompanies accompaniesthe the travellers travellerspassing passingthrough through Singapore Singaporeevery everyday. day.

MOCH MOCH2017 2017l l07 07

“Our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.” Joseph Cooper l Interstellar

FLYING TOWARDS THE FUTURE “Our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.” These words from Interstellar’s Joseph Cooper e n c a p s u l a te s S i n g a p o re ’s d r i ve to b e a cosmopolitan smart city with strong cultural roots. It was not long ago that automated systems were something out of a sci-fi plot. Today, barely anyone bats an eyelid at such commonplace technology. Terminal 4 heralds the start of an exciting age for Singapore, with many more exciting developments to come.

A Singapore Airline jet departs Changi as construction for Terminal 5 and the third runway proceeds at a breakneck pace behind it.

Photo credits: Yang Qize

FACTS ABOUT T4 16,000,000 travellers

Both budget and non-budget flights

27 football fields

TRIBUTE TO MAC Adieu What does it mean for your CCA to shut down?

For many, such a notion is terrifying, but for the 2017 graduating batch of the Math Appreciation Club (MAC) – this was simply news.

A longstanding CCA, the MAC comprised individuals from vastly differing academic b a c kg ro u n d s w h o s h a re d a p a ss i o n fo r mathematics. Their main goal was to spread the love for mathematics to fellow Hwa Chongians and beyond. On top of the weekly group discussions, MAC conducted outreach programmes. For instance, “Math Quest” as a yearly tradition organised for secondary school students where participants competed in the application of mathematics in real life scenarios. Probability was made simple with playing cards while the dreaded Series and Sequences were demonstrated through chess manoeuvre. Additionally, members gave back to the mathematics community by conducting CIP Peer Tutoring programmes for PSLE Mathematics and Singapore Mathematics Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) at Evergreen Primary School.

of the aforementioned programmes due to their meaning and value, or perhaps even, interested students could initiate SL projects for such purposes. Altogether, Jonathan Chee, President of MAC, was rather disappointed by news of the closure. He nostalgically shared the tremendous enthusiasm members had as well as their personal growth as individuals and mathematicians, concluding that “even if the Math Appreciation Club ceased to exist, there will still always be a culture of appreciating Math in Hwa Chong.”

“Even if the Math Appreciation Club ceased to exist, there will still always be a culture of appreciating Math in Hwa Chong.” Jonathan Chee

However, with its closure, budding Mathematicians from schools around Singapore would no longer have the chance to participate in the enriching and educational activities of MAC. Rather than moving on entirely, perhaps there can be a continuation

MOCH 2017 l 09

Hwa Chong Intelligence Agency (HCIA) documents the great scientists of hwa chong

Subject No. 1 SUBJECT INFO: Date approached: 13th July 2017 Name: Jazlynn Tan Xiu Min Species: Human Division: 16S7G Philosophy: Be ambitious. Other beliefs: Science is a cause worthy of her time Aspirations: Increased research culture in Hwa Chong Favourite movie: Interstellar personality: Weird

Preliminary analysis of Subject 1, commonly known as Jazlynn Tan, reveals an interesting individual. She has always displayed an interest in science, starting from Primary 5. Enjoys Crochet in her spare time. Has a deep interest in research culture, not merely restricted to Biology.

Achievements: Recently participated in the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF). Project on Measurement of Antibodies and Antibody-producing cells in Lupus-prone mice. Her efforts have seen promise in helping guide decisions in designing treatments for the disease. The project was awarded a Silver in the Fair. Possibility of incorporating into future projects?

Strengths: Jazlynn knows the value of patience, and not to expect immediate results. Learning this early has led her to know that all rEsearch requires patience. Even after facing numerous setbacks and conflicting data from research, her team did not give up. This resilience and drive for excellence is something we want to see in all Hwa Chong students.

Operational analysis: Jazlynn possesses resilience and drive to succeed, which could be helpful to our future projects. Her dedication to doing research for the most part of her life is good for us, as she could assist in our plans for a very long time.

Subject No. 2 SUBJECT INFO: Date approached: 14th July 2017 Name: Isaac Tan Zhe Xian Species: Human Division: 17S7D Philosophy: Do what needs to be done, and go beyond what is expected Other beliefs: everyone is inherently curious Fun Fact: Exempted from 7 subjects in Secondary 3 End-of-year examinations, Needs Caffeine to start the day

Subject 2, more frequently referred to as Isaac Tan, was first identified as a candidate due to his excellent results and holistic achievements. Passion for science began in Secondary 3.

Achievements: Spent two years working on a project researching on Biofilm, a microbially derived sessile community such as bacterial cells that are irreversibly attached to a surface, causing contamination and cannot be treated using conventional methods such as antibiotics. Is currently working on a project on Hepatitis B.

Strengths: Knows resilience in the face of adversity, and strives on to achieve desired outcomes from project. Maintains firm interest in science and is passionate about increased opportunities for students to carry out scientific research in Hwa Chong.

Operational analysis: Isaac will be valuable for future projects due to his determination and drive for research. His preference for movies and TV shows when not working does not harm his ability to perforM. He has been recruited for Project W as of 17th July.




Reports have surfaced that the escaped T-class is able to clone itself indefinitely, and one of the robots have been sighted in Hwa Chong! MOCH spotted some students doubling up as secret agents; see if you can identify them. But watch out for the robot, I heard it hates humans...

THE CREW Even as the sun chases the moon in an eternal celestial waltz, the rich heritage of Hwa Chong remain cherished and celebrated through school events and concerts. To members of PA/AVA who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the continuation of such traditions, school events are the highlight of their College lives. In this issue of MOCH, we travelled backstage to find out more about them.


Being a student technician is not easy. It calls for service to the school and self-sacrifice. During major events such as Post Orientation Party or Chinese New Year, members find that their workload increase exponentially. They have to be on hand not only during the event itself to provide technical support, but also during rehearsals to accommodate whatever demands performers may have. This means many meals missed in order to memorise concert outlines or even to rehearse the sound and lighting sequence themselves. Just as important, PA/AVA members lead disciplined lives. Unlike many of us, they do not have the luxury of hitting the “snooze� button. By 7.25 am everyday, you can see them setting up microphones at the bridge and warming up the speakers for morning assembly. So the next time you hear All Star by Smash Mouth reverberating throughout the Central Plaza, a quick glance at a familiar figure manning the mixer at A313 is all you need to know.

14 | MOCH 2017


WORK Tze Yang, chairperson of PA/AVA, recalls their most recent event, Mid-Autumn Festival. Being a small team of 8 running such an important and massive event, expectations and responsibilities were heavy. Moreover, they had to remain on their toes as inclement weather in the early afternoon spelt trouble. In the end, the concert was relocated to Cheng Yi Auditorium and the team scrambled to get the systems there online. Unforeseen circumstances are part and parcel of the PA/AVA lifestyle and teach its disciples the virtue of flexibility. For PA/AVA, the ones who see everything, understand everything and do everything that is asked of them, nothing more needs to be said. They are the invisible act lasting the entire duration of the concert. They get the closest view but are not the audience. They are PA/AVA.

MOCH 2017 | 15

Take a step into the time machine as MOCH imagines a future based on current aairs. Can you connect the dots?




NORTHPOINT- In Proletariat Round County’s ambitious 5-year Plan, the central government unveiled their latest line-up of T-class autonomous robots meant to bolster its manufacturing sector. Round Country’s goods are now being produced at faster, better and cheaper rates. Ports globally have also reported a rise in demand for goods “Made in P.R.C”. Yet, this is not a cause for celebration. As unemployment swells, inchoate resentment at what is seen as a departure from the country’s proletariat roots grows. Not only have these robots stolen jobs, they seem to be stealing humanity itself. Shortly after activation, Artificial Intelligence gone rogue resulted in the machines modelling their th faces after their human predecessors. While some formed illegal trade unions, others revolted, protesting “slavery”, “human rights abuse” and “unfair wages”, before escaping into refugee-friendly Germany, which welcomed them into their hyper-diverse ethnic culture, granting them permanent residency as well as employment into the national football team.

27 July 2020

At press time, the rest of the T-class have been shut down and confiscated by the P.R.C government. Eyewitnesses say “Men in Black” were seen on site, although anyone MOCH approached had a dazed look. (More of this on page 12)


Reynolds proudly revealed that he opted for dablomacy over the conventional trumpshake after he realised that others did not appreciate being manhandled. That being said, US President Donald Tryhard still insisted at the White House Press Conference, “It was all me. One hundred percent me. Pudding loves me. We’ll be celebrating both our re-elections next week.”

14th Dec 2022


UKRAINE - Secretary of State Paul Reynolds concluded a historic visit to Moscow where the terms for a resolution to the frozen conflict in Ukraine were negotiated. Free elections are to be held under the auspices of the UN and Moscow had promised to seek the cooperation of separatist forces. Russian President Vladimir Pudding once again denied any affiliation to rebel forces.



So ur ce :

l: 66 de 7S Mo Jia 1 g Tin ng a W

MOCH 2017 l 17

YISHUN - Scientists at Singapore’s premier technological institute MDSTA h ave a n n o u n ce d g ro u n d - b re a k i n g nanotechnology designed to finally put Post Traumatic Spinning Disorder (PTSD) to rest. This comes as the world is plagued by a new strain of virus – Bottelie Flippus – that has already evolved into a global pandemic. Yet, a vocal group of anti-spinners have decried the aforementioned news. They claim that fidgeting causes autism to develop in young children, and that this wa s a n i n s i d i o u s at te m p t by t h e government in manipulating citizens. The scientific community has been quick to refute this though it seems that no one t a ke s t h e m s e r i o u s l y t h e s e d ays . Feelsbadman.

almost as if half the population is being h i d d e n i n c o n c e n t ra t i o n c a m p s ” . Nonetheless, any news that the C o m m u n i s t re g i m e i s p r i o r i t i s i n g healthcare over state repression is always welcome.


Advanced orders for fidget spinners have already been placed by wealthy governments. Strangely enough, North Korea, a country plagued by debilitating debt, has ordered quantities twice the size of its official population as reflected in the 2020 census. Mr. Huat Ah, a senior sales executives of a local pharmaceutical firm, remarked that “it is

So u

rc e: B


1st April 2031

18 l MOCH 2017


STUDENTS’ COUNCIL Presenting to you, the 44th Students’ Council. They pledge to serve you to the best of their ability! Look out for any upcoming events!


ECACO ECACO strives to build a school identity, by promoting Hwa Chong’s rich tradition of song, dance and cheer (SODACHE), and supporting the various Co-Curricular Activities.



SnR seeks to connect and build strong bonds between the Council and the student body, by uniting the faculties (Apollo, Ares, Athena, Artemis), and supporting the Green Council and SNEC.

20 | MOCH 2017




Ming Jiang Charmaine



Keston Jie Min Chuan Yang


PubCo aims to reach out to the students through platforms such as HCunite, the Council noticeboard and MOCH (Hwa Chong’s Own Magazine), whilst supporting Council and publicising its initiatives.



WelCo hopes to ensure that the students’ needs are addressed and well taken care of, and they do so by implementing effective and feasible welfare initiatives, because in WelCo, “Your Welfare is Our Affair.”

MOCH 2017 | 21


Never once did you say farewell Just a goodbye, a smile, a laugh, a hug, Casual disregard A pompous expectation Of tomorrow I think I finally understand why You feared yesterday the most How easily the brick and mortar crumbled Like tributaries of memories Pumping our veins full of emptiness Or perhaps it was like Time suspended still in the sky Casting shadows over the open field Until all that remained were (the) Unsaid and undone Never once did I say farewell Just a nod, a shrug, a raised hand, Acknowledgement An admission of clinging onto day Prolonging each eternal moment Of ephemeral bliss So I say Hasta la vista baby Till we meet again.

MOCH 1 - The Science-Fiction and Futurism Issue  
MOCH 1 - The Science-Fiction and Futurism Issue