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ON THE HORIZON: Granbury businessman Ken Hackett poses at the future site of Knox Ranch, a development near the airport that will some day boast almost 5,000

homes as well as some businesses. Hackett is the on-site consultant for Centurion American, the Carrollton-based lead developer on the project. While some homes will

be on standard sized lots, others in the “horse friendly” development will be on acreage. Construction of the first phase of Knox Ranch is expected to start this spring.

Housing starts, new 5,000-acre development, new businesses point to growth in 2013 BY KATHY CRUZ HOOD COUNTY NEWS

Over the past three years, new residential permits in the city of Granbury have tripled. But those numbers may go off the chart once the planned Knox Ranch development gets under way. Increased home building is just one of a number of signs that Granbury and Hood County are positioned for prosperity. The 2,100 acres of rolling hills that encompass Knox Ranch off Highway 377 West will ultimately boast almost 5,000 homes, many sporting a rustic or “estate” look. “There will be a lot of emphasis on larger tracts and ranchettestyle homesites,” said Granbury businessman Ken Hackett, who is working as a manager and consultant for Carrollton-based Centurion American, the lead developer for Knox Ranch. Hackett said it will be a “horse-friendly environment,” possibly with riding trails “and other amenities for a western lifestyle.” The eastern side of the development will be more conventional housing on standard lot sizes, Hackett said. The other half of Knox Ranch will feature homes on acreage ranging from two acres to “as large as seven to 10 acres,” Hackett said. Those homes will allow residents to live a country lifestyle while also enjoying the convenience of being near town. The area encompassing Knox Ranch is southwest of Loop 567 and Highway 377, within the city’s ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction). It is not far from the airport, which is being expanded to accommodate Lear Jets - another key component of economic development. The city has just begun the process of land acquisition for that expansion, according to City Manager Wayne McKethan. Scott Sopchak, Granbury’s community development director, said the Knox Ranch development “is going to be beautiful.” “I think without a doubt this a good thing for the city of Granbury,” he said. Sopchak said that 277 acres of Knox Ranch will be for commercial use, and about 189 acres will be parks and open space. The development will also include hike and bike trails and a police/ fire/EMS substation. The first phase of the development will include around 40 homes. Sopchak said that the developers have “worked in earnest” to form a good partnership with the city, and added that residential activity overall has increased. “I think we’re on the upswing - more so than other communities statewide,” he said.

Anyone interested in Knox Ranch can contact Hackett at 817776-7784.


Hood County is a county on the move, and it’s moving up. EASY RIDERS While there is more and more reason to dine and shop in Hood Many projects either already are in the works or soon will be. County, the coming Cresson bypass should make the commute In January, county commissioners and the Granbury School faster and more pleasant for those who work in the Metroplex. Board pushed the ball forward on the $10 million recreation cenDirt is expected to turn for the bypass sometime in 2013. ter that the majority of voters said they wanted in last NovemAlso in Cresson: the Cresson One ber’s election. Business Park, located between GranOn Jan. 15, a special meeting of the bury and Cresson on the northwest Commissioners Court was held with side of Highway 377. Phase I of the YMCA and school officials. A few park consists of 30 acres. days later, commissioners Dick Roan By March, commuters who live in and Steve Berry presented a draft of the northern part of the county will be an interlocal agreement to the Granable to skirt the town square when the bury School Board. The school district expansion of Loop 567 is completed. is donating the land for the county--Community Development Director Scott Sopchak It will connect the Loop from Highway owned, Y-operated rec center. 51 to Business 377 (Pearl Street). The Roan anticipates that dirt will turn new stretch of roadway should enable on the school district’s land near Actourists and other visitors on the square to have a more pleasant ton Middle School by spring or early summer. shopping and dining experience. Once the rec center opens in 2014, visitors who come to town for swim meets will have no shortage of dining choices. A host of A WELL-ROUNDED SQUARE new restaurants have either just opened or will soon open, joinRenovations to the historic Granbury Opera House are uning other established favorites. der way and are expected to be finished sometime in the sumAccording to the EDC, the new eateries are: Fuzzy’s Tacos and mer. In the meantime, the Granbury Theatre Company will Beth Marie’s Ice Cream (already in operation on the square); Italcontinue holding performances just yards away, at the building ian Express at 1803 E. Highway 377 (where Arby’s used to be); where Granbury Live used to be. Hood County’s new congressFarina’s Winery & Cafe (to be located in the former Dakota’s man - Mike Conaway of District 11 - has chosen Granbury’s town Cabin and Clothes Horse building on the square); Linda’s Southsquare as the site for his regional office. Staffer Diane Williams ern Kitchen, 201 E. Pearl in the Granbury Plaza Center; Antonio’s, is sharing office space on Houston Street with the EDC, serving 4426 E. Highway 377 (where Niester’s used to be); and Papa Murconstituents who live in Eastland, Erath, Hood, Palo Pinto and phy’s, a pizza chain in the Luton Ranch development near H-E-B Stephens counties. where a Michael’s craft store will soon be opening. Joey Grisham, head of the Lake Granbury Economic DevelopGOLDEN YEARS ment Corporation, said he has also been talking with represenThe area around Lake Granbury has long been a magnet for tatives of Dairy Queen and the International House of Pancakes retirees who want to leave behind fast-paced lifestyles. In 2013, (IHOP). Both chains, he said, seem serious about locating in Hood local officials intend to renew their focus on attracting that parCounty. ticular demographic. THE LIVIN’ IS EASY The Lake Granbury Area EDC, the Chamber of Commerce, the Those who prefer a no-muss, no-fuss lifestyle that doesn’t incity of Granbury and Lake Granbury Medical Center will be workvolve lawns big enough for riding lawn mowers can take note of ing together to create a “Retire in Hood County website.”

‘I think we’re on the upswing -- more so than other communities statewide.’

Look inside for more information on these local businesses ➥ A-Apex Heating & Air Conditioning ➥ Best Buy Walk-In Bathtubs ➥ Century 21 Real Estate ➥ Cyber Clinic Computer Repair ➥ First National Bank of Granbury ➥ Jerry Durant Toyota

new town homes being built in Granbury. Four units will be built in the 1200 block of Henard Lane, and three units are slated for the 1600 block of Summerhill Court.

➥ Lake Granbury Medical Center ➥ Mike Brown Auto Group ➥ Trinity Mission of Granbury ➥ Van Griffith Kia ➥ Woods Furniture

A special supplement to the

January 26, 2013


Spotlight on Business

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lake Granbury Medical Center

NEW MEDICAL BUILDING IN WORKS: Another medical office building is slated for construction this year at Lake Granbury Medical Center. The office building will be

on the west side of the main hospital structure. The existing medical building on the east side of the hospital (often called the “three-story building”) is full and will

remain in use when the new facility opens. There were 513 births at Lake Granbury Medical Center in 2012.

LGMC takes care of you and the place we call home…


very year, Lake Granbury Medical Center (LGMC) treats thousands of people from Granbury, Hood County and surrounding communities. LGMC is committed to providing advanced medical services. Last year was a year of significant investments that positively impact the quality of life for area friends and neighbors. The following statistics provide a snapshot of activities in 2012.


■ Total ER visits 20,218

■ ■ ■ ■

Inpatient admissions 2,453 Outpatient visits 53,062 Births 513 Surgeries 4,676


■ Payroll (400+ employees) $21,000,000 ■ Capital investments $1,000,000 ■ Property and sales tax $949,891


Since 2006, LGMC has invested $43 million in the hospital. This breaks down to $13.8 million

| BE IN THE KNOW! FOR more information about LGMC, visit www.LakeGranburyMedicalCenter. com. TO find a doctor, call 817-578-8900 or visit

for routine capital, and $30 million for projects including the 2009 expansion, cardiac cath lab, Fall Creek Medical Plaza, upgraded technology, and electronic medical records (EMR)



LGMC recorded the following investments in the community during the past year. ■ $2,520,000 - Charity and uncompensated care ■ $4,250,000 - Local spending ■ $300,000 - Community donations ■ $7,070,000 - Total community investment


From the 30-Minutes-Or-Less ER

Service Pledge to the Arctic Sun system, LGMC saw many changes and upgrades in 2012. New centers and systems include: ■ Chest Pain Center national accreditation. ■ da Vinci® robot-assisted surgery. ■ Granbury and Glen Rose Clinic acquisitions. ■ Arctic Sun ® hypothermia system for advanced cardiac care. ■ Lab renovation/expansion. ■ State of Texas Level IV trauma certification. ■ Sleep center national accredi-

Start early to prevent heart disease Especially if you have a family history

February is American Heart Month. If there is history of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or stroke in your family, it’s important to know your risk factors. Your family’s history of heart disease is a major indicator of your own risk, but history doesn’t have to repeat itself. The good news is, armed with the following knowledge, you can start taking control of your own health, maintain a healthy heart, and prevent heart disease.

your risk increases two-fold compared to just one. If a family member has or had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or atherosclerosis (a build-up of fat in the arteries), you may also be at increased risk of heart disease.


If you have a brother or father who was diagnosed with heart disease before age 55 or a sister or mother diagnosed with heart disease prior to the age of 65, you’re considered to have an increased risk of heart disease, according to the American Heart Association. Having a relative die of heart complications before age 60 doubles your own risk of premature heart disease, according to a study in the Journal of American College of Cardiology. And if it’s a parent or sibling, your risk increases 72 percent. If there are two or more premature cardiovascular deaths,


For people with a family history of cardiovascular disease, it’s important to see your doctor before symptoms arise. It’s critical for you to be aware of your own risk. The numbers to be aware of are your cholesterol level, blood pressure and waist size. High cholesterol and high

blood pressure put you at risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. If you have a family history of heart disease, cholesterol testing and blood pressure checks should begin as early as your twenties, to help determine if your levels are in the normal range. Obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease, especially if you carry your weight in your belly. Your doctor will be able to measure and evaluate all of these health indicators for you. Knowing your heart-health numbers is the first step to preventing heart disease; having them checked regularly is equally important. If you have elevated numbers or other signs of heart disease, follow your doctor’s prevention and treatment recommendations to help lower your risk. This may include medications and lifestyle changes, including a more heart-healthy diet and increased aerobic exercise. According to the AHA, if test results show your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are normal, getting a check-up about every three to five years is sufficient, up to age 40. After age 40, the frequency with

| KNOW YOUR NUMBERS TAKE advantage of LGMC’s 2013 FREE Cardiac Screening Events, to “know your numbers.”

tation. ■ 30-Minutes-or-Less ER Service Pledge.


■ New Medical Office Building to be constructed. ■ Continued relationship with Moncrief Cancer Institute. ■ ICU Expansion. ■ Physician Recruitment. ■ Senior Circle expansion/relocation to accommodate membership growth.

| LATEST MEDICAL STAFF ADDITIONS Medical staff additions have continued over the past year at Lake Granbury Medical Center. Some 95 percent LGMC’s medical staff is board certified. Nationally only 80-85 percent of doctors are board certified. Newcomers to LGMC include:

DATES include: March 20, April 17, May 15, Sept. 18, Oct.16 and Nov. 20. CALL 817-579-2955 to RSVP. For accurate bloodwork, fasting after midnight is recommended. APPOINTMENTS are made from 7:30 – 10 a.m. EMPLOYERS or larger groups may call 817-408-3237 to discuss. LEARN more at which your doctor recommends you be screened for disease will depend on your other risk factors. February is American Heart Month and could be the perfect time to implement these checkups.


Your heart disease risk is mostly in your hands – regardless of family history – and several lifestyle changes should be maintained for a healthy heart. ■ Don’t smoke, and limit al-

PREVENTION: Keep track of your blood pressure with regular readings.

cohol to a moderate amount (no more than two drinks per day for men and one drink for women). ■ Eat lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and limit trans and saturated fats, salt, and sugar. ■ Incorporate aerobic exercise and strength training into your daily routine. ■ Know and track your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. ■ Lose any excess weight. ■ Control any health conditions that increase heart disease risk, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Jennifer Naiser, D.O., Cardiology

Charles Kennard, M.D., Dermatology

Scott Jones, M.D., Emergency Medicine

Mark Schneider, M.D., Family Medicine

Edward Tomoye, D.O., Infectious Disease

Jayme Williams Cornwell, D.P.M., Podiatry

Steven Fields, M.D., Radiology

Beth Valashinas, D.O., Rheumatology

Telemedicine brings genetic testing and risk assessment to Granbury In addition to partnering with Moncrief Cancer Institute to provide free screening mammograms to women who cannot afford the exams, LGMC has started an innovative program utilizing telemedicine. On Dec. 7, a board-certified genetic counselor provided the first genetic consultation through a live, high-definition video link to the Lake Granbury Medical Center. An 88-year-old Granbury grandmother was the first local patient to use the new communication system to learn if her breast cancer could be passed down to her family. The patient, who has already lost an adult daughter to the disease, will be assessed by Pia Summerour, a

board-certified genetic counselor at Moncrief Cancer Institute in Fort Worth. Summerour connected from her Fort Worth office while, 42 miles away, the patient was in the telemedicine video suite at LGMC’s Pavilion medical building. “We want to bring state-ofthe art genetic testing closer to home for our patients, and our telemedicine link with Lake Granbury affords patients that convenience,” said Summerour. Although the live TV set-up may look familiar, it should not be confused with Skype or other popular ways to communicate via the internet. The secure, high-speed computer technology allows protection of private medical information.

Most of the telemedicine architecture is housed in the new $22 million Fort Worth facility that Moncrief Cancer Institute unveiled in November. Genetic counselors will also be connected from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, which is affiliated with Moncrief. By current estimates, at least 5 percent of all cancers are due to a specific inherited syndrome, and approximately 10 percent of cancers run in families. One of the main reasons to seek genetic counseling is to determine if patients or family members are at an increased risk of cancer. If there is a higher risk, patients may take

certain preventative measures to reduce the risk of actually developing the disease.


Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer or have a family history of cancer may meet one or more of the following guidelines for genetic testing: ■ Diagnosed at a young age (generally before age 50) ■ Diagnosed with more than one type of cancer ■ The same type of cancer occurring in several family members ■ Cancer in two or more generations If it is determined that the patient should undergo genetic

testing, Summerour will direct the patient to use a pre-packaged saliva test kit and drop it off with medical personnel on site. The types of genetic cancer testing that are offered include: breast, ovarian, colon, endometrial, thyroid, brain, kidney, pancreas, adrenal, and more. Genetic testing is a covered benefit under most insurance plans. For patients who are not insured, grant funding may be available to cover the cost of testing. For more information about genetic testing call Pia Summerour at 817-288-9811. To schedule an appointment, call 214-645-2563.

Gregory Ward, M.D., Neurological Surgery LGMC officials report that Cornwell, Fields, Kennard, Jones, Tomoye and Ward are independent members of the medical staff at Lake Granbury Medical Center. (Photo for Dr. Ward was not available.)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spotlight on Business

So many reasons to trust your care to Lake Granbury Medical Center. Trust your healthcare needs to the medical staff at Lake Granbury Medical Center right here in your hometown. TO FIND A PHYSICIAN, PLEASE CALL



Richard Adams, DPM Podiatry 817-573-7178

Penelope Aikin-Jackson, MD Internal Med. & Pediatrics 817-579-1005

Kathryn M. Arbabi, MD Ob/Gyn 817-279-1776

Randall D. Barnes, DO Internal Medicine 817-573-8805

Salim S. Bhaloo, DO ENT 817-579-3908

Ahmed Bhatti, MD Pulmonology 817-579-3994

Jayme Williams Cornwell, DPM

Podiatry 817-573-3338

David D’Spain, DO Medical Oncology 817-597-7900

Don D. Davis, DO Emergency Medicine 817-573-2273

Avi T. Deshmukh, MD Urology 254-968-6051

Ronald Dillee, MD Diagnostic Radiology 817-408-3115

Steven Fields, MD Diagnostic Radiology 817-408-3115

Aimee Flournoy, MD Family Medicine 254-898-8499

Suzanne Goodchild, DO Family Medicine 817-326-2727

Jessica Hals, DO Medical Oncology 817-597-7900

Bradley Hart, MD, PhD General Surgery 817-579-3978

Cody Hartshorn, MD Orthopedic Surgeon 817-579-3910

Tony Hedges, DO Family Medicine 817-326-3900

Donald M. Howser, MD Ob/Gyn 817-279-1776

Ruston L. Jennings, MD Internal Medicine 817-573-8805

Scott Jones, MD Emergency Medicine 817-573-2273

James M. Kelleher, MD Family Medicine 817-326-3900

Christopher Kochan, MD Anesthesiology 817-579-3900

Peter K. Krone, MD General Surgery 817-579-7562

Stephen Krzeminski, DO ENT 817-573-6673

David L. Kuban, DO Internal Medicine 817-573-8805

Robert L. Lee, MD Family Medicine 817-573-3447

Corey J. Mark, MD Orthopedic Surgery 817-579-3906

Kyle P. McCombs, MD Hospitalist 817-579-3900

Nicole A. Mueller, DO Ophthalmology 817-279-9044

Shannon R. Mueller, DPM Podiatry 817-578-8555

Jennifer Naiser, DO Cardiology 817-579-3970

Radha Narayanan, MD Gastroenterology 817-579-3902

Peter O’Carroll, MD Neurology 817-579-3948

Anne Margaret Ochs, D0

Larry G. Padget, DO Family Medicine 817-573-3751

David C. Peters, MD Anesthesiology 817-579-3900

Alisa Peterson, DO Hospitalist 817-579-3900

Laura G. Power, MD Pediatrics 817-579-0084

Rubia Sadiq, MD Internal Medicine 817-326-3900

Kelley G. Schillo, DO Hospitalist 817-579-3900

Mark Schneider, MD Family Medicine 254-898-0224

Kerri Sistrunk, MD Emergency Medicine 817-573-2273

Jennifer Smart, MD Family Medicine 817-326-3900

C. Brooks Smith, MD Family Medicine 817-573-5688

J. Scott Smith, MD Spine Surgery 817-598-8120

Jennifer L. Smith, MD Family Medicine 817-578-8910

Timothy E. Snell, MD Pain Medicine 817-599-4901

Pat A. Thomas, DO Family Medicine 817-573-4585

Scott Thompson, MD Pain Medicine 817-579-7246

Christopher J. Niles, MD Kelly O’Carroll, MD Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Anesthesiology 817-408-3600 817-579-3900

Stephen Bishop, DO Christopher T. Buchanan, MD Family Medicine Urology 817-326-3440 817-573-3272

Darren K. George, DO Family Medicine 817-573-2601

Medical Oncology 817-573-7338

Beth Valashinas, DO Rheumatology 817-579-3930

1310 Paluxy Rd., Granbury, TX | 817-573-2273 Misty Vandever, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology 817-279-1776

Lon A. Walder, DO Cardiology 817-579-3970

Delia Wright Pediatrics 817-579-0084

Members and Independent Members of LGMC's Active Medical Staff



Spotlight on Business

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The price is right for quality Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs


MAKE IT A GREAT DESTINATION: She’s initiated a “turn around� for various business clients, and now Tammye Rushing would like to bring a “turn around� to Granbury. Rushing

recently purchased the Century 21 Shirley Hooks business on the historic square. She’d like to see the hustle and bustle back on the square.

Bringing it back to Granbury


he’s worked as a “turn around� expert for the corporate office of Century 21. Now the owner of her own Century 21 franchise, Tammye Rushing would like to bring a “turn around� to Granbury. Rushing recently purchased the Century 21 Shirley Hooks office on the historic square. Rushing said she remembers the hustle and bustle on the square when she was growing up in the Metroplex. “My mom and I used to come down and go to plays here,� she reflected. It’s those fond memories that are driving her to find ways to “get Granbury back on the destination map.� Rushing said she would like to become involved with the Economic Development Corporation, the city, the Historic Granbury Merchants Association and the Granbury Chamber of Commerce to find ways to bring folks back to the area. Rushing quotes that “Shirley and Bill Hooks have worked timelessly for Granbury.� Rushing states she has big shoes to fill. “I just want to look at ways to bring more traffic back to Granbury,� she said. “The more

people who come to Granbury, the better it is for everybody in business here.� She added, “I’d like to see Granbury once again become the number one place to retire.� Rushing grew up in Plano, graduating from Plano Senior High School. Continuing her education, she earned degrees at Baylor University with an MBA from the University of Dallas. This fall her daughter, Sidney, begins college. Prior to her work with corporate at Century 21, Rushing worked for several other wellknown companies like PepsiCo and Texas Instruments. For five years as vice president of business development at Century 21 corporate offices, she was over 600 franchises across six states. She started her own consulting company in 1996, and still works with businesses seeking to improve and grow. A business and marketing plan are crucial for success in any business including the city of Granbury. “It doesn’t matter how small your business is, you need the fundamentals in place,� Rush-

ing said. Rushing was again drawn to Granbury when the opportunity arose at Century 21. “I saw what Bill and Shirley Hooks started with Century 21 about 30 years ago. Buying the company was a great opportunity for me,� Rushing explained. “I believe if we invest in the community, and become good corporate citizens, the business will come.� With her marketing and business background, and innovative vision for Granbury, she hopes to return the town square to the exposure it once had. “We hope to be the new generation of real estate, combining technology and a full line of brokerage services to deliver an extraordinary experience for our customers.� Rushing’s passion in giving back to the community is fueled by her deep faith-based commitment. In fact the company’s Mission Statement says it all, “To enhance the lives of all people (community, clients, prospects, partners) that come into contact with our company by providing extraordinary service and expertise in all that we do.�

he way Donna Aust sees it, a person shouldn’t have to empty their bank account to take a bath. She and her husband Ken own Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs in Granbury. The name, in this case, is indicative of the product. “Our competition is about double our price,� said Donna. A walk-in tub is typically used by senior citizens who have difficulty getting in and out of conventional tubs. They have a door on the front that opens to the inside, allowing the convenience of stepping in and out instead of over the side. The seat is molded in and about the same height as a kitchen dining chair. “Walk-in bath tubs are a good way to bathe safely in the comfort of your home while maintaining your independence,� Donna said. And they vary in models, much like a car. At Best Buy, they have topof-the-line walk-in tubs, the most expensive being around $10,745 installed. These are equipped with hydrotherapy air jets, whirlpool water, an inline heater, Moen faucet, aromatherapy, chromatherapy (LED), a pillow, cushion, shower curtain, rod and rings. In other words, a person could almost live in this tub. Even this luxurious tub is much less than the competition, said Donna. And most tubs run around $8,000$9,000 installed. Donna said there are several reasons their tubs are more reasonably priced. Among them, they are manufactured close by in Rio Vista and then they are brought to the warehouse in Granbury for the final touches. They do not have high pressure sales people that are sent to the home working for a high percentage of the sale. She and Ken handle most of the sales in the DFW area. They also have sales people in Hous-

LUXURIOUS, HEALTHFUL AND AFFORDABLE: Donna Aust, owner of Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs, demonstrates one of their top-of-the-line tubs. While other walk-in tubs sell for as much as $18,000 on the Internet, Aust said Best Buy, owned by she and husband Ken, can offer their best tub for less than $11,000. It includes hydrotherapy air jets, whirlpool water, an inline heater, aromatherapy and even a pillow. Best Buy has been in the same location since 2006, 4053 Acton Highway. ton and Austin. They also sell to other dealers around the US, such as the one in Phoenix who bought 88 tubs last year. Many of their sales are the result of folks walking in their showroom and checking out the different models of their walk-in bath tubs for themselves. “We have a showroom where people can actually see the tub. Others advertise mostly on the Internet, and in print ads with no showroom. So, once the competition is contacted no information is given, they insist on setting an appointment and then send a high pressure sales person to your home� said Donna. “I can quote you a price almost to the penny just by asking a few questions.� She has made a career of putting a person in the tub that’s right for them. And she does NOT like to sell a tub to someone simply for the sake of making a sale. “I want my customers to be happy with their purchase. We do not believe in high pressure sales,� she said. The typical age of someone who purchases their tubs varies�, said Donna.

“We have people buy in their 60s and some in their 90s. Some younger people buy the fancy one in preparation for their future,� she said. “Also, some younger people will buy one to put in their house because they have an elderly relative moving in, or they’ll buy it and put it in that relative’s house.� However, a person doesn’t have to be a senior citizen to enjoy a walk-in tub. “Grandparents tell me when their grandkids visit they can’t get them out of the tub,� Donna said with a chuckle. Business is good for Best Buy. They recently expanded the location they’ve been in since May of 2006, when Donna and Ken decided to become owners of their own store after managing a different walk-in tub business in Benbrook for a couple years previously. “Ken and I had the experience we needed so we started Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs. Our goal at Best Buy is to make a quality tub at an affordable price. “So they need to check us out and keep their money in Texas,� she said with a grin.

WALK-IN BATH TUBS Fa amilyy-ow amily-o owned, Texas-bu exas-built Liffetime G Gua uarantee antee again nst n st lea aks Fu ull Installatio on available e Grreat for circ culation, arthritis, stiiff joints an nd relaxation n

Visit our Showroom or Call for Pricing FREE Seat Cushion with Purchase

SServing erving G Granbury ranbury ffor or 3300 Y Years ears




4053 Acton Hw wy Ste. 104, Granbu ur y esttbuywalkin ntubs.c com



Grannbury Cham mber of Commerrce memberr Locally ownned annd operated Now VA approved

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spotlight on Business

The place we’ve called home

for 125 years.

First National Bank of Granbury


Voted Best Bank in Hood County for the last three years in a row, First National Bank of Granbury has the knowledge and experience in money matters to expertly answer all of your financial questions. Whether you’re applying for a home mortgage, comparing education savings plans, opening a small business or simply saving for the future, we are committed to meeting your needs, both today and in the future. Talk to us today about our convenient banking services, federally insured, secure savings options and more.

Main Bank (on the Historic Square) 101 E. Bridge Street 817-573-2655 / 1-800-447-1688

Hwy 144 Bank 1905 S. Morgan Street 817-579-1980 / 1-800-452-1442

Hwy 377 Bank 4064 E. Highway 377 817-579-2655

Tolar Banking Center 8401 Highway 377 West 254-835-4338

Kroger Bank Inside Kroger on 377 Bypass 817-573-1746

Pecan Plantation 9205 Plantation Road, Suite 101 817-579-5677

Acton Bank 3000 Fall Creek Highway 817-326-3000

FNB Mortgage Group 4062 E. Highway 377 817-279-6655

n w o t e m Ho BANK YOUR



Spotlight on Business

Saturday, January 26, 2013

CyberClinic customer-focused, thorough


evin Thomas loves his work. That works out quite well because his skills are definitely in demand. Thomas, 36, managing partner of CyberClinic Computer Repair, 224 S. Morgan St. in Granbury, even took his talents to other countries for a while. He opened CyberClinic with his business partner four years ago, and now he’s planning to expand the business to other cities. “I have plans for significant expansion in the very near future,� Thomas said. “I’m going to open multiple stores. We grew so fast that it caught us by surprise. We’re more advanced than a typical repair shop. We have a lot of repair customers and an extremely high satisfaction rate. I think I can repeat that in other locations.� Since he was a youngster, Thomas was a “conceptual� problem-solver - endlessly curious about how things work. “From birth, I was always looking for ways to make things better - either in the engineering or general use of things� said Thomas, who grew up in the Metroplex. “The first computer I had broke, and I couldn’t afford to fix it so I took it apart and fixed it myself. I’ve always liked computers and technology. It just seemed natural, and it was fun.� Thomas, who earned a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and is proficient in 8 computer programming languages, worked on experimental technology projects at several universities and government agencies in the U.S. and China. He moved to Granbury because his children were here, noting, “I just wanted to be close to them.� Thomas has varied interests outside technology, but when it comes to work, he’s extremely focused. “Originally I only did business networking and programming,� Thomas said. “I still do a lot of it, but there’s not that much (of that kind of) business in Granbury. I’m a fairly flexible and analytical person, so I just naturally redirected the focus of what we do here.�

READY TO EXPAND: Kevin Thomas, managing partner of CyberClinic at 224 S. Morgan St. in Granbury, opened the computer repair store four years ago. Now he’s planning to expand the business into other cities. After the professional-grade analysis and repairs are done, Thomas said he - as well as his four employees - can often be found doing more of the same when they’re off work and relaxing. One recent afternoon, after working until about 3 a.m. the night before, Thomas mentioned that he spends about four hours a day studying technology topics. “I definitely like my job,� he added. “I work a lot of hours, but it doesn’t feel like it. I have the opportunity to solve so many problems that it’s a very rewarding job.� He said customers will find CyberClinic’s services are a cut above the competition for several reasons. “All of our prices are published up front,� Thomas said. “We don’t do any unauthorized repairs. We warranty our services. If there’s a glitch, they can bring it back. It doesn’t happen very often, because we’re pretty thorough. Our prices are lower than average for this industry. Our turnaround time is a huge factor. It’s rare for any computer dropped off to be here more than three business days. I don’t think it’s an acceptable answer to say ‘I’m going to keep your computer for two weeks because I’m too busy.’� Thomas said a PC tuneup from CyberClinic is “very thorough, very advanced,� and he quoted an up-front labor price of $79. “The average reboot time for computers that come

in is about 5 minutes. After our tuneup, it’s about 60 seconds,� he added. Customers can opt for virus removal along with the tuneup for a combined total of $149. Separately, virus removal is $129. A diagnostic check-up is $39 for labor, but hardware installation of components purchased in the store (such as RAM memory) is free. Other choices include data transfer ($59), email setup ($59), and factory restore ($139). Data transfer done in tandem with factory restore is $179. Rush service adds $49, and CyberClinic guarantees the repairs will be completed by the end of the next business day. The cost of any parts needed will be discussed with the customer up front, as well, Thomas added. CyberClinic also sells computers and related products, and is an authorized Dell outlet. The options include desktop models, laptops and high-performance custom computers. “We do sell used computers too, but new computers is what we sell the most of,� Thomas said. CyberClinic is open 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and the closing time on Friday is 3 p.m. Saturday’s hours are 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Either call 817-776-6552, email info@, or visit the website (www.cyberclinicpc. com) for more information. CyberClinic was formerly known as Granbury Technologies.

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Spotlight on Business

Bringing the Future

Andy Scearce, General Sales Manager

Mike Durant, Pre-Owned Sales Manager 800.585.0987

5100 Hwy 377 East | Granbury, Texas



Spotlight on Business

Saturday, January 26, 2013

WOODS FURNITURE: The store is conveniently located at 736 Hwy. 377 E. in Granbury (across from Wal-Mart).

Woods Furniture providing friendly service since 1968

F HERE TO STAY: Van Griffith is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his Kia dealership in Granbury this year.

Griffith Kia still growing with community


an Griffith Kia is celebrating 10 years in Granbury, and the dealership has grown right along with the community. Griffith opened his dealership on Jan. 18, 2003. “We might have had 12 cars on the ground. We said let’s open the gate and put a balloon out there and see what happens,” said Griffith, who was born in Fort Worth. “Kia thought we would sell 10 or 15 a month. Our first month, we sold 45 - and that was in the snow and ice in January and February. Our grand opening was in March, and that’s when we celebrate it.” Now the dealership sells about 700 new cars each year, Griffith said. “It’s been a great 10 years. It’s been more than what we expected it to be,” said Griffith, 54, who had grandparents who lived in Lipan and other relatives in Stephenville. Griffith had moved from Fort Worth to Boise, Idaho, where he finished high school, then attended Boise State University for one year. He returned to Texas and pocketed some hardearned money working in the oil fields on a drilling rig for a couple of years. Then he moved to Granbury, where his brother was selling real estate. Griffith said he hired a crew and started clearing lots “with chain saws and axes” in the Pecan Plantation area. “We did several developments,” Griffith said. “That was hard work. Then I got a real estate license and started selling land.” After his brother moved to Louisiana, Griffith said he entered the car business in 1984, going to work selling cars for Dub Shaw Ford on Berry Street in Fort Worth. Griffith later worked for several other dealerships, but in 1987 he left the business for about a year after his wife became ill. When he returned to work, he started selling cars again, this time for Buzz Post Motors in Arlington. He worked his way up to import manager, and beyond. “I was general manager and general sales manager the last five years there, and saved my money up - and that’s when I decided to get my own franchise and open up my own store. I leveraged everything I had to open it. “When we opened the store, James Road wasn’t here. Acton Middle School wasn’t there. That was all pasture.” Early on, the dealership was using only about half of its six acres along Highway 377 East. “We built another 8,000

or over 40 years, the Woods family has carried on the tradition of providing well-made furniture at affordable prices. Floyd Woods began this tradition in 1968 when he opened Woods Furniture in Stephenville and it was continued when another location in Granbury opened in 1981. The Granbury location is owned by Floyd’s grandson, Steve Prater and Steve’s wife, Debbie. “Our prices will always be less than any major competitor because our cost of doing business is so much less,” said Steve. “The big box stores in the Metroplex just have a lot more overhead.” Growing up in Stephenville, Steve recalls working for his grandfather at the store after school and during the summers. “As you can image, I did just about everything there during those years,” said Steve. “But I learned the most from watching him with the customers. He was never pushy and treated each one as if they were a friend or a family member.”

Over the years, Steve and Debbie’s sons, Brian and Steven, have taken the same path as their father. They have grown up in the business learning from the bottom up and serve as co-managers of the store. Their business philosophy is a natural fit. “We want our customers to feel like they are part of our family,” said Steve. Steve and Debbie believe it’s important to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, even if that means going back and picking up furniture that had been delivered and the customer changed their mind. “We would rather lose money than have an unhappy customer,” said Steve. “It’s important to us to build relationships.” Walking through the 10,000square-foot building, you will find a great selection from some of the most popular furniture brands, including Ashley, Broyhill, Lane, La-ZBoy, Riverside, Sealy, Sterns & Foster, and Tempur-Pedic–all

at affordable prices. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the showroom, they’ll be happy to help you find what you need and order it for you. They carry both home and office furniture. You will likely be helped by either Steve or Debbie to fit you with the right piece of furniture. Sometimes it can be challenging to filter through what style, design, color, etc. you want, and they can guide you through the process to find the perfect piece. Check out their new website at and check it monthly because the specials are always changing. Woods Furniture offers “12 months no interest” through their finance program and they also accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Woods Furniture is located at 736 Hwy. 377 E. in Granbury (across from Wal-Mart). For more information, call 817573-2605.

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LONGTIME ASSOCIATES: Van Griffith (right), owner of Van Griffith Kia, poses with General Manager Randy Rempel in the showroom. Rempel has worked for Griffith since the dealership opened 10 years ago. square feet with extra service space,” Griffith said. “Now we’re using all of it, so it’s been a good 10 years. (The year) 2011 was a record net profit year. Last year we blew that record away. I don’t see any reason it’s not going to keep continuing that way. As long as we keep a good product at a good price, we’ll be able to retain our customer base - and generate new ones.” Van Griffith Kia’s one-month record was 101 new cars sold in January three or four years ago, he said. “We were selling more cars as a percentage of our primary market area than anyone else in the nation (among Kia dealers),” Griffith said, noting that the dealership still has a “very high market penetration.” Kia’s quality has continued to improve, driving up sales numbers. Griffith said that 15 years ago, Kia’s top selling points were its engines and transmissions. Now, the South Korean company provides much more to its customers. “Now, they’re cutting-edge technology,” Griffith said. “The new Optima has got everything. It’s got everything you could think of that a Lexus would have. If you drive one of our cars, we’re going to be on your shopping list. “The quality is unbelievable. When we opened the store, I thought the quality (of Kias) had doubled. It’s doubled three or four times more (since then).” Griffith said there were several key reasons his dealership has thrived here. “(I) had a good product and had good people working for (me),” Griffith said. “The best asset you have is your people. They can make it real easy or real hard. I’ve probably got half a dozen employees that have been with me since we opened. I have sales people that have been with me for eight years.”

That staff includes General Manager Randy Rempel, who has been with Griffith since the beginning. Rempel began as sales manager. “I think Granbury has embraced us, and hopefully we’ve taken care of Granbury,” Rempel said. “I appreciate this community. And I look forward to the future.” Van Griffith Kia’s selection and service has helped convince many local residents to shop for their vehicles in Granbury rather than driving into the Metroplex. As for various Kia options available, Griffith said, “We can get it as long as it’s out there.” Feedback from repeat customers tell a tale of satisfaction. “I have one customer that has bought 20 cars from us,” Griffith said. “Our (customer) retention here is very high.” Griffith pointed out that buying locally helps Granbury’s economy. “It gives dealers here the opportunity to put their money right back into the community,” Griffith said. “That’s what the people of this community need to get in their heads. That’s all I ask, is give me a chance. I don’t blame people for wanting to make sure they get a good deal.” When he started the dealership, Griffith was using contract labor for his finance manager position, and had only one technician (two stalls), one receptionist, one office manager and five sales people. “And that was it,” Griffith said. Granbury’s growth has also played a crucial role in the store’s ongoing success. “Granbury is still growing, so I get to grow with that, too,” Griffith said. VAN GRIFFITH KIA WHERE: 4301 Highway 377 East, Granbury PHONE: 817-573-0400, or toll free 888-840-8885 WEBSITE:


Come visit them inside Woods Furniture on Highway 377!

736 E Highway 377, Granbury, TX

817-573-2604 Mon-Sat 9-6 • Sun 12:30-4 (1st & 3rd Sundays of the Month)

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Spotlight on Business



Spotlight on Business

Saturday, January 26, 2013

announcing a nnouncing our our newest newest dealership dealership in in granbury, granbury, texas texas

santa fe

veloster genesis



y l d n e i r The F . . . e r o t S i a d n u y H



4601 Highway 377 East | Granbury, Texas 76048 817-279-5800 | B8911 B89 115 1155

2013 Spotlight on Business  

A look at the econic future of Hood County.