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Utilities of Managed Network Services

A managed network service provider deals in with the management and the delivery of the networkoriented applications, services, and equipment to services, residences and many others. These service providers can be access providers or hosting companies providing services that might incorporate outsourced network management arrangements such as IP telephony, virtual private network, messaging and call center, reporting/monitoring of networking services and managed firewall. Majority, of these services can be carried out from outside an organization’s internal network. There is a special focus on certification and integration of internet security for content and applications. Providers of managed network services acts as the outsourcing agents for enterprises, especially for service providers such as ISP’s that lack the resources to continuously maintain or update their computer networks. Today eminent service providers offer solutions that provide a proactive, well-defined, cost-effective and professional assistance to IT infrastructure. The same can be implemented as a supplemental or parallel or a complete replacement to an organization’s in-house IT services. Some of the services offered by the managed network service providers are listed below:24 X 7 performance and fault monitoring Equipment fulfillment DC consulting services IMAC Service level management ITIL Operations Unified reporting Design and engineering Program and project management

Break-fix Network audit services Telecom expense management WAN migration and consolidation services Unified communication services Asset management MNS service providers also provides other benefits or services such as managed print services that consists of designing, assessing, managing and optimizing the office print landscape which would enhance productivity and also bring down the expenses. At the same time, it offers the customers a single contact point for managing different print equipment brands. In addition to that, it also leads to proactive monitoring, additional sustainability benefits and promises secure printing. This apart, MNS also includes managed security services that help in offering you a balanced approach in maintaining compliance and other security services that are packaged in a certain manner that deals effectively with the overall security operations of the user’s infrastructure environment. Related Links: it outsourcing, information security

Utilities of Managed Network Services  

A managed network service provider deals in with the management and the delivery of the network-oriented applications, services, and equipme...