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Harbor Country News ✹ Friday, October 8, 2010 ✹ A7 ley graduating class and yet another Grand Valley State From A1 student, said Allen encouraged her to join the cross good causes that the money country team in high school. goes to.” “I could tell she really, Those causes include two really loved running, and that Allen supported — St. she convinced me to start. Jude’s Children’s Hospital She told me how much fun it and Smile Train — as well as was. It’s a big deal for me to scholarships for area students be here,” she said. ($500 scholarships were Two current Mustang awarded to Lynn Cook and runners went to great lengths Christy Huisjen following to participate in Nikki’s the race). Shortcut. Horak’s roommate at Senior Forest Galanda and Grand Valley, Ashley Rileyfreshman Trenton Prentice Schedler, graduated from both ran in the Berrien River Valley in 2009 and ran Four-year-old Bethany Allen of County meet, which started track and cross country with La Porte, Indiana, enjoys the in St. Joseph about an hour Allen. She said the memorial view from atop the shoulders before Nikki’s Shortcut got 5K means a lot to her. of her dad, Aaron, while he going. Thanks to a ride from “It brings back memories walks in Nikki’s Shortcut. Trenton’s mom, Jeannine that we had,” she said. “We Daniel, they had about five used to do running chants during practice sessions. minutes to stretch and get and cheers, make songs to They also had fun creating ready before competing how much we didn’t like T-shirts to wear during the in their second race of the running.” 2010 Nikki’s Shortcut. morning. Riley-Schedler was quick “We have talent,” Riley“It was a hustle, but it was to note that they really did Schedler quipped. worth it,” said Prentice. like running, but had fun Chelsea Baker, a member “It felt great, after we coming up with those cheers of the most recent River Val- got here on time, to run the race,” said Galanda. “It means a lot to me.” Galanda explined that he was on the both the cross country and track teams with Allen during his freshman year. “She was a good friend and a big inspiration to me.” Although Prentice wasn’t in high school when Allen was, he also knew her well. “She used to babysit me,” he explained. “Anything I can do in support of this, I’ll do.” The two high school runners still had enough gas in their tanks to cross the finish line together in second place (although Prentice was officially classified as third). The only runner to get there earlier was 15-year-old Max Vickers, a former Three Oaks resident who now lives in Bloomington, Indiana, where he runs high school cross country for Bloomington


Samantah Lutson, Jessica Allen and Autumn Tamlin await the start of the Nikki’s Shortcut memorial 5K.

Modeling the T-shirts they made for the Oct. 2 Nikki’s Shortcut memorial race are (from left) Olivia Rauen, Samantha Lee, Tricia Horak, Gina Sebasty, Ashley Riley-Schedler, Chelsea Baker and Maggie Lubarski. South. The first female finisher was Lisa Krumroy of Galien. Many participants celebrated the joy of running (or walking) through the outskirts of Warren Woods on the sun-drenched fall day. Kathy Noah, a co-worker of Lori Allen, said she originally planned to hula hoop her way through the entire five kilometers, but decided to “hula hoop where I can” to avoid any space issues with the other walkers and runners. “I’m going to spin it, at least on my hand, the whole time.” she said. Lori Allen embraces her second cousin, Arnold Kleinerman of Nikki, was the daughter of San Francisco, during the Nikki’s Shortcut race. Lori Allen and Brad Allen, and the oldest of four children including two brothers, Tyler and Alex, and one sister, Jessica.

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Modeling the T-shirts they made for the Oct. 2 Nikki’s Shortcut memorial race are (from left) Olivia Rauen, Samantha Lee, Tricia Horak, Gina...

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