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The 45th Hwa Chong Students’ Council



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GUEST OF HONOUR Mr Eugene Seah Founder and Chief Coach, Trainium Academy

Mr Eugene Seah is the founder and chief coach of Trainium Academy, a training institution focused on personal branding. He is concurrently Vice President of the Association of Professional Trainers Singapore (APTS), which aims to raise the standard of professional coaching and training in Singapore. Formerly the President of the 20th Hwa Chong Students’ Council, Mr Seah graduated from then Hwa Chong Junior College in 1994. He secured a place to read Law at the National University of Singapore, but after two years of National Service, he decided to switch his course to Communications at the Nanyang Technological University where he graduated with honours. He was also awarded the prestigious Singapore Exchange (SGX) Scholarship during his course of study. He served the SGX for 7 years, before relocating to Hong Kong to work with a top investment bank. In 2013, he was unfortunately retrenched and did not hold a job for the next 9 months. In face of adversity, he set out on a journey of entrepreneurship. Since then, he has influenced professionals, business owners, managers and students from various industries, and organisations, both public and private. Mr Seah has also been interviewed on many occasions, and views have been solicited by various media, including television, radio, and print. Mr Seah is passionate about personal coaching, which he hopes will empower individuals and companies to achieve breakthroughs in their fields. To this end, he oers training courses, coaching and speaking engagements. Mr Seah is married with three children.

Presidents’ address


A very warm welcome to the 45th Hwa Chong Students’ Council Investiture! One year ago, on this very date, the 44th Students’ Council forged their Asteria, a gem which shines with brilliance. This parallels their Council term, in which they worked together as one team, treading new ground through various events and welfare initiatives, creating a warm and cohesive school environment that all Hwa Chong students can proudly call home. Their remarkable pursuit of excellence and show of spirit, beaming with utmost clarity despite the uncertainties of college life, inspires and ignites a passion within the 45th to follow in their footsteps. The 45th sincerely thanks the 44th for being our strength and support, mentoring us and sharing insightful pearls of wisdom, as they pass on the baton to us, the incoming batch. This year, we have chosen Evergreen as our investiture theme. A central motif of much of Chinese culture and also a symbol of strength and virtue, trees are an essential life force in our ecosystem. Take a walk around Hwa Chong and you will be captivated by the myriad of breathtaking species, many native to Singapore. The 45th aspires to embody the resilience of evergreen trees in our endeavour to serve the school. Always vigorous, steadfast and rooted in our guiding principles. Today, the 45th Students’ Council will begin writing the next chapter of the Hwa Chong epic, a story of family, of friendship and of growth. We are confident that with the support of our lovely Hwa Chong family, we will be able to stay steadfast, seeking to serve and to share our love and hope. As we embark on our collective journey in the upcoming term, the 45th will always remember to Live with Passion, and Lead with Compassion.


Theme Evergreen

Like an evergreen tree, the 45th Students’ Council is firmly rooted and grounded in unassailable values. These values of perseverance, integrity and service anchor us in our resolve to serve the school and students. Yet, we are always reaching for higher ground, breaking through the canopy towards greater and greater heights. We aspire to always aim higher and dream bigger. Trees are an essential life force in our ecosystem. They are primarily givers, providing us with oxygen, wood and shade from the harsh elements. We aim to embody this spirit of service, as we see ourselves as Evergreen trees playing a dynamic role within the vibrant ecosystem of Hwa Chong. In this ecosystem, we strive to be nurturing influences for each other and to every Hwa Chong Student, working tirelessly to improve their school lives. The Evergreen tree has leaves that stay green throughout the year. It grows, perseveres, and remains steadfast despite harsh conditions. We strive to be the Evergreen trees of Hwa Chong, unwavering in its presence no matter the circumstance, growing, and contributing to Hwa Chong’s legacy alongside our peers.

⼗十年年树⽊木,百年年树⼈人 The spirit of growth is well encapsulated in the Chinese proverb above. Just as it takes a decade for a tree to reach maturity, the development of a person will take a century. In line with Hwa Chong’s 100th anniversary, we would like to dedicate this occasion and our service, to the school, for nurturing generations of Hwa Chongians, to constantly pursue excellence, while grounded in our values of perseverance and integrity.


Theme 常⻘青

第45届学⽣生理理事会犹如常⻘青树,扎根于优良价值观的沃⼟土 中,茁壮成⻓长。常⻘青树挺拔翠绿,不不惧⻛风⾬雨,我们愿向它 看⻬齐学习,秉持着⾃自强不不息的精神,不不断上进,突破极限。 在⾃自然⽣生态系统中,树⽊木是不不可缺少的,它既为地球提供 氧⽓气,也为万物遮⻛风挡⾬雨。我们⽴立志像常⻘青树,在华中⽣生 机蓬勃的环境中扮演常⻘青树的⻆角⾊色——乐于奉献,服务群 体。 为了了让校园⽣生活更更加丰富充实,多姿多彩,我们将努⼒力力成 为服务型领袖,积极推动全体学⽣生的福利利,即使遇到困难 也坚定不不移,与同学并肩成⻓长,弘扬可贵的华中精神。 所谓“⼗十年年树⽊木, 百年年树⼈人”,为了了不不辜负⽗父⺟母、师⻓长和同 学的期望,为了了实现⾃自⼰己的⼈人⽣生梦想,我们⽮矢志在各⾃自的 岗位上发光发热,竭尽所能,以报答学校的培育之恩。






Students and guests to be seated


Arrival of the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Eugene Seah Address by Outgoing President and VicePresident of the 44th Students’ Council, Gui Ming Jiang and Chua Shitong Charmaine Speech by the Guest-of-Honour Presentation of Souvenir to Guest-of-Honour Presentation of Thank You Gifts Video Montage & Performances by the 44th Students’ Council


Grand Entrance by the 45th Students’ Council Introduction of 45th Students’ Council Standing Committees and Presentation of Badges Baton Passing Ceremony Address by the Incoming President and VicePresident of the 45th Students Council, Teo Ming Chong, Ryan and Quah Hui Ting, Lynette Students’ Council Pledge and Song 45th Students’ Council Performance


End of Ceremony Tea Reception & School Tour

standing committees


Co-Curricular Activities Committee The Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ECACO) exists to inculcate a sense of belonging and construct an undeniable Hwa Chong identity. By fervently supporting our CoCurricular Activities groups, promoting Hwa Chong tradition through song, dance and cheer, SODACHE, and being some of the most high-key and energetic Hwa Chongians, the 45th ECACO will never fail to fill our school-wide events with boundless Hwa Chong spirit. The 45th ECACO hopes that the Hwa Chong spirit will continue to burn in the hearts of the students and promise to do their very best to serve both the school and students. Publications and Publicity Committee The Publications and Publicity Committee strives to be the medium to increase communication and transparency between the student body and the Students’ Council. The committee manages various platforms that stretch the creative and innovative boundaries of each and every committee member. Through platforms such as HCUnite, the council notice board, the council’s Instagram page and Hwa Chong’s own in-house publication, MOCH (Hwa Chong’s Own Magazine), the 45th PubCo aims to support the council and its initiatives, hence reinforcing the council’s primary goal – to serve the student body.


standing committees Social and Relations Committee

The 45th Social and Relations Committee (SnR) seeks to connect and build strong bonds between the Council and the Student Body, as well as between each and every member of Hwa Chong by uniting and promoting cohesiveness amongst the four faculties (Apollo, Ares, Artemis and Athena). The faculties may work independently to promote individual faculty pride but they function interdependently, striving towards a common goal of 4 faculties, 1 Hwa Chong (4Facs1Hwach). With its vibrancy and dedication, the 45th SnR hopes to inculcate a strong sense of belonging amongst the student body to the school community. Together, making a bold statement of our pride for the school that we love. Welfare Committee A closely-knit team, the 45th Welfare Committee (WelCo)’s primary objective is to serve the school with sincerity and dedication, through the management, improvement and implementation of various welfare services. This ensures that the needs of the student population are addressed and well taken care of. Adopting an objective stand, the 45th WelCo serves as a bridge of communication between the school administration and student population by listening to students, voicing their desires to the school, and then explaining the school’s stand and rationale. Through this link, the Welfare Committee hopes to establish common ground, achieving transparency between all three parties. In essence, the committee strives to create a more conducive environment, to make the Hwa Chong experience more comfortable and memorable for the Hwa Chong family. Because in WelCo, “Your Welfare is our Affair”.

Songs and pledge


School Song As part of our glorious land, sharing her spreading fame, Hwa Chong will firmly stand, always to maintain her name. Multi-racial we study together, for knowledge we wish to attain. Many races we shall gather, each day to achieve its aim. We shall strive with verve, for health in body and mind. We'll learn to lead and yet to serve in character ruggedly fine. May Hwa Chong shine forever, her name big and strong, One and all, let's stand by her, that she may live on and on.

Council Pledge We, the Students’ Council, do firmly pledge to carry out our responsibilities to the best of our ability, for the interest of the school and the welfare of the students. 我们学⽣生理理事,誓愿尽能⼒力力履履⾏行行任务,为学院与学⽣生谋求福利利。

Council Anthem Chinese Lyrics

English Translation

可爱的⻩黄城我温暖的家 我们共同创造理理想的天地

My lovely school, A home filled with warmth Where we build our dreams and aspirations Regardless of the tough times we may face We will brace ourselves and push on

不不管遇到多少狂⻛风巨浪 都要挺起胸膛前进 发挥着奋⽃斗不不休的精神 勇敢地去接受挑战 团结在⼀一起我们⾏行行同⼀一致 为学院学⽣生谋福利利

With perseverance and fighting spirit We will bravely take up the challenge To unite together and work as one For the interest of the school and the welfare of the students


Songs and pledge Investiture Song 《“织”⼼心相“缝”》 我们的⼼心 从不不曾彷徨 ⼿手牵⼿手 ⼀一起追寻 梦想 为未来 为了了爱 为了了我们的华初 真⼼心诚意付出 这⽚片⽤用汗⽔水灌溉出的 ⻩黄城⼟土 萍⽔水相逢⼀一起交织的 彩⾊色图 我和你 肩并肩 勇敢地向前 永远义⽆无反顾 肩负着 四⼗十四年年辉煌 ⼼心连⼼心让新旅程起 航 为未来 为了了爱 为了了我们的华初 真⼼心诚意付出 这⽚片⽤用汗⽔水灌溉出的 ⻩黄城⼟土 萍⽔水相逢⼀一起交织的的 彩⾊色图 我和你 肩并肩 勇敢地向 前 永远义⽆无反顾 这⽚片⽤用汗⽔水灌溉出的 ⻩黄城⼟土 萍⽔水相逢⼀一起交织的 彩⾊色图 到最后 再回顾 旅程留留下的⾜足迹 谢谢你陪我编织最美的回忆

44th students’ council


Executive Committee Non-Standing Executive Committee President Vice-President General Secretary General Secretary General Treasurer

Gui Ming Jiang Chua Shitong Charmaine Ong Jie Min Mah Jun Feng, Keston Chua Chuan Yang

Standing Committee Chairpersons Co-Curricular Activities Committee Publications and Publicity Committee Social and Relations Committee Welfare Committee

Gao Yiting Seah Ziyi Alan Kenneth Tan Zhe Kai Yang Jia Wen, Joanna

Standing Committees Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ECACO) Committee Chairperson Gao Yiting Secretary-Treasurer Chawisa Teansue CCA Public Relations Officer Stephanie Tan Xin Yi CCA Public Relations Officer Zhang Shenjia Cheer I/C Jiang Ling Dance I/C Low Li Xian Kelly Dance I/C Zhao Xiang Yu Song I/C Ng Wan Qing Adele Song I/C Ong Yuan Hao Publications and Publicity Committee (PubCo) Committee Chairperson Seah Ziyi Alan Secretary-Treasurer Edeline Tenges Art Director Dominic Yap Wei Ting Art Director Goo How-Zer Art Director Jovan Lee Yuheng IT Director Clio Chuang Chia Hsin IT Director Ow Zong Heng Adrian IT Director Yang Chun Wei


44th students’ council

MOCH Coordinator MOCH Coordinator

Chew Kuo Loong Dragon Teo Chee Hwee Cyril

Social and Relations Committee (SnR) Committee Chairperson Secretary-Treasurer Apollo Faculty Head Apollo Deputy Faculty Head Ares Faculty Head Ares Deputy Faculty Head Artemis Faculty Head Artemis Deputy Faculty Head Athena Faculty Head Athena Deputy Faculty Head Projects Coordinator Projects Coordinator Projects Coordinator Projects Coordinator

Kenneth Tan Zhe Kai Tan Joy Soh Zhi Hong See Sin Yee Joel Wong Hong Kiat Priya Dharshini Jonas Gng Rui Sheng Hillary Mah Xin Yi Dylan Wee Yang-Yi Ryan Kang Bing Hui Abbey Tan Hui Xuan Ann Lee Chia Jia-En Han Jiale

Welfare Committee (WelCo) Committee Chairperson Secretary Treasurer Welfare Coordinator Welfare Coordinator Welfare Coordinator Welfare Coordinator Welfare Coordinator Welfare Coordinator Sales Executive Sales Executive

Yang Jia Wen, Joanna Choo Ting Xuan Goh Hui Min Yin Kai Sheng Ashton Lim Jun Kai Jordan Wang Yiwei Gu Yichen Lim Kai Wen Tan Yee Kiat Ryan Ryan Low Wen Jun Li Yingming

45th students’ council


Executive Committee Non-Standing Executive Committee President Vice-President General Secretary General Secretary General Treasurer

Teo Ming Chong Ryan Quah Hui Ting, Lynette Chen Meng Yee Li Anqi Yeo Meng Han

Standing Committee Chairpersons Co-Curricular Activities Committee Publications and Publicity Committee Social and Relations Committee Welfare Committee

Goh Yu En Justin Rong HengYang Lee Wynne Yu Lim Huile

Standing Committees Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ECACO) Committee Chairperson Goh Yu En Secretary-Treasurer Bowen Low CCA Public Relations Officer Ellione Chow Kar Wei CCA Public Relations Officer Sarah Goh Shuxin Cheer I/C John Chiang Cheer I/C Lee Xin Ying Rachel Dance I/C Koh Nya Kee, Joanne Dance I/C Michael Wang Si Zhe Song I/C Ling Yin Song I/C Tan Er Faye, Sammi Publications and Publicity Committee (PubCo) Committee Chairperson Justin Rong HengYang Secretary-Treasurer Alexis Sudrajat Art Director Ariel Lim Wenmin Art Director Megan Chua Yih Wen Art Director Ng Shi Qing, Elizabeth Natalie Editorial Director Poon Li Yi, Sheryl Editorial Director Randall Ho Yi Kit


45th students’ council

MOCH Coordinator MOCH Coordinator Multimedia Director Multimedia Director Multimedia Director Social Media Director Social Media Director Web Director Web Director

Sophie Chua Yih Shien Tanya Ragupathi Ler Rynn Ren Guanpeng Tan Jie Hao Lee Wenxi, Tammy Thiam Jingting Lim Ding Han Loh Jian Rong

Social and Relations Committee (SnR) Committee Chairperson Secretary-Treasurer Apollo Faculty Head Apollo Deputy Faculty Head Ares Faculty Head Ares Deputy Faculty Head Artemis Faculty Head Artemis Deputy Faculty Head Athena Faculty Head Athena Deputy Faculty Head

Lee Wynne Yu Lok Kok Bin Gavin Goh Jun Chong Aw Wei Shan Yan Weidong Ng Jing Ying Tan Wanting Megan Jerome Chan Yung Kang Teo Zhi Hao Ang Kai En

Welfare Committee (WelCo) Committee Chairperson Secretary-Treasurer Sales Executive Sales Executive School Services I/C School Services I/C School Services I/C Welfare Services I/C Welfare Services I/C

Lim Huile Thomas Tam Jia Jun Shi Steven Sophie Ng Bei En Faith Tham Kah Mun Foo Chuan Guan Matthew Ryan Teo Lee Gene Ee Per YuHeng, Erwin

Acknowledgements The 45th Students’ Council would like to thank the following people for making the Investiture possible: Our Guest of Honour, Mr Eugene Seah Our Principal, Mr Pang Choon How Our Deputy Principal/Studies and Executive Director, Mr Chan Kwok Leong Our Deputy Principal/Student Development, Dr Lim Hong Seng Melvyn Our Director/Student Development, Mr Lee Kai Sim Our Principal Consultant/Student Development, Mrs Sim-Lim Siew Hui Our Senior Consultant/Student Development, Ms Tan Choon Siew Our Teacher Advisors, Ms Mo Xixi, Ms Nicole Law, Ms Corinne Heng, Mr Joshua Teo, Mr Li Jiexun, Mr Sim Weiheng Our Parents, for their support and understanding All representatives from the various educational institutions The Estate and Security Department The College Reception Staff for their administrative support Hwa Chong Studio Ardent for their multimedia and audio-visual support Our Emcees, Cheng Min Jing and Lam Guan Xiong Everyone who has helped us on our journey here!

45th HCSC Investiture Programme Booklet  
45th HCSC Investiture Programme Booklet