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Managed Network services: Backbone of Organizational Growth Today business enterprises aim to become global concerns. Globalization offers organization benefits such as expansion of the business to wide geographical locations, scope to enter new markets and large profit margins and revenue. However, with these benefits comes a number of challenges too, one of which is communicating with the branches and offices spread across distant locations. Nevertheless, technological innovations have facilitated every business establishments to be connected in an information highway or a networked system. Wikipedia defines the network service as a service hosted on a computer network to provide functionality for end users of the network, which is based on a defined service protocol. With the help of servers, the network consulting services provide the client computers with shared resources. Some examples of network services are Domain Name System (DNS) NetBIOS, HTTP etc. A specific port number refers each transmission control protocol.

Further to ensure security of data transfers, network services are configured into local are networks and wide are networks. To ensure a managed network services within an organization, the service providers make use of automatic IP node assignment and a valid Internet protocol address for everyone in the network. Creating such user accounts helps to track the activities on the network and manage the security of network service.

In view of the aggressive competition in the global business environment, networks form the backbone of organizational growth. Business house and large Corporates thus look for network consulting services that can provide seamless, reliable and high quality managed network services to meet their end-to-end global communication needs.

What business houses require is a system, which can manage the complexity of technology as more and more applications get integrated into the network. The service providers need to bring about improvement in the returns from network investments, manage the skilled resources in the network and plan for evolution to new technology and services to enable business productivity.

The leaders in the service sector with years of experience and expert professional at hand, provide client organizations, optimum and cost-effective solutions. Further, with the 24/7 service desk, there is support and help always at hand. Under the managed network services portfolio these leading network consulting services provide a conceptualized suite of services which when implemented and delivered will take care of LAN and WAN management, unified communications, network system integration and Voice over IP from a n ISO certified centralized network operations center.

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Managed Network services: Backbone of Organizational Growth