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Del 25 de Agosto al 15 de Septiembre de 2017 - Edición 336

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Tourism season shines with ground-breaking August in Sotogrande • The occupancy figure reach over 90% during the key weeks and there are even periods of “no vacancies”. • The traditional predominant and mass presence of national visitors is offset almost to the same level this year with foreign tourists. • The range of gastronomy, leisure and entertainment livens up the summer season with a strong schedule of social and sporting events. Once again this summer, August leaves a very important impact on the economic and social calendar of Sotogrande. Although this is a custom and typical situation each summer season, we should not fail to acknowledge its significance for a large part of the business community in the area, mainly that linked to the services sector. Among them, of course, the hotel/residential establishments and gastronomic establishments are the main stars in terms of profiting and carrying out activities and proposals (there are also businesses linked to leisure and entertainment), in order to keep growing as one of the most highly valued and reappraised tourism destinations in the south of Europe. The different sporting initiatives, a real classic in the resort, as well as golf tournaments, sailing regattas and the unmissable International Polo Tournament, are attractions that rarely fail during the holiday period par excellence. Additionally, there have been new openings, to add to the already significant gastronomic variety and selection that this area enjoys. It is undoubtedly a reference point throughout all of Campo de Gibraltar, with its beach clubs, markets, night life and well-established meeting points such as the Sotogrande Marina and the Mercado de Levante at the Marina (for three years now); all of this turns the resort and all of Valle del Guadiaro into the ideal context for high profile and quality tourism during this period. These figures raise the general levels and premiums of hotel occupancy to over 85/90% during the main weeks of August, reaching “no vacancies” during key dates and weekends. One of the main hotels is the complex of Hotel Almenara, located

right at the heart of the resort. It is complex due to the fact that in addition to its range of accommodation it offers services of great quality that are highly sought-after such as the Spa Elysium and the golf course with a total of 27 holes divided over three 9-hole courses (Pinos, Alcornoques and Lagos). With regard to the occupancy data and the level of guests it enjoyed an August of more than 80/85% on a general level. These are figures that increased notably during weekends and none of them fell below 92/95%, and at peak moments such as the “August bank holiday” and weekends, they even reached “no vacancies”. This data was also supported by the activities offered by the complex itself and event by the great appeal of having a golf course at the hotel itself, or by having a fantastic spa and gym. With regard to the area a little lower down, at the traditional Hotel Sotogrande occupancy (with a fewer number of beds),

is higher, and has reached levels of over 85%. During key dates, the emblematic hotel had an occupancy level of over 95% and in many case there were no free rooms during key moments of the calendar in August. Just as in the case of Hotel Almenara these figures will remain over 70/75% without falling, until the end of August and there will even be significant spikes during weekend days. Also, like most of the area, both points coincided in having a notable increase in foreign visitors, which were almost as abundant as national visitors, who are traditionally more common in summers in Sotogrande. Foreign visitors are normally more active in seasons such as autumn and spring. At the Marina, Hotel Club Marítimo Sotogrande is the big benchmark in terms of hotels, as well as exclusivity and luxury in the most maritime area in the resort. With significant figures during the entire season, practically

since the start of the “year” at the start of spring, the established has recorded positive figures surpassing the figures of previous financial years during the early stages of summer; this momentum has been maintained and extended to the strongest weeks of summer tourism. With constant occupancy levels around 80/85% during summer, the month of August once again helped to round of these figures towards ninety and “no vacancies” during key weeks of August. A little further out of the epicentre of the resort, at San Roque Club, the Hotel The Suites at San Roque Club, also recorded fabulous data during August, a key time of the season. With a few very intense weeks of occupancy, the general levels were mostly over 85% and even “full”; a dynamic that is continuing until the end of this month, August, which has very few available beds. Just as at Almenara, the closeness to San Roque golf club and its re-

nowned Old Course, is another of the big attractions for staying in this establishment, along with enjoying a peaceful and relaxing location. Like the large hotels, the hotels with a smaller capacity are also enjoying an August with positive figures and high occupancy rates. Places such as Hotel Alcaidesa, the apartment-hotels Albayte Alcaidesa and the traditional Hotel Patricia and Las Camelias are also enjoying a season with very good figures and occupancy levels of above 80, and “full” during many weeks since midway through July. Although at some points at the start of July it seemed that the tourism season could remain a little stagnant, a ground-breaking August is fulfilling a large part of the expectations and commercial strategies of the hotels and residential properties in the area. As in other summers, practically all of the villas and houses in the resort have been rented out.

El Periódico de Sotogrande 336  

Edición 25 Agosto 2017