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Hancock County Middle School


Hornets Information IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Hancock County Middle School 270-927-6255 Family Resource Center ?

SCHOOL ADDRESS Hancock County Middle School 100 St. Rt. 271 S. Lewisport, KY 42351

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Hancock County Middle School


School Administration

Office Administration

Other Administration

Team Leaders

Principal Diane Hatchett

Bookkeeper Melanie Domerese

Guidance Counselor Pamela McCaslin

6th Grade Karen Basham

Assistant Principal Traci Sanders

Instructional Assistant Sherry McCaslin

Library Media Specialist Victoria Schneider

7th Grade Laura Hagedorn

Athletic Director Gabe VanCappellen

Secretary Kari Jones

Cafeteria Gail Corley

8th Grade Joshua Roberts

School Nurse Ashley Carnes

Head Custodian Chasity Arnold

Allied Arts Victoria Schneider

Reading Karen Basham

Mathematics Trey Anderson

Writing Miranda Keown

Science Theresa Feldpausch

Social Studies Shannon Lemons

Compass Victoria Schneider

6th Grade Team


Hancock County Middle School


English/Language Arts Donna Popham

Mathematics Heather Bowlds

ELA/Social Studies Kaye Aubrey

Science Laura Hagedorn

Social Studies Christopher Pate

Problem Solving Berenice Kennedy

English/Language Arts Jeni Goodall

Mathematics Marka Herndon

Science Fahlin Anderson

Social Studies Joshua Roberts

7th Grade Team

8th Grade Team Problem Solving Dale Goatley


Hancock County Middle School


21st Century Skills Gabe VanCappellen

Spanish Morley Wagner

Physical Education

Art Peggy Lynn

Music Bethany Allen

Choir Melanie Adkins

Allied Arts Team


Hancock County Middle School


The Mission of Hancock County Middle School is to provide a strong educational foundation by challenging, guiding and nurturing all students to lead productive and fulfilling lives, succeeding through a highly structured classroom environment; reaching college and career readiness goals with clear academic and behavioral expectations and an appreciation for the arts.

Our Vision and Core Values Honest We strive to learn in all situations. Our work and our words are our own to ensure academic success and effective communication.

Optimistic We’re always positive even when things get tough. Our Hornet Spirit gives us strength. Responsible We do what needs to be done because we are responsible for our own actions, school, community, and future. Noble Character and integrity provide a solid foundation for success, so we only accept quality work from ourselves and others and demonstrate a strong work ethic to accomplish our goals. Excellent We will learn from every experience and strive for excellence to strengthen our future for ourselves and our community. Tolerant We are willing to allow the existence of thoughts and opinions that we don’t always agree with; diversity enriches our community. Supportive We will work to become better citizens to support our school, our community, and our goals for the future.


Hancock County Middle School


We strive to learn in all situations. Our work and our words are our own to ensure academic success and effective communication.

SCHEDULING Students are required to attend classes in language arts and related classes, science, social studies, mathematics, physical education, art, music, chorus, technology, and beginning Spanish. Procedures for Selecting Students for Accelerated Classes at HCMS If you do not want your student enrolled in accelerated classes, please contact Mrs. Pam McCaslin at 927-6712.

Incoming 6Th grade students The following criteria will ALL be considered in placement for accelerated classes in math, science, reading and language arts: MAP scores, identified Gifted and Talented. Accelerated Social Studies will be determined by identified GT and Reading scores. Students without 5th grade MAP scores may take placement tests to determine accelerated class eligibility. Incoming 7Th grade students The following criteria will ALL be considered in placement for accelerated classes in all subject areas: MAP scores, identified Gifted and Talented, and teacher recommendation. Students who did not take 6th grade MAP tests will complete a placement test to determine accelerated class eligibility. If a GT students’ MAP scores indicate a significant drop (20 points or greater) from the cut-off scores, students may not be placed in accelerated classes and the Gifted and Talented Coordinator will be contacted. Incoming 8Th grade students The following criteria will ALL be considered in placement for accelerated classes in all subject areas: MAP scores, identified Gifted and Talented, and teacher recommendation. New incoming 8th grade students will complete a placement test to determine accelerated class eligibility. HCMS teachers will meet every 9 weeks to review accelerated rosters. They may recommend students be moved in or out of accelerated class based on current performance. Math Class Placement Policy All 6th Graders will be placed in one of the following classes:

Accelerated Math General Math Student placement will be based on: MAP test score in 5th grade


Hancock County Middle School


All 7th Graders will take two of the following classes: Problem Solving Accelerated Math General Math th th Student placement will be based on: MAP Test Score in 6 grade and 6 grade teacher recommendation.

All 8th Graders will be placed in one of the following classes: Algebra I for High School Credit Accelerated Math General Math Problem Solving Students who take Algebra I for High School th Credit will also take an 8 grade math class th which will be taught by the 8 grade math teacher. Student placement will be based on: MAP Test th Score in 7 grade, Orleans Hannah Algebra th th Prognosis Test Score (taken in 6 and 7 grade) th and 7 grade teacher recommendation. Parents of students who are recommended to take algebra I for High School Credit th will be notified in the last nine weeks of students’ 7 grade year. The Algebra I for High School Credit class will be taught at the high school by a high school math teacher. The students will walk over to the high school for the class. Parents will have the option to decline to enroll their student in the Algebra I for High School Credit class by an April deadline; however, students and parents are highly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. Students who take the Algebra I for High School Credit will receive high school credit for the course if they earn an A or B average in the class, and will not be allowed to retake the class as th 9 graders. Students will not earn credit if they earn an average of C or below, and they will be required to th take the class again as 9 graders.

Spanish I Placement Policy


CGPA of 3.5 or higher, “A” grade in language arts and teacher recommendation, “A” grade in 7 grade th Spanish Allied Arts, Spanish instructor recommendation, and MAP test scores in 7 grade. Students will receive high school credit for this class as long as they maintain a “B” average or higher.

Hancock County Middle School


Band Sixth grade band students who try band and do not wish continue may change at the end of the fall semester. Students who remain at the end of the fall semester will be in band the rest of the school year. th


7 and 8 Grade students who do not wish to return to band may change their schedule in the first 5 days of the school year. Students who remain at the end of the first five days will be in the band the rest of the school year. th


Chorus classes meet the same period as band classes. 7 and 8 grade band students who wish to participate in chorus class will do so one day per week. Students will remain enrolled in the band classes.


Beginning with the 2016 6 grade band, students who use a school owned instrument, will pay a $50 per semester fee to use the instrument. This money will be used for repairs and upkeep of these instruments. Performances will take place outside of the school day. Students who miss these performances and are unexcused will have a reduced grade by two letters. These performances will include the following:

1. Christmas concert, (1st Sunday in December at 2pm). 2. Spring Concert, (1st Sunday in May at 2pm). 3. Festival Assessments: These performances may or may not be during the school day but will always take place during the week. These performances usually take place in March. Chorus th

At the 6 grade level, chorus will be required for every student as one of the Allied Arts rotation classes st th th (along with Art, Music, PE, Spanish, and 21 Century Skills). However, at the 7 and 8 grade levels, chorus is not a requirement, but an elective. There will continue to be an after school chorus program for students who wish to continue taking band or skills but also wants to be involved in our school chorus program.

Hancock County Middle School


Grades Grades are based on academic performance only. Grading Scale A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 70-79 D = 60-69 F = 0-59 I - Incomplete

Bell Schedule Bell




Dismiss from Gym


1st Period



2nd Period



3rd Period



6th grade lunch


6th grade Allied Arts



4th Period



7th Grade Lunch


7th Grade Allied Arts



8th Grade 5th Period


Conduct Grades


5th Period


1st time late - Warning


8th Grade Lunch


8th Grade Allied Arts



6th Period



7th Period


8th Period




Dismiss School

Conduct Grades Being late to class three times (unexcused) will result in the student’s conduct grade being lowered one letter grade. This rule goes into effect beginning with the second week of school. (This rule applies for each nine weeks.)

2nd time late - ‘A‘ 3rd time late - ‘A-’ 4th time late - ‘B+’ 5th time late - ‘B’, etc.



Hancock County Middle School



Center Hornets Read!

READ Hornets are always required to have a book to read. Get “Caught Reading�! Use Destiny to find books and to check out! Everyone is invited to participate in the KBA Program and Book Club! First Read Club is open to students with 100 points or more from the previous year! Keep a lookout for other reading program opportunities!

Technology Club Students collaborate here to strengthen the use and effectiveness of technology in our school and in our community. Be sure to sign up this year!


Hancock County Middle School




Hancock County Middle School’s Media Center is the central depository for all types of print and nonprint materials. Students may visit the Media Center before and after school, during break, and during lunch without permission from school personnel. Books are checked out for TWO WEEKS and may be renewed for an additional two weeks. If additional time is required beyond this - permission from the Library Media Specialist can be granted. Books on hold will not be renewed. Reference books may be checked out during the day only and must be returned before the student leaves the building. Overnight books are to be returned before the first class period of the following day. A five-cent fine is charged for each day a book is kept over past the due date. All overdue materials and fines must be taken care of in order for a student to check out a book. For lost or damaged books, the replacement cost of the book is charged. It is the student’s responsibility to return books by the date stamped on the back of the book. This also applies to students assigned to ISLA or other alternative placement. Students who owe a fine or have overdue materials at the end of each semester will not receive his or her report card.

Media Center Rules No food or drink allowed in the Media Center (this includes gum and candy) without permission. Computers are for schoolwork ONLY. (NO games without permission and NO ‘chat rooms EVER.) e-Mail can be checked before school, during break and after school without permission.

Request for Review of Instructional / Media Materials Requests for review of instructional materials should be made to the Library Media Specialist. The LMS will proved a copy of the detailed procedure to be followed to both the person making the request and the teacher using the material involved. If a teacher has any questions about materials they use in the classroom they should have the media committee review the materials for proper approval.

Printing Services Printing services are available for $.10 per copy. This service is offered in the Media Center ONLY. 


Acclerated Reader / STAR Reader Accelerated Reader/STAR Reader

Username: GraduationYearFirstInitialLastName Example: 20tschneider Password: Lunch Code


1. 2. 3. 4.

Click on: Connect to My Renaissance place Type in this code: HCSD-83UN Click Join and Click Done. See example below.

Connecting to AR/STAR Apps

Hancock County Middle School


We’re always positive even when things get tough. Our Hornet Spirit gives us strength. STUDENT/STAFF RELATIONSHIP

Students are to show respect for all staff at all times. School personnel will reciprocate by showing respect for all students. Students should fully understand that any staff in the building has the authority to correct misconduct at any time. Therefore, it is conceivable that a staff member may find it necessary to correct students other than those in their particular classes. School Song Cheer, cheer for HCMS! We’re here to prove that we are the best! Sing a rousing cheer on high! Shake down the thunder from the sky! Even though the odds be great or small our Hornet team will win over all as our loyal team goes marching, onward to victory!! RAH! RAH!

Student of the Month Teachers will nominate students of the month. The student will be nominated on the basis of these criteria: participation, leadership at school and in the community, achievement in academics and athletics, and have no major discipline infractions and all excused absences. One boy and one girl from each grade level will be honored each month. Each student will receive a certificate, gift and have their picture made for student of the month display.

Pep Rallies - Spirit Stick

The winning class of the spirit stick will receive one (1) period at the track from each pep session!

*School Spirit! *Emotional support for one’s educational institution! Pride Cards Students may earn a pride card during each nineweek period. Each level of pride card is part of our incentive program to encourage and reward students for good conduct, excellent attendance, and acceptable grades. To receive a RED pride card students must meet the following criteria: • 100% active in an organization or sport. • ALL grades (conduct AND academic) ‘A’ or ‘B’. • No write-ups. Students must show their RED pride card to receive the following rewards: • $2 dollars off dances. • Free admission to home athletic events. • First lunch group in your grade. • Popcorn/coke during home athletic events. • 5 minutes extra during break on Friday. To receive a GRAY pride card students must meet the following criteria: • ALL grades (conduct and academic) ‘C” or above. • ONLY 2 absences per nine weeks. • NO write-ups. Students must show their GRAY pride card to receive the following rewards: • $1 dollar off dances • Free admission to home athletic events. • Second lunch group in your grade. Replacement of pride cards for any reason is $1.


Hancock County Middle School


Student Organizations Club


Academic Team

Berenice Kennedy

Junior Beta Club

Karen Basham


Josh Roberts

Future Problem Solving

Berenice Kennedy

Student Council

Dale Goatley

Lego League

Gabe VanCappellen

First Read

Tori Schneider

Technology Club

Tori Schneider

Art Club

Athletics Sport



Paul Shearn / Curtis Martinson

6th Boys Basketball

Trey Anderson

Peggy Lynn

7th/8th Boys Basketball

TBA Kyle Hobbs

KBA Book Club

Tori Schneider

Girls Basketball

Josh Roberts


Theresa Feldpausch


Tori Schneider

After School Choir

Melanie Adkins


Dale Goatley

Cooking Club

Laura Kessans

HCHS Softball

Dwayne Wroe


Laura Connor


Wes Meserve

Cross Country

Wes Meserve


Julie Nix

School Insurance *School insurance is available for each student to purchase. Students that participate in any athletic event will be required to purchase school insurance or have proof of adequate famil y insurance before tr ying out or participating in these events.  


Hancock County Middle School


We do what needs to be done because we are responsible for our own actions, school, community and future.

When you walk through our doors at HCMS - YOU are responsible for everything you think, say, do and feel!   Hornets Dress for Success! Dress Code

6. No fishnet shirts unless worn over another appropriate shirt. No see-through garments shall be worn without proper undergarments.

Students dress and grooming sha! be neat and clean. 1. Except for specified school-related activities, all shorts, skirts, dresses, rompers, and/or gym shorts worn beyond PE class time, shall be fingertip length or longer, even if leggings are worn underneath it. Principal or assistant principal shall have the discretion to approve the length of shorts. No spandex, track, volleyball or bike shorts or any shorts made of similar material or shorts with frayed ends shall be worn. 2. Jeans with holes are not acceptable UNLESS the holes are below the knee. No covering of holes with duct tape/patches allowed.

7. The top portion of a student's body must be covered. Shirts/blouses must have sleeves. No exposed midris, underwear, low-cut tops or large cut armholes. See picture examples. Acceptable

Not acceptable

3. Yoga pants are allowed as long as they are worn with a long shirt, sweater, or jacket that extends to the thigh area. 4. Pants will be worn at waist level; pants may not have frayed ends that drag or touch the floor; no sagging. 5. No chains or straps may hang from students' bodies. Exceptions are approved necklaces and bracelets. No spiked jewelry.


Hancock County Middle School


8. No head apparel such as sunglasses, bandannas, scarves, hats, etc. may be worn. Such apparel must be pre-approved on school spirit days and dress up days. 9. No wearing apparel with insinuations of a sexual, violent, inappropriate or rude nature. 10. No alcohol or tobacco brand names to be worn on clothing. 11. If the school principal or assistant principal determines that a student's fashion, clothing, hairstyle or colored hair, is disruptive to the school environment or the educational process, the school will provide alternative apparel for students to wear during the remainder of the school day. Students will not be allowed to use school or cell phone if dress code is an issue. 12. Shoes shall be worn. There will be no house shoes allowed. 13. Students must follow the school dress code at extracurricular school events. 14. No pajamas/lounge pants allowed. 15. Visible piercing, other than the ears, are not allowed (tongue piercing is considered to be visible).

Graduation Attire Students who choose to participate in graduation exercises must follow guidelines for appropriate attire: Boys - Allowed: Shirt with collar or shirt and tie. Shirt must be tucked in and a belt worn. Slacks; dress/casual shoes. NOT Allowed: Jeans, tennis shoes (athletic shoes), tuxedos. Girls - Allowed: Dresses, khakis, dressy capris. No sleeveless dresses as defined by the student dress code. If a spaghetti strap dress is worn, it must be covered by a sweater or other shirt. NOT Allowed: Jeans, tennis shoes (athletic shoes), backless dresses.

16. It is against HCMS school rules for students to wear ear gauges. 17. No visible tattoos. 18. No oversized/large decorative belt buckles. 19. No leggings, tight pants/yoga pants worn alone. They may be worn with appropriate length dress, skirt or shorts.


Hancock County Middle School Prohibited Items


Students shall be prohibited from bringing to school any of the following:

Consequences once telecommunication devices are confiscated:

First Offense

Device is confiscated and turned in to office. Consequences of second offense are outlined. Student is responsible for picking up device at the end of the day.

Second Offense

Device is confiscated and turned in to office. Parents are notified . Device must be picked up by parent and will not be returned to student.

Third Offense (and ALL offenses thereafter)

Device is confiscated and turned in to office. Parents are notified and student serves after school detention. Device must be picked up by parent and will not be returned to student.

1. Electronic games of any kind. 2. Fireworks of any kind, including lighters. 3. Weapons of any kind (or those which appear to be, i.e. – toy guns). 4. Any item that would be dangerous or disruptive to the educational process. 5. Telecommunication and personal electronic devices may be used during regular school hours with permission from teacher. If they are in use for any reason other than educational purposes (which includes but is not limited to: texting, talking, alarms ringing, games etc…) or are visible, they will be confiscated. This includes cell phones, radios, tape recorders/ players, CD players, iPods, computer devices and headphones. Students bring devices at their own risk. HCMS and its staff will not be responsible for lost items. (*See Telecommunication Devices Addendum for further information.)

6. Laser Pointers. 7. Cameras – Pictures/videos shall not be taken/made at school unless as part of supervised school project. Any other videos will result in disciplinary action. 


Hancock County Middle School


Repeated Offenses Discipline action for repeated offenses or those of a serious nature such as drug and weapon related incidents, fighting, threats, harassment of any kind, and others can be dealt with through immediate ISLA/ICE assignments, suspensions, and other appropriate legal actions. Any student who does not attend a scheduled detention without principal or assistant principal excuse will receive a discipline write-up. All detention excuse requests must be presented to the principal or assistant principal one (1) day prior to the assigned date. After one (1) rescheduled detention is missed, student will receive ISLA assignment. Consequences not served by the last day of school will carry over to the next school year. Suspensions The following law covers suspension of students for Kentucky Schools. KRS 158.150 states that a student may be suspended for willful disobedience or defiance of authority by students, habitual profanity or vulgarity or the gross violation of propriety or law. Students may be suspended for the following causes: 1. Insubordination 2. Fighting 3. Harassment (any form). 4. Threatening other students. 5. Smoking/Tobacco Use. 6. Use or possession of alcohol or drugs. 7. Repeated disruptive behavior in class. 8. Possession of fireworks, weapons, and/or any device that may be disruptive to the educational process. Due Process and Appeal Procedures Hancock County Schools will not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, sex, marital status, race, color, national origin, religion, social-economic level, handicap, intelligence or any other reason. Evidence of such discrimination should be reported to the Superintendent. Due Process - Students in the Hancock Co. Schools will be afforded due process by (1) being notified on misconduct, how the discipline code was violated and the charges made against them, (2) having the right to present their cases to the charging authority, and (3) having the right to appeal any decision to the next higher authority or person until all appeal rights have been exercised. EXPULSIONS-Repeated infractions may result in permanent expulsion from the Hancock Middle School. HARASSMENT - Definition - Harassment/Discrimination is intimidation by threats of or actual physical violence; the creation, by whatever means, of a climate of hostility or intimidation, or the use of language, conduct, or symbols in such manner as to be commonly understood to convey hatred contempt, or prejudice or to have the effect of insulting or stigmatizing an individual. • This includes cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. 19

Hancock County Middle School


PROHIBITION-Harassment/Discrimination due to an individual’s race, color, national origin, age religion, marital status, beliefs, sex, or disability is prohibited at all times on school property and off school grounds during school-sponsored activities. This prohibition also applies to visitors to the school who may come into contact with employees and students. (Acts of harassment / discrimination based on sex may be committed by persons of the same or the opposite sex.)District staff shall provide for a prompt and equitable resolution of complaints concerning harassment/discrimination. Disciplinary Action Students who engage in harassment/discrimination of an employee or another student on the basis of any of the areas mentioned above shall be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension and expulsion. Guidelines – Students who believe they have been a victim of an act of harassment/discrimination or who have observed other students being victimized shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, inform their Principal, who shall provide a form for the student to complete and then immediately notify the Superintendent and/or Title IX/Equity Coordinator, as appropriate. Employees who observe prohibited behaviors or with whom students share a complaint shall notify the Principal or their immediate supervisor, who shall immediately forward the information to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall provide for the following: 1. Investigation of allegations of harassment/ discrimination to commence as soon as circumstances allow, but not later than three (3) school days of submission of the original written complaint. A written report of all findings of the investigation shall be completed within thirty calendar days, unless additional time is necessary due to the matter being investigated by a law enforcement or governmental agency. The Superintendent/designee may take interim measures to protect complainants during the investigation. 2. A process to identify and implement, within three (3) school days of the submission of the written investigative report, methods to correct and prevent reoccurrence of the harassment/ discrimination. If corrective action is not required an explanation shall be included in the report. 3. Annual dissemination of written policy to all staff and students. 4. Age-appropriate training during the first month of school to include an explanation of prohibited behavior and the necessity for prompt reporting of alleged harassment/ discrimination; and 5. Development of alternative methods of filing complaints for individuals with disabilities and others who may need accommodation. Student handbooks shall include information to assist individuals in reporting alleged harassment/ discrimination. When sexual harassment is alleged, the District’s Title IX Coordinator, as designated in the student handbook, shall be notified. Notification of Parents - Within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving a serious allegation of harassment/discrimination, District personnel shall attempt to notify parents of both student victims and students who have been accused of harassment/discrimination.


Hancock County Middle School


Prohibited Conduct - Examples of conduct and/or actions prohibited under this policy include, but are not limited to: 1. Name-calling, stories, jokes, pictures, or objects that are offensive to one’s gender race, color, national origin, religion, or disability. 2. Unwanted touching, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and spreading sexual rumors. 3. Being subjected to unwelcome sexual remarks in the context of the classroom. 4. Impeding the progress of a student in class by questioning the student’s ability to do the required class work based on the gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability of the student. 5. Limiting student access to educational tools, such as computers, based on the student’s gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability. 6. Teasing a student’s subject choice or assignment based on the gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability of the student. Confidentiality – District employees involved in the investigation of complaints shall respect, as much as possible, the privacy and anonymity of both victims and persons accused of violations. Appeal – Upon the completion of the investigation and correction of the conditions leading to the harassment/discrimination, any party may appeal in writing any part of the findings and corrective actions to the Superintendent. If a supervisor is an alleged party in the harassment/ discrimination complaint, procedures shall also provide for addressing the complaint to a higher level of authority. Failure by an employee, immediate supervisor, Principal and/or Superintendent to report, notify, and/or initiate an investigation of alleged harassment/discrimination as required by this policy, to follow approved procedures, or to take corrective action shall be cause for disciplinary action. Retaliation Prohibited – No one shall retaliate against an employee or student because s/he files a written grievance, assists or participates in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing regarding the charge of harassment/discrimination of an individual or because she/he has opposed language or conduct that violates this policy. Upon the resolution of allegations, the Superintendent shall take steps to protect employees and students against retaliation. False Complaints – False or malicious complaints of harassment/ discrimination may result in disciplinary action taken against the complainant. Other Claims – When a complaint is received that does not appear to be covered by this policy, administrators shall review other policies that may govern the allegations, including but not limited to 09.422 and/or 09.426. Title IX coordinator contact Hancock Co. Board of Education @ 270-927-6914.


Hancock County Middle School

In School Learning Area The In School Learning Area (ISLA) will be used in lieu of most suspensions. For additional information on ISLA refer to the Hancock County Schools Discipline Code handbook.


6. The principal, assistant principal or designee will make every reasonable effort to notify parents prior to an ISLA assignment 7. The minimum stay in ISLA will be one day. 8. No partial days will count. All days will be complete days and served consecutively.

Reasons for ISLA Referral After School Detention 1. Willful damage to school property. 2. Habitual discipline problem. 3. Refusal to do assigned work in the classroom. 4. Fighting (minimum 5 days - physical aggression.) 5. Technology violations. 6. Skipping school. 7. Smoking 8. Use, possession or sale of drugs and/or alcohol. 9. Threats to other students or school personnel. 10. Assigned per discipline plan. 11. Harassment of any kind (minimum 3 days.) 12. Theft. 13. Any other reason deemed necessary by the principal or assistant principal. ISLA School Rules and Procedures 1. In-school suspension will be used for most suspendable offenses; exceptions include but are not limited to the use, possession, or sale of alcohol and other drugs, threats/ harassment and in cases where the safety of students and staff are in question. 2. Only the principal, assistant principal or designee may assign students to ISLA. 3. Grades will be taken and credit given for work done if it is complete and acceptable to the teacher. 4. Classroom teachers and the ISLA director will coordinate the work. 5. Each student will receive a guidance session during stays of 3 or more assigned days.

After school detention is held until 4:00 p.m. as assigned. Parents are responsible for transportation home. In-Team Suspension A student may be isolated in the team leader’s classroom for behavior problems. Te a c h e r s m a y a l s o c o n d u c t l u n c h suspension Break Suspension A student may have his/her break privileges denied for beha vior problems or nondiscipline reasons (such as coming to class unprepared). When a student has received eight break assignments in a 9-week period for discipline reasons, he/she will receive a write-up at the time the 8th break is served. Each team will decide with principal approval the consequence for students that skip break. SBDM Policy #1.26


Hancock County Middle School *Telecommunication Devices Addendum A. Students will not be allowed to utilize personal devices during class time. Students may only use personal electronic devices before and after school. Students may not use their phones or any other electronic device other than school iPad or computer for instruction in the classroom. The only exception is students with disabilities who may use their technology as indicated in their IEP for specific purposes. B. A staff member who discovers a student in use of a personal technology device without teacher consent or if the teacher determines the device is a distraction/disturbance or the student is violating instructional guidelines; the device will be confiscated for a period to be determined by the Principal or their representative C. The inappropriate use of camera phones that includes, but is not limited to taking pictures of staff or student without teacher consent or violates instructional guidelines may result in forfeiture of the device until the end of the semester. Inappropriate use of a camera phone may also lead to other charges such as sexual harassment charges, theft of proprietary information or invasion of another’s privacy. D. The use of personal technology devices to engage in cyber bullying will be treated as harassment as defined in the district handbook (page 16). E. The use of personal technology devices outside of the school, which can/or do affect the educational environment may result in consequences at school.


Student Discipline Procedures In d i v i d u a l d i s c i p l i n e s i t u a t i o n s a n d investigations are confidential. The Principal and Assistant Principal will not share facts or findings with other students, parents, or school personnel (unless the school personnel are involved). It would not be possible to list in this handbook every discipline scenario which may occur or details of a scenario which may differentiate it from another similar situation. The administration has the right to make decisions about these types of s i t u a t i o n s a n d d e te r m i n e a p p r o p r i a te consequences for the actions. Detention Policy

Policy for Discipline Write-Ups

First Write-Up

Warning. Student will not receive pride card for the next nineweeks. Will not be eligible for discipline rewards such as dances, movies, etc.

Second - Fourth Write-Up

One hour detention after school.

Fifth Write-Up

One day in ISLA.

Sixth Write-Up

One hour detention after school.

Seventh Write-Up

One hour detention after school.

Eighth Write-Up

Two days in ISLA.

Ninth Write-Up

Three days in ISLA and so on until 20th Write-Up which will result in a board hearing.


Hancock County Middle School


Book Bag Policy Book bags, athletic bags, and drawstring backpacks must be placed in lockers before the first period bell rings. They must fit in the locker. They must be kept in lockers until the end of the day dismissal bell. The only exceptions are for those students who have physical education. P.E. students may take their book bags to lunch, to their P.E. class, and to their lockers again as P.E. dismisses each day or as approved by principal.

Search and Seizure - Lockers The school provides lockers for students to use for the storage of personal property and instructional supplies. However, the school retains joint ownership with the student. L o c ke r s s h o u l d b e l o c ke d a n d c o m b i n a t i o n s m e m o r i z e d . L o c ke r assignments may be changed only after approval by the principal or team leader. The principal or assistant principal may inspect student lockers with or without student permission if there is reasonable suspicion that the locker contains stolen or illegal items or for safety reasons. Students may be required to clean their lockers periodically. You are responsible for your possessions in or out of the lockers. If you leave any valuables unattended you do so at your own risk. Personal Items The principal/designee may search the pockets, purse, bag, or wallet of a student if there is reasonable cause.

CARE We look to ourselves to do what needs to be done, and we take responsibility for our actions, school, and community. Take care of yourself with healthy habits! Students are encouraged to strive towards healthy habits so that they may thrive within the rigorous HCMS learning environment. Healthy habits include: 1. Getting at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night. This will ensure our students are well-rested and capable of focusing on lessons and coursework throughout the entire school day. 2. Eating at least three well-balanced meals daily - starting with a healthy breakfast! Proper nutrition is an essential part to a student’s ability to focus. 3. Along with bing prepared mentally and physically for school, student’s will experience less stress throughout the school day if they are consistently prepared with the materials they need for each of their classes. 4. Making healthy lifestyle choices!

Students are expected to keep up with their personal property. Students are requested to bring to the office any item found in the school.


Hancock County Middle School


School Nurse - Ashley Carnes

Family Resource Youth Service Center -

Hancock County Middle School has a school nurse that is available to student’s health-related needs.

Laura Kessans

Unless an emergency arises, students should try to come on their own time (breaks, lunch, in between classes). Exceptions are managed health issues, such as diabetes or daily medications. Documentation from an appropriate physician should be on file with the Nurse’s office. All students must have emergency contact information and appropriate consent forms on file with the nurse to receive treatment. The nurse’s office is not a hang out place and should only be thought of as as service provided to students when they are need of medical attention. You must have a pass from the teacher with date, name, time and complaint to be seen if it is during class time. Only one student is allowed to be seen at a time. If the door is shut, there is either a student in the room being seen or other issue. All information is private and confidential. Do not wait longer than five (5) minutes at the door to be seen. You must go back to class and try again later if it is not an emergency. Parents will only be called if the nurse or other school staff believes the parent needs to be called. Field Trips - If you attend field trips and you have daily medications, the school nurse needs to be made aware in advance so proper steps are taken for the students health and safety. Over the Counter (OTC) medications must be turned into the nurse with a note from parents giving permission to take the medicine with an outline of how long the medication is to be taken. Visits will be monitored by the nurse and students who are abusing this privilege will be reported to the assistant principal. If you have an emergency illness - please find an adult so you may be excused.

The Youth Service Center serves both HCMS and HCHS. HCMS YSC

Hours of Operation


8:00 - 11:00


12:00 - 3:00


8:00 - 11:00


12:00 - 3:00


8:00 - 11:00

Goals - YSC’s across the state promote the healthy growth and development of children by assisting families to identify and address any home or community barriers to a child’s success in school; to ensure families have access to and are connected with appropriate community resources; to encourage support networks among families to reduce isolation and promote family involvement in school activities; and to generate optimal parental and family involvement by offering learning and service opportunities that will enable parents and other family members to participate in center and community activities. The YSC serves both students and families with basic needs assistance, referrals for physical and mental health education, summer and part-time assistance, and drug, alcohol and other drug prevention. Parents may also become volunteers in the school system by contacting coordinators for state background checks.


Hancock County Middle School


Other Items - Miscellaneous 1.

Students are responsible for the proper care of books, supplies and furniture!

2. Students who lose, damage, or destroy school property will be required to pay damages. 3. Students may use the office phone for emergency reasons only. Students may not use other school phones. 4. We do not accept any Valentine deliveries. 5. Messages and deliveries to students from home should be left in the front office. Students will be called out of class for significant reasons only. 6. All visitors are required to check in a the front office. Students shall not bring visitors, other than parents, to attend classes with them. 7. Students must wear gym shoes while using gym floor. Please stay off gym floor unless engaged in PE class, basketball games or practice. 8. There will be no trading or selling of anything in the school unless approved by the principal. 9. Students are not allowed to chew gum in the media center or computer labs. 10. If students do not have a ride within thirty (30) minutes of the end of a dance, practice or other school sponsored activity, the student may not attend the next dance/event unless accompanied by parent/guardian. 11. Students cannot arrive more than fifteen (15) minutes early to an after school event. If the arrive early they cannot participate in the next event. (SBDM #6.00)


Grading Scale A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 70-79 D = 60-69 F = 0-59 I - Incomplete

Retention HCMS discourages the retention of a student at the same grade level. The faculty attempts to provide school materials to meet the needs of each student. Lack of skills attained, excessive absences, and other factors may constitute cause for retention. 1. A student may be considered for retention if he/she fails three subject areas with at least two of the subjects being from required subjects. 2. Required subject areas considered for retention: Reading, Langua ge Arts, Mathematics, Social Students and Science. 3. Promotion from grade to grade will be based upon two methods of assessment: a. Teacher or teacher/team assessment of student progress. b. Assessment of skills mastered on skills continua. Grades are based on performance only. 


Hancock County Middle School Classroom Expectations You are here to learn! 1. Students are expected to line up (not a scatter plot!) outside their classroom before the bell rings. Your teacher will escort you in. Be seated and ready to learn. 2. Being prepared is part of taking care of yourself! Students that are prepared for their classes mentall y and with the materials they need, experience less stress throughout the school day. Students should have all materials they need for each class which may include: iPad, homework, paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, and especially a library book! 3. S t u d e n t s s h o u l d f o l l o w a l l te a c h e r instructions during class time without disrespect. 4. Students should complete all assignments to the best of their ability during class time and allow other students the opportunity to do the same by using appropriate classroom behavior. 5. Classes are dismissed by the teacher, not the clock! Be courteous and remain in your seat until your teacher releases you! 6. Eating and drinking in class is prohibited unless otherwise instructed! Water should be in school approved water bottles. 7. Students should also comply with any additional procedures or expectations g i v e n t o t h e m b y g u e s t s s p e a ke r s , instructional assistants, or substitute teachers. 8. HCMS utilizes Assertive Discipline to manage student behavior in a democratic and cooperative manner. Appropriate behavior from students is necessary in maintaining an eective and efficient learning environment.


Locker Expectations Students will have the opportunity to visit t h e i r l o c ke r s b a s e d o n Te a m l o c ke r schedules. Students are encouraged to take good care of their locker knowing they will be held responsible should any vandalism occur to their locker. Lockers should remain neat and orderly. Lockers are the property of Hancock County School System and can be searched at any time. Morning Expectations Students may be dropped off using the student drop o at 7:15. All should enter the building and sit with their grade level in the gym. Breakfast will begin at 7:35. Students who arrive after this time who wish to eat breakfast must go to the cafeteria upon entering the school. Afternoon Expectations Students are dismissed at 2:55 for the first bell / bus run. Students who walk home will be escorted across the crosswalk by Mr. Goatley. Car riders are expected to sit by the locker rooms with Mr. VanCappellen and will be dismissed 5 riders at a time based on name tags. During warm weather - students may stand outside by the side of the school with Mr. Martinson. Second bus run students will be dismissed by teacher on duty in the gym.

Hallway Expectations During class changes, students should move through the hallways calmly and respectfully (on the right side!) without making loud noises. Students are also encouraged to maintain the cleanliness of hallways. 27

Hancock County Middle School


Bus Expectations All students are expected to obey their bus driver at all times and follow all bus safety rules to ensure safety for all students and the driver. Riding a bus is a privilege and not a guaranteed right. Students are to remain seated on all buses at all times until they reach their destination. Buses will not leave until all riders are seated. No loud talking, no tobacco r e l a te d p r o d u c t s a r e a l l o w e d ( u s e o r possession), no eating or drinking. Students should keep all extremities inside the bus at all times. There are no helium balloons or floral arrangements. No glass objects or containers, no animals and all school rules apply to riding the bus as well. Students must enter the school immediately upon arrival.

Homework Expectations Hancock County Middle School wants all students to experience academic success. All faculty and sta are here to assist all students in this goal. When homework is assigned by a teacher it is expected to be completed by the date assigned. Homework will not be accepted after one (1) week of due date WITH THE EXCEPTION of illness. Grades will be determined by each individual teacher if homework is turned in after the due date within the one week time period.  


Hancock County Middle School


  Character and integrity provide a solid foundation for success, so we only accept quality work from ourselves and others and demonstrate a strong work ethic to accomplish our goals.

Athletic Participation Students participating in athletic activities shall be in compliance with the following regulations: 1. Must have physical examination before trying out or participating. Students must be covered by insurance and give proof of insurance to coach. 2. Must have permission from parents. 3. Students must be passing all classes to remain eligible. Students with 3 or more D’s are ineligible. 4. Grades will be checked at the end of each week. 5. A one-week suspension from athletic activities, including practice, will result if a student is in violation of the regulation concerning grades. (Suspension may be longer over holidays). 6. A student will be reinstated when grade deficiencies have been eliminated and after a one-week suspension. 7. We want our parent portal to align with the athletic eligibility policy. Portal grades are available at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon. Teachers have until Friday morning to give the Athletic Director a list of ineligible student athletes. The AD/or principal designee will get with the student on Friday afternoon to inform them. They can practice on Friday afternoon. Ineligibility will begin on Saturday through Friday evening. 8. Students who are absent for the entire day may not participate in any district extracurricular activities that day without principal approval. 9. Parents/legal guardians are the only people that can sign out their child after an away ballgame. Coach will have parents to complete a form for each athlete per SBDM Policy #6.03. 10. Discipline action will be taken if a student leaves and was not signed out by parent/designee with the coach.


Hancock County Middle School


Student Council HCMS Student Council Guidelines 1. The Student Council officers and representatives are expected to be the leaders of the school. Their academic performance and behavior should, at all times, reflect the importance of their office. 2. The purpose of Student Council is to provide for the constructive expression of student opinion; to promote and assist in student activities; to provide opportunity for student participation in a democratic government; and to maintain good feelings between faculty, students and the community. 3. All the power of the Student Council is delegated to it by the Administration of the middle school. Accordingly, the Administration shall have the right of veto over any measure proposed by the Student Council. The Executive Council consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Executive Council positions are open to eighth graders. Executive Council positions are for the entire school year. 4. The remaining members of Student Council consist of four representatives from each team. The representatives have the responsibility of attending all Student Council meetings and must report back to their team during break/Seminar the minutes from the Student Council meetings on the following day. Representative positions are for one year only. 5. All members will have full voting privileges and responsibilities. 6. The election for the officers will be held in May. The election of first semester representatives will be held in October. The election for new second semester representatives will be held in January. 
 Campaigning and Voting Procedures for Officer Positions 1. Students wishing to run for an officer position must: A. Secure a petition of candidacy from the sponsor and obtain 25 valid signatures of students presently attending Hancock County Middle School; B. Secure and distribute one rating form to each of your teachers, and receive favorable teacher ratings; and C. Must have a cumulative grade average of C or better. 2. Upon approval of the petitions and teacher rating forms a week of campaigning will follow. The officer candidates may hang in the front hall one sponsor-approved poster to promote his/her candidacy. On Election Day each candidate will present a brief election speech to the entire student body. The speech must be pre-approved by the sponsor. No other campaign material will be utilized or distributed by the officer candidates. 3. The votes will be tabulated by the sponsor and the results of the election will be announced to the student body as soon as possible.


Hancock County Middle School


Voting Procedures for Student Council Representative Elections: 1. Students wishing to run for representative position must: A. Secure a petition of candidacy from the sponsor and obtain 25 valid signatures of students presently attending Hancock County Middle School; B. Secure and distribute one rating form to each of your teachers, and receive favorable teacher ratings; and C. Must have a cumulative grade average of C or better. 2. Students may hold the representative position for only one year. 3. Representative elections will be conducted by each team on the same day. The teams will arrange the opportunity for each representative to introduce himself/herself to the students, either in a whole team setting or by class setting. No other campaigning will be done by representative candidates. 4. The votes will be tabulated by the sponsor and the results of the election will be announced to the student body as soon as possible. Members Code of Conduct 1. Parliamentary Procedures will be followed at meetings. 2. Student Council members who fail to follow Parliamentary Procedures will be removed from the meeting. Repeated failures to comply will result in the member being dropped from Student Council. 3. Placement in the ISLA Room will result in the member missing the next Student Council meeting or function. 4. Repeated placement in the ISLA Room or any suspension from school will result in dismissal of that member from Student Council. 5. Members with three unexcused absences from meetings will be dismissed from Student Council. 6. Grade checks will be conducted periodically. Members with grade averages below a C average will have two weeks to raise their grade average or they will be dismissed from Student Council. 7. A student may not again run for Student Council after being dismissed from Student Council except for 6th grade.


Hancock County Middle School Acceptable Use of Computers The Board supports the right of students, employees and community members to have reasonable access to various information formats and believes it is incumbent upon users to utilize this privilege in an appropriate and responsible manner. PROCEDURES AND GUIDELINES The Superintendent shal l de velop and implement appropriate procedures to provide guidance for access to electronic media. Guidelines shall address teacher supervision of computer use, ethical use of electronic media (including, but not limited to, the Internet, email and other District technological resources), and issues of privacy versus administrative review of electronic files and communications. In addition, guidelines shall prohibit utilization of networks for prohibited or illegal activities, the intentional spreading of embedded messages, or the use of other programs with the potential of damaging or destroying programs or data. PERMISSION/AGREEMENT FORM A written parental request shall be required prior to the student being granted independent access to electronic media involving District technological resources. The required permission/ agreement form, which shall specify acceptable uses, rules of on-line behavior, access privileges and penalties for policy/procedural violations, must be signed by the parent or legal guardian of minor students (those under 18 years of age) and also by the student. This document shall be kept on file as a legal, binding document. In order to modify or rescind the agreement, the student’s parent/guardian (or the student who is at least 18 years old) must provide the Superintendent with a written request. EMPLOYEE USE Employees shall use electronic mail only for purposes directly related to work-related activities. Employees shall not use a code, access a file, or retrieve any stored communication unless they have been given authorization to do so. (Authorization is not

2016-2017 required each time the electronic media is accessed in performance of one’s duties.) Each employee is responsible for the security of his/ her own password. COMMUNITY USE On recommendation of the Superintendent/ designee, the Board shall determine when and which computer equipment, software and information access systems will be available to the community. Upon request to the Principal/ designee, community members may have access to the Internet and other electronic information sources and programs available through the District’s technology system, provided they attend any required training and abide by the rules of usage established by the Superintendent/designee. DISREGARD OF RULES Individuals who refuse to sign required acceptable use documents or who violate District rules governing the use of District technology shal l be subject to loss or restriction of the privilege of using equipment, software, information access systems or other computing and telecommunications technologies. RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES Individuals shall reimburse the Board for repair or replacement of District property lost, stolen, damaged, or vandalized while under their care. AUDIT OF USE Users with network access shall not utilize District resources to establish electronic mail accounts through third party providers or any other nonstandard electronic mail system. The Superintendent/designee shall establish a process to determine whether the District’s education technology is being used for purposes prohibited by law or for accessing sexually explicit materials. The process may include, but not be limited to: 1. Utilization of blocking/filtering software. 2. Turning off the “auto load images” feature of the Internet browser. 3. Using a proxy server to control accessible websites. 


Hancock County Middle School


We will learn from every experience and strive for excellence to strengthen our future for ourselves and our community.

Hornets sweat the small stuff because we know that excellence in the small things provides a foundation for our success! Take care of this place:

We encourage everyone to:

Our classrooms and hallways convey our level of responsibility to our community. Our space is paid for by taxpayers. The cleanliness and attention to detail in this shared space is indicative of our commitment to do what needs to be done in supporting our community. We must all work together to t a ke c a r e o f t h i s s p a c e .

Support the cleanliness of our school by: 1. Picking up their trash and throwing it away at the end of each class period as they leave. 2. Pick up trash when you see it. 3. Clean up your lunch table. 4. Push your chair (and others) in as you leave. 5. Leave your space better than you found it.

Students are allowed to drink water in water bottles during the regular school day. Students will have the opportunity to eat and drink during breakfast and lunchtime. Food and drinks (with the exception of water) are not permitted in any other part of the school during the regular school day. ****Water is never permitted in the media center or computer labs. HORNETS Recycle: Recycling receptacles are located in many common areas of Hancock County Middle School and classrooms. Everyone within our building is encouraged to recycle.


Hancock County Middle School


C e l l P h o n e / O t h e r Va l u a b l e s Expectations Personal calls may be made before, during break, or after school on cell phones without permission. If a student uses OR is found in possession of a cell phone during unauthorized times, the student will receive discipline for improper use of the phone. (See Telecommunication Devices Prohibited Items). Under no circumstance shall a student use a phone in the classroom. Student use of the school’s phone system is limited to the main office. 100% Tobacco Free Policy

The use of tobacco related products is prohibited by any employee/student or visitor at any time while on a school campus. This would include any location on school grounds during the school day or during/after school sporting events.

Students may have their cell phones on them at all times. HCMS is not responsible for lost or damaged cell phones or other electronic/ telecommunication devices.

Possession or Use of Tobacco Products 1st Offense - 2 days of ISLA 2nd Offense - 4 days of ISLA 3rd Offense - 6 days of ISLA

Students should not leave valuables where they may be picked up. Student lockers should remain locked at all times. The school cannot be responsible for stolen or misplace articles. Valuable personal items should be left at home. If you lose an object check in the office to see if it has been turned in or placed in lost and found. Items left in a locker at the end of the school year and not claimed within a reasonable amount of time will be sent to FRYSC and donated.


Hancock County Middle School


We are willing to allow the existence of thoughts and opinions that we don’t always agree with; diversity enriches our community. Hornets communicate thoughtfully, always considering the intended message and audience.

Courtesy Courteous behavior means that we will interact with one another in a positive and respectful manner. It is a code to govern social behavior, and as a learning community - we hold ourselves accountable for interactions that foster respect and trust. YOU are responsible for everything you think, say and do when you walk through the doors of Hancock County Middle School!



Saying “please” and “thank you”.

Vulgar and offensive language.

Saying “yes” or “yes sir/yes ma’am”.

Saying “yep”, “uh huh”, etc.

Greeting students/faculty/guests when you see them.

Ignoring other.

Paying attention in class.

Using earbuds/headphones on during learning time or during group work.

Leaving your learning area better than when you found it.

Not taking care of your school.

Asking, accepting, offering or declining help graciously.

Bullying, teasing, or harassing others.

Allowing teachers and students to complete statements without interruptions.

Not showing up to class on time.

Beautiful handwriting.

Sloppy, illegible work.


Hancock County Middle School


Threats and Harassment A threat (as defined in American Heritage Dictionary) is an expression of an intention to inflict pain, injury, evil, or punishment. A threat may be an overt statement. A threat is when a person states or other wise communicates his/her intent to inflict harm or property loss on another person. For example, “I’ll kill you.”; “I’ll shoot you.”; or something as subtle as “It would be a shame if something happened to you on your way home today.” A threat may even be nonverbal - such as a student pointing a finger as if it were a gun or dragging a finger across the throat. In any form, threatening is prohibited under Hancock County Middle School Discipline Policy as well as the Hancock County Board of Education Code of Conduct. Harassment is to disturb persistently; torment, tease; bother continually; pester; p e r s e c u te . H C M S d o e s n o t to l e r a te harassment in any form (i.e. sexual, bullying, cyberbullying related to school or school activities or done during the school day, teasing, peer isolation, etc.) We feel that such behaviors create an environment which impedes learning and healthy adolescent development. Any student who threaten or harasses another student or school personnel will be dealt with by the Principal or designee. Consequences for threats or harassment will not follow the regular school discipline plan. This is a more serious offense and will result in a more serious consequence including (but not limited to) ISLA, Alternative Placement (ICE), suspension, and if appropriate legal action. Students who make threats on another’s life (such as “I’! ki! you.”) will receive a minimum consequence of 10 days in ISLA.

Threat Assessment - Students must be evaluated prior to returning to school by either the school psychologist, RVBH, Light House, private psychiatrist, counselor, etc.

When you walk through our doors at HCMS - YOU are responsible for everything you think, say, do and feel!

The world is a dangerous place. Not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. - Attributed to Albert Einstein


Hancock County Middle School


We will work to become better citizens to support our school, our community, and our goals for the future.

Parent Teacher Conferences Curriculum and Technology Fees Parents may make an appointment to confer with teachers or other school personnel by telephoning the school oďŹƒce at 927-6712 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. weekdays. Evening conferences will be held approximately each mid-term. Times will be announced. Parents may also email teachers.

The curriculum and technology fees are due days after enrollment in Hancock County by15___ Middle School. Assistance with payments can be requested and will be granted based on qualifying need for free and reduced lunch program. Applications can be obtained through the Hancock County Board of Education OďŹƒce. Cumulative records of fees or other monies owed by students are kept on file by the school system throughout the time a student is enrolled in Hancock County Public Schools. According to Board Policy, students shall rent curriculum, technology and other related materials. The fee shall be forty dollars ($40) per student. Students will NOT be allowed to take the technology home unless this fee has been paid in full. Students or parents shall compensate the District for textbooks, technology or other materials lost, damaged, or destroyed while in their possession. Students unable to rent or purchase textbooks or technology, totally or in part, shall make applications through the Hancock County Board of Education for assistance.


Hancock County Middle School


School Meal Program

Cafeteria Expectations

The cafeteria at Hancock County Middle School uses the Nutrikids computer system. All meals can now be prepaid to student accounts, so no money is exchanged at meal time. Students are issued a five-digit security code that they wil l use to make meal purchases. The purchase amount is then deducted from their account. (No a’la carte or extra items may be charged).

1. Remain in line while waiting for meals. 2. Refrain from making excessive noise. 3. Students who bring their lunches to school will be required to eat their lunch in the cafeteria. Glass containers are not allowed. 4. Keep the cafeteria as clean as possible. 5. Students shall not throw food or other objects. 6. Food or drink cannot be taken from the cafeteria. 7. Students shall not leave the cafeteria until authorized personnel dismiss them. 8. Parents shall not deliver to students at school before or during the designated l u n c h s e r v i n g p e r i o d co m m e r c i a l l y prepared foods in brand name packaging. Commercially prepared foods brought to school for student and adult consumption during lunch shall be delivered in a nonidentifiable container such as a lunch box or brown bag.

Deposits can be made at breakfast daily. Checks or cash can only be accepted in the amount to be deposited. (Please do not combine meal deposit checks with other school activity money).  We cannot give cash back in any amount. Parents may submit an application for Free or reduced price meals at any time during the school year. Applications are available in the school office.  For questions regarding Free or Reduced price meals or questions about school meals please contact the Hancock County Board of Education, Child Nutrition Department at 927-6914. Student lunch is $2.00, reduced price is .40 and adult/visitor lunch is $3.00. Student breakfast is $1.40, reduced price is .30 and adult/visitor breakfast is $1.75. Breakfast is available daily from 7:15 to 7:54. Prices are subject to change pending notification from KDE.


Hancock County Middle School



Field Trips

Written permission from parents will be required for any student who rides or leaves school by any source other than school buses or parents. Middle School students will not be permitted to leave school in any vehicle, other than a school bus, without written permission from parents. Written permission from parents will be required for students who ride a bicycle to school. These notes are t u r n e d i n to t h e o f f i ce e a c h m o r n i n g . Suspension from buses prohibits students from riding any school bus for any purpose.

Field trips are schedule for the benefit of the students. Due to budget constraints a fee may be charged. Certain rules as outlined by teachers that organize such field trips must be respected by students. Students that do not wish to adhere to these r ules wil l be prohibited from participating on the next scheduled middle school field trip. If a student has been guilty of a discipline infraction that is on a level greater than Level I while on a field trip, that student will not be allowed to go on a field trip again during the school year. If a student has more than two ISLA assignments, or suspensions, a panel must review his/her status before the student will be allowed to participate in a field trip or assembly program. The panel will include the core teachers, student council members from the respective grade, and the principal or assistant principal.

Bus Notes HCMS Transportation Changes - If a student’s regular transportation or after school plans change, they must bring a not to the school office in the morning. The not must include the following information: • Student’s name • Date (or dates the student will go to this place) • Who (name of person student is visiting or going home with) • Where (complete address where student is going) • Bus driver name and/or number In the past we have allowed parents to call in with last minute bus changes (i.e. to tell student to go to grandmothers, etc). The overwhelming number of class and last minute changes has presented us with serious scheduling and safety concerns. We are asking that you try to plan carefully and send notes with students. However, we will accept changes via phone until 1:30 pm. After this time we will no longer accept any transportation changes via phone. Please understand that it is very difficult to correctly coordinate last minute changes for numerous students. This change is intended to s af e l y a n d a c c u r a te l y s e r v e o u r students and eliminate confusion that last minute phone calls create.

In order to be a chaperone you need to have a state background check. All parents going on a field trip must sign t h e S u p e r v i s i o n a n d C h a p e ro n e Guideline form provided by the teacher in charge of the field trip. Contact Laura Kessans, FRYSC for your background check.


Hancock County Middle School Absentee Policy At t e n d a n c e i s e s s e n t i a l t o a c a d e m i c achievement. Students are required to attend regularly and punctually the school in which they are enrolled. Any child who has been absent from school without valid excuse for three (3) days, or tardy without valid excuse on three (3) days is a truant. Any child who has been reported as a truant two (2) times is a habitual truant and will be referred to the Director of Pupil Personnel and Court Designated Worker (CDW). (KRS 159.150) SBDM Policy on Student Absences Determining discipline for absences from school. Parents may call in two times per semester if their child is sick, and these absences will be e x c u s e d w i t h o u t d o c to r v e r i f i c a t i o n . However, any absences beyond the two excused by a parent will be unexcused unless a valid excuse is turned into the office within 2 days of the absence. (See #1-7 below.) Beginning with the third unexcused missed day and any absence thereafter, truancy action will be taken for any day missed that he/she does not qualify for one of the items listed. If the student has a reason for being absent, as listed, he/she will receive an excused absence and the absence will not count toward truancy action. It is the parent responsibility to get excuse documentation to the office. • Unexcused absence three - referral letter to Director of Pupil Personnel and CDW for truancy diversion program. • Unexcused absence four - administrator/ parent conference. • Unexcused absence five - detention • Unexcused absence six - Referral to the CDW for court action. Excused Absence will be given for: 1. Illness of the pupil (physician’s note required.) 2. Orders of the Court. (The court will give you a statement.)


3. D e a t h o r e m e r g e n c y i l l n e s s i n t h e immediate family. 4. Approved school activities. 5. Educational Enhancement Opportunities At times students may miss school for educational purposes other than school activities (i.e. participate in art fairs, 4-H events, and other educational activities that are not directly school related.) In such cases parents must contact the school 5 days prior to the event and request an educational Enhancement Opportunity Request form. This must be filled out and submitted to the Principal who may or may not approve the event. If the event is approved, the student will be counted as present. However, they are responsible for any missed work. 6. Religious holidays and practices. 7. Military deployment/return. Absentee Procedures 1.

The parent or guardian who has legal custody of the student shall call the school after 7:30 am and give one of the reasons listed above. The attendance clerk will try to reach the parent/guardian on the morning of the absence if the school does not receive a call. 2. If after two (2) days the parent/guardian who has legal custody of the student has not contacted the school to verify the student’s absence, the attendance clerk will call the parent/guardian. If the parent/ guardian cannot be reached on this call, the absence will be coded as an unexcused a b s e n ce a n d t h e D i r e c to r o f P u p i l Personnel shall be contacted to investigate the circumstance. 3. Parents may call the office to find the total number of absences the student has to date. If the student’s absence is declared acceptable because it meets the criteria (listed above) or is accepted when appealed t o t h e S c h o o l - B a s e d At t e n d a n c e Committee, no truancy action will be issued.


Hancock County Middle School Educational Experience Requests At times parents have requested to take their children on educational trips (i.e. Military graduation of sibling, to travel overseas when parents were adopting a child, etc.) In order for these types of events to be excused, the parents must call the Principal or Attendance Clerk to set up an attendance committee meeting. They must present their request at this meeting and provide evidence of the educational experience. If the committee approves the request the absences will be excused and students will follow the excused absentee policy in making up all missed work.

2016-2017 Tardiness to School (NOT Classes) First Tardy


Second Tardy


Third Tardy


Fourth Tardy

One (1) hour detention and letter to DPP.

Each Tardy After

One (1) hour detention.

Grievance Procedure Procedure to Appeal If parents/guardians disagree with a decision regarding their child’s unexcused absence events, they need to contact the Principal by phone within 5 days of the missed day(s). Procedure for students to leave during the school day. A student may leave with the parent/guardian or any persons listed on the emergency procedure card. Names of persons who may take the child from school may be added at the parent’s convenience by coming in to update the card. A picture ID will be required to pick up a student. Make-Up Work Make-up work shall be permitted for excused absences only. The student must request make-up work within two days after returning to school. Teachers will assign due dates for make-up work. Parents do not need to call the school for assignments if the student is out only for one day. Pick-up times for homework is from 2:55-3:45 pm.

A student may seek redress through the school discipline committee if they: 1. Feel they have been the recipients of unfair treatment. 2. Make a written request to the principal or to a member of the school discipline committee. Discipline Committee Members Diane Hatchett Traci Sanders Josh Roberts Two Parents Two Student Council Members

School Safety Fire and Disaster Drill Information and Procedures For your protection there is a planned fire and disaster drill program for the school. The exit pattern is posted in each classroom. Fire and disaster drills will be held at regular intervals throughout the school year. It is essential that everyone follow the prescribed exit patterns in case of a fire or disaster drill or real emergency. 

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HCMS Student iPad User Agreement School iPad Initiative Hancock County Middle School has initiated a 1:1 iPad program for students and teachers in an effort to embrace 21st Century Skills. Students will be using iPads in the classrooms. After reading and returning the required agreement, they will be allowed to take their designated iPad home to continue schoolwork. iPad use will be monitored by building level administration as well as district level administration to gauge use and effectiveness of the device in the classroom. iPads are school district owned devices and the contents on the iPad may be viewed at any time. Students are expected to have their iPad with them and a battery life that will get them through the entire day of school without needing to charge.

Goals for Student Users • • • •

To prepare students for a 21st Century environment. To increase productivity and engagement of all learners. To make student-centered learning a priority. To increase collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication in our students.

Guidelines Student use of the iPad falls under the district Acceptable Use Policy for technology. Internet and iPad use will be monitored through district level management software. Anyone found to be violating acceptable use would be disciplined. All software, applications, and documents stored on the iPad are the property of the school district and subject to review and monitoring. Students should NOT: • Modify the iPad in any way other than instructed by the administrator or other school personnel. • Apply marks, stickers, or other decoration to supplied iPad cover UNLESS he/she is willing to pay replacement cost of the cover when he/she leaves Hancock County Middle School. Students will NOT be issued an iPad the following year until ALL balances are paid from the previous year (lunch, Library fees, previous iPad damage, etc.). • Exchange iPads with any other student. • Remove the supplied cover from the iPad. • Sync the iPad with any computer. • Clear or disable browsing history on the device. • Disable the iPad or its applications on the iPad assigned to them OR anyone else’s iPad. General Rules • Headphones / Ear-buds: must have TEACHER permission. • If there is a repeated occurrence of an iPad not being usable for the school day, (i.e. not being charged), then the administration reserves the right to make the student a day user for a length of time determined by administration. • iPads in ISLA: the use of iPads will not be allowed in ISLA - students will be given alternative assignments and may use a computer. • Students should NOT turn on ‘Automatic Downloads’. Apps should NOT be updated until they are deemed safe by technology coordinators as it can cause files to be deleted. Therefore, do NOT update apps until you are told you may do so. • Do NOT update the iOS on the iPad until told you may do so by technology staff.


Hancock County Middle School


Failure to comply with these guidelines will be treated as a violation of the district Acceptable Use Policy and will be handled according to the school’s discipline code.

Using the iPad • • • • • • • •

Clean the screen with approved soft, lint-free cleaning towels. Do not use any spray cleaners or liquids. If a stylus is used (optional), it MUST be “capacitive” (the iPad2 Stylus) – purchased by the student. Make sure hands are clean before using the iPad. Keep iPad away from food and drink. Charge the iPad only with the included charger and using a standard wall outlet for your power source. Have the iPad fully charged and ready for use during the school day. Document any software/hardware issues to your homeroom teacher. Keep the iPad in a well-protected temperature controlled environment when not in use. Do not leave the iPad in a vehicle or location that is not temperature controlled. During class time, students are expected to keep Notifications Disabled for the purpose of not being a constant distraction for the student or for others.

Applications (Apps) Student iPads will be given to students with key applications already installed. Applications should NOT be installed or uninstalled by the student. It is the responsibility of the Hancock County School District to install and uninstall applications. If there is an application a student would like installed he/ she may discuss the educational merits of the application with his/her teacher. Once an application is deemed appropriate for the classroom it may be installed.

Saving Documents Saving documents with your iPad is accomplished using “cloud” storage. This will require you to have a Dropbox or a Google Docs account for your files. Using these storage accounts will allow you to save, export, and import documents in several different formats. This will allow you to access your documents from other computers via the Internet. You can also share your documents with other students or your teacher. When creating accounts students should use the following format when creating usernames/passwords in order to ensure he/she doesn’t ‘forget’ this vital information: Username: school email address ( Password: [no spaces and no leading zeros] month and day of birth and First initial (capitalized) Last name (first letter - capitalized). Example: 813JDoe Reporting a Lost iPad Students need to report a missing or lost iPad to their teacher or Mrs. Schneider in the Media Center immediately.


Hancock County Middle School


Reporting Technical Issues Any errors or problems with the iPad should be reported as soon as practical. The following procedure should be exercised when reporting iPad issues: 1. Let your Homeroom Teacher or regular Classroom Teacher know of your issue. 2. If your teacher is not able to resolve the issue, then they will direct you to Tori Schneider in the Media Center. 3. If the issue is beyond Mrs. Schneider’s capabilities then a Tech Ticket will be completed. Once your technical issue with the iPad reaches this level, you can expect that it may take up to 48 hours to have the issue resolved. Damage due to a determined accidental cause will be addressed by the school through normal procedures. Damage due to negligence may result in the student assuming the financial responsibility of replacement of the iPad. Students taking the iPad from school property must sign and submit the Parent-Student iPad Agreement Form. Student use of the iPad off school grounds may be revoked at any time by the administration or designated person.

Security Students should set a security passcode on his/her iPad. This passcode should be known only by the student to ensure the iPad is only used by the designated student. The school district has the right to bypass the security code with justifiable reason.

Home Bound / Students Not at School Homebound students without wireless Internet access at home will still be allowed access to his/her iPad but will be expected to download materials needed BEFORE going home. Any student placed on home bound may use their school issued iPad as long as assigned school work is being completed and turned in. Once a homebound student starts missing assignments for any given class (more than one week behind), the parents will be contacted and a home visit will be set up so that a system can be devised to keep the homebound student caught up.


Hancock County Middle School


Hancock County Middle School iPad Discipline Code Proper care of iPads through the school year and returning at the end of the school year with all accessories are the responsibility of the student. Students not returning their iPad will be assessed the value of a replacement and will not be issued an iPad the following year until ALL balances are paid from the previous year (lunch, Library Fees, previous iPad damage, etc.).

Care and Responsibility Level A: Care and Responsibility: • • • • •

• • • • • •

Letting another student use your assigned iPad. Not having iPad in school issued cover. Use of headphones. Using iPad around food (breakfast, lunch, etc.) Leaving iPad unattended. o iPads should NOT be taken to the gym during PE or for after-school practices – students should keep their iPads locked in their lockers or locked in a classroom. o iPads should be left on the shelves during lunch and NOT on the floor. Playing games or on a site not approved by the teacher during instructional time. Clear/disable browsing history OR disabling another student’s iPad. Battery not adequately charged to get through the entire school day. iPad storage full or not adequate for educational purposes. Failing to have Notifications disabled during class. Unattended iPads reported to Mrs. Schneider – after the 3rd time – students receive a write-up.

1st offense: Break 2nd offense: Break 3rd offense: Write up *Loss of privileges may include loss of device and/or deactivation of certain features such as camera, Internet, etc.

Level B: Care and Responsibility (Intentional Misuse): •

Any intentional damage/destruction to device and/or components of device.

Intentional damage results in 3-5 days of ISLA plus costs for repair/replacement.

iPad Misuse Level A: Inappropriate Use • Inappropriate Use of camera (face time, etc.) • Presence of inappropriate non-instructional materials. • ANY non-instructional use without teacher permission. 1st offense: Write up 2nd offense: 1-3 days of ISLA and loss of privileges for 10 days. 3rd offense: 3-5 days of ISLA and loss of privileges for 20 days. *Loss of privileges may include loss of device and/or deactivation of certain features such as camera, Internet, email etc.


Hancock County Middle School


Level B: Unacceptable Use: • Installing apps without district approval. • Possession or distribution of pornography of any kind. • Possession of gang related files. • Possession of illegal (boot-leg/pirated) copies of movies or music. • Cheating. • Threatening or bullying others (subject to regular district policy regarding bullying/threatening others). • Hacking the district or any other network. • Synching to a computer. • Adding ADDITIONAL e-mail accounts (more than the school-approved student e-mail account) • Deleting district account for iTunes store. • Resetting iPad to factory defaults / formatting. 1st offense: 1-3 days of ISLA and loss of privileges for 10 days as determined by principal or designee. 2nd offense: 3-5 days of ISLA and loss of privileges for 20 days as determined by principal or designee. 3rd offense: 5+ days of ISLA and loss of privileges. Student becomes a day user. All days in ISLA – student will receive alternative assignments. Level C: Unacceptable Use: • Threatening or bullying other students. All punishment to be determined by administration. • Possession or distribution of pornography of any kind (charges will be filed with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department and possible expulsion from school.) Loss or Damage • Loss of an iPad outside of school must be reported to an administrator or designee immediately. • If an iPad is damaged outside of school it must be reported to a teacher or administrator by 8:00 a.m. the following morning. Please Remember • School and district level administrators may monitor devices at any time for misuse – this includes when the device is used at home. The iPads will have to go through the District Server no matter where the iPads may be accessing the Internet. • Administration reserves the right to take an iPad at any time if misuse or inappropriate use/ content is suspected. • Teachers reserve the right to restrict iPad use during class if misuse is suspected. Cost of Replacement Lost or beyond repair iPad: $379.00 iPad screen: $150.00 Damaged / Lost Charger: $15.00 Damaged / Lost Cover: $40.00 Battery: $79.00 Home Button/Charging Port/Headphone Jack: $75.00 Digitizer: $70.00 Camera: $29.00


Hancock County Middle School


Parents are highly encouraged to purchase iPad insurance offered at school through GoCare. This insurance covers free replacement with NO deductible. The insurance applications will be made available through 8:24/16. The cost of insurance will be $34 dollars – (subject to change based on current rate). Checks can be made payable to HCMS and given to Melanie Domerese, HCMS Bookkeeper. Insurance does not cover all cases of theft nor will it cover charging blocks/sync cords.


Hancock County Middle School


Hancock County School District iPad User Agreement Student Please read and check ( √ ) each box before signing: ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐

I will not modify or disable the iPad in any way unless instructed by district personnel. I will not sync the iPad to any computer or add e-mail accounts OTHER than the student account I am assigned at school. I will not take the iPad out of the district-provided case. I will not take inappropriate pictures or use the Internet inappropriately as defined by this Acceptable Use Policy. I will report any technical issues to my teacher as soon as possible. I will not leave my iPad unattended or have my iPad around food or drink. I understand that my absences and my actions may cause for the removal of my iPad privileges (either temporary or long-term).

I understand and will abide by the above iPad User Agreement. I further understand that should I commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked and school disciplinary action taken. User’s Full Name: _______________________________________________ User Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: _______________ Parent or Guardian Please read and check ( √ ) each box before signing: I give my child permission to take his/her designated iPad outside of school. I assume all financial responsibility should my child be deemed responsible for damage to the iPad or charger. I understand that this access is designed for educational purposes. Therefore, my child’s actions may cause for the removal of his/her iPad privileges (either temporary or long-term). As a district-owned device, I understand that my child’s iPad can be searched at any time for improper material or evidence of improper use. As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the iPad User Agreement. Parent or Guardian’s Name (please print): ___________________________________________ Parent or Guardian’s Signature: ______________________________Date: ________________ YES,%I%will%be%purchasing%the%iPad%Insurance%for%my%son%or%daughter.%%Payment(must(be(received(by(August(24,( 2016.%


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2016-2017 Student Guidebook for HCMS

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