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Harworth 'Christie' Theatre Organ Enthusiasts Opening Concert 30th September 1973 OF



The opening day concert setting 30th September 1973 Celebrating 41 Years of THEATRE ORGAN MUSIC in HARWORTH 1973 onwards


Journal of the Harworth 'Christie' Organ Enthusiasts May/June 2015 Hello everyone Here we are with what is the last Newsletter of yet another season, where does the time go to. When I was younger I never believed the saying that 'Time passes quicker as you get older', but now that I have joined that group of people I can understand what they were saying, it does go quicker. To look back and sum up the 2014/15 Season of Dances and Concerts, we have to say it has been a mixed bag, mostly good but with a couple of disappointments thrown in for good measure. To begin with we had the disappointing dance with Wayne Bingham in September, but we were pleased to overcome this by welcoming 'Little Johnny Mann' back the next day. Little Johnny Mann is how he appears on Face book if you are into that sort of thing. While we could not fault the obvious musical ability of Paul Roberts in January, it was most disappointing what happened afterwards, when derisory comments and a film of the concert appeared on Face book, backed up by many people jumping in with their uneducated comments also. Suffice to say that when we replied on Face book and made legal threats, all comments were removed within 24 hours, and an apology promised, which we are still waiting for, and don't expect to receive. On the bright side, other than the above, we have enjoyed some brilliant weekends, who can forget the effervescent atmosphere that Elizabeth Harrison brings over the Pennines whenever she visits, or the great dance we had with Bill King and Hilary in March, followed by the debut at Harworth of Stephen Austin. You always wonder what you are going to get when someone visits for the first time, but we were delighted with what Stephen offered that Sunday, he played music that was different to the norm, and

2 played it very well, and coped with the couple of Ciphers that kept rearing their heads during the afternoon. For me he came over as a very genuine person and has sent an email to Scott, saying how much he had enjoyed the day, which I thought was very nice to receive. It's rare for an organist to come back like that. So many thanks to all our organists over the season, and thank you for giving us some great memories. We now look forward to the final events of the season, Charles Brown for the dance in May, then the Keith Beckingham concert, then we close in June with Trevor Bolshaw in concert. I look forward to seeing you all there and close by saying a Very Big Thank you to you all for your continued support, and hope that it will continue in the new season. Stay ORGANISED Mick Mason ********************************************************* Email from Stephen Austin Many thanks to everyone at 'Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts, Bircotes, for a lovely day yesterday. The whole team were most welcoming and the hospitality was great, there was even a Star on the dressing room door. I enjoyed an hour pre-concert to explore this interesting instrument, which yielded some very sweet sounds, and thanks to Sally for setting some pistons for me. There was a sizeable audience and after I rose from the depths I said to them, 'I bet you are saying, who the hell is this?', which brought gales of laughter and got us off to a good start. Many heart warming comments to me after the show, and thanks to John for all his help (my roadie). From John (Nunn/s) and from me - Many thanks everyone - a LOVELY day. What lovely sentiments from an enjoyable day Mick Mason **********************************************************

3 Obituary It is with deep regret that we have to announce the passing of our long time Committee Member Frank Wileman, affectionately known as 'Little Frank'. He passed away, at home, on Thursday, 16th April at 2-30pm after a relatively short illness. During his time as a Committee member he spent many hours at the Hall assisting with any work that needed doing, be it with the organ or just general maintenance of the Hall. Frank was a Carpenter by trade, employed for a number of years at the now closed Glass Bulbs Factory, and whenever he was at the Hall he always intrigued me by doing any work with his 'hand tools', he was never interested in making it easy for himself by using the various electrical tools on offer. His role on the Committee for a long period was as Minutes Secretary, and on concert days would spend the first half operating the stage lighting. In his leisure time with the society he just loved the Dances, and during the interval was always willing to go round selling raffle tickets. At the Wednesday T. Dance he would go into the kitchen to help there. His funeral took place on 30th April and was followed by a 'Wake' back at the Hall where we said our goodbyes by Dancing to the Christie with President David Redfern. Something I am sure he would have endorsed lovingly. Frank will be greatly missed by the Society, and by everyone who knew him. We offer our Deepest Sympathy to his Daughter Linda and the family, and a Big Thank You to Frank for everything he stood for. ********************************************************** Membership Renewals Many thanks to everyone who has renewed their membership, or become members for the first time, we hope that you will enjoy your commitment. Renewals have remained fairly constant and we hope that some of you will take advantage of the opportunity to receive the Newsletter by email. You can do this by simply giving your email address to our Membership Secretary Ann Watson on 01302- 834068, and she will do the rest. If you elect to do it this way you will of course be helping the society by saving on postage, which has recently gone up again. Many Thanks to you all **********************************************************

4 The Bill King and Hilary Dance 21st March 2015 As you all know, Bill and Hilary have been coming to Harworth for a number of years now, and have never disappointed us with what they have offered, and such was the case on this evening, playing and singing music that suited everyone, with dance tempo's to suit. In the past Bill has always brought along his trusty 'Tyros' keyboard, but on this occasion he didn't. On the Thursday previous he came along to practice on the Christie, and quite by chance it was suggested that we ought to get the 'Orla' out and charge up the 'Lion' battery in it. While it was stood there Bill came over and after I had explained it to him, he sat down to try it out, and enjoyed it so much he didn't bother bringing the Tyros, but instead used the Orla alongside the Christie, and I must say, during the evening he got some beautiful sounds out of it, none more so than a near perfect 'Hammond' sound. No doubt this is something that may be replicated on future visits from Bill and Hilary, and I would like to say a very sincere thank you to them for a lovely evening. Here's to the next time. ********************************************************** The Stephen Austin Concert 22nd March 2015 Taking into account that this was Stephen's debut here at Harworth, it was somewhat comical to learn that he began with his signature tune, which was ' Fall In Love, (For the very First Time), which obviously, during the afternoon, he did indeed 'Fall in Love' with the Christie. Following on we had the 'Horseguards Whitehall' ? March, before going into a Selection of music which included ' Down your Way, Nights of Gladness, and How High the Moon;. Remembering the fact that the Solar Eclipse was getting very close, the next Selection was all about the Moon. ' How High the Moon, Moonglow, Blue Moon, and Moonlight in Vermont' were the tunes played. Next we had a mixed bunch with 'Body and Soul, Sambal, Give me the Simple Life, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and Dolores'. Taking us to the interval, Stephen chose a George Gershwin Selection. You can never fail with this music, can you ?. ' I've got Rhythm, Lady be Good, Our Love is here to stay, You can't take that away from me, Nice work if you can get it, and S'wonderful'.

5 What a great first half and much more to follow' INTERVAL To start the second half we had the March 'Down the Mall'. Ironically this was one the first marches I ever learnt to play, and now I can't find the music for it (Mick) This was followed by 'Crazy Moon, Magic Moments, Always there to remind me, 24 Hours from Tulsa, What's it all about ( nobody can forget the success that Cilla Black had with this one ), Raindrops keep falling on my head, I'm not that Girl, and Just another Rumba'. I must say that last piece was something I had never heard before, so it didn't quite 'Hit the Button' somehow (Mick) Another piece that wasn't familiar to many people was one called ' Mayfair Sindebar, if that's the correct spelling, written by the very famous composer Albert Ketelbey, but enjoyable none the less. To bring the concert to a close, Stephen again chose to play a selection from another famous composer, Cole Porter, and as with the selection in the first half, you cannot fail with this music. 'Night and Day, My Heart belongs to Daddy, Wunderbar, All the Right things to do, and Just One of those Things', and finishing with his signature tune 'I'm in Love for the Very First Time'. It was nice to see a new face rise from below stage level, and to find that Stephen was a very accomplished organist and for me, a very easy person to talk to and get on with. While the members of the audience don't see it, there is normally quite a bit of chat and banter goes on in the build up, and Stephen fitted the bill perfectly. Sometimes it is difficult to get through the organists skin, never mind into their minds, and that makes presenting the concert a 'chore' rather than a 'pleasure'. Sally and Alan sum up the day by saying, 'A good show all round, and something different', I can only agree with those sentiments and say a very Big Thank You to Stephen, and to John Nunn's for being his 'roadie'. There is no doubt that we shall be talking to Stephen about a return visit. Reported by Sally Taylor and Alan Clayton Compiled by Mick Mason. **********************************************************

6 The David Redfern Dance 25th April 2015. It was our pleasure to welcome back our President David to play for dancing on the 25th. In the 'run up' to the dance we had reservations as to how many people we were going to have attending, but in the end we need not have worried, as just short of 50 turned up and helped to make it a very enjoyable evening. Not only was David's tempos 'spot on' but his choice of music was great also, if you didn't want to get up to do any particular dance, it was just nice to sit and listen, and sometimes join in singing. For the first time that evening David also used the Orla electronic and got some very nice sounds out of it. While it is a very nice instrument it does take a while to familiarise yourself with how things operate, so congratulations to David for doing a good job. I am sure that everyone enjoyed the evening, so thank you once again to David for everything. ********************************************************** The David Redfern Concert 26th April 2015. To begin his concert, David came out of the floor to his signature tune 'Gaily Through the World', before playing a March entitled 'The Ladies of Glory'. (New one to me but very enjoyable nonetheless). Next was a Selection from the Musical 'Guys and Dolls, which included 'Love be a Lady Tonight' . Then it was time for a 'Bushel and a Peck, and A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square'. David then moved over to the Orla to give us a foot tapping 'Has anyone seen my Girl'. Next was selection of music from the Beatrix Potter films, followed by the March ' England's Glory, Muskrat Ramble, Lilac Time, Blue Tango, I've got a brand new Combine Harvester, Dancing in the Dark, Whispering, Nice work if you can get it, and the 12th Street Rag', which took us to interval. INTERVAL For the start of the second half it was the 'Thunderbirds Theme'. Then another selection from the Musical 'Mack and Mabel', which included 'I won't send Roses etc'. Into a mixture of tunes next with 'There would never be another Girl like You, Long ago and Far Away, Moonlight in Vermont, and That's a Plenty'.

7 David then explained that he had compiled a selection of tunes from the James Bond films, and said that if he played them all we would be there while midnight, so the selection included ' Diamonds are Forever, Thunderball, Nobody does it Better, All time High'. It was time now to be bringing the show to a close and David chose to give us his version of 'Tiger Rag'. Sally and Alan sum up the afternoon by saying 'Once again, Great from the President'. I can only reiterate their views and say a very sincere Thank You to David for a lovely weekend. (Many members would have noticed that David appeared without Lynn Riley this w/end, Whilst we know that Lynn is a lovely person we accept that her voice doesn't sit well with some of our members, so in the best interests of everyone within the society, we asked that David appear on his own).


DIARY DATES Saturday 23rd May CHARLES BROWN plays for Dancing 7-30 to 11pm £4-50 per head Sunday, 24th May KEITH BECKINGHAM in Concert 2-30pm Members £4-50 Non members £5-50 Sunday, 28th June TREVOR BOLSHAW in Concert 2-30pm Prices as above. 2015-2016 SEASON We begin our new season with Saturday, 26th September MATTHEW BASON plays for Dancing 7-30 to 11pm Sunday, 27th September JOHN MANN in Concert PLEASE NOTE THAT THE A.G.M OF THE SOCIETY TAKES PLACE ON THIS SUNDAY STARTING AT 2PM and the Concert will follow at approx. 2.45pm Any items for discussion at the AGM MUST be in the hands of the General Secretary by the last day of August. Thank you for your support The H. C. O. E. Committee.

Please explore your society by looking at the Website. You can find us at www.harworthchristie.org.uk Any constructive comments for inclusion on the website are always welcome.


The Bircotes and Harworth Community Hall Whitehouse Road Bircotes Nr Doncaster DN11 8EF FREE secure parking to the rear of the Hall.

THE HARWORTH ORGAN ENTHUSIASTS was founded in December 1971 by Mr. S. Morris and a team of enthusiasts, to cater for people interested in the Preservation of the Mighty Theatre Organs of yesteryear, also incorporating the Modern Electronic Organs. THE AIMS OF THE SOCIETY ARE:To promote friendship through the common love of organ music, and to provide, on a regular basis, Organ Concerts and dances throughout the year, using both Theatre and Electronic Organs, and featuring the Star Organists from across the British Isles. LIST OF OFFICIALS President David Redfern

Vice Presidents Andrew Nix Philip Randles John Barnett

Chairman Mr.P Randles 33, Zetland Road Doncaster 01302-367513

Gen. Secretary Mr. M Mason 5, Briar Court Harworth Nr Doncaster 01302-744584

Treasurer Mrs. J. Herrington 62B, Sunderland Street Tickhill Nr, Doncaster 01302-742562

Mem. Secretary Mrs. A Watson 152, Nutwell Lane Armthorpe Nr. Doncaster 01302-834068

Concert Secretaries Mr. S. Harrison 07521209973 scottharrison1973@hotmail.com

Committee Members Mr. F Wileman Mr. A Clayton Mrs. S Taylor

Organ Tuning and Maintenance Mr. C. Hinds 01522-526289

Mobile 07980-337972

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Golden Notes May June 2015  

The May/June edition of the bimonthly publication of the Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts

Golden Notes May June 2015  

The May/June edition of the bimonthly publication of the Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts

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