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we were checking just where there were seats available. Just like the good old days. While we celebrated our 40th with gusto, the occasion was tinged with sadness as our Chairman, Harry Cheadle was in hospital, and so missed what would have been a great occasion for him, sadly we lost Harry in mid October as he passed away peacefully in his sleep, still in hospital. While many members already know of his passing, others will not be aware, so I am sorry to be the bearer of such sad news to you all. I have quite a lot to pack into this issue, it may even be an extended edition, so I will close now and hope to see you many of you at either the dances or concerts leading up to Christmas and 2014. Happy Listening Mick Mason. MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS. May I remind you all that your Membership will become due for renewal in January. We believe that compared with some other societies we give very good value for money, and we hope that this will urge you to renew. As it stands . if you attend most of the concerts you more than get your money back through the reduced admission price. Should you not be able to get to the dances or concerts, but wish to continue as a member, you can very easily renew by sending a cheque, made out to Harworth 'Christie' Organ Enthusiasts, to the Membership Secretary, Mrs A. Watson, my address is on the back of the newsletter, and in turn your Membership Cards will be included in the January Newsletter. Many thanks for your continued support. Mrs. A Watson

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Golden Notes November/December 2013  

Golden Notes November/December 2013  

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