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November/December 2010. Hello everyone Here I am once again, putting together the latest edition of your newsletter, and hopefully keeping you up to date with the happenings here at Harworth. As you can see from the month at the top of the page, we are nearly at the end of yet another year, where does the time go to, it doesn’t seem two minutes since I was looking forward to a new caravanning season starting at Easter time, and here we are some seven months later, thinking of draining the caravan off for the winter. We have started this season off with a couple of very good weekends featuring Matthew Bason, Charles Brown and Nicholas Martin, more about these events later. We also held our Annual General meeting during September, so I shall also give you an update on that in this issue. Coming up next month we shall see the return visit of that little chatterbox from Lancashire, Elizabeth Harrison, lots of very endearing chat, but also lots of very good music. The last time she came I was amazed to get to know just how many interests she has, from the Garden Centre, to Farming, Lorry driving, Coach driving, and collecting Flower Grader dolls and memorabilia. I am sure you are looking forward to her return as much as we are. Hope to see you there. Mick Mason


Diary Dates November 27th/28th The

ELIZABETH HARRISON WEEKEND Dance and Concert December 11th THE CHRISTMAS BUFFET DANCE With SALLY TAYLOR (Please note change of date, not as on Dairy Card)

December 19th THE CHRISTMAS CONCERT With ANDREW NIX. The Annual General Meeting

19th September 2010.

I am very pleased to be able to say that we had a very good and improved turnout for this year’s AGM. In fact it equated to around half of the total membership number, which was very encouraging. As in previous years, I was very happy to be able to once again report that we had enjoyed another good year with the club, this being despite the disruption we suffered when the parent company next door went ‘belly up’ towards the end of the 2008/09 season. Many good weekends were enjoyed by the membership with attendances at both dances and concerts remaining fairly consistent with previous years, with maybe one exception, that being the visit of John Barnett. It coincided with the England World Cup on the TV, and whether this had any


bearing on the poor attendance or not we will never know, the only thing I can say on this matter is that ‘if you stayed at home to watch that debacle’, then sorry, but you got your just desserts. Membership had improved slightly despite losing a few, but gaining a few to counteract this. Because of the above, our Treasurer Joan was able to give us a very favourable report, and was happy to inform everyone that we were able to hold our prices at the present level at least for the coming season. A bonus on this year’s balance sheet was the fact that the security deposit we provided to get the electric re-connected has now been repaid, and while it was technically our money anyway, it was nice to see it back in our accounts instead of the electricity company. During the Election of Committee and Officials, the meeting was informed that only one member of the committee had decided to step down, and that was John Palmer, John had decided earlier in the year, that he needed to ‘step back a little’. Obviously John is a big loss to the committee, for not only did he come along on Thursday morning and help with any jobs that needed doing, for a number of years after Arthur Peat’s retirement, he was the society Treasurer. I am very pleased to say that after the AGM, the new committee had a discussion and decided to offer John an Honorary Life Membership as our way of saying thank you for his involvement, I am also very pleased to say that John has accepted this offer. While it was in no way a means of replacing John, I proposed that Scott Harrison, the young man who runs the Bar, be elected on to the committee, this proposal was accepted unanimously. Ultimately, all other positions on the committee remain the same. Following the death of our President Arnold Loxam, it was obvious that we would need to appoint a new President, but out of reverence to Arnold’s memory, the committee decided that


we would leave it in abeyance until the AGM. Various ideas were put forward as to how we would choose a President, but in the end the committee made the choice, and after offering the post, I am now delighted to tell everyone that our new President is David Redfern. A very fitting appointment in my opinion as over the years, David has been a tremendous to the club, and if we have ever been stuck for an organist, a phone call to David was all that was required should he be available. With David being promoted from Vice to President, it gave us the ideal opportunity to appoint an additional Vice President, and again I am delighted to tell you all that this position was offered and accepted by our good friend Philip Randles. Like David, Philip has supported us here at Harworth for many years so his appointment is well deserved. I have to say that both appointments were kept completely secret, so that it could be a nice surprise for Brenda and Peter Randles. Thank you David and Philip for accepting and for keeping it quiet for a number of months. Various other matters were obviously discussed in the meeting, but I given you the important stuff. After a cup of tea and a chat, we were entertained by Sally Taylor for a Mini Concert. Again, I would like to thank everyone who made the effort to attend on the 19th. Mick Mason.

5 th

The Matthew Bason Weekend 25/26 September It was nice to see Matthew back at Harworth, and this time in a much better state of health, if you remember, last year he played the dance absolutely full of cold. As per usual, he gave us a very entertaining evening on the Saturday, playing music and tempos to suit all tastes. For the concert, he began with his sig. tune ‘Happy days are here again’, and then went into a selection which included ‘Birth of the Blues, Button up your Overcoat, Take the A Train, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Secret Love, Japanese Sandman, and Mister Sandman’. Matthew then moved over to the Yamaha D85, kindly donated to us by Kevin Grunill, to play for us ‘ Music Box Dancer, Lonely Shepherd, Tico Tico, and Amazing Grace’. Christie again and ‘Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, Surrey with the Fringe on top, Don’t throw Bouquets at me, Oklahoma, Almost like being in Love, When I fall in Love, Fly me to the Moon, and Everything Stops for Tea’, which it did because it was now interval time. INTERVAL. Starting with the Christie again for the second half, Matthew gave us ‘Anything Goes, Night and Day, and I’ve got you under my skin’. A Cole Porter Medley. Next was ‘True Love and Delightful De-Lovely’. Then it was time for audience participation with a short quiz, Name the Instruments:- The tunes were ‘Marching STRINGS, CLARINET Polka, BUGLE call Rag, and old PIANO Rag’, did you get them on the day ?. D85 time again for ‘Crazy’ and music from the Lord Rockingham era and Six Five Special, do you remember Cherry Wainer on organ.?


Starting to wind up now for the finale’ with ‘True Love Ways, Matchstick Men, Can’t Live without You, Amarillo, I Only want to be with You, Hoots Mon, Those were the Days, You’re my World, and finally back to his sig. tune Happy Days are here again’. I can only agree with Alan who writes ‘Brilliant Weekend’, and ‘Here’s to the next time’.

The Charles Brown Dance

23rd October

It seems such a long time since Charles came to play for us, but as usual, he was at his best both on the Christie and his Tyros 2 and Keyboard. It is absolutely amazing how he packs all his equipment into the back of his Volvo Estate. As with Matthew, Charles gave us dance tempo’s to suit everybody, and I am sure everyone went home happy. Many Thanks once again to you Charles for a very enjoyable evening. Mick The Nicholas Martin Concert

24th October.

Nicholas should have visited us last year during our period of closure, so it was great to see him today, and what a concert worth waiting for. Alan writes ‘Wow’, I say ‘Fabulous’. There was so much music crammed in today that I am simply going to list the tunes for you. To start with, the sig. tune ‘Hey, look me over’, and then the marathon started. ‘Walk in the Black Forest, China Tea, Side Saddle, Poor People of Paris, Mack the Knife, World is waiting


for the Sunshine, The Legend of the Glass Mountain, A Bridge Too Far, Limelight, Cavatina, 633 Squadron, and Aces High’, and that was just for starters. Another marathon of music to take us to the interval with ‘ Highland Cathedral, Make me a Channel of your Peace, The Old Pianna Rag, Maple Leaf Rag, Cavallieria Rusticana, Skaters Waltz, Muskrat Ramble, Old Comrades, Parade of the Tin Soldiers, Cherokee, and Tiger Rag mingled with Vidor’s Tocatta. Let’s have a cuppa. INTERVAL More of the same for the second half :- ‘I do like to be beside the seaside, Blackpool Belle, Little Stick of Blackpool Rock, When I’m cleaning windows, and Leaning on a Lamp Post. ‘Pal of my Cradle Days, Blue Tango, Marta, Please Release Me, La Vie en Rose, The Second Waltz, All the Things you are, Long ago and Far Away, Shall we Dance, Avalon, Whispering, We’ll Gather Lilacs, and I Know why and so do you’. Again it was time to start winding it up, but not before ‘ ‘Moonlight Serenade, Wedding of the Painted Doll, Crazy, Be My Love, Misty, For all we Know, The Very Thought of you, Fascination, One Night of Love, Riley, Ace of Spades, One Moment in time, Dam Busters, I’ll see you in my Dreams, 12th Street Rag, Somebody Stole My Girl, Land of Hope and Glory, and You’ll Never Walk Alone’. All that music and not a piece of music in sight, what a memory, what a performance, and what a weekend to look forward too when Nicholas returns in May for the Dance and Concert. All the above topped off with one of our best attendances for quite some time, Brilliant. Reported by Alan Clayton Compiled By Mick Mason


On behalf of everyone involved with the Harworth ‘Christie’ Organ Enthusiasts, may we wish you all:-


Golden Notes November/December 2010  
Golden Notes November/December 2010