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aboard the isabela ii • February 7–17, 2010

With zoologist Carole Baldwin and geologist Richard Fiske


the galápagos islands

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WHITE Dear Traveler, Join us in the Galápagos as we follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, whose observations of wildlife on these pristine islands led to his groundbreaking volume On the Origin of Species. Our seven-night cruise aboard the 36-passenger Isabela II provides an ideal way to explore the Galápagos. Specially equipped with kayaks, Zodiacs, and a glass-bottom excursion boat, our ship enables easy access to, and viewing of, the islands’ many attractions. Enjoy intimate encounters with the rich variety of birds and animals that inspired Darwin’s revolutionary theory on the mutability of species. Swim and snorkel with playful sea lions, hike through surreal landscapes where marine iguanas bask in the equatorial sun, and discuss the latest efforts to protect this fragile ecosystem with the staff at the Charles Darwin Research Station. Home to teeming birdlife, many of them endemic, the Galápagos are also a birdwatcher’s paradise. Adding unique perspective and insight along the way is Smithsonian Study Leader Carole Baldwin, a research zoologist, and Richard Fiske, a volcano expert and former director of the National Museum of Natural History. I hope you’ll join us in discovering the wonders of these magical islands. Sincerely,

J. William Diebenow Executive Vice President High Country Passage P.S. To register, contact your professional travel advisor, call High Country Passage at 800-395-3288, or visit www.

co v e r : B l ue-footed b ooby ba c k c o v e r: sally lightfoot crab

o n e s p eci e s o f d a r w i n ’s fa m o u s f i nc h e s

p i n n ac l e r oc k , b a rt o l o mÉ i s l a n d

I tin er a ry

includes six main islands, twelve

mangrove-rimmed, green-tinted

Galápagos Islands. The staff

smaller ones, and forty islets.

beach, pink greater flamingos

of the station will meet you

This itinerary describes

This morning fly from Quito to

abound. In the afternoon,

and discuss their work. Among

highlights of this adventure;

Baltra Island and board the

conditions permitting, enjoy

their joint projects with the

the exact itinerary will be

Isabela II. After lunch, visit

the islands’ best snorkeling at

Galápagos National Park

determined by Galápagos

North Seymour Island, teeming

nearby Turtle Islet.

Service aimed at repopulating

National Park authorities.

with magnificent frigate birds,


islands with native species is

blue-footed boobies, sea lions,


a breeding program for land


and marine iguanas. Back

F r i d ay, Fe b r u a ry 1 2

iguanas and tortoises that is

S unday, F eb ruary 7

on board, enjoy a welcome

Call at Academy Bay to

bringing these endangered

Fly from the U.S. to Quito on

reception and dinner. (B, L,R,D )

visit the Charles Darwin

animals back from the brink

Research Station, an important

of extinction. An afternoon

the suggested flight itinerary, or independently. Upon arrival,


international facility for

excursion into the highlands

check in to the Hotel Hilton Colón.

We d n e s d ay, Feb r u a ry 1 0

the conservation of the

includes lunch at a Galápagos

Start the day with a beach walk QUITO Monday, Fe brua ry 8

and snorkeling along Española

Originally a capital of the Inca

Island’s Gardner Bay before

Empire, Quito was captured

disembarking at Punta Suarez,

by the Spanish in 1534. Enjoy

a landing beach frequented by

a tour of the city’s colonial

sea lions, brightly colored Sally

section, a UNESCO World

Lightfoot crabs, and colorful

Heritage site, followed by an

marine iguanas. Española

afternoon at leisure and an

Island is also a nesting habitat

evening welcome dinner. (B,D)

for blue-footed and masked


Galápagos doves.





T uesday, Fe bruary 9

Formed from the peaks of

Th u r s d ay, F eb r u a ry 1 1

underwater volcanoes, the

Explore Punta Cormorant on

Galápagos archipelago

Floreana Island where, on a

P ac ific O c e an






boobies, oyster catchers, and QUITO / GALÁPAGOS








marine iguana

farm and a walk through the

tortoises and land iguanas. You

islands’ only rainforest to learn

will also have the opportunity to

about the unique flora, fauna,

swim and snorkel off the beach.

and geology of the region. (B,L,D)

This afternoon, visit Punta Espinoza on Fernandina Island,


a picturesque spot rimmed with

S aturday, F eb ruary 1 3

a green mangrove forest and a

Cruise north across the equator

vast expanse of lava. The wide

to Genovesa Island, noted

variety of wildlife here includes

for its magnificent birdlife.

the flightless cormorant (found

Low-lying bushes surrounding

nowhere else in the world),

the beach support the nests

Galápagos hawks, blue-footed

of frigate birds, short-eared

boobies, lava herons, and the

owls, red-footed boobies, and

largest colony of marine iguanas

swallow-tailed gulls, perhaps the

in the archipelago. The western

most beautiful of the world’s gull

skies tend to be the clearest in

species, while the southeastern

the Galápagos, and so tonight,

cliffs provide habitat for storm

weather permitting, we will be

petrels, Audubon’s shearwaters,

on deck stargazing. (B,L,D)

and red-billed tropic birds. (B,L,D) SANTIAGO & ISA B ELA &



M o n d ay, F eb r u a ry 1 5

S unday, F eb ruary 14

Santiago’s terrain combines

As we cruise the Bolivar

stunning lava formations, white

Channel this morning, watch

sand beaches, striated cliffs,

for dolphins and whales often

and tuff cones. Take a morning

found feeding and frolicking in

tide pool walk to a grotto that

the rich waters between Isabela

is home to a thriving colony

and Fernandina Islands. Call

of Galápagos fur seals. Those

at Urbina Bay to walk through

who wish may swim and snorkel among the seals and

an area commonly frequented by the island’s endemic land

brilliantly colored tropical fish, or look for Darwin’s finches and other birdlife along the shoreline. This afternoon, disembark on Bartolomé, one of the archipelago’s “youngest” magnifi c ent frigate bird

r e d - f o o t e d b o ob i e s s e a u rc h i n

islands, for an opportunity to snorkel in an area frequented by Galápagos penguins and sea lions. Later, climb to the summit for a spectacular view of Sullivan Bay, impressive pahoehoe lava fields, and Pinnacle Rock, a Galápagos landmark. Enjoy a gala farewell reception and dinner on board tonight. (B,L,R,D) B ALTRA (DISEMB ARK ) / d i s e mb a r k i n g z o d i ac

GUAYAQUIL T u e s d ay, F e b r u a ry 1 6

Disembark the Isabela II at Baltra this morning and transfer to the airport for the return flight to Guayaquil. Upon arrival, check in to the Hotel Hilton Colón. (B) GUAYAQUIL / U .S. W e d n e s d ay, Fe b r u a ry 1 7

Depart this morning for the U.S. on the recommended flight itinerary, or independently.


“Snorkeling in the Galápagos was an extraordinary experience, with a sea lion on my left and a penguin on my right.” — K . H u t ch i n s o n N a zc a b o o b i e s

Study leader C a r o l e B a l d w i n developed a love for the ocean and marine science

at an early age, growing up near the seashore in South Carolina. She has worked as a researcher in the Department of Vertebrate Zoology at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History since 1992. While her work has taken her all over the world, the Galápagos has remained a special place to her since she first went there in 1998 to make an IMAX 3-D natural history film. In her own words, “We will see the vast array of species that have evolved in the Galápagos, which led Darwin to the conclusions that forever changed the course of science. Among Galápagos fishes, an estimated 10 percent of the fish species that occur appear to have evolved there!” nazca


Guest Lecturer Like the Hawaiian Islands, the Galápagos Ielands are a result of a series of volcanoes that grew above sea level to produce the majestic landscapes we see today. Guest lecturer R i c h a r d F i s k e , Smithsonian Geologist Emeritus, former Director of the National Museum of Natural History, and volcano expert, will explain the countless volcanic features that participants will see on this adventure, and will place them in a broad natural history context. Penguin

PRE-TRIP EXTENSION TO QUITO Fe br u a ry 4 – 7 , 2 0 1 0

Enjoy a private cooking class in the colonial city of Quito, then travel to the Andes highlands province of Imbabura for an overnight stay in a hacienda and a visit to the Otavalo Indian market, renowned for its fine handicrafts and textiles. Extension rates: $1,390 per person, double occupancy; $200 single supplement. Itinerary details will be provided in Tour Bulletin 1.

POST-TRIP EXTENSION TO MACHU PICCHU Fe br u a ry 1 8 – 2 4 , 2 0 0 9

Explore the altars, temples, fountains, and terraced gardens of the legendary lost city of the Inca, one of the world’s extraordinary archaeological sites. Extension rates: $4,250 per person, double occupancy; $1,395 single supplement. Itinerary details will be provided in Tour Bulletin 1. Ec uadorian Textiles

m a ch u p icc h u

inclusions & special features

Isabela II The Isabela II is one of the most attractive yachts cruising the Galápagos,


7 nights aboard the deluxe Isabela II

offering a comfortable and casual atmosphere for experiencing the full


2 nights at the Hotel Hilton Colón

adventure of the islands. The Isabela II accommodates 36 passengers

1 night at the Hotel Hilton Colón in Guayaquil

in 21 outside twin cabins, all with private baths. The yacht is fully

7D, 7L, 8B, and 2R

air-conditioned. Its three decks offer a bar-salon, dining room, lounge,

Meals & receptions

library, boutique, sun deck with an observation area for whale and

Custom educational Led by a noted Darwin scholar and an program expert on the Galápagos Islands

dolphin watching, and a Jacuzzi. It is one of the few ships in the Galápagos Islands featuring on-board kayaks for passengers’ use. The library contains a variety of books on the Galápagos and Ecuador, as well as excellent nature and conservation videos.

Rates Cost per person (based on double occupancy): $8,690

special activities & shore excursions

Coordinated by study leaders, local guides, and onboard naturalists

Exclusive amenities

Onboard kayaks and a glass-bottom boat

Professional tour management

Services of an experienced tour manager throughout the tour

services & fees

All tips, gratuities, and entrance fees; group flight transfers and baggage handling; pre-departure materials and travel information


Round-trip airfare between mainland Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands

Single rate (limited availability): $13,590

Airfare Round-trip airfare between the U.S. and Ecuador is not included in the program rates. As of April 2009, economy-class airfare between Miami and Quito, with return from Guayaquil, is approximately $514 per person (subject to change). Cost savings may be available through our tour operator, who is happy to assist you with making your air travel arrangements.

Environmentally Sensitive Travel High Country Passage is committed to protecting and preserving the fragile environment of the Galápagos Islands, and to working with tour operators who share our values and goals. The Galápagos National Park authorities have responded to increasing pressures on this natural habitat by instituting new standards for tourism and development that have led to increased costs. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to give important attention to environmental sensitivity. nazc a booby

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K S 357)

the galápagos islands aboard the isabela ii • February 7–17, 2010

100% K 500 Third Street, Suite 455 • San Francisco, CA 94107


Join zoologist Carole Baldwin on this once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Galápagos!

The Galápagos Islands  
The Galápagos Islands  

Join us in the Galápagos as we follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, whose observations of wildlife on these pristine islands led to hi...