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Celebrating 25 Years of Service By proclamation of Mayor John Dickert and County Executive James Ladwig October 18, 2012 was officially designated as Health Care Network, Inc Day in the city and county of Racine. Our deepest gratitude to the Johnson Foundation for sponsoring our 25th anniversary celebration to honor our volunteers, donors, and staff.

Celebrating 25 Years of Service To the Community 1987—2012 Taskforce for the Uninsured formed, led by Sr. Brenda Walsh.

Early 80’s

On-site medical clinic opens thanks to Rep. Kim Plache’s sponsorship of WI Act 206. Elizabeth Allen Steffen MD donates use of her office. William Little MD becomes Volunteer Medical Director.

Dental services and pharmaceutical discounts begin. Outreach office in Burlington opens with the addition of Burlington Clinic.






Barb Tylenda hired as director. Name changed to Health Care Network Inc. Agency opens its doors at First Presbyterian Church under the name Racine County Community Clinic. Rea Katz hired as part time director. 44 physicians, St. Mary’s Medical Center, & St. Luke’s Hospital are first community volunteers.

Agency moves to 904 State Street. President George H. W. Bush names agency a Point of Light. Agency becomes member of Racine Area United Way (now United Way of Racine County).

October 18, 2012 proclaimed Health Care Network Day. Celebration at Wingspread for 25 years of service.

Meritorious Service Award received from American Dental Association.


On-site dental clinic opens.

Good Samaritan Program (Pharmaceutical Assistance) launched.



St. Luke’s Trustees establishes a $1.5 million endowment for HCN through the Racine Community Foundation. “Celebrating the Vision” 10 year Anniversary held at Flowers & Company. Over 30,000 appointments provided since inception.



Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher acknowledges work of the volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

Over 175,000 appointments with value of over $50 million provided since inception



Continuing to Care Endowment Campaign with $1 million goal launched. Sandra Kontra serves as Chair and Warren Williamson MD Honorary Chair.

In Memoriam By Barb Tylenda

Since our last newsletter, the community mourned the loss of community members whose families specifically designated Health Care Network as a memorial site. We can never express strongly enough how humbled and grateful we are for these magnanimous gestures.

Howard Gass MD saw his last patient at Health Care Network just weeks before his unexpected passing. As an OB/GYN he began seeing HCN’s women while still in practice at Kurten Clinic. After the death of Dr. Elizabeth Allen Steffen, Dr. Gass joined the on-site clinic in her memory. Each 2nd and 4th Monday from 1993 until June 2012, Dr. Gass was at the clinic which always started with the staff guessing what flavor of Kringle he brought that day. Dr. Gass always made it easy to come back to work on a Monday morning. I never met Jack Helland but it was clearly my misfortune. Memorials for Jack included such descriptions as “great guy”, “fun to be with”, “a character”. Jack was even symbolized as a Jack of Hearts on his memorial card. It not only signified card games as a part of Jack’s life but his big heart in how he approached his family and friends. There isn’t much better in life than to be remembered as someone who brought joy to so many people. In 1990 when Health Care Network was starting its on-site medical clinic John Jamieson MD was one of five recently retired physicians to launch what was then a major expansion of our program. Dr. Jamieson was a favorite physician of patients as he brought an equal blend of an empathetic ear and medical science to the care of our patients. After Dr. Jamieson re-retired to Tennessee he did not become a stranger. He continued to send us notes of encouragement and never failed to visit us on his trips back to Racine. It’s hard to talk about Jim Mohrhauser without mentioning Jean Mohrhauser. Jim & Jean were a unit that offered us years of moral and financial support. Our first contact with Jim & Jean started out in a grand way when they offered Versa Air’s airplane hangar at Batten Field for our 1999 fundraiser Passport to Adventure. This fundraiser launched our Good Samaritan Program which provides prescriptions assistance to our patients. As extra incentive to raising funds, Jim offered his private plane, a pilot, and dinner in Madison for a memorable raffle prize. Jim was a man with extensive business acumen, and a strong moral compass to give back to the community. Health Care Network is only one place where Jim & Jean Mohrhauser have left a lasting legacy. In 1977 I was an occupational therapist working at Sacred Heart Rehab Hospital in Milwaukee. I was assigned to a woman named Wanda who had a stroke much earlier in life than one would expect . I was particularly impressed with her husband who attended nearly all of her therapy sessions. As a physician with a demanding practice he was clearly there for his wife. I couldn’t help but remember the name Raymond Skupniewicz MD due to his commitment. Years later our paths would cross again when I came to work at Health Care Network Inc. It was then that I found out how beloved “Dr. Skup” was by his patients. He was described as “down to earth”, “a Dr. Welby”, and “from an era gone by”. He was also a favorite of nurses for his respect of their skills and important role in health care. As sad as the loss of Thomas Torphy is, what is sadder is that Tom and his family had to endure a long and declining illness over several years. Through all of this, Tom’s wife Dee was a model of strength who remained committed to her community. In addition to the Torphy’s personal contributions to the agency, Dee was able to secure much needed medical equipment for several of our patients through her P.E.O. Chapter. Don Tredwell was one of the first Board members who came to the agency with a business background—a Harvard MBA at that! He took leadership of the Facilities Committee as we ventured into our first independent space. The agency cut its teeth on the ABC’s of rent negotiation under Don. While some Board members float away from an agency after their term is done, Don stayed close and encouraging to the agency throughout the years. Don will be remembered for his love of life, his adventurous nature, his sense of humor,

his bright smile, and his many contributions to the community. In 1987 when the agency first opened its doors, the concept of the agency was still looked at with some skepticism in the community. Some medical providers took a wait and see attitude but not Goro Tsuchiya MD. As one of the first physicians to join the effort, Dr. Tsuchiya never turned a patient away when referred to his neurosurgery practice. Even when he moved his practice to Kenosha he continued to volunteer his services to the Racine community. Outside of his medical skills, Dr. Tsuchiya showed his talents through exquisite bird carvings and a beautiful home garden.

Community Volunteers A C L Laboratories Margaret Aboagye DDS Carol Adamczyk NP Advanced Medical Imaging Andrew Alexander MD Lori Allen MD Curt Allison MD Rick Andersen OD Kirsten Antonneau PA-C Scott Aschenbrener MD Aurora Ancillary Services Aurora Health Center (diag) Aurora Pharmacies Aurora Rehabilitation Jennifer Ayres OD Iftekhar Bader MD Judy Bagley NP Brigg Barsness MD Peter Bartzen MD Kim Baumann NP Bradley Beggs MD Yogendra Bharat MD Robert Bissegger DDS Karla Boho NP Patricia Bolling NP Thomas Bormes MD Glenn Bordak MD John Bostanche DPM Roger Boye MD Michelle Braun PhD John Brennan MD Jennifer Brittig MD Lenora Brockman MD Robert Brown MD Tedd Cain MD Mary Callahan NP Steven Campbell DDS Mark Choi MD Jennie Christman NP Phillip Chung MD Richard Clark MD Sarah Clark APNP Phillip Conrardy MD Suzanne Cooper NP Paulette Coty MD Carolynn Creiver MD Aaron Cruthers DDS Jesse DeGroat MD Francesca DeRose DDS Nicolet DeRose DDS K. S. Dhaliwal MD Kulbir Dhillon FNP Diabetes Management Center Paul Durbin MD Barbara Earnest MD Paul Elcano DDS Sandra Elfering MD Allison Emery DDS Barry Entin DDS Dennis Feider MD S. T. Flox MD Thomas Foley MD Stuart Fox MD Nathalie Gallo PA Michael Ganz MD Joseph Geenan MD James Gierahn MD Darnella Gist MD Thomas Goodrich MD Kimberly Granger NP Great Lakes Dermatology Great Lakes Pathology Great Lakes Radiology Robert Gullberg MD Chelsea Guzzo DDS Tod Hammes DDS Peter Han MD Hanger Orthotics Sheryl Hansen NP Jerry Hardacre II MD

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action. ~ W. J. Cameron Carl Heigl DC Robert Heller Jr DDS Leslie Hertz MD Margaret Hennessy MD Lyndon Hernandez MD Aaron Holtebeck MD Gregory Isermann DDS Goran Jankovic DO Jeff Janosik DDS Subbana Jayaprakash MD Shelley Johnson NP Steven Johnson MD Tasha Johnson MD S. Joshi MD K-Mart Pharmacies Mathew Kaplan DO Jessica Kasten PA David Kelley MD Mark Kenfield DDS Marc Kennedy MD Kenosha MRI & Imaging of Wisconsin Kimberly Kind-Bauer DDS Rebekah Klussendorf NP Lyndsay Knoell DDS Wendy Knoell DDS Navjot Kohli MD Dr. Kontra & Associates Pradeep Kumar MD Shamin Ladhani MD Lakeview Pharmacy R. J. Lamberton DDS Robert Lehner Jr MD Lenscrafters Mark Lenz DDS Timothy LeSage MD Thomas Linstroth DDS John Lopez MD James Lynott MD James Mataczynski MD Joseph Mathew MD Thomas Matkov MD Robert Matteucci DPM Carrie Mattie-Myer RDH Alan Mayer MD Arlene McEntegart NP Metz Medical Myron Mikaelian MD Milwaukee Radiologists, Ltd Moles & Ferri Orthodontic Specialists Lynda Moses MD Karen Murillo NP Scott Munro DDS Ned Murphy DDS Jeffrey Musson MD Anjana Nair MD Regina Najera OD Jeffrey Naus MD Rajeev Nayar MD Willard Nettles MD Larry Neumann DDS Earl Newton DDS Lanne Nguyen DDS William Nicholson MD Giana Nicoara de la Garza MD Susan Nosalik NP Nutritional Design & Pharmacy Jack Ohringer MD Jerry Oksiuta DDS Jay Oksiuta DDS Gregory Pae MD Mary Pagano MD Stephen Pagano MD Debra Palmer DDS Richard Palmer Jr DDS Sachin Panchal MD Michael Papp MD A. Joon Park MD Byung Park MD

Woosuk Park MD John Patterson MD Leigh Pitts PA Richard Pierce-Ruhland MD Lawrence Platt MD Mathew Pothen MD Stephen Pruett OD Mohammed Qadeer MD Jennifer Quizon DDS Racine Anesthesia Services LLC Racine County Pathology Assoc. Sandeep Ramanujam MD David Reesman DDS Rehab Services & Work Center Donald Romsa DDS Daniel Ross MD Paul Rykwalder MD Gregory Santarelli DDS Bruce Savin OD & Associates Thomas Scherrer DDS Michael Schimming MD Janel Schneider MD Kelly Schneider PA-C Timothy Schneider DC Don Selmo DDS Prakash Shah MD Mahmood Shaikh MD Thomas Shimshak MD Shopko Pharmacy Howard Short MD Derf Simes DDS Dawn Simon NP James Simonds MD Lisa Simonds MD Kanwar Singh MD Tiffany Smalkoski DDS Michelle Snyderman MD Ranga Sriram MD A. Srivastava MD Aaron Staley MD Thomas Stauss MD Alyssa Stephenson DPM Richard Stoltenberg MD Michael Sweet MD Harry Tagalakis MD Dean Tajnai RN NP Jennifer Takata DO James Taylor MD James Tierney MD Kostandinos Tsoulfas MD Derek Turner MD Alex Ulitsky MD Laura Ulmer MD Jennifer Unger MD Margot Vloka MD Lawrence Volkert DDS Michele Wadewitz CCC-A Richard Wagner DDS Wal-Mart Pharmacy James Waltenberger MD Susan Ward APNP John Warren OD Kim Wayach NP Jon Wegner OD William Weis DPM Brady Welsh MD Wheaton Franciscan Cancer Ctr Wheaton Franciscan Pharmacies Wheaton Franciscan - St. Luke’s Health Pavilion Wheaton Franciscan - St. Mary’s Medical Center Joseph Wilczynski MD Kaye Eileen Willard MD Briena Williams MD Jeanne Wilton NP Lisa Wolf MD William Yoder DPM David Zablotney MD Antoinette Zell MD

Ofer Zikel MD

Western Racine County Volunteers Joyce Aspinal Aurora Behavioral Health Serv. Aurora Burlington Clinic Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington Aaron Bauer MD Martin Bauer MD Steven Bernstein Meenakshi Bhilakar MD Mary Elizabeth Bienemann MD Mark Christman APNP Phillip Chung MD John Dankle MD Jennifer Decker MD Rolando DeLaCruz MD Gerald Demers MD Scott Dresden MD Leif Erickson Jr MD Elena Graciosa MD Joseph Graciosa MD Syed Haider MD Jody Huebner Stephen Kmecak MD George Krismer MD Daniel Ladwig MD Andrew Lange PA Nathan Lebak MD Alicja Lisak MD Farzan Mahmood MD Joseph Majewski MD Michael Majewski MD James Moran MD Tri Nguyen MD Thomas Niccolai MD Bennett Pastika DO Rubina Qamar MD James Radke MD Arthur Rein MD Anthony Ricci MD Nancy Rofalikos-Welka MD Randall Schmidt MD Gerald Schneider DPM Melanie Smith DO A. Srivastava MD David Taylor MD Jolanta Twardy MD Paul Webber MD Stephen Welka MD Briena Williams MD Katarzyna Zaremba MD

On-Site Volunteers Candice Bering PA-C Carol Bratt RDH Jerome Brooks MD Jane Buser RN John Claussen PA-C Kathy Contreras RDH Chris Corcoran RN S Marshall Cushman MD Charlene Eisel RN Barbara Elmer RN Joan Feil RN Sarah Fellenz APNP Helen Ferguson RN E. Paul Gander MD Marilyn Gander Ken Gould DDS Susan Hand RN Rosa Hernandez Amy Hollow G. Kenneth Johnson MD Mark Kenfield DDS Kimberly Kind-Bauer DDS R.J. Lamberton DDS Charles Leadholm MD

Judy Leslie RN Judy Linstroth RN William Little MD James Luetzow DDS Andrea McDonald APNP Barb Meyer RN Chris Minakian RN Ned Murphy DDS R. Thomas Navratil DDS Larry Neumann DDS Susan Nosalik NP Richard Odders MD Debra Palmer DDS Richard Palmer Jr DDS Dannette Pirkl RN Kim Porter Crystal Potrikus Quality Dental Mohammed Rafiullah MD David Reesman DDS Kelly Reeves RDH Kimberly Schwerdtfeger APNP Howard Short MD Mary Lou Short RN Pat Steimle RDH Sharon Tradewell Kathy Vollmer RN Erica Waldau DDS Allison Wisniewski Jacqueline Young RDH Dianne Younk RN Karen Zimmerman RN

Office Volunteers Sharlene Birkenstock Merle Donahue Judie Grauwels Monroe’s Services, Inc Sally Nelson Cathie Petersen Grace Piskula Kathryn Rouse Sam Stills Jack Young RPh

Western Racine County Outreach Western Racine County Health Dept.

Board of Directors Colleen Andersen Chip Brewer Jhon Freddy Correa Elaine Sutton Ekes John Gates RPh Jerry Hardacre MD Jim Henderson Reginald Hunter Jeff Janosik DDS Shelley Kutis Steve Mueller Mary Ouimet Michele Randall Amy Schiveley PharmD Sue Tran

Ad Hoc Committee Members Carol Anderegg Linda Budlow Sue Hammel Kathie Radwill Rae Wood

Bold indicates volunteer since beginning of program area.

CORNERSTONE COUNTRY FAIR Save the date for Health Care Network’s next fun fair June 21, 2013 At the home of Drs. Ric & Debbie Palmer You can help make our event a success  Be a sponsor (see next page) includes tickets to the event.  Provide items for our basket themed silent auction.  Theme baskets - donate an entire basket of single themed items - basket for kids, dogs, sports, chocolate, travel, night on the town, etc - be creative, or donate single items to be part of a theme basket. We also welcome the use of your condo or travel packages.  Donate prizes for our duck pull - Gift cards/certificates to restaurants/ stores in the amounts of $10 - $50. Bottles of wine with a value of $10 or more.

Join us at the Fair Health Care Network Inc invites you to be a sponsor for our picturesque evening at the Cornerstone Country Fair. As a sponsor, you will have your name listed at the appropriate contribution level on the invitation for the event, all publicity for the event, and in our 2013 newsletter.

SAVE THE DATE: FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2013 Grand Champion Reserve Grand Champion Blue Ribbon

$1,000 & higher $500 to $999 $250 to $499

includes 6 tickets to the event includes 4 tickets to the event includes 2 tickets to the event

Yes, I want to support the efforts of the volunteers of Health Care Network! Please accept my contribution to the Cornerstone Country Fair fundraiser to be held Friday, June 21, 2013. Pin my ribbon to… _____ Grand Champion

_____ Reserve Grand Champion

My form of payment is: _____My Check is Enclosed - or - _____Visa®

_____ Blue Ribbon _____ Mastercard®

______________________________________ _____/_____ _______________________________________ Credit Card Number Exp. Date Signature Name/Company to be listed in all publicity _________________________________________________________ Contact Person:___________________________________________ Phone Number:_______________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Please Make Checks Payable to: Health Care Network Inc 904 State Street, Racine WI 53404 262/632-2400

Please Respond no later than April 1, 2013 to be included in all publicity. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Shout Outs! Sometimes people go the extra mile and it warms our hearts. Special thanks this issue to: 

Kent Harris of Modine Manufacturing for generously giving his time and expertise in assisting us with researching a new phone system.

James Hooper from Educators Credit Union for help in weatherizing our space.

Jim Eastman of Merchants Moving & Storage for his 10 year sponsorship of the Cops & Kids Holiday Book Giveaway.

John Kidd from FOCUS on Community for extraordinary intervention with a Health Care Network patient.

St. Paul the Apostle Church, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints Lab & Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints Foundation, First Presbyterian Church, and The Racine Country Club Women for special holiday fundraisers on Health Care Network’s behalf.

K.A.R.M.A. (Kenosha and Racine Mustache Association) for sponsoring Stash Bash on December 1st to raise funds for the agency to promote men’s health with specific attention to prostate cancer awareness.

CRB Insurance and employees Deb Veenstra & Jennie Pfister for years of excellent service .

Educators Credit Union and Jim Henderson for acknowledging the work of the agency’s staff.

Sentry Foods for sponsoring the Funds for Friends assisting many non profits in the area.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure for sponsoring The Greater Racine County Mammogram Coalition - five entities - Health Care Network Inc, Jane Cremer Fdn, Wisconsin Well Woman Program of Racine County (City of Racine Health Dept) Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, & Aurora Health Care work collaboratively to eliminate barriers to breast cancer screenings and ensure that Racine County women receive mammograms.

Health Care Network’s tree for the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare All Saints Lab Christmas Tree/ Wreath Raffle decorated by Virginia Kroll.

Health Care Network Staff prepares for Stash Bash

Participants of the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure stop at the Greater Racine County Mammogram Coalition booth.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Health Care Network, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the following individuals, businesses, and organizations for their generosity. Gifts reflect donations received from June 1, 2012 - November 23, 2012. $30,000.00 - And Up Racine County United Way of Racine County Estate of Fannie Wynstra $5,000.00 - 29,999.00 A C Buhler Family InSinkErator WFHC-All Saints Foundation $1,000.00 - $4,999.00 Anonymous Covenant Presbyterian Church Jim & Bonnie Eastman Educators Credit Union Elks Ladies Club First Presbyterian Church Dr. Charles Leadholm & Jeanne Parus Walter & Pat Marietta Norbell Foundation Dr Jerry & Susie Oksuita Charles E Perkins Dave & Cathy Perkins Sylvia Quadracci Roma Lodge Italian Festival Simpson Family Fund** St Lukes Hospital Trustees Fund** $500.00 - $999.00 Anonymous American Medical Women’s Association Carol Baylon Catholic Woman’s Club Of Racine Keiser Family Fund** Catherine Kirk Dr Dennis & Sandra Kontra Shelley Kutis Auntie LuLu Allan & Joan Naegeli Mary Ellen O’Shea Susan Perry Rowland Family Fund** Shirley Swenson & David Hill $250.00 - $499.00 Anonymous S Marshall Cushman MD John & Nancy Dickens Mary Ericson Jim & Lori Henderson Roger & Sandra Hetrick Family & Friends of John Jamieson MD Imogene Johnson Joseph & Louise Kivlin Bill & Lenore Lester Dave & Beth Lester John Lester Laura Lester William Lewis William Little MD Moreau MacCaughey Dr Richard & Mary Lee Odders Joan S & Charles H Patton MD Fund** Drs. Lawrence Platt & Michelle Snyderman Alvera Radwill Redfearn Distributing Inc Antonio Rodrigues Pavao

$250.00 - $499.00 Dave & Judy Rowland Dr Don & JoAnn Selmo Dr Howard & Mary Lou Short Dr Robert & Susan Siegert Susan Studebaker $100.00 - $249.00 Anonymous John & Joyce Ambruster Roberta Anderegg Dr Dennis & Colleen Andersen Mary Androff Anixter/Clark Elaine Berger James & Janet Blazek James Bolm Donald & Helen Botsford Dr Ken & Mary Catherine Cashion CRB Insurance Mrs Patrick Dawson Neil DeClerk David Johnson Jenny Eastman David & Kathy Eberle Gary & Miriam Erickson Edward Fahnrich Jr Bunny Fergus Financial Service Group Inc Robert Fiske Jr Karolyn Foley Janet Ford Tom & Lynda Friedel Friends Of The Wind Point Lighthouse Calvin Gander Gene & Jana Gasiorkiewicz John & Marion George Mike & Sue Gibbs Ida Gillett Brian Good Susan & Gary Goodsell William Guenther Michael & Peggy Harris Diane Hebert Lynn & John Helland Alvin Jensen Florence Johnson Randy & Juliette Johnson John Jude Liz & Richard Koll Alex & Jean Mandli Jr Mary Manke Robert & Marcie Marsh Miller Rentals Mark Miller Pamela Milligan Michael & Diane Mohrhauser Maurice & Jennifer Morrone Becky, Joe, Henry & Cecilia Murphy Sara Neubauer Dr L Joel & Arleen Neumann Dr Larry & Lorraine Neumann Dr Marvin & Suzanne Parker Art & Julie Hachikian The Breakfast Gang-Tom, Ray, Jerry, Owen, Kenny, John S., Bob, Larry S, Bucky H Gary & Joan Qualley

$100.00 - $249.00 Art & Roberta Rader Scott & Kathie Radwill Michele & Garrett Randall Pat Raymond Mary Lou Roach Kathryn Rouse & Don Riegelman Raana Rafiullah Saric Gregory & Jane Schneider Kenneth Schneider Adrian Schoone Schoone, Leuck, Kelley, Pitts & Knurr SC Ronald & Elaine Segedy Sheldon & Marianne Lubar Charitable Fund Gregory & Sandra Shove George, Irene & Chuck Skupniewicz Somerset Club Inc St Patrick’s Catholic Church Peter Stefanovich Dorothy & Ronald Steimle Walter & Ann Stenavich Ernest & Bernice Styberg Frank & Angie Sullivan Harry Swiatek George & Linda Tanner Thermo Fisher Scientific Ron & Brenda Thomas Richard & Cindy Timmel Rita Tomkiewicz Helen Tredwell Gary & Kris Veenstra Katherine Vollmer RN Shawn & Kim Voss Indur Wadhwani MD Dr Richard F & Ellen Wagner Barbara Walter WFHC-All Saints-House Wide Nursing Practice Council Nancy Wheeler Dr Warren & Jacqueline Williamson Doug & Debi Wonnacott Marc & Jan Yeomans Marge Zierten $50.00 - $99.00 Anonymous Janet Acklam Sue Almeida-Thilleman Carol & Greg Anderegg Thomas & Marian Atkinson Joel & Laurie Beck Peter Bennett Kathryn & Robert Berkley Mike Bishop Chip & Pam Brewer Dr Jerome & Mary Brooks Bob & Linda Budlow Edie & David Buhler Ann & Kurt Byfield Jeanne Cape Patricia Cherf Irving Christensen Harley & Jean Compton John & Kathryn Cook John & Deborah Cronin Terry Cronin William Crossett

$50.00 - $99.00 Dr Glenn & Betsy Davis Patrick & Betty Decker Ed DeMeulenaere Patti & John DeVincentis Kent & Joyce Duesing Dave & Ellen Easley Marjorie Eckblad Richard & Patricia Ehlert John & Peggy Ellgas Howard & Elaine Erickson Raymond & Mary Farley Tony & Jeanne Ferraro Lydia Fervoy James & Lynn Filipek Fred, Heidi & Zach Fitzpatrick Elizabeth Foley Schuessler Stephanie Foley Charles & Alice Frahm Marilyn Fralich Mary Fumo Eugene & Loretta Gasiorkiewicz John & Jill Gates Cletus & Gloria George Bill & Deb Gerrits Carolyn Gibson Gertrude Gibson Beverly Good Family Janet Goodsell Dean & Ginny Gould Judie Grauwels William & Blanche Gunderson Sandra & Phil Hall Bill & Sue Hammel Ron & Judy Heiligenstein Sue Helland Sue & Mark Henderson Dr Kathy Henkes Gary & Janet Henseler Betty Heston Marian Hoffman Dan & Sue Horton LaVerne Horton Jerry & Linda Jardina Linda & Mark Jena David Johnson Robert & Catherine Johnson Jeanne Jones David Keiser Colleen & Clifford Kogutkiewicz John Krug Gary & Mary Sue Langendorf Joe* & Cynie Lawrence Mr & Mrs T J Lee George & Elaine Linn Debbie Mandli William & Barb Marescalco Katherine & Kurt Maxey Chris McAuliffe Shawn & Norah McCue Lloyd & Frances Meier Cathy Meyer Len & Theresa Montalbano Ada Naleid Chris Nelson Linda Nielsen Jeannette Olsen James & Dorothy Ozzello Katie Patzke Nelmie & Jeffrey Peters Brad & Ruth Ann Pettibone Sally Powers Art Radwill Family

$50.00 - $99.00 Dr Mohammed & June Rafiullah Ellie Reynolds Mark & Barb Riegelman Nick & Barb Riegelman Paul & Karen Ritter James & Alice Rogers Dr. Don & Colleen Romsa William & Alice Rossman Marilyn Rothschild Dr Russ & Anne Ruetz Bill & Dorothy Schalk Jean Schemel Carolyn Scherer Kathryn Schneider Ruth Schoene John & Kay Schulz Dr Mahmood & Kathleen Shaikh William Sklba Warner & Gail Slaughter Eric & Martha Smithback Char Smollen Lucille Sorensen Toby & Jennifer Spolar Spring Dental Group Barb Stevenson John & Barb Suprak Kathleen & William Sustachek Mary Thornberg Jennifer Ann Toll Thomas & Jeanne Torhorst Lyndee Torres Mary Totero Mary K Tsuchiya Barb Tylenda Jeff & Jane Uecker Marcia Van Susteren Sandy Veit Grace Verhaeghe Shirley Wagner Dr Edward & Janna Waldeck Allen & Judith Walek Joan Walter Richard & JoAnne Woelfel Jan Woodward Dianne & David Younk $1.00 - $49.00 Anonymous Albrecht’s Sentry Foods Janice & Allen Albright Susan Allen Irma Anderson William & Jill Angel Bob & Sue Barina Ann Barry Elaine Barry Margaret Bednar Louis & Laurie Benvenuti Larry & Linda Berger Dick & Bobbie Bergmann Richard & Marian Beyer Renee & Fred Billman Linda & Richard Bilski James & Carol Bishop Steven & Shirley Blegen Roberta & John Bloner Carrie Sharkozy Boers Susan Boles Phyllis Borger Rev Quinten & Helena Buechner Nell Buhler Gene & Barb Bunge

$1.00 - $49.00 Virginia Burlingame Judy Burton Dorothy & William Bushell Roger & Betty Canfield David Castaneda Sue Causey Al & Linda Christ Janice Christensen Jack & Peggy Christiansen Marianne Christopherson Mary Jane Ciampo & Family John & Teri Clarke Nancy Clausen Mary Ann Cole Sheila & Pat Collentine Frank & Barb Colwell Jorge & Kathy Contreras Mick & Joyce Contreras Paul Demet & Susan Wind Douglas & Lana DeVinny Bill & Sharon Dickey Michael & Theresa Doherty Emmert & Carol Dose* Jackie Drummond Emery & Helen Eckheart Jason & Jennifer Ekornaas Arla Ertl Family & Friends of Jack Helland Barry & Shirley Fentz Dr Louis & Merle Floch Ruth Foley John Fox & Fox Family Joan Francois Mr & Mrs Tom Galiano & Family Shirley Galisdorfer Michael & Lisa Gilvary Leah Grant John & Dolores Grimmer Heidi Grinker Jerome & Marion Groulik Dr Glenn Guerts Norman & Ruth Hafeman Ted Hajinian Jr Ron Halvorsen Dr James & Barbara Hammes Kimberly Hammes-Frank & Barbara Hammes John Hanrahan & Pat Lasky Carol L Hansen Renee & Glenn Hansen Shirley Hawk Walter & Mary Hayek John & Barb Hayes David & Cynthia Hazen Health Care Network Staff Laura Hebert John & Patricia Heinrichs Carol Helland Lynn Helmke & Walter Hermanns Tim & Judith Hembrook Bob & Celeste Henken Herbert & Diane Herb Darrel & Chera Hessenthaler Arlene Hill Judy Hoff Nancy & Roger Hoff Janet Hoffman David & Virginia Holle Nancy Holloway Patricia Holt Gen Hostak Jerrie Howard The Hyatt Family

$1.00 - $49.00 Jane Jarrett John & Jean Schoenwaelder Real Estate Leroy & Myrtle Johnson Mildred Johnson Ruth Johnson Victor & Kathrine Johnson Mary Josten James & Beth Jurgaitis John & Phyllis Kamperschroer Eileen Kaplan Wayne & Sandra Kavaliauskas Erv Keller & Sue Kowbel-Keller Judith & Thomas Kerkman William Kindsechy Len & Jeanette Klappauf Donald & Janet Klemt Mary Kolton-Karpowicz Jean Kozak & Diane Maddern Marge & Jim Kozina Dan & Rosanne Kuemmel Mr & Mrs Ken Kusters Joseph & Charlotte Laba Jim & Bonnie Ladwig Jim & Debra Ladwig Mike & Lynda Lalley Donna Larsen Juanita Larson Hugh & June Last Donna Lathrop Michael & Mary Lees Michael Lefler John & Susan Lemanski Gary & Denise Lequia David & Judy Leslie Claire Levandowski Jess & Ellen Levin Lois & Edward LeVine John & Rebecca Liegakos Nanette & Curtis Lingsweiler James & Carol Litwin Mary Lowery Dan & Diane Maddern Mearl & Kay Mahl Ralph & Shirley Mandernack Norma Mangold-Hall & Bradley Hall John & Mary Ann Mantey Hon Wayne & Judith Marik Scott Maxey S John May James Mentink & Rebecca Matoska Mary & Blaine Metzger Janice Monfeli Nancy & Jack Morey Bill & Carolyn Moskonas Mr & Mrs Charles Kind Dan & Leeann Naughton Bud & Grace Nelson Sally Nelson Ranato & Patrizia Notarianni Mr & Mrs Thomas Oberst Marge Orth Dave & Betty Pakiz Michael & Mary Patterson Marjorie Pellizzi Pi Chapter-Delta Kappa Gamma Elaine Poulson Josephine Quadraccia Geri Rannow Kenneth Reth Ruth Rinehart Ronald & Mary Ruffalo Kathleen Schatzman

$1.00 - $49.00 Gary & Sharon Schonert Mary Lou Schuler Bette Schulz Tammy Rae & Randall Seitz Joyce Sieker Barbara Skovsted Joseph & Barbara Smith Marge Smith Ruth Smith Catherine & Michael Staeck Robert Stepien Robert Strausser & Bonnie Klesper Cecelia Suprak Kalen & Jim Theusch James & Cheryl Thoennes Jan Thompson Ardath Trebra Carol Uebe Karen Verbeten Sr Brenda Walsh Luan Wells James & Carla Wilks Lloyd & Karen Willms Eric & Jeanne Wilton Robert Wirch Francis & Wilma Wiser Jean Wishau Gerald & Vicki Wisniewski Wizards Professional Cleaning Service Tom & Rae Wood Ron & Jeannine Woods Jack & Rosemary Young Doris M Zimmerman JoAnn & Charles Zupfer

In Memory of Don Carlson By Luan Wells

In Memory of Tim Anderegg By Roberta Anderegg

Gilbert Easley By Joan Walter

Anthony Arcide By Allen & Judith Walek Josephine Quadraccia Cornell Arendt By Bob & Linda Budlow Mary N Beach By Barbara Walter

LaVerne Chernowski By Nancy Clausen Josephine Chiappetta By Kathryn Rouse & Don Riegelman Tom Cronin By Gary & Mary Sue Langendorf Alex & Jean Mandli Jr Milena Cukic By Charles & Alice Frahm Rose DeMeulenaere By Ed DeMeulenaere Jerry & Linda Jardina Toby & Jennifer Spolar Spring Dental Group Carol Dose By Walter & Mary Hayek Len & Theresa Montalbano Frank & Angie Sullivan Gerald & Vicki Wisniewski Ron & Jeannine Woods Don Duda By Ronald & Elaine Segedy James Dykstra By Harley & Jean Compton

Jean Ertel By Jeanne Jones James Freres By Robert & Marcie Marsh Scott & Kathie Radwill Loretta Galis By Nancy Wheeler

Sue Beecher By Al & Linda Christ

Howard Gass MD By Bill & Sue Hammel Health Care Network Staff Dan & Sue Horton Dr Howard & Mary Lou Short Tom & Rae Wood

Doris Bengston By Kathryn Rouse & Don Riegelman

Eula Gilliam By Mark & Barb Riegelman

Lance Benson By Patricia Quinn-Benson Marc & Jan Yeomans

Bill Gittings By Joseph & Louise Kivlin Joe* & Cynie Lawrence William Lewis Sara Neubauer Charles E Perkins Barb Stevenson

Edith Beair By Donna Lathrop

Robert Breitsprecher By Renee & Fred Billman Allen Buhler By A C Buhler Family Barbara Carlson By Art Radwill Family

Ginni Guendel By John & Jill Gates Margaret Haas By Joseph & Louise Kivlin

In Memory of Al Hartog By Robert & Mary Wirch Carolyn Harvey By Friends Of The Wind Point Lighthouse Margaret Hass By Mary Josten Pat Raymond William “Bill� Heck By Mary Androff Barbara Heitman By Bob & Linda Budlow James Held By Allen & Judith Walek Sue Held By Lisa Held Jack Helland By Janet Acklam Janice & Allen Albright Sue Almeida-Thilleman Mary Androff Bob & Sue Barina Elaine Berger Larry & Linda Berger Dick & Bobbie Bergmann Steven & Shirley Blegen Nell Buhler Gene & Barb Bunge Dorothy & William Bushell Ann & Kurt Byfield Dr Ken & Mary Catherine Cashion Sue Causey Jack & Peggy Christiansen Mary Jane Ciampo & Family Frank & Barb Colwell Jorge & Kathy Contreras Mick & Joyce Contreras Dr Glenn & Betsy Davis Neil DeClerk Paul Demet & Susan Wind Bill & Sharon Dickey Emmert & Carol* Dose Richard & Patricia Ehlert Howard & Elaine Erickson Bunny Fergus Tony & Jeanne Ferraro James & Lynn Filipek Karolyn Foley Stephanie Foley Shirley Galisdorfer Beverly Good Family Brian Good John & Dolores Grimmer John Hanrahan & Pat Lasky Carol L Hansen Renee & Glenn Hansen John & Barb Hayes David & Cynthia Hazen Carol Helland Family & Friends of Jack Helland Lynn & John Helland Sue Helland Lynn Helmke & Walter Hermanns Dr Kathy Henkes Gary & Janet Henseler Herbert & Diane Herb

In Memory of Jack Helland By Judy Hoff Nancy Holloway Jerrie Howard James & Beth Jurgaitis Len & Jeanette Klappauf Donald & Janet Klemt John Krug Juanita Larson Hugh & June Last John & Susan Lemanski Gary & Denise Lequia David & Judy Leslie Claire Levandowski Nanette & Curtis Lingsweiler Mearl & Kay Mahl Norma Mangold-Hall & Bradley Hall Mary Manke Katherine & Kurt Maxey Scott Maxey Chris McAuliffe Mark Miller Janice Monfeli Ada Naleid Dan & Leeann Naughton Linda Nielsen Dr Richard & Mary Lee Odders Art Petersen & Julie Hachikian Sally Powers William & Alice Rossman Kathryn Rouse & Don Riegelman Ronald & Mary Ruffalo Kenneth Schneider Gary & Sharon Schonert Elizabeth Foley Schuessler Joseph & Barbara Smith Marge Smith Eric & Martha Smithback Kalen & Jim Theusch Jan Thompson Mary Thornberg Carol Uebe Allen & Judith Walek Joan Walter James & Carla Wilks Wizards Professional Cleaning Service JoAnn & Charles Zupfer

In Memory of Beatrice Houtz By Eileen Kaplan Judith & Thomas Kerkman Jean Kozak & Diane Maddern Joseph & Charlotte Laba Dan & Diane Maddern Ralph & Shirley Mandernack James Mentink & Rebecca Matoska Ruth Smith Karen Verbeten

Mrs Hendrickson By Dr Jerry & Susie Oksuita

John Jamieson MD By Susan Allen Ann Barry Elaine Barry Richard & Marian Beyer S Marshall Cushman Jackie Drummond Ruth Foley Eugene & Loretta Gasiorkiewicz Gene & Jana Gasiorkiewicz Mike & Sue Gibbs Jerome & Marion Groulik John & Patricia Heinrichs Darrel & Chera Hessenthaler Janet Hoffman Marian Hoffman Family & Friends of John Jamieson MD Mary Kolton-Karpowicz William Little MD Bill & Carolyn Moskonas Ranato & Patrizia Notarianni Dr Jerry & Susie Oksuita Mimi & Larry Platt James & Alice Rogers Gregory & Jane Schneider Ruth Schoene Adrian Schoone Dr Don & JoAnn Selmo Dr Howard & Mary Lou Short Dr Robert & Susan Siegert William Sklba Dorothy & Ronald Steimle Robert Stepien Rita Tomkiewicz Barb Tylenda WFHC-All Saints Fdn Nancy Wheeler Dr Warren & Jacqueline Williamson Marge Zierten

Gene Hopkins By Barb Stevenson

Kenny Paul Jensen By Jeanne Cape

Beatrice Houtz By Linda & Richard Bilski James & Carol Bishop Roberta & John Bloner Phyllis Borger Rev Quinten & Helena Buechner Mary Ann Cole John & Deborah Cronin Terry Cronin Michael & Theresa Doherty Kent & Joyce Duesing Jason & Jennifer Ekornaas Sandra & Phil Hall Diane Hebert Patricia Holt Leroy & Myrtle Johnson Robert & Catherine Ruth Johnson

Charles W Johnson By Allen & Judith Walek Joe Johnson By John & Teri Clarke Joyce Krenzke By Ernest & Bernice Styberg Harvey Larson By Katie Patzke Martha Latva By William Lewis

In Memory of Joe Lawrence By William Lewis Sara Neubauer Barbara Skovsted Mary Anne Lochner By Pi Chapter-Delta Kappa Gamma Emile Mathis By Ron Dunnett Mabel Meyer By Carolyn Gibson Cathy Meyer Gary & Mary Sue Langendorf James Mohrhauser By Susan Allen William & Jill Angel Thomas & Marian Atkinson Kathryn & Robert Berkley Mike Bishop Carrie Sharkozy Boers Susan Boles Patti & John DeVincentis John & Nancy Dickens Gary & Miriam Erickson Janet Ford John Fox & Fox Family Mr & Mrs Tom Galiano & Family Bill & Deb Gerrits Janet Goodsell Dr Glenn Guerts Sue & Mark Henderson Nancy & Roger Hoff David Johnson Florence Johnson Mildred Johnson Randy Johnson Jeanne Jones John Jude Dr Dennis & Sandra Kontra Mr & Mrs Ken Kusters Mike & Lynda Lalley Joe* & Cynie Lawrence Michael & Mary Lees Lois & Edward LeVine William Lewis Alex & Jean Mandli Jr Debbie Mandli Michael & Diane Mohrhauser Mr & Mrs Charles Kind Mr & Mrs T J Lee Chris Nelson Dr Jerry & Susie Oksuita Mary Lou Roach Dr. Don & Colleen Romsa Dave & Judy Rowland Carolyn Scherer Dr Don & JoAnn Selmo Barbara Skovsted Catherine & Michael Staeck Peter Stefanovich Kathleen & William Sustachek George & Linda Tanner Jennifer Ann Toll Thomas & Jeanne Torhorst Mary K Tsuchiya Barb Tylenda Grace Verhaeghe Shirley Wagner Allen & Judith Walek

In Memory of Jim Mohrhauser By Nancy Wheeler

In Memory of Judith Poulsen By Marge Orth

Jim & Jean Mohrhauser By Anonymous John & Mary Jane Braun Patrick & Betty Decker Arla Ertl Cletus & Gloria George Susan & Gary Goodsell James & Carol Litwin Brad & Ruth Ann Pettibone Gary & Joan Qualley Sheldon & Marianne Lubar Charitable Fund Dorothy & Ronald Steimle Lloyd & Karen Willms

Helen Proeber By Robert & Marcie Marsh

Alex & Mae Muleski By Jan Woodward

Georgia Rickert By Sally Nelson

Earlene Naughton By Scott & Kathie Radwill

Bernie Rupple By Jack & Rosemary Young

Charlotte Rose Nelson By Mark & Barb Riegelman

Sean Ruxton By Allen Walek

Robert Nelson By Virginia Nelson

Duane Rymenams By Harley & Jean Compton

Helen Nichols By Mary Lowery

Polly Schnetz By Janice Christensen William Crossett Sara Neubauer Barbara Skovsted Barb Stevenson

Tedd Nicikowski By Mark & Barb Riegelman Kay Noppe By Jerrie Howard Inge Ohringer By Linda & Mark Jena Kenneth Oldenburg By Alex & Jean Mandli Jr Cathy Olson By Anonymous Susanne Pedersen By William & Barb Marescalco Barbara Perkins By Charles E Perkins Mary Ann Perrelle By Alvin Jensen Marian Peterson By Jeanne Jones Tod Petersen By Sue Helland The Breakfast Gang-Tom, Ray, Jerry, Owen, Kenny, John S, Bob, Larry S, Bucky H Nora Marie Pirk By Allen & Judith Walek David & Dianne Younk Dorothy Poplawski By Marge Orth

Betty Pugh By Jess & Ellen Levin Dave & Judy Rowland Marty Putz By Louis & Laurie Benvenuti Patricia Rawley By John & Marion George Katie Patzke

Jack Schliesmann By William Crossett Raymond Skupniewicz MD By Anonymous Dr Jerome & Mary Brooks Roger & Betty Canfield John & Kathryn Cook S Marshall Cushman Lydia Fervoy Joan Francois Ida Gillett Judie Grauwels William Guenther David Keiser Miller Rentals Dr Richard & Mary Lee Odders Dr Marvin & Suzanne Parker Pat Raymond James & Alice Rogers Dr Howard & Mary Lou Short Dr Robert & Susan Siegert George, Irene & Chuck Skupniewicz Thermo Fisher Scientific Mary Thornberg Gary & Kris Veenstra WFHC-All Saints Fdn Dianne & David Younk John Swiden By Jack & Rosemary Young Virginia Synder By Pat Raymond

In Memory of Mary Szuchy By Cecelia Suprak Jon Dirk Tillema By Warner & Gail Slaughter Thomas Torphy By Anonymous Mrs Patrick Dawson Charles & Alice Frahm Ron Halvorsen David & Virginia Holle Gen Hostak David Keiser Joseph & Louise Kivlin Dan & Rosanne Kuemmel Jim & Bonnie Ladwig Jim & Debra Ladwig Hon. Wayne & Judy Marik Len & Theresa Montalbano Nancy & Jack Morey James Ozzello Ellie Reynolds Paul & Karen Ritter James & Alice Rogers Marilyn Rothschild Bill & Dorothy Schalk Kathleen Schatzman John & Jean Schoenwaelder Real Estate Bette Schulz Tammy Rae & Randall Seitz Dr Howard & Mary Lou Short Joyce Sieker Char Smollen James & Cheryl Thoennes Jan Thompson Rita Tomkiewicz Richard & JoAnne Woelfel Don Tredwell By John & Joyce Ambruster Carol & Greg Anderegg Dr Dennis & Colleen Andersen Anixter/Clark James & Janet Blazek Virginia Burlingame David Castaneda Sheila & Pat Collentine Mrs Patrick Dawson Douglas & Lana DeVinny Dave & Ellen Easley Raymond & Mary Farley Robert Fiske Jr Dr Louis & Merle Floch Charles & Alice Frahm Michael & Lisa Gilvary William & Blanche Gunderson Kimberly Hammes-Frank & Barbara Hammes Michael & Peggy Harris Ron & Judy Heiligenstein Dr Kathy Henkes Betty Heston William Kindsechy Joseph & Louise Kivlin Dr Dennis & Sandra Kontra Joe* & Cynie Lawrence William Little MD Hon Wayne & Pat Marietta S John May Dave & Betty Pakiz Scott & Kathie Radwill

In Memory of Don Tredwell By Dave & Judy Rowland Dr Russ & Anne Ruetz Mary Lou Schuler John & Kay Schulz Dr Don & JoAnn Selmo Gregory & Sandra Shove Dr Robert & Susan Siegert William Sklba Somerset Club Inc Lucille Sorensen Helen Tredwell Barb Tylenda Dr Warren & Jacqueline Williamson Doug & Debi Wonnacott Goro Tsuchiya MD By Anonymous Irma Anderson Ann Barry Margaret Bednar Peter Bennett Edie & David Buhler Jeanne Cape Irving Christensen Jack & Peggy Christiansen Marianne Christopherson S Marshall Cushman MD David & Kathy Eberle Emery & Helen Eckheart John & Peggy Ellgas Mary Ericson Edward Fahnrich Jr Barry & Shirley Fentz Fred, Heidi, & Zach Fitzpatrick Dr Louis & Merle Floch Mary Fumo Gertrude Gibson Janet Goodsell Susan & Gary Goodsell Dean & Ginny Gould Leah Grant Dr James & Barbara Hammes Shirley Hawk Tim & Judith Hembrook Dr Kathy Henkes Arlene Hill The Hyatt Family Jane Jarrett David Johnson Florence Johnson Randy & Juliette Johnson John & Phyllis Kamperschroer Wayne & Sandra Kavaliauskas Dr Dennis & Sandra Kontra Donna Larsen Michael Lefler John & Rebecca Liegakos William Little MD John & Mary Ann Mantey Mary & Blaine Metzger Pamela Milligan Bud & Grace Nelson Dr L Joel & Arleen Neumann Dr Larry & Lorraine Neumann Mr & Mrs Thomas Oberst Dr Richard & Mary Lee Odders Michael & Mary Patterson Marjorie Pellizzi Charles E Perkins Dave & Cathy Perkins Nelmie & Jeffrey Peters

In Memory of Goro Tsuchiya MD By Elaine Poulson Dr Mohammed & June Rafiullah Ruth Rinehart Marilyn Rothschild Raana Rafiullah Saric Jean Schemel Schoone, Leuck, Kelley, Pitts & Knurr SC Ronald & Elaine Segedy Dr Don & JoAnn Selmo Dr Mahmood & Kathleen Shaikh Dr Howard & Mary Lou Short Dr Robert & Susan Siegert Ernest & Bernice Styberg Richard & Cindy Timmel Rita Tomkiewicz Mary Totero Ardath Trebra Mary K Tsuchiya Barb Tylenda Jeff & Jane Uecker Shawn & Kim Voss Dr Edward & Janna Waldeck Barbara Walter WFHC-All Saints Fdn Nancy Wheeler Jerome Veranth MD By Dr Richard & Mary Lee Odders Jill Ward By Ted Hajinian Jr Colleen & Clifford Kogutkiewicz Nick & Barb Riegelman Marvin Welfel By Jeanne Jones Caroline Wemmert By John & Marion George Katie Patzke Betty Wishau By Jean Wishau Hilda Woodruff By Dr Howard & Mary Lou Short Allen & Judith Walek In Honor Of Helen Ferguson By Norman & Ruth Hafeman Francis & Wilma Wiser Michael & RuthAnn Grayson By Dianne & David Younk HCN Staff By Educators Credit Union Jim & Lori Henderson William Little MD By Anonymous Katherine Vollmer RN Marilyn MacCaughey By Bill & Lenore Lester Dave & Beth Lester John Lester Laura Lester Moreau MacCaughey

In Honor Of John & Jean Mandli Sr By Elaine Poulson Russell Missureli By Frank & Angie Sullivan Ned Murphy DDS By Becky, Joe, Henry & Cecilia Murphy Anne Ruetz By Dave & Judy Rowland Dr Rama Venu By Jean Schemel In-Kind Donations Carol & Greg Anderegg Lori Artiomow Kathleen Bardenhagen Alice Ballewske Dave & Pat Barlament Ann Bertling Laura Betker Ken & Diane Billmyer Stevie Breit & Dr. William Nicholson Jack Butgereit Sue Cienkus JoAnne Clarke Ron & Sue Cooke Kim Daniels, Tastefully Simple Ray DeHahn Ron Dunnett Robert Dowden Mary Fonstad Gene & Jana Gasiorkiewicz William Guenther Kathy Hagemann Ted Hajinian Jr Bill & Sue Hammel Mary Harms Lisa Held Sue Helland Steve & Justine Kevek Jerry Kieliszewski Roger & Diane Klinkhammer Ronald Kuehn Joann Lamire

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2012 December Health Care Network Newsletter  
2012 December Health Care Network Newsletter  

2012 December Health Care Network Newsletter