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Top Reasons to opt for Windows 7 Upgrade The latest addition to the Microsoft Windows family, Windows 7, is said to be more user centric with focus on performance improvements. Analysts and IT experts are of the opinion that enterprises all over the world should go for Windows 7 upgrade. Compared to Windows XP, migration of Windows Vista to Windows 7 is not that essential as Windows 7 is compatible to all those applications and hardware that Windows Vista is compatible to. However, Windows 7 is an incremental upgrade and therefore has its own share of improvements and new features. Let’ look at the notable features of Windows 7.

● Windows 7 has enhanced desktop navigation to do everyday things quickly and fast. This includes taskbar with big buttons and full-sized previews, ability to pin programs to the taskbar for one-click access, Jump Lists for providing shortcuts to files, folders and websites.

● Windows 7 comes with three new features such as Snap, Peek and Shake. Snap helps to resize open windows, Peek reveals hidden and buried desktop or window, while Shake helps to focus on a single window from a cluttered desktop.

● In Windows 7, users can easily create home network and share files, documents, videos, pictures and images with other PCs at home running Windows 7 with the help of HomeGroup.

● Wireless networking in Windows 7 is no more a problem. Just select from the list of available networks, click and then connect. Moreover, as Windows remembers the network, the user can connect later automatically.

● Windows 7 come with multi touch technology that helps the user to browse the web, look through the photos and open files and folders using fingers on a touchscreen PC. The user can do everything from zoom, rotate to right click.

● Windows 7 comes with BitLocker that help protect data from loss, theft or hackers. Once BitLocker is turned on, it automatically encrypts all the data stored in the drive.

● Windows 7 comes with Internet TV that helps the user to watch TV shows, movies, sports, and webisodes without a TV tuner.

● The Device Stage in Windows 7 helps working with printers, phones, music players, cameras, and other devices easy and hassle free. On connecting a gadget to the PC, the user can see a menu containing popular tasks for that particular gadget.

â—? Windows 7 helps to work in 35 different languages. These are a few of the features of Windows 7 but just enough to encourage anyone to upgrade to Windows 7. Companies and enterprises can take the help of IT service providers for upgrading to Windows 7. Read on - IT outsourcing, Datacenter Virtualization

Top Reasons to opt for Windows 7 Upgrade