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Evan Parker + Sten Sandell: Part III

St Peter’s Church 5.40pm

Please see Evan Parker + Sten Sandell: Part I

Evan Parker + Sten Sandell St Thomas / St Paul / St Peter

Co-produced by and AC Projects with support gratefully acknowledged from PRS for Music Foundation St Thomas / St Paul / St Peter is co-commissioned by 2014 and Counterflows 2015 and AC Projects for


Evan Parker saxophones Sten Sandell church organ / keyboard

Miniaturised Concertos | Maché

St Paul’s Hall 7pm

Miniaturised Concertos is a series of experimental double piano concertos, commissioned by pianist Kate Halsall, exploring the roles of the traditional double piano concerto. The pieces work with electroacoustics, film, chamber ensemble, extended techniques and duo to create large scale effects from small forces.

Maché Fragments:

Produced by Making Place is commissioned with funds from the BrittenPears Foundation Furor is commissioned by Chimera Ensemble with funds from Arts Council England Always again is commissioned by Chimera Ensemble with funds from the RVW Trust

Leo Chadburn new work WORLD PREMIERE

Duncan MacLeod Tina WORLD PREMIERE

Ryoko Akama an dt wo WORLD PREMIERE

Miniaturised Concertos: Katharine Norman Making Place Philip Cashian Furor Naomi Pinnock Always again WORLD PREMIERE

Chimera Ensemble Kate Halsall piano Fumiko Miyachi piano Katharine Norman projection Peiman Khosravi electronics

Ryoko Akama ‘This composition was inspired by the gigantic mural that indicates the spectrum of electromagnetic waves, finding a parallel in the famous treatise Ockham’s Razor.’ Eliane Radigue

Produced by

Creative Arts Building Atrium 8pm Eliane Radigue OCCAM XX WORLD PREMIERE

Ryoko Akama EMS synthesiser